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Review #1, by Hushabye_MountainDust: Dust

1st May 2008:
And she's back ;)

This piece of writing has got to be one of the most poetic stories I've ever read, short of actually reading poetry hehe. I just love how it flowed - and seamlessly in my mind ;) - it really was a complex piece, yet it honestly didn't seem that way at the same time. I don't know how to explain it, but dang girl, you nailed it on so many different levels :)

Honestly, my stupid ramblings are just gunna ruin the effect of the story, so I'ma shut up, just know that I love it as much as the first time I read it, perhaps a little more :) *hugs* love ya!! Kate xoxo

Author's Response: awww thank you my sweets!!
im seriously so pleased you loved it so much - you who is so widely read! i mean, if someone who reads so much published material likes my stuff, then im happy ^_^
teehee thank you so much love!! you know i appreciate it and thanks for doing the cold read for me!!

love ya!
Kate xxx

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Review #2, by Hushabye_MountainSudenhetki: Sudenhetki

11th December 2007:
Heya Sami! :D

What a lovely story, it was very nice indeed, good job! :D I liked the mystery of it, and the scenery - very haunting.

There were a few spelling mistakes and words missing within this story, as well as a few grammar errors that can easily be taken care of, including a few run on sentences. All are easy fixed though so don't worry about them too much :)

One thing I did notice as I was reading this though was that I had a very hard time determining what was thought by the wolf and by the man, and if there were 2 men and one wolf or what... It was a little confusing due to the lack of names, so that might be something to remember for the future ok :)

Twas a great read though m'dear, good on ya! *hugs* I'm going to give you an 8/10 as there is a little room for improvement in some areas, but it was great all the same :) Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: *Huggles Kate* Thanks for the loverly review. I'll go through it and look for the mistakes right now :D.

And I know it got confusing at times, but I hate revealing my characters name and for the Wolf, ask yourself if it really does exist. *Queues mysterious music*

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Review #3, by Hushabye_MountainGames: I Play, You Sin

6th December 2007:
Haha, nice ending, I liked that :) Twas a lovely peice of fluff mate, I guess that's the right thing to call it, I'm not really sure *shrugs*. Superb writing style - no mistakes this time at all! Take a cookie for your efforts lol :D

I liked it, short, sweet, to the point, but at the same time, I'm dying for it to be made into a story lol, ah well, can't have everything, but I like that from a one shot not even 3000 words in length you hooked me in enough with the story to wish it was a novel ;) great job Kate! Sorry this isn't longer - I'm photoshopping and stumbled across this so I thought I'd check it out, and I'm very glad I did, twas excellent, just like all the others lol :D 10/10, fav'd and on my site - I'm just going to make a link to your stories there methinks, telling everyone to read your works haha, everything has made it to there, you're the only author to have that honour, so major kudo's to you! :D

Rock on darlin'!

Author's Response: yay i did fluff!!! excellent ^_^ thanks babe! so very pleased you enjoyed it - it was fun to write. *accpets cookie* thank you!!

weeeeel i am considering a prequel, or perhaps a sequel. you'll be one of the first to know, no doubt ^_^

heeeheee you're too nice to me babe -way too nice, but i love you for it! *tackle hugs*

thanks lovey!

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Review #4, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Baby Steps

2nd December 2007:
Awe, so sweet :) what a very fitting ending. I liked that a lot Kate, well done :) Sorry this ain't longer, but there really isn't anything more to say. It's another beautiful peice, so well done! :) 10/10 as always m'dear, and congrats on finishing another story off :) it was wonderful to say the least *tackle hugs* love ya! Kate xoxo

Author's Response: love you!!
thanks for all the reviews hunny! glad you enjoyed it!!

kate xx

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Review #5, by Hushabye_MountainPretty Girl: Prologue

2nd December 2007:
I quite enjoyed that, it was different from anything I've read in a long time, I can't wait to see where its going to go from here. Nice job! 9/10 Kate :)

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #6, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Breathing Through It

27th November 2007:
How could you honestly leave me hanging there Kate? God, you're challenging me for my Cliffhanger Queen title aren't you? I'm going to have to step it up a bit because at this rate, you're beating me well and truly lol.

