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Review #1, by Will_SemraNatural Instincts: Meeting Sirius and Gifts explained.

25th March 2009:
NO PRANKS! yeah right. They WOULD pull some sort of shinanigan.

Good job Chica.

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Review #2, by Will_SemraThe Reincarnation: Lost & Found

17th May 2008:
um.Draco seems OOC but i guess it is alright. :)


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Review #3, by Will_SemraWhat An Eventful Year We Will Have: Hogwarts Express

13th May 2008:
XD! “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about your little secrets. Well not all of them anyway.” I love that. that was good. :)
OOO!!! i made you a banner. Well, that is if you want it. :) email me if ya do.

~Will_Semra 10/10

Author's Response: I am super happy you like this story and i would LOVE to see the banner!!! Also the 3rd chapter has been written just waiting for it to be validated. I am so glad you like this story.

rnl1993 a.k.a. Rebecca

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Review #4, by Will_SemraThe Reincarnation: Backfiring

5th May 2008:
Okay. Here is my critism coming from me.

1. Beg pardon but maybe you wrote this in a rush. I can see that the grammar needs a bit of polishing. So if that could be done it would be a total plus.

2. About your last comment, you know, the "her having alot of powers thing.I wouldn't give her so much power. Don't make her seem unbeatable. Give her limits. I got busted big time for giving my character too much power, and alot of people didn't like it.

3. Ferret.hehehehehehe.*smile*

4. As for Draco, don't make him so sexy and smooth to everyone. (although he is, hehehehehe!! ;D) I mean he is supposed to be rude and snobby to Harry at least and to me I don't think he would treat a girl like she was his angel

But other than that I like it. Keep it up!


Author's Response: lol thanks
and i think i have been writing in a rushh
i dont have spell sheck so i might have to invest in that.

but about the powers.
im not giving her TOO MUCHH :)
just some cool stuff..
like the reading minds..
and i think i want her to descover some stuff.

i havent explained it yet, but shes not even real! shes a rencartation of someones passed lover.*hint hint* :)

and i wont try to make Draco too cool or whatever

after the fourth chapter they discover thats hes working as a deatheater to tail "dumbledores cousin"

it will come along all in good time
i just got to organize myself. i love writing but ive been getting so much school work before exams. so its hard to write. put in promising to make more sense in the futureee :)

oh and if you have a banner for me that would be great!


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Review #5, by Will_SemraThe Reincarnation: The Hogwarts Express

1st May 2008:
.Um just a can she be a COUSIN to dumbledore when he is like More than 100 years old? Maybe an uncle or something or a distant relative that cannot be traced. Not trying to be rude. But i do like it. O! or maybe she was like his cousin in another life or something and got like reincarnated into Jennifer.o.that would be cool.

Oh and by the way.HIGH FIVE! Ur gonna have her fall for Harry? Right? nudge nudge wink wink. And i say YEs!

Write more. ~Will_Semra

Author's Response: haha
the cousin thing is just a cover up story
they are NOT related in any way
she an orphane so its just so she has a story to tell if someone asks.
and yes
she is going to fall for harry
but in the new chapter draco takes an interest!
please keep on reviewing!
i love to hear how im doing
and heres a little teaser.
shes going to have like ALOT of powers that normal witches dont have :)
and they are going to be awesome!

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Review #6, by Will_SemraSomething Wicked: Quidditch .. ?

24th April 2008:
.I like it. Keep Going. I mean after all Elphaba's strength is riding a broom. :) I LOVE WICKED! sry that seems to happen...suddenly.


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Review #7, by Will_SemraOffice Love: Of Lock-ups and Make-outs

7th April 2008:
This is.DA BEST EVA!

