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Review #1, by steaminpoptartsRomantic Fantasies: Truth or Dare....A lot can change in one game.

6th October 2007:
you should consider a have some spelling and grammar issues, but all minor

you should also consider a writing class.taking one i mean

Author's Response: i no what you mean aout spelling and btw im only in high skl young i no so im forced to take a writing class but my teachhers a cow. anyway thanks for reading and reviewing :) xx

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Review #2, by steaminpoptartsArabesque: Of Private Lessons and Bloody Feet

2nd October 2007:
Far too "Save the Last Dance" for me.


Author's Response: Actually, its "Dirty Dancing" that this plot stemmed from. I can see how, especially in this chapter, you could draw that reference. Interesting observation. Unfortunately, if the plot of this story was the one used in either of those movies they would be given such a rating that they would not be shown in theatres.

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Review #3, by steaminpoptartsInfatuation: Life as a Superstar: Morbid Regrets

20th February 2007:
OMG! *sigh* this story is like an addictive drug

Author's Response: Lol. I'll keep dosing you up with more then. :-)

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Review #4, by steaminpoptartsInfatuation: Life as a Superstar: Potions and Complications

18th February 2007:
umm...definately NOT harry...and probably not Blaise...but i'm so torn between ryan and draco.i mean, I LOVE ryan, I kind of want him for myself. But Draco...I amazing..

Author's Response: No, not Harry at all, or Blaise. Ryan and Draco are both great possibilities. I see your point exactly. :-)

Thanks for reviewing!! xx

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Review #5, by steaminpoptartsInfatuation: Life as a Superstar: Truth and Consequences

1st February 2007:
omgomgomgomgomg *hyperventilates* YOU MUST UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Lol, update is up now.

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Review #6, by steaminpoptartsYou don't know me: A slip of the hand

4th January 2007:
i like your story...but you have a lot of should proof read more, or get a beta reader

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Review #7, by steaminpoptartsKiss And Tell: When Tears Fall: We Belong Together

21st November 2006:
so i was reading this at 1 am trying to keep myself awake because i had a flight to catch at 2 am and's putting me to sleep...the characters and unrealistic and everything is just so random...sorry

Author's Response: Well, what kind of stories do you like then I can point you into a direction that'll suit your needs! If you wanted a story to keep you up, then mine is defo not the answer, your comment hasn't bothered me, coz I know that some of the characters are unrealistic, but that's the way my story goes! And its not random, I think its a good plot myself, and to be quite honest you should read it all the way through instead of judging on the first chapters... as it has been said: "You can't judge a book by its cover!"

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Review #8, by steaminpoptartsKiss And Tell: When Tears Fall: Someone Like You

21st November 2006:
i am utterly bored..

Author's Response: People really annoy me when they say things like this because: 1). You are hurting the author's feelings and are lowering their confidence. 2). You should have stopped reading and not even bother to review with such a horrible remark. I am not putting this on you entirely, many people have come up with reviews as nasty as yours and now it has gone too far! Will people stop commenting with flame reviews... it makes me sick! Fair enough, if my story bores you that much, that's your opion, but some people have started out like you; have read the entire story and have changed their minds completely. And, if I happened to report this "flame" review, you can get knocked off the site, but I'm not like that! Hope you find a BETTER story!

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Review #9, by steaminpoptartsBehind-The-Scene: Meet the Leading Wizard

1st October 2006:
hated it...a waste of five minutes of my life..

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Review #10, by steaminpoptartsSalem Academy: In Love with a Ballerina

23rd September 2006:
omg...what an EVIL SOON!

Author's Response: lol.. i like ur penname... but steaming poptarts burn my tongue... ha ha

I'll try to post ASAP! i promise! i'll probably post by the end of the week, the only prob is that i have to work on the sophmore float and plan a party for a friend so i'm kind of busy... sorry if the wait takes a little while, but don't worry the chapter will come i swear to god!

