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Review #1, by Loony PearlsDance with me: Dance with me

7th August 2007:
ahh. beautiful! that was gorgeous writing. We (connor grace and corrie, that is) would like to say that this is amazing! great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by Loony PearlsThe 10 Rules of Dating: Chapter 1

19th March 2007:
we love it! 10/10, added to favs. ♥ great job!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #3, by Loony PearlsThe Bargain: Side Effects: On Being Late

28th January 2007:

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Review #4, by Loony PearlsForever and Ever, Amen: Forever and Ever, Amen

28th January 2007:
that. was. "beautifullest".


Connor and Corrie

Author's Response: Thats so much!!

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Review #5, by Loony PearlsBecause My Dolly Told Me To: The Dollhouse that Changed My Life

16th January 2007:
That was really good. Good morally, and good writing. (good combo! hehhehehehe.) Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks you!!! =D

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Review #6, by Loony Pearls'Twas The Night Before Love: “I love the décor”

12th October 2006:
eep! wonderful job! update soon. please.

Author's Response: i'm trying to update soon, i really am! thanks for reviewing

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Review #7, by Loony Pearls'Twas The Night Before Love: He had a broad face and a little round belly...

8th October 2006:
we is... AWESOME! 10/10. (we will review seperately.. lol. we're just too lazy to logout right now!) update SOON.

Author's Response: thanks, glad you like. chap 2 is in waiting, hopefully will be up soon.

thanks again

sammy lupin

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Review #8, by Loony PearlsLily and James: An Extremely Long and Lame Title for a Collection of Parodies for Them: Parody/Really Lame One-Shot Number Two

28th September 2006:
15 minutes? not bad. lol. yeah. parody. good.

Author's Response: Record time, yeah? LoL.

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Review #9, by Loony PearlsAccidentally In Love: Accidental Love

5th September 2006:
ah... packages of cookies and red jello. HI! this is lunalovegood616 & pearluna. so. um. yeah, we love this story. here's our care package of red jello, cookie dough ice cream, and choc chip cookies-- and oatmeal raisin. there's also a flask of butterbeer for winky and a flask of... firewhiskey... for you, Dobby. :) YOU GUYS ROCK! go you. heh. um..... update WOEG soon, please.... "Eh, nevermind..."

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Review #10, by Loony PearlsThe Magic of Talent: The Thing

4th September 2006:
so, again, to put it bluntly: this story rocks. so, we've read all of it-- but we're reviewing once, so when we reread we can tell you! you rock sammy!

Author's Response: coolio! thanks!

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Review #11, by Loony PearlsOf Chocolate, Magic, and Sappy Boyfriends: I love non verbal spells!

4th September 2006:
So, basically, we loved this story... and hope your others get added soon... um, in the meantime, here's some cyber chocolate! great job!

Author's Response: thanks Loony Pearls!

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