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Review #1, by foreverpure13Laugh No More: The Laughing Has Died

26th August 2006:
Oh hey look, I'm actually signed in. And... I didn't read the story... but I swear I will tomorrow! I just HAD to stop by and say hi! Well, more than hi, obviously. We haven't spoken since the stone age! I've been catching up with a lot of people that I used to talk to on the DA. I miss you all so much! Anyway, when you get this, e-mail me back at!
Lots of love,

(Oh no, they did NOT go back to the rating system! That is SO old! I really haven't been on here in a long time, eh? lol)

Author's Response: thanks a lot

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Review #2, by foreverpure13Wonderful: Wonderful

23rd July 2005:
Aww, that was so sweet. My eyes are watering. :( I love that song so much too, it's so sad! Very good though, I loved it! See ya at the DA! :D ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: lol, thanks, glad you like it, or made you're eyes water or whatever lol... *clears throat* anyway, thanks

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Review #3, by foreverpure13Hidden: Chapter One: Summer Reunion

27th March 2005:
Really good, I can't wait to see what happens next! I usually always get away with being sneaky though, but that's just me. Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: Lucky. I never get away with anything. I always get caught.

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Review #4, by foreverpure13Hidden: Prologue

27th March 2005:
That was really good so far! I love it! Update soon!

Author's Response: I submitted the first chapter, but it's been in limbo for three days. Hopefully it'll be out soon. And I'll add chapter two once one is validated.

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Review #5, by foreverpure13Deathly Silence: Memories

22nd March 2005:
That was really good, I loved the flashback-type-thing. Update soon!

Author's Response: will do, Thanks! :)

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Review #6, by foreverpure13Can You Keep a Secret?: The Weirdest Day Dream Ever

16th March 2005:
Great chapter! How is Harry going to react??? Can't wait for the rest, update soon!

Author's Response: You'll have to wait.

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Review #7, by foreverpure13Over: Over

14th March 2005:
Good story Emma! Very bittersweet but I loved it. It was kinda mushy and I'm not into that kind of stuff but I still like it. On the contrary to what a few people said, I don't think it jumped right in, I didn't mind that it went right into their relationship. It was a one-shot, not a full 30-some-chapter story and I thought it was well done! ~*~Nicole- Official Greeter of the LC Club!~*~ lol

Author's Response: Lol thanks Nicole for being so honest I'm glad you liked it.I'm in the process of another one-shot called My Love for Thee it's another Draco/Hermione.Thanks mucho.I think ur gonna b the vice pres lol.

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Review #8, by foreverpure13Think of Me: Think of Me

14th March 2005:
Oh, Great story Rain! I've always loved Remus/Lily and that was so sweet. I loved it!

Author's Response: thanks Nicole! I'm so glad you read it!

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Review #9, by foreverpure13Deathly Silence: Hot Sexy Boys

8th March 2005:
Good chapter, especially the whole Draco topping bit. Loved it, update soon!

Author's Response: thanks!! it took me so long to cut this chapter in a way that it ws allowed on this site. i've been trying to update for a while now!! thanks for the reveiw!! i'm glad you like it! :D

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Review #10, by foreverpure13O Holy Night: November Pain

8th March 2005:
Hey Sarah! Great story so far, I'm really intrigued. This is a terrific story and I'm dying for an update. Btw, I love the four-headed howler dragon, I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. Anyway, good story, update soon! ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: hey Nicole! I told you you'd like it! I enjoyed the howler dragon as well.

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Review #11, by foreverpure13Jealousy: A Crookshanks Story: Meet Ginger

3rd March 2005:
Haha, hilarious. Poor Crookshanks, you just keep shooting that death glare! :D Good job, loved it!

Author's Response: Thanx!

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Review #12, by foreverpure13Can You Keep a Secret?: Rita Skeeter's Shock

21st February 2005:
Good chapter, really funny. Poor Griffith having to see Hermione and Ginny go at it but Rita deserves to be haunted like that forever. :D Anyway, loved it, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanx a lot! I will update soon! =)

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Review #13, by foreverpure13Atlantis: Atlantis

19th February 2005:
Good story, great plot for a one shot. I really liked this, too bad you weren't continuing this! Oh well...I liked it anyway!

Author's Response: THANKS!!!

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Review #14, by foreverpure13Deathly Silence: Enter Silence

16th February 2005:
Good chapter, I really want to know who Silence is. Anyway, I really liked it, please update soon and if you can, check out my stories! Oh, and hi Abby! lol ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Silence, is found out very soon. but you have to read more! :) and, um if you thought this was someone named Abby, i'mafriad you have the wrong girl. thought i'dtell you. Thanks for Reveiwing!!

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Review #15, by foreverpure13Can You Keep a Secret?: Turning on Each Other

13th February 2005:
Haha, I loved Ron's temper tantrum at the end. Good chapter, I actually do hope Rita finds them. The only thing is that Rita's animagus form is a beetle not a fly, but other than that it was well done and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, I forgot she was a beetle. My bad. Now, it'll start to get very interesting.

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Review #16, by foreverpure13The terribly, unbelievably stupid tale of Harry Potter's life without the Dursleys: The surprising second chapter

12th February 2005:
Hi, Hil, it's Nicole...great story. Finally got around to reading it, Leah told me great things about it. It was hilarious, update soon!

Author's Response: thanx, ive been really lazy (i still am lol) so chapter 3 will probably come around by the time i graduate from college loljj

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Review #17, by foreverpure13Can You Keep a Secret?: Crazy Stalkers

12th February 2005:
Normally I'm not really into femslash but I actually enjoyed this. You showed their relationship in a way most femslash writers don't and I liked that. I also loved Griffith (sp?), he's a great character. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanx a lot! I will update soon! And I know what you mean by how a lot of femslash writers portray the girls' relationship.

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Review #18, by foreverpure13Whose Line is it Anyway?: Let's Make a Date

12th February 2005:
Haha, really funny. Loved it, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanx a lot!

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Review #19, by foreverpure13The Twins: Hogwarts

17th December 2004:
Are you ever going to update? I suppose, it's been awhile so I guess you're probably not going to update. Anyway, I tried :D.

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Review #20, by foreverpure13View From Heaven: Dreams

11th December 2004:
That was very good, very well thought over. I actually think you should keep it a one-shot (one chapter story), it's stories like these that, even if they're terrific, should stay a one-shot. Some stories just need to be left where they were to leave the reader thinking for themselves. That's what I liked about it. Anyway, really good! ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: yea, i dont think im gonna keep it going i like it how it is, i think its fine, so thanks for the review

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Review #21, by foreverpure13Lost: Dumbledores Office

11th December 2004:
Good start, perhaps spacing out in paragraph form but other than that it was good. Sad, too. Poor Hermione. Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #22, by foreverpure13First Date: First Date

11th December 2004:
Told you I'd read it :D, it was good, even if I'm not a R/Hr shipper, I enjoyed. Oh btw, would you like a beta reader (Me)? Anyway, update soon! I'm off to read your other stories!

Author's Response: thanks for reading, im glad you enjoyed it, and no not really, i dont really want a beta reader i usually go back and check everything afater a while, but thanks anyways!

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Review #23, by foreverpure13My Heart Is Broken Forever~: Roses and Leters may be the only thing left

3rd December 2004:
I don't mind the recaps of the previous chapters, I find it refreshes you, if you haven't read the chapter before in awhile. Just letting you know my thoughts! And, if you'd like any help on the sequel call me! ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: Ok thanks, I actually have started the sequal but i probably will need some help later, thanks bunches nicole!

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Review #24, by foreverpure13My Heart Is Broken Forever~: Roses and Leters may be the only thing left

3rd December 2004:
Aha! I have read it! Finally! Anyway, very sad, heartbreaking actually, reminded me of my own loss *tear tear*...Loved it, though I'm not much into Harry/Hermione. Meh, I'll live, loved the ending btw! Oh, and thanx for reviewing my story! ~*~Nicole~*~

Author's Response: Thanks Nicole, I am so sorry about your loss, i know how hard it is, I lost 2 grandparents (! great grandmother, and 1 grandmother) in between 3 months

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Review #25, by foreverpure13Truth to the wizard: The chaos begins!!

21st November 2004:
Hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. Please update soon!

Author's Response: thanx!! I need more motavation to write!!!

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