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Review #1, by Sweet LemmonSecond Time Around!: Traveling to Durmstrang (and a odd elf)

26th October 2006:
A interesting story
A little confuse but fine. But just one thing, I don't understand your
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature. Sorry, but i didn't read anything that could be rate *mature* I mean, this *is* PG fic...almost G

and it says that is Complete...er?????

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Review #2, by Sweet LemmonRealizations: Chapter 1

26th October 2006:
Oh! I liked it! It was nice, short and very sweet.
Well done!

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Review #3, by Sweet LemmonThe Day After Yesterday: Grimmauld Place and N.E.W.T's

26th October 2006:
tongue and all...er, a little childish don't you think? Oh, and Hermione should have her Care of Magical Creatures note too
It was a good start besides these little things. I just don't understand what year they are. I supposed is 6.

Author's Response: Yes. When I started writing I wasn't sure what year they were in and as I went it didn't really become clear. So... it is a little of six and a little of 7 u could say. I let the readers make up their minds

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Review #4, by Sweet LemmonSix years ago ( A sequal to Five years ago): Suprise

25th October 2006:
Aww! Two baby otters! Cute!

Update soon!

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Review #5, by Sweet LemmonSix years ago ( A sequal to Five years ago): I told you so

25th October 2006:
It's a very nice story! well done!

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Review #6, by Sweet LemmonUnder the Moonlight.: A New Beginning.

24th October 2006:
Good chapter but I didn't understand this word:tratiors.

Author's Response: Um, I'll check it out. thanks for the review.

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