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Review #1, by r_j_louiseUnfaithful: Unfaithful.

13th September 2006:
I LOVE how you end this, you chose such a good song for this situation! I know, I should have reviewed long ago, I'm sorry, but just thought I'd do it when I could re-read it and remember why I liked it! You dealt with these heavy issues well, and in a way that made the reader question, was Viktor really the only incorrect party? Here's to a good and vivid imagination, dear! (and how sorry I feel for those without it (; ) ~J

Author's Response: No he wasent, both sides were wrong. i belive this whole heartdly, and i was just fricking having a discussion withsomeone about cheating. But i do love the moral delima it brings up. No one is perfect.....

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Review #2, by r_j_louiseLet Me Introduce You To The End: Shackled

13th September 2006:
AH!!!!!!! Poor Sirius, why must you always write about people's trust and hearts breaking? You're so good at it, but WHY?!? It's so sad!! I wuv you!!! And I'm off to review unfaithful. Just thought I'd look at the new one, too! ~J

Author's Response: Its weird that the "eternal romanticist" is good at writing about peoples trust and hearts breaking. I dont know why im good at it, but especialy with Sirius he has had such a tragic life i couldnt well go off and spin a hugely happy tale. Its a weird train of thought i know but i just kind of guessed and went with it.

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Review #3, by r_j_louiseBetween Heartbeats: Tears and Explanations

13th September 2006:
Yay! It's back!
So yeah, I finally realized it had been updated, and got my butt over here to read it. HOORAAAAY!!!! I'm glad you're planning on updating so frequently, it promises for good reading material ;). I'm worried about Harry though, no fun :(. As you may have noticed, there's a lot of italics at the end. Was it meant to be that way, or did the html codes not process? That's the only thing I'd look at, it doesn't feel like and italics scene to me. Love to see more soon!!!! See you around! ~J

Author's Response: i'm glad you liked it! thanks for the review!i checked it at the end...html codes got jibberished in transit. life happens! thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by r_j_louiseHe's My Son: He's My Son

12th September 2006:
NOT FAIR!!! You know how much I hate crying, and here you go and make me bawl! *sniffles and tries not to cry* I love how you travelled through Bill's life at a good pace, but still gave us a view of who he was! Oh dearie, write more like this. This is what I love seeing! This was absolutely wonderful, giving us glimpses of Arthur and Bill in such personal and real ways! Love you hunny! ~J

Author's Response: thanks so much! i love writing from a view less heard from, even if i am an absolute Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione shipper! thank you for the wonderful compliments! this is the kind of review i get that makes me want to write novels and share it with the world!!!(ahh, but the novels will wait..:)) thanks so much for the awesome review and i'm sorry i made you leats it was for goodness though!:)

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Review #5, by r_j_louiseDrive Myself Crazy: ...Without You

11th September 2006:
I like it that Ginny is mad and she needs to say her piece, and I like how she refuses to let Harry talk himself out of their relationship. I also LOVE how Hermione and Ron decide to have a go about it with him right next to them . . . that's just the way those two are: tempestuously in love (but refust to admit it). But at the beginning of when Harry and Ginny talk, it feels almost like she's throwing herself at him. That doesn't seem a very Ginny like thing to do to me. I like how you have her passionately arguing instead of just begging later. Maybe make the beginning of their confrontation a little more like that and it'll seem more like Ginny. Then again, she is pretty in love with Harry, and love does funny things to everyone! Keep writing dearie!! i want to see that sequel to Tonight I Want To Cry!!!! Lurves! ~J

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