That was INTENSE! I loved it very much indeed, it was just so brilliant, and I have no idea what you mean by saying you didn't like it in the authors note - it was brilliant! Every single thing about it, its opening and closing plot points, and its making me really question what is going to happen in the final chapter, and at this rate, due to this chapter - I HAVE NO IDEA! Anything is possible knowing you lol :D

Your writing style in this chapter is just out of this world mate, it was spot on, not one problem with it, well done! :D Man, I can't wait for the next one, its going to be a killer, I'm sure :D btw, have you made TA again or something? It just seems your chapters get validated a lot faster than others... that or you just write too much and the staff like your stories more so they read them first to publish them quicker lol :D I dunno, but yea, have you made TA again and kept it a secret? :P

Excellent as always m'dear, that was just mind boggling! I enjoyed it so much :D 10/10 as always, I would rate this one higher if I could :) love ya! (I'll catch up on the other ones very soon, I promise! I just couldn't stay away from this one...)

Author's Response: oh sorry *takes off crown and hands it back to Kate* heehee you know my cliffie are not intentional...except when they are :P but this wasn't, i swear!! i'm not THAT cruel ^_^
really? thank you sweetie. ahh the possibilies! there are a few...the final pairing may shock, delight, annoy, confuse...i don't know what people are going to think!
wow thank you. i feel somehow that i am slipping into something a little different to what i used to do. not sure if thats good or bad, but i liek it. it feels natural.
nope, not a TA...*grumbles* i think the queue has just been really short lately - a couple of days. and you know me - i'm often a chapter or two ahead of all my posted fics, so there is always something ready to throw in.
btw - chapter 8 of Broken is in waiting ^_^
thanks babe!! love ya heaps!

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Review #7, by Hushabye_Mountain A Vampire's Tale: Slaying the Dreamer

8th November 2007:
Hopefully this review would be enough to make you stay :P haha. No, the choice is yours and I'll support you either way Helen *hugs* :D

Wow, where to begin? That was just incredible! Seriously, you should make this an original story and publish it, it is honestly that well planned, written and portrayed. I enjoyed every second of it. It is brilliance at its finest, as you are very much aware of already. I just cant believe how well thought out this story is, every detail about it, it is just composed beautifully. It reads like music, flowing seemlessly and beautifully and its a tune I do not wish to end.

I loved the scene in the library, even then, it was incredible how much you incorporated from the earlier chapters and yet still had us wanting more! Damn you're a tease hehe :P *hugs* absolutely wonderful Helen, it was amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm sure it will be even better (but seriously, how much better than 'incredible' can you get? :P) Sorry this isn't longer, but i Have to go driving, just know that I loved it so much, this really is an amazing story, if not the best of yours that I have read :) Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Ah, Kate - this review is fabulous *laughs* Oh, I am the most indecisive person when it comes to fanfiction . . . Currently, I haven't been misising it at all, and yet I miss being active around this place, catching up on other's stories and so forth, so I might just crawl back. However, lack of time is most consuming in this area.

Anyways, thanks so much! Oh, haha, I really couldn't publish something like this. I love writing it with freedom and liberty of not having to race to the ending, and plus - I don't think it could have been good enough for something that could be published. :) However, I really, really appreciate your comments, supports and basically everything!! Making this into a story is most entertaining in the little spare time I now have, and I really hope to finish it.

Have fun driving hun, and thank you so very much for yet another supportive review. *huggles*

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Review #8, by Hushabye_MountainEnough: Enough

23rd October 2007:
*wipes eyes on the corner of shirt*

Susan, that was... so tragically beautiful. It was magical, sorry for the pun, but there's no other way of putting it. It was simply magical. It was so wonderfully composed and written, your style is brilliant, and for the first story of yours that I have ever read, it certainly wasn't a let down, and definitely will not be the last. :)

I think it was too soon after reading DH for me to read this to be honest lol, I'm still so heartbroken by what happened in it, and this gorgeous one shot was just even more moving than the original. Thank you so much for writing such an extrodinary one shot and sharing it with us all, it was simply beautiful :) 10/10, fav'd and on my site, it was just that good. I'll be sure to check out some of your other stories very soon, I'm sure they are all just as wonderful :) Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, Kate. ^_ ^ I was amazed to see your review here and I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story. Wow, I'm blushing from your kind words and goggling that you fav'd it on your site. Now that I'm speechless... well... thank you? ;-)