Love it! We especially the part when Draco is like..."You...are...mine." Oooo that sent shivers up my spine! :) 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad you liked that you are mine part...seemed like a draco type of thing to say :)

Thanks again for reviewing! I appreciate it :)

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Review #8, by Will_SemraFeelings: Feelings--Loathing

5th April 2008:
XD! i just love Sirius popping out of no where and yelling "Boo!" I could totally see that's crazy cause What is this feeling was playing on my ipod like as i was reading this. Good Job.


Author's Response: Ooh, I haven't listened to the song in ages...I think I'm gonna go do that now. I remember that when I was proofing this, I was listening to the song as I read. It's definitely an interesting experience, right? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Will_SemraThe Reincarnation: The Beginning

4th April 2008:
Off to a Great start! Intersting plot line.I have a similar one, but then again yours seems intresting.SO! I have made you a banner to get some much needed publicity to your story.

Please email me at if you would like it.

I really hope you life it. Please update soon, this is just like a taste of what is to come, i hope... ;)


Author's Response: :) :O
i would love the banner
i already emailed you but im not sure if it went through
send it please too

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Review #10, by Will_SemraBlack Roses Red: Chapter Eleven

27th July 2007:
XD!!! that is what malfoy gets! Go SAMARA! YES!


Author's Response: yaaay! samara rules lol

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Review #11, by Will_SemraNatural Instincts: Meeting Dumbledore and Going to England

16th July 2007:
XD! “JAMES COME DOWN HERE!” XD! Ah... good times...hey, Neko, remember when you told me about this scene?!



Good times.Nice chapter by the way :)


Author's Response: U do know you could just tell me these things over the...oh what's that thing called again? Oh yeah...THE PHONE!!!! lol u know i lurv u and all that but seriously, u get my hopes up and all that. ^^;;

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Review #12, by Will_SemraTrapped in time: D.A.D.T. - Defense Against the Dark Twerp

14th July 2007:

Love it! love it! Love it!!! :)


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Review #13, by Will_SemraI have 1...2...3 Guys! WHAT TO DO??: I Should've Stayed Silent

29th June 2007:
.Why did you stop???!!! *tear* but other than that it is genius! you ARE a genius! wish i would have thought of that.

Please write more.please?


Author's Response: Thank you so much =] I love when people love my stories, so thank you for reading them as well! I'm glad you're enjoying them. I'll try to get more out when I can, another one should be out as soon as my new short story's chapter is validated.

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Review #14, by Will_SemraSamara Trinity: creature of the night: chapter 19:The End

7th June 2007:
HEllO! member me? well, i have read the story already but i still love it! So when i heard that you wanted a banner, i made you one! hehe...hope you like it, and by the way you don't have to use it. :D i just really like this story! :)


Author's Response: that is so rad! omg ty so much! this totally made my day. and ill totally use it, i dont know what happened to my other one. i just logged on one day and it was gone...weird. but anyways, thanks sooooooooo much! oh! and im so glad u like my story! eek, its so weird, someone likes my story. i think i need to let that sink in a bit. hehe, im soo excited. thanks!

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Review #15, by Will_SemraSamara Trinity: creature of the night: chapter one

7th June 2007:
absolutely brilliant! I know.i have already read this BUT! i love reading it again! Great Job. :D


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by Will_SemraBlack Roses Red: Chapter Ten

3rd June 2007:
WTF! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???! i cant believe you wrote so little!!! (Dont take this offensivly (cant spell) i really like it ^.^) you evil.OH! i get it, you write a little leaving us wanting more...GENIUS! anyways keep writing!!! i NEED to find out what happens! please? :D


Author's Response: i know! gosh, i feel so bad. plz forgive me! :) ill try and write more i promise. thanks for the review and im so glad u liked it!

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Review #17, by Will_SemraInvisible: Who knew?

20th April 2007:
hey i love it! but then again i read it already.XD! Love yas!


You know and love me! =)

Author's Response: Yeah...unfortunatley........:) Jk yep. thanks for the review....even though you already told me...

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Review #18, by Will_SemraThe One With The Pink Hair: Pencil Shaped Clouds - and more!

18th April 2007:
o.O i like it! i really REALLY like the "strange faraway look". XD! i heard from Toxic_Molly that you need a well if you would like one for the time being, email me at

BUT keep writing! i need updates, STAT!


Author's Response: Thanks, I'll give you a mail! xD
And I'll submit chapter 4 now!

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Review #19, by Will_SemraThree Little Drops and Three Little Words: Three Little Drops and Three Little Words

24th March 2007:
XD! i love the end! love it adorable! ur a great writer. yep!


Author's Response: Me, too. It was fun to write. So glad you liked it! Thank you!!! :D

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Review #20, by Will_SemraYou Just Have to Believe: A Break from Reality

23rd March 2007:
o.O intersting.i like it! cant write alot but i rate a 10/10! XD!
keep writing! Oh and im just looked to see you have liek over 1500 reads! good for u!

do peoples like the banner?


Author's Response: Whoo! Thanks...chapter 8 should be validated in the next couple of days. Yeah, people really like the banner! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Will_SemraBlack Roses Red: Chapter Nine

21st March 2007:
AH!! I LOVE IT! ^.^ write more! please?

Author's Response: will do! thanks for the review

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Review #22, by Will_SemraYou Just Have to Believe: The Gryffindor Lion - Tamed or Not? Part 1

23rd February 2007:
by the evil power of good! i love the sound of that! XD! love this chapter! Oh for ur banner im only going to put the girls on there, since i have no room for the guys, sry telling u. and if u want the guys on there ill try and make another and see which u like best. k? UPDATE WITH chp seven already! JK.


Author's Response: That totally works! Oh, I'm so excited about my banner! Yay! Thank you so much for making me a banner and for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Will_SemraYou Just Have to Believe: Home Sweet Home

23rd February 2007:
OMG! i love the "light" kiss! Genius! oh and ur banner is coming sry for the delay. Oh but who did you want for Liz? she is the only one missing, email me and you will have ur beloved banner soon... very soon...update!


Author's Response: Thanks...I wasn't going to have them do anything until later, but then I got bored decided to put in more sexual tension. I sent you an e-mail and cannot wait for my fabulous banner! Thank you for reviewing---you are amazing!

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Review #24, by Will_SemraTrapped in time: Sleepless nights

18th February 2007:
END UP WITH SIRIUS! he is a TOTAL hottie hot hottie! please? (or else i will send my anger dragon after you!!! (inside joke between Neko_Angel)) But i total love that you like write SOOO much in one chapter that we dont have to wait for another one! XD! But i like to leave people hooked for the next chp! im evil that way >:D Kepp them coming bout to read four and five! YAYS!!!

~Will_Semra *cough cough* Sirius.

Author's Response: Another point for the Sirius lovers! I should keep up with it to see who gets the most votes, Sirius or Remus. HEY! That is actually a great idea!
I will keep up with who likes who, and whoever gets the most votes, has their ending written first. That is EXCELLENT, because I was dreading who's ending to submit first!
Don't worry though. I have a feeling that when I do the endings, I will probably write them in the same day, that way they can be submitted back to back. I won't leave you guys hanging too long.
Ok, I gotta know what the anger dragon story is, so please - do tell.
Ty so much for the review! Keep reading, hopefully you will enjoy what is left. I have finished half of the next chapter, and if I get my way, I will be working on the rest today or tonight.

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Review #25, by Will_SemraYou Just Have to Believe: The Return of the Marauders

31st January 2007:
ooo!! i like! glad yo have updated! ^.^ mine JUST got updated today yays! but ur banner is running a bit late since the computer i use photo shop is broken...D: But i should have it fixed soon. ;) BUT i Love the story!!!


Author's Response: Ooohhh.....I'll definitely check out your story. Take your time with the banner---I trust you! I'm so glad you love the work has been crazy lately, so after ch. 4 and 5 are posted it may take a while for me to get another chapter out. I will try, though!

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