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Review #1, by YaYaGoddess:

1st May 2008:
Hi! You have been nice enough to review mine, so I thought I'd return the favor.

This is really very good. I like the portrayal of male friendship. You nailed Sirius' whole survivor guilt and grief dead on. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Hope we get to see more of Remus and Peter.

Author's Response: Thanks! You didn't have to, you are too nice XD But I can't pretend I don't love getting more reviews :)

I am glad you like the friendship, I don't want to go over the top with it. But it was sort of hard considering the fact that I opened the story with a death >.> so James sorta has to be there for Sirius early.

I hope we see more of Remus and Peter as well, because I love them. They are in the next chapter but they don't have many lines. I am having a hard time squeezing them in without making my chapters hugely long. Once I get to the part where there are Order meetings and such, I should be able to get them in much more :)

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Review #2, by YaYaGoddessMoving On: Chapter 2 - A Curious Tale

25th April 2008:
OOHH!!! A new chapter!! Goodie!

I'm really enjoying this story!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm working on getting more too you. Busy preparing for teaching rounds the next few weeks but I'll try to get one up.

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Review #3, by YaYaGoddessMoving On: A Discovery

31st March 2008:
I am a librarian, so I HAD to read this. A good start, but I'd like to see a bit more description. What does Hermione look like now? Maybe do her up as a stereotypical librarian--severe, hair in bun, support hose, sensible shoes, shushing people--to show that she is repressing her sexuality as well as her magical powers. Then let Draco loosen her up some. The scene where he unleashes that bun in her hair could be quite titillating.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments and I'll be sure to take them on board. Any constructive criticism (spelt right?? i always struggle with this word!) is more than welcome as I'm always looking to improve. Keep reading and I promise more desciption to come. xxx

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Review #4, by YaYaGoddessHarry Potter and the Shattered Pieces: Coming of Age

5th March 2008:
Hi there, you were nice enough to review mine, so I thought I'd return the favor.

This is very well written, and I like the fact that it follows Deathly Hallows. I have trouble getting into the "alternate universe" stuff as I prefer to read stories that do not violate what was in the books--stories that fill in some of the "lost years," or that come after, or way before.

You characterization and dialogue are wonderful. I look forward to reading new chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks a million for the review! I'm glad you liked the dialogue - I've always considered it to be one of my weakest areas. So I'm happy that you think it is good!

I began writing this as a way to fill the "lost years" in for myself, so I'll try to stay as close to canon as possible.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Review #5, by YaYaGoddessHow to Change a Diaper: The Bet and Advice

3rd February 2008:
Hi! You reviewed mine, so I thought I'd return the favor. This is tres amusant! I hope you continue it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #6, by YaYaGoddessLearning to produce a Patronus: Kingís cross, new friends...or... enemies?

26th January 2008:
I like this chapter. It flows nicely. You're obviously developing well at narration as you go along. As stated before, edit the comma thing and the xoxox dividers. Use the insert line function on the toolbar for narrative transitions like I did in To Love a Twin. This is an interesting premise and I look forward to seeing where you take it.

Author's Response: Thank you sssoo much for your time and review, apologies for the 1st and 2nd chpter in particular - I know they are really messy and have started editing them again...It means alot to get reviews, especially since I really like your story!

Please continue to read! ;)

Thanks again XxNikixX

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Review #7, by YaYaGoddessThe Shadow Of Love: The Shadow Of Love

30th November 2007:
Lovely. I have to admit to having a thing about those twins. Update soon.

Author's Response:
It's a one-shot. It does go a bit with another story of mine, Dream a Little Dream. I'm glad you enjoyed, though. (:

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Review #8, by YaYaGoddessI Am The Heir...: Journey to a new Life

30th November 2007:
Hi I thought I'd repat the favor you did me of reading and reviewing my story. I really like this. I've never really bothered to read any Marauder years fics before. This is really a great start.

Author's Response: Thanks so much xx

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Review #9, by YaYaGoddessThe True Life Story of Percy Ignatius Weasley: Chapter 1-The Birth

30th November 2007:
HI! I thought I'd return the favor of you reading & reviewing my story. I like this--very original autobiographical monologue, keeping Percy as a smug, self-righteous, conceited, self-important poop. I, too, think that little about him will really change. I know he showed up at Hogwarts to fight at the end and all, but, in the epilogue, Harry hears Percy in the crowd and goes out of his way to avoid him. Harry's & Ron's kids don't even go looking for their uncle, or his kids (Percy must have at least one kid or why is he even there?) so there's proof that some estrangement still exists, right?

Very cool concept.

Author's Response: Thanks. It was technically my sister's idea. I'm glad you liked it, and hope it was worth returning the favor, and I agree. Percy won't fully be back. What point would there be to this otherwise. Thanks.

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Review #10, by YaYaGoddess(unnamed as for now): The truth.

30th November 2007:
I thought I'd return the favor by reading and reviewing something of yours. A title. How about 'Child of Shame?' It's hard to say after just one chapter. A lot depends on where you're going with it. If Deanna's journey ends up with her becoming a better person then Child of Shame; Child of Light.

Or, say if Deanna begins exploring her paternal heritage and her explorations are not welcomed--maybe a title such as 'A Heritage Denied' would be in order.

But a good start. I hope you continue, regardless of what title you choose.

Author's Response: thanks very much for the comment,
nice names, i like,

love lou aka xxx_firesparks_xxx

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Review #11, by YaYaGoddessHow The Other Half Live: A Ring and a Rose

30th November 2007:
Very sweet story. I love stories about George facing life with his other half gone.

Author's Response: I know he is the coolest ever - I love him! Thanx for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #12, by YaYaGoddessReKindling the Flame That Once Was: Problems All Around

21st November 2007:
This is so cute. I really like it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by YaYaGoddessA Touch of Crimson: So It Begins

14th October 2007:
May I say Wow? I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so so so so much! I am having some computer probs so I hope to have a new chapter up soon!
XOXO Manda

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