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Review #9, by Hushabye_MountainSeptember: Pale September

22nd October 2007:
Well, that certainly was a big change from when you sent it over to me all those weeks ago; quite frankly, I like this version more :) I think it flows a lot better and has a deeper meaning and is more detailed and just wonderful. I really like how well portrayed her hurt is, and Blaise's geniality, I think that was wonderful :)

One thing I did notice was I think you stuffed up here:

“Can’t we move a bit faster?” she hissed at Blaise, her eyes swinging back to her former friend and boyfriend. Hermione looked over, feeling Ginny’s eyes and her mouth popped open in a silent ‘o’ of surprise. She nudged Harry, who lifted his head. Ginny took a deep breath, forcing herself to turn away as Harry’s eyes flickered to Blaise.

What I didn't understand was this line: "Hermione looked over, feeling Ginny’s eyes and her mouth popped open in a silent ‘o’ of surprise." – I think you confused yourself in this one (or I'm just reading this wrong) but I think it doesn't make sense as it currently is lol.

I really enjoyed this one shot mate, and I'd love to see you make it into a short story or something similar, but that is entirely your choice, if you don't have the time or don't want too, that's fine, I can get by without it, but if you choose to go ahead with it, you know I'll be more than happy to read it :) 10/10 as always mate, it was wonderful *hugs*

Author's Response: heehee yes, it was! glad you liked it hun and glad you liked the way i portrayed ginny. i have never focused on he before, but i kind of enjoyed it in this sense.

that line - hermione looks up when she feels ginny looking at her, thats all. reading it back now i guess it is a little confusing. i may have to fix that. thanks for pointing it out!

i'm still toying with the idea of making this longer - i feel blaise has a story to tell here, but i;m not sure yet.

thanks darling *hugs*

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Review #10, by Hushabye_MountainAh the Horror!: Dudley's Worst Memory

22nd October 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If only reviews allowed sound, you'd hear me cracking up :D That was wonderful D! Haha, I loved that so much! Wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I set the challenge - it was far better :D

I did notice there were a few punctuation mistakes here and there though, just be careful of them :) Haha, I'm still chuckling here! It was wonderful D! Truly a masterpeice! I'm so glad you decided to enter this comp, the final result was incredible! At this rate you're coming first, depending on whether anyone else enters or not, you get to hold onto that position for a while longer hehe, 10/10, fav'd and added to my site - that was just far too good! :D Rock on D! Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: *beams*

Looks like I accomplished my mission right the way I wanted to *snicker*

The moment I read your challenge my mind just started working and this piece came together in less than an hour. So it's sufficent to say you inspired me to write this ;)

Thanks for pointing out the punctuation, it's my weakness...Need to find a good long time beta to fix all my booboos :P

aww, thanks for the vote of confidence...and even if I don't you can be sure I'll be coming to you to get a banner for this one ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Hushabye_Mountain A Vampire's Tale: Chapter Two

18th October 2007:
*hands over a mug of the dark liquid gold.* there you go m'dear :) enjoy!

Wow, I'm completely infactuated with this story mate, it's so belieable that it's mindboggling! I adore it!! I just do not know how you can think up these things some times, your mind is one very, very interesting place. *growls with jealousy*

I particularly enjoyed the "non-shower" scene hehe! That was very funny! I also loved the paragraph:

Draco growls. I think he’s trying to warn me or something, an intimidation that if I don’t hurry up and just nod along to what he’s saying, then he’ll growl a little louder. He can hardly be surprised that I don’t flinch. As far as I know, only animals growl, not Dracos.

I laughed so hard, that was priceless! I just can't get over how well constructed this story is and how enjoyable and real it seems - as I said before, you definitely should've made this an original work and got it published hehe, it's so damn good! Rock on Helen, I can't wait to read the next chapter! *hugs* xoxo :D

Author's Response: *drains the mug* Thank you :D

My mind may discover strange plots, but it has a flaw when it comes to motivation and self-assurance. But, I shall have to promise to finish this fic (I know, I always promise to finish and rarely do), but now that I've cut down my stories updates should be faster.

Oh yummy, Blaise Zabini in the shower . . . *dreamy sigh*

Lol!! I forgot I wrote that. :D Thanks so much for your great comments - and I'm flattered about you thinking this could be original. Unfortunately, I have several original stories that I have not yet finished and couldn't resist making this fanfic. I don't think I will be varnished enough to be original, but maybe one day I'll try.

Thank you Kate, you rock. xx

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Review #12, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Spiralling

16th October 2007:
Wow, that was wonderful Kate! :D I loved it very much indeed! Extra points for getting a mention of Seamus into this one, oh how I love him :D

I LOVED this chapter, I can see you're tying off a lot of ends which I take it means this story will end soon :( I loved how Ron and Harry were in this chapter, and Ginny too. Draco is such a complicated person eh? *sigh* so complicated. I loved how he kissed Hermione before -
“If your bodyguards are going to kill me, I may as well die doing something I enjoy." Awe... If only there was such a person in real life.

There was only one thing I really didn't like about this chapter. It ended too soon :) 10/10 as always Kate, it was fantastic, definitely one of my favs you have written, it is great :) *hugs* :)

Author's Response: heehee thought you'd like your fav Irishman in there ^_^

thanks darling! yep, tying up ends alright! its very near the end now - 2 chaps left. draco=very complicated indeed!! heehee i liked that line!

thanks hunny *hugs* love ya!! aww one of your favs? wow, thanks!!

Kate xx

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Review #13, by Hushabye_Mountain A Vampire's Tale: Chapter One

15th October 2007:
“Settle eyes upon a vampyre, and inhale its grace. Become transfixed in its beauty, before wielding to its fate.” - Is that a true thing or did you make that up? It's very clever :D

Wow, that was so wonderful Helen! I loved how it was written in present tense, it definitely suits for this story! The action, imagery, descriptions, emotions, hell, everything, was downright perfect! I just cant get over how wonderful this chapter was! I loved how it was nice and long and that I didn't look away for one minute - not that I ever have with your stories, but you know what I mean. I thought it was brilliant! I can't wait to see where you're going with it, wow... *eyes widen in amazement*

I love your vampire, she sounds so dominating and seductive, and at the same time, downright terrifying! Yup, she scared me a bit, and hell, vampires are scary, so you reached your goal with that :D This is just wow... 10/10 as always mate, this was amazing! I cannot wait to read more of it! It is just pure brilliance! I love the Dark Evening idea! So original, so well written, so perfect :D *hugs*

You = ROCK! :D

Author's Response: Lol, I made that up. I have wierd spurts of imagination sometimes and come up with things I just write down.

I was a little scared of putting this chapter up, because I wasn't sure it would be good enough and that the prologue had been misleading. Everyone's been so nice about this story and I didn't want to put this chapter up in case I disappointed them, and indeed the next couple of chapters that are already written. I'll have to scan over them once again to make sure they're ok before I put them up. And woot for not looking away!! I know how distracting it is when you're reading a story and look away for a single second. It draws you away from the atmosphere created. *shrugs*

This vampire it seems is going to have to be bought into the story a lot more than I intended. I wanted to make her look like a strong female character, but will likely need to shape her out a lot more to make her convincing further on as the story progresses. I'll make a note to remember that when writing. :) Oh, I wish we had a Dark Evening!! Although I wouldn't be banning the vampires away, I'd be screaming "bite me, bite me!" Lol.

*loves Kate to pieces* Thank youuuuuuu. xx

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Review #14, by Hushabye_MountainEvanescent: Our Love Goes On

14th October 2007:
Wow, that was so wonderful Dani! Very powerful and moving and just lovely :) I thought the song suited brilliantly and that you pulled this off very well indeed. I didn't find it confusing at all, I found it simply charming and very, very sad :( 10/10 and fav'd darl, it's great :D Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much, mate. It's so awesome to hear you, a brilliant authoress yourself, say such things about moi. You are made of the awesome! =]

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Review #15, by Hushabye_MountainMagical Me: Magical Me

14th October 2007:
Awe, so cute Helen! And haha, having Rach sitting with you as you wrote this would've been interesting I'm sure :D

Was this based before or after he lost his memory? I'm a little confused with that part because it could be taken either way - his vanity before the accident or afterwards where he has to live with his mother because of the lack of memory, as it is slowly coming back to him and yea... Little confused about that part, but apart from that, I thought it was marvellous :D Man, so many new stories of yours that I didn't see before! I have a lot of them to catch up on now hehe :D I'm doing my best! *hugs* this was lovely, it really was :) Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Yes, Rachel and I have weird ideas when we decide to sit down together and write . . . ^_^

This was based before he lost his memory, as I was afraid I might be making fun of, well, the people who er, go to St Mungos. If you catch my drift. :) Because that wasn't my intention at all. So yes, this is big-head Lockhart staring at himself in the mirror. Anyways, no worries as to catching up on my new stories (the majority are rubbish), but thank you for reading and reviewing!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx (I can't believe that you and Kate (Maji) talk on the phone. I read it on your website and I'm sat there jealously pouting. :D )

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Review #16, by Hushabye_Mountain A Vampire's Tale: Prologue

14th October 2007:
Vampyres like to play pranks. Where once you would find food in your larders, you will find bodies propped up neatly against the wall, two pinpricks indented in their necks. When you sit down for a meal in the evening, and you come to sip your wine, you find that it is not wine at all. It is blood. Sometimes, when you go to kiss your child goodnight, you will find they are not a child at all, but a monster. Vampyres are a cruel race. Their sense of humour is not alike to ours. - That, I love!

Holy cow Helen! Why on earth would you make this into a fanfic when it is so amazing and original that it should be PUBLISHED?!?!?!??! God, stop now and make it a book and get money for such a brilliant idea! haha, this was amazing! Simply amazing!! I couldn't get enough of it, and it was only the introduction! oh my god, you have me spellbound already!

10/10, fav'd and on my site as always Helen, hell, you deserve a million if I could give it, wow! *gazes in wonderment* thank you for feuling my vampire addiction further with this incredible story! Wow... you = genius of the written word! Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: *sniggers* Admittedly, I wrote something similiar to this at age fifteen, sent it off to a young-writer's competition to win the rights to be published, and failed. From there-on I realised that the story truly was the work of a novice and likely could not be improved, so gave up. The story was called "Blood" and is currently sitting mournfully and alone at the back of my room. Lol, I've moved on to more in-depth original work since then.

Yay, it seems we all have a vampire addiction. How I wish to be one, lol!! You simply must write a vampire fic now :) That way I get to entertain myself with reading Maji's and yours. *begs*

Anyway, thank you so very much!! xx

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Review #17, by Hushabye_MountainJust Play Your Cards Right: Just Play Your Cards Right

14th October 2007:
WOW! That was BRILLIANT Helen! And you dedicated that to me!??!? HOLY CROW! What did I do to deserve this amazing story?!?!? I got chills, it was marvellous! I believe every single second of it! Wouldn't it be interesting if that was what actually happened afterwards... gosh, I LOVE IT! :D

I can't believe some of the amazing plots your brain comes up with sometimes... this was another thriller to add to that ever increasing list of awesomeness! Wow... *hugs* thank you so much Helen! I enjoyed every second of it! :D 10/10, fav'd and on my site, its the least you deserve in return :D *hugs*

Author's Response: Yay, you like it!! That's good, I'd hate to dedicate something to you that you didn't like. What did you do? Apart from being amazing yourself, for giving me great reviews, recommending my stories on your site, making me a great set for a forum a while back, writing great stories and just being you? Lol!! Yes, I did think about writing a little more to say what happened afterwards, but decided to leave it to the imagination.

Thanks so much Kate. xx

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Review #18, by Hushabye_MountainDeadly Sins: Of the Heart

12th October 2007:
Man oh man did I love this chapter when you first sent it to me, I loved the ending how it brought back that spark of "oh crap, he's married!" and it was just wonderful as always. *blinks* Sorry, got distracted for a moment by my fingernails, I just painted them a bright red and they're distracting... even though I touch type lol!

Anyways, I really liked this chapter as you already know, chapter nine I think it was will be sent over to you very soon (sorry it's taking forever! Bad Kate *slaps self*) I think this is one of my favourite chapters you've written to be honest, I just LOVE the tension all the way through it! :D You're amazing Kate! *hugs* :D

P.S. I hope you like that banner! :)

Author's Response: thanks hunny!! you know, you really don't have to review this, but i like your reviews so much so ... carry on ^_^

bright red huh? any particular reason *winks*

take your time - chapter 10 isn't ready to go to you yet anyways, but it will be soon. and darling, i LOVE the banner!! its perfect! thank you!

Kate xx

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Review #19, by Hushabye_MountainI Will Not Forget You: I will Not Forget You

10th October 2007:
That has got to be one of the deepest, detailed and moving things I have ever read – EVER! That was just... holy cow! Incredible! I could see the flowers so clearly and the atmosphere broke my heart and the lyrics were gorgeous. Everything about this one shot called out to me, it was simply wonderful! It's definitely one of my favourites of your work now (even though I love it all, this is definitely towards the top!) god, that was just amazing! *is rendered speechless and cannot continue, but hopes that you know that she loved this one shot very much indeed* 10/10! Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: aww thank you darling. for all of that. i don't know what to say. i just got this picture of a girl in a house hidden by a garden, sitting there dwelling on her misery, and this came to me. i'm glad you like it.

love ya darling!!
Kate xx

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Review #20, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Ripped at the Seams

10th October 2007:
Go team Blaise! :D That was incredible! WOW! Amazing, astounding, brilliant, wonderful, perfect – running out of words of praise here lol! completely magical :P

I was wondering when Blaise would find out – and how – and I can safely say you surprised me in how it came about. That was just... BRILLIANT! Your talent knows no bounds! I can't believe how long it took me to play catch up on this series, and now I really, really, REALLY regret taking so long! I've been missing out on all this goodness, ah well, at least I've finally caught up and now am one of your many readers anxiously waiting for the next chapter before they self combust. Damn cliffhangers... I think I might very soon be handing over my "Queen of the Cliffhanger" title to you, you write amazing cliffy's hehe!

Can't wait to read more, this series is just pure and utter brilliance, but of course you already knew that hehe, love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: heehee Blaise now huh? i love it when people can't decide!! i think blaise suspected something was up, but he just didn't want to think about it, and seeing the truth before his eyes...well, not pretty.

Queen of the Cliffhangers? heehee its not intentional, really. i just pick that place where the story will turn again and end my chapters there. ok, sometimes it IS intentional, but not always!!

thanks babe!! love you!
Kate xx

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Review #21, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Falling Apart

10th October 2007:
Awe, I knew the moral of this story was that it was a Dramione through and through! Haha :P shouldn't have expected less with you, you obsessed thing you :P I liked this chapter very much indeed. I thought it was very sweet and realistic and I liked how there was a Harry moment in it as well, nice touch!

The ending of this story was lovely, I can only imagine that the next chapter is going to be electric! Sorry this review isn't longer, but I have to find out if my assumptions were correct lol. 10/10 as always mate, completely jaw dropping material as usual. Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: thanks babe. dramione huh? heehee yes, i will admit, no matter what i do i cannot stay away from it. i am rather obsessed. and i felt harry had been left out for a while, so he got some screen time.

thanks darling!!
Love Kate xx

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Review #22, by Hushabye_MountainGodfather: Godfather

9th October 2007:
That was very moving, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was put together wonderfully and the ending really did bring it all together. You did a very good job with this, rock on! :) Kate

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Review #23, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Consuming Guilt and Words not Spoken

9th October 2007:
Why was it so easy for him to say he loved her, but not Blaise?

Why indeed...

Another prime example of why you got voted the best new author in the Dobby's lol, you didn't fail to impress this time, and judging by your squeaky clean record of never failing to do so in the past, I see no chance of it happening in the future either :) Sounds total suck up, don't it? meh, tis only the truth :)

I'm really liking this story, it's really connecting with me for some reason... it's hitting home with me shall we say. It's a brilliant piece of work, I'm really enjoying it Kate, I don't know how you're managing to keep on writing such interesting and unique stories, but you manage it. Your students should get down on their hands and knees and worship you lol! Stupid, unappreciative gits...

Anyways, I might give it a break for a little while and come back to read the rest later on once I've had some breakfast (and also send you back chapter 9 of Deadly Sins which has been sitting on my laptop for some time now – sorry about that!) once my hunger has been taken care of :) you're the best, and if you don't believe me - you have a Dobby award to prove yourself wrong lol. Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: i think the day my kids get on their knees and worship me will be the day i pass out!! it will never happen!

thanks hunny. