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Review #1, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter 26: Severus and His Truth

4th October 2008:
i love this! when will u updattte?!

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Review #2, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter 20: Addict Watch

4th May 2008:
i've been waiting for this for a long time! Absolutely positively LOVED it. this is the most amazing story I have EVER read. PLEASE update soon, thought it was well worth the wait.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you said that--I sort of found this chapter more boring than the rest. I felt bad posting it after such a long wait. Thanks again!

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Review #3, by cait_hp_fanLessons Learned: Pranks and Procrastination

8th February 2008:
don't get me wrong, you are a very good writer but this story seems kind of pointless and I have no clue how it will develop a plot...

Author's Response: Its called building the plot, my dear friend. Jumping right into things is rather lame.

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Review #4, by cait_hp_fanA Not So Silent Night: Where's my welcome back party?

8th February 2008:
ahh! I LOVE it. I really love the whole Hogwarts era OOTP kind of Sirius or Remus/OC =] pllleaaassse continue soon! :D I am sooo favoriting this

Author's Response: Hahah. Thank you.

There are a lot of Remus/OC fics with them at school, so I wanted to try something different, something that would give the characters more of a history.

And don't worry, the second chapter is validating. :D

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Review #5, by cait_hp_fanDaddy's LiL Girl: I Have a Daughter?

5th February 2008:
too trashy. sorry. :[[

Author's Response: meh, thats alright -- not everyone's gonna love it -- but it becomes "something you would see as a movie" as my friends describe it ~but for those who DO like it .. lmao it become better and the chapters become more indepth (and longer) ;)

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Review #6, by cait_hp_fanTwenty-Five Days of Christmas: I. December 1st - Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry

15th January 2008:
when will you update this?
I think it's really something different and I can't wait for an update.
I love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I'm glad that you like it, and I should have another chapter out quite soon. Keep reading, because I have lots of plans and surprises in store!

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Review #7, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter 11: Goodbye, Love

15th December 2007:
That's all I can say.
Honestly, I was almost crying.
I felt every bit of Hestia AND Peter's pain. What she did--I can't even explain it. It was a horrible sitaution and there's no real right or wrong answer.
I can't ever imagine having to deal with something like that.
Your writing is so realistic and amazingly real. I love it, love it, love it. And I can't wait to read more. Please update soon. This is my new favorite story...ever on this, or many other websites.
ps. when you become a world famous writer...I want an autographed copy of one of your books ;)

Author's Response: It's every author's dream to get a review like this, so thank you for making my day! You make it all worthwhile :)

Yes, of course, when I become a famous author (never, haha) I would LOVE to send you an autograhed book! I only wish. But seriously, thanks that's a huge compliment!

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Review #8, by cait_hp_fanThe Empty Diaries of Lily Evans-Potter: Taking Sides

11th December 2007:
“It’s not me you have to convince, Lillikins. You’re my best friend and even if you ran away and married that scary Muggle woman-slash-man singer-“

“His name is Michael Jackson.”

you, my friend, are officially my hero for creating such a character.
I usually hate when people write the marauders as preteens, but this is hyterical, maybe a bit cliche at points but i will over look that because this story is brilliant and I really want to see it finished and not abandoned...not that you said you would but so many of my favorites are abandoned these days :'(
you're a great author with a refreshing bit of originality, sharp wit and the type of style that a sarcastic person can thoroughly enjoy.
i wish there were more stories like this on HPFF.

Author's Response: If I could hug you right now, you'd be dead. I FRIGGIN LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! Today has been a crummy day (what day hasn't been?) but I came to my reviews and thank Merlin, I see this beautiful, long one that made me super duper happy! I seriously felt like crying when you said 'I wish there were more stories like this on HPFF' but seeing as I'm so happy, it won't happen.
I definitely won't ever give up on this story; there is so much potential and so much I want to do with it so don't worry. I may have hard times updating though because school is crazy and so is the rest of the world (at least my world).
I hate having cliches as much as the next person, but seeing as they can fit in every once in a while, what the heck.
Thank you so much for a wonderful review and look out for the fifth chapter sometime this week!