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Review #11, by steaminpoptartsArabesque: Of Dreams and Failed Planning

27th July 2006:
awesome chapter! although you seem to be having a little difficultly on decideding wheather Dumbledore is a him or a might wanna proof read that...

Author's Response: I know. It was proofread and some things were missed . . hence the "shim" . . . long story that I will explain when I update . .and seeing as I have finished the next chapter . . that will be very soon!

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Review #12, by steaminpoptartsGenie in a Bottle: Flowing passion freed

11th July 2006: was ok-ish....i think the song had more potential that you didn't use..

Author's Response: If you've got a suggestion, I'll hear you out! =) Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by steaminpoptartsArabesque: Of Professor Dianna de Loustre and Triple Pirouttes

28th May 2006:
OMG! you have to update and fast as humanly possible...because i'm dying over here! i NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol Im trying!!!! I will update Asap! Promise!

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Review #14, by steaminpoptartsi'm so sick: two different lives!!

18th May 2006:'s not JEST it's JUST..learn english

Author's Response: my computer fixes it that way

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Review #15, by steaminpoptartsthe present: Crappy Honesty Talks

31st January 2006:
OH EM GEEE! *hyperventalates* you have to UPDATE SOON!! and when i say soon, i mean like RIGHT NOW!!!!! ahhhhh! soooo EXCITED!!

Author's Response: I'm spellchecking tonight and have someone to read it it should be up this weekend. :) Breath, please! breath! :D

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Review #16, by steaminpoptartsA Marauders Tale: Fighting and Flirting

9th December 2005:
yay!! another update! and another absolutely fabulous update!! oh god...i really think i'm addicted please put up the chapter as soooon as possible!!!!

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Review #17, by steaminpoptartsA Marauders Tale: The Train Ride

30th October 2005:
oooo, i want a cookie! 1. in the wardobe with james 2. when sirius (oh, he's sooo hot) hit her with the door 3. when regulus hit her with the carrage door.. awww, poor lily.. Anyway! I hope u update soon because i think i'm addicted to your story...

Author's Response: *hands out M&M cookie to steaminpoptarts* Yay! Person number 5 to get a cookie!!! You're addicted to my story? I hope you're not addicted to it like I'm addicted to mint flavored gum...

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Review #18, by steaminpoptartsA Marauders Tale: A Long Week

18th October 2005:
omg...ur story is amazing...i love it, i would go so far as to say that i'm almost addicted you it...i cant wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Now that's a compliment! Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by steaminpoptartsBest Man: The Wedding

30th August 2005:
waoh...intense...i loved it

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Review #20, by steaminpoptartsA Marauders Tale: Tylenol or Sudafed?

24th August 2005:

Author's Response: lol, i agree. sudafed is so cold throaty, right?

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Review #21, by steaminpoptartsThe Darkest of Secrets: Now or never

9th August 2005:
that was the most evil cliffhanger ever!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

Author's Response: so sorry!! dont worry the next chappie is almost done!

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Review #22, by steaminpoptartsJust A Bad Dream: Ch. 7 - Falling for Draco (Or Was That Because Of Draco?)

25th June 2005:
LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sending me the third chapter too!

Author's Response: Such nice manners, it was my pleasure to send you the chapter...

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Review #23, by steaminpoptartsJust A Bad Dream: Ch. 5 - Diagon Alley

22nd June 2005:
i want a copy!!! PLEASE!!

Author's Response: Incoming Ch. 3!!!

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Review #24, by steaminpoptartsPLEASE LOVE ME!!!!!: Ginny, You are WEIRD . . .

31st May 2005:
woah...that was...diferent?

Author's Response: Yes, I know . . . . lol, I love different stories; I have COMPLETELY original ideas! LOL!!

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Review #25, by steaminpoptartsCrossing the Line: Memories

22nd May 2005:
i really like your story so far, update soon!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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