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Review #9, by cait_hp_fanRat: Peter, Chapter Nine: Why I Am

6th December 2007:
i liked this chapter...though i do love hestia's narrating. but wait, did she leave him?
the one thing i don't understand...
but i still love you and this story!!!

Author's Response: There's a new chapter up that explains all'll have to forgive me my little cliff-hanger! :)

Thanks for reviewing, I'm really glad you like this!

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Review #10, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter Seven: Heartbreak, and What Happened After

29th November 2007:
Loved it. Update soon.
This story is amazingly original and I really love it too much for words.
update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you SO MUCH, again. New chapter up, I hope you enjoy!

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Review #11, by cait_hp_fanIn the Minds Of Teenagers: Civilized conversations and imaginary friends

28th November 2007:

hahahaha. I'm just kidding. I felt kind of mean, sorry. I like the plot of this story though it's very generic.
I'll continue reading definitly, though I think maybe you should change the plot to something more original but it's not bad and the characters are cute.
keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Omg! your horrible!
Just kidding. Thanx for the review and for the help. I'm thinking about what you siad while im writing.

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Review #12, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter Six: Relationships

28th November 2007:
small little review.
a few words: This is my favorite story ever.
honestly, I swear.
never delete it or give up.
i love it more than you even know.
update soon.
you are a brilliant writer.

Author's Response: You can't imagine how much that means to me! Thank you SO MUCH, seriously. But wow, if you keep going on like that I'm going get a huuuuuge head. Haha, your review was a bit like a beautiful little poem. :)

Don't worry, I will never give up this story. I've worked on it for too long. I only hope I wont disappoint you in the future chapters! There's still a LOT to come!

Thanks again! And again. And again...

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Review #13, by cait_hp_fanBliss: Chapter One

1st October 2007:
amazing. wonderful. fantasic. good. GREAT.
Okay. this idea is so original. it's like you took marauder and next generation and mixed them together, because this really has the feel of
a marauder story...which is really good.

I'm still amazed at the way your personality shows through this story and how you convey James' attitude is really impressive. Now that leads me to another thing. Why would James have such a grudge against Bliss? hmmm...considering this is a James/OC...I think maybe Bliss is the OC...but I could be wrong.possibly, lol.

I like the way you've written the characters and you've kept everyone in character. I liked the whole 'abnormal' slip up...It showed a lot of foreshadowing for the story and maybe some reacurring history.GREAT job Jenn. I love this story already!


Author's Response: Woo! I’m glad the new fic gets the “Cait Seal of Approval”! I might actually like writing this story now. Lol.
Hmm...a Marauder + Next Generation? I guess you could call it that...yeah, I see what you’re saying! I guess I’m not quite out of the whole TDOLL/LLTCC phase yet lol. But, I’m glad you think it’s a nice little twist! Tehe.
Lol. Well you know how much personality I kind of spills over into my writing. And I admit, James does have a little bit of me in him. Whether he’s a a** or not. Hmm...why does he have a grudge against Bliss? Well...the answer is basically: she’s weird, he’s not. James has that whole “normal” thing going on where he thinks that’s anything abnormal is bad. Kind of a Dursley attitude, if you will. Which makes him a more interesting character, actually. But, you’ll see. Everything will be answered ; )
Tehe. Well, I’m happy you found my characters to be in order. After writing both of my Lovette series, it’s a lot less difficult to maintain a characters...well, character. But I admit I have to get used to these new people, its weird writing...not-Lovette. Lol. If that makes any sense.
I’m glad you like it so far though! I can’t wait to hear your future reviews!


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Review #14, by cait_hp_fanRat: Hestia, Chapter Three: The Cat and the Rat

11th September 2007:
I love, love, love this story. Peter/OC has happened to be a very good ship for me to read. The authors who write them are usually mature, down to earth people who are good writers and not all "EWW PETER GETS TO DIE AND NOT BE IN MY STORY" Yeah, and that bothers me alot. I like Hestia, she's very realistic, and i think you have great dialouge, great character development and a great sense of humor. I really can relate to hestia also. well im sorry this review is rather short (for me at least) but I need to do homework and I wanted to tell you this is one of my favorite stories of all time!
please continue!

Author's Response: Your review made my week. Seriously, I'm going to marry this review. One of your favorite stories? I'm blushing...and more than half in love with you, whoever you are.

Really glad you like the Peter/OC pairing, I always have. People do creative stuff with him when they try...and yes, I think you do have to do some growing up before you can read or write Peter stories--I liked the way you put that. Thank you so much for writing all that stuff up there. :) I hope you keep reading!

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Review #15, by cait_hp_fanLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Empty Apartment

3rd September 2007:
Wow, Jenn.
just, wow.
that was amazing and I could really feel every emotion you portrayed. It is totally understandable how Remus just snapped liked that...he seemed so bottled up and reserved for a while there.

Brenna's character seems to be much more defined since her death, which is also realistic. Things that lovette took for granted about Brenna are really...hmmm...well more in her thoughts now. I don't know how to explain it.

I'm really sad to see this end. It's an excellent series. And I really enjoy seeing that you've updated when you have. (did that make any sense?) haha.

well i loved this chapter.

and just because i want to know, lol, when exactly in december did brenna die?
just wondering.
well lots of (PLATONIC,lmao) love =)
PLATONIC Xs and Os from my computer to yours also.

Author's Response: Aww, why thank you my platonic lover! Yes, Remus did snap...finally. Though not without reason. I think we were all just waiting for it to happen. He deserved to vent a little!

Yes, that’s true. Brenna does seem more...important dead than she was alive. Not that that’s a good thing. But I do agree when you say that it seems we took her for granted. Her personality is certainly needed now more than ever. God, I miss her!

Ah, the end! Well, you still have a couple more chapters. But alas, the end is nearing. I’m actually excited about it. I’ve put so much time and effort into the plot, characters, writing, its exciting to finally finish it! I’ve been writing it for a year! Needless to say I need a “change in scenery”.

Brenna died in the beginning of December. I never assigned an exact date, all that was really important was that it was in early December and it still killed the holiday mood of that coming Christmas. I know it sounds bad that there isn’t an exact date, but I didn’t find it that important. But, very good question! Lol.

(And my computer is now blushing from behind the closet door,
I think he’s starting to come to terms with his orientation. Tehe)

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Review #16, by cait_hp_fanStar Crossed: Prologue: Number 12 Grimmauld Place

30th July 2007:
hmmm...i liked this alot. i was really suprised that no one reviewed yet...its a really original idea and everything. I only have a few critizisms...Im sorry, lol. The ages are a bit off...and I really don't care about that kind of stuff. But Bellatrix is supposed to have dark hair and Andromeda is in Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin...
But you write well and add alot of originality to this fic.
I really did enjoy reading it and will read the other chapters when I get a chance to and I will review :]
This is going on my favorites.
I'm realy sorry for the critism (sp?). I rarely do that. But your a good author if it makes it any better.
9/10 (just because of what I pointed out)

Author's Response: hey! thanks for the review. and i don't ming the criticism at all. It will help me write better. I have a plan concening Bellatrix's hair, i know the ages are off and i calim artistic license on that one lol. As for the whole slytherin ravenclaw thing, that was a mistake on my part. i truly believed that Sirius was the only one not in Slytherin until i reread OOTP and went "Oops!" but just bear with me on those things lol. I'm glad you're enjoying it. more should be posted soon.

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Review #17, by cait_hp_fanMy Gemini Twin: Coming and Going...Rising and Falling

18th July 2007:
I like it and think it has alot of potential as long as Riley doesn't turn out to be perfect and Reagan has some flaws as well. It would even be better if you used a non-sterotyped Lily...but I can't tell much from the first chapter so that was just some advice :-)

I really like the plot. It seemed really original just from the summary. I don't usually read new fan-fics that arent written by people I know. And then I was like "Wow, I should read this"
I really wasn't dissapointed either. I think you're a really good writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was a bit nervous,as this is my first story.Thank you so much for all the advice, and I will get my second chapter in validation as soon as possible.
I am really excited about the rest of the story,and I am greatful for your opinions.
Thanks again

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Review #18, by cait_hp_fanMarauder's Fangirl: Sirius and Jamie...

12th July 2007:
ah it was really good. I was so happy to see this back up, it made me too happy. You're a talented writer and though I was dissapointed by the way Lynne handled the Sirius/Jamie situation I guess I understand that she has a distorted point of view when it comes to Sirius and the Marauders.
I thought it was really good and I hope you continue writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, well you'll see Lynne's true feelings towards what happened in the next chapter.

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Review #19, by cait_hp_fanShe's In Love With The Rat: Peter's Betrayal

29th June 2007:
oh my. you have no clue how sad i am to see this story coming to an end. i feel as though it was just a little child story when i first reviewed it. I'll rememeber reading and watching katie grow so much and I want to tell you this story has really changed the way i look at Peter and the marauders and te betrayal. This whole plot really is quite possible and I really am so sad to see it ending. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten to review has been so hectic. I really do miss leaving uber long reviews for you...and analyzing every bit of this story.
I seriously hope you consider trying to get an original story published.
This was just so amazing. And you really defined yourself as an author with it.
My all time favorite piece of fan fiction. It really is sad to see it ending. I'm anticipated the final chapter but I'm so sad to actually read it...sort of like the Deathly Hallows.
Katie and Sirius was just so...unexpected. But it really all came back to that because at the very beginning all the Sirius stuff came back to haunt her. I think it took that to show her how maybe she wasn't settling for Peter just because she couldn't have Sirius. Or she wasn't just with him because they were both 'misfits' of sorts.
Too bad that's what set Peter over the edge.
I really do sympathize with him. Though we all want to hate him in this story for killing Katie...we can't. Well I know I personally can't. It's too hard to. One thing to another his life was difficult.
And it still will be.
Though I can't believe Katie would die..I think it was a wise choice on your part. Some authors get too attatched to their characters and have never ending fan fictions or too many sequels just because they don't want their character to die.
Like I said from the beginning, Katie is a very believable OC and anyone can relate to her.
I can completely. She had her awkward teenage years and then realized how quickly she was supposed to grow up. And then she recieved her own dissapointments with her 'glamorous job' which turned out not to be so glamorous after all... To finding out that even the person she trusted the most could betray her and change.
She was in love with the old Peter.
Well thank you once again.
I hope this review makes up for my lack of others.

Author's Response: Holy moly I missed your reviews!!!! Don't worry about not reviewing the other chapters, I can totally relate to life being hectic at the moment. As long as you enjoyed it, I'm happy. I am so glad that you weren't too angry with me for killing Katie. I was so scared to do it. I was so scared that the reviews would tell me I suck or something. But I knew from the beginning that it had to be done. So I've been mentally preparing myself for it the whole way. Your review is beautiful and I firmly intend to get an original work published someday! I'll give you a signed copy. LOL. I actually had a short story published last year (it was in an anthology of short stories) so that was HUGE for me. Glad to see you're back even though this is at the end.....I can't believe it. I am so glad you liked it so much. I don't have the words to thank you but please know how much you made me feel accomplished and satisfied with my own work.

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Review #20, by cait_hp_fanAgainst the World: Chapter Twelve

27th June 2007:
Ah. Amazing. Sweet and simple, not like any fanfic I've ever read. You've really out done yourself, Fly. I loved this story as much as the last. Definitly not your typical L/J, which you know I despise. I really missed your stories and I loved how this story ended. It was cute and thought it was AU you made me look at that whole prejudiced muggle born to pureblood issue quite differently.
Thank you for giving us another one of your wonderful stories.
I can't wait for the next update to SOARD.
I read the first chapter and am going to review it soon.
It's so well written and different.just like your other stories.
Keep up the good work.
Love you!

Author's Response: Aww, Caitttt... you always write such long reviews (which I love) and my responses are always so short. Thank you so much for your review =)

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Review #21, by cait_hp_fanShe's Leaving Home: She's Leaving Home

9th June 2007:
Wow, that was really good. I was actually going to write a one shot about this, but decided against it since it was so specific. But you used the song very well and it is one of my very favorite songs. Good job!

Author's Response: Wow thank you :) It's one of my favorite songs as well, thanks for the review :D

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Review #22, by cait_hp_fanHaunt My Dreams: How Many is However Many?

8th May 2007:
Ok, I'll admit. I am this loser-ish jerk that has read your story without adding a review. I always check for updates and this chapter was just so good, I had to review.

Your writing style is amazing and it is so developed and desciptive without over-doing it. You also describe things other than the characters, which can be very rare on hpff, lol. So great job. I just love this story.

I also love the flashback like feel of this story. Very creative, I'm not sure if I've seen ootp and marauder era combined very often in alternating chapters. I'm doing that with another story that I'm co-writing, but I think those are actually more fun to write as well. I can't wait for an update!!!


Author's Response: Hahah its alright I’m guilty of the same thing. And you totally made up for it with your long amazing review. Thanks a lot! I was sort of shaking with the flashbacks at first but I figure everyone gets the time mess now.

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Review #23, by cait_hp_fanThought You Were My Fairytale: Eighteen: Preparations

21st April 2007:
Okay, Fly. This was a GREAT chapter. I am so glad I finally have gotten a chance to review it!! Okay, I love the idea of the masquerade ball. And since the next chapter is the "final" chapter not including the epilouge which I have never seen in my life, *looks shiftily at both sides* hehe, it should be a good next chapter. And I am sad to see this story finish. It was so original, and I loved it alot! Well I have one more chapter to look foward about! And I would rant on about this story's originality, but you know how I feel about regular L/J fics...haha. "Will seventh year change everything?" Lmao. Well anyway. I loooved it, and this is an extremely crappy review, I will admit, hehe. But I WILL do better on your next story, which once again, I have never seen. Love ya!
~Cait. Cait that is easy to talk to.
Ps. I love my new nickname! haha.

Author's Response: LOL that is not a terrible review at all, and also, the next chapter is not the last but the penultimate. Again excluding the epilogue =p


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Review #24, by cait_hp_fanI Hate Being the New Kid: Prolouge: This Is Dumb

15th April 2007:
ha. Wow I really loved the first chapter. It was very well written! When I saw the length of the first chapter, I thought it was going to be just a mediocre sort of story, but you seem to have a very good hold on writing and I just really like your style. I also am not usually a fan of the transfer student stories...but this is just very good and thought out. You put good reasoning on why she is going to Hogwarts, and I like how she is not all giddy about it. I am putting this in my favorites, for sure!
Update soon!

Author's Response: Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I've been away at a...well writing competition of sorts =)

First of all, I want to say thank you! You're amazing!
I was very unsure of this story when I first started it, for some of the same doubts you mentioned about the whole transer thing, and I actually thought it was somewhat medicore, but that was probably just me being overly analytical.

Thanks again, I'll try to update as soon as my schedule allows.

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Review #25, by cait_hp_fanSlytherin Outcast: Chapter One - Disowned

15th April 2007:
Alright, I am liking this story alot. It's actually pretty creative and your writing skills are very good! It was a bit rushed in the beginning, but it slowed down by the end. This seems to be an intro, right? So I'll let it slide, lol. I will be reading more of this, don't worry!

Author's Response: yes this was the intro :)
thank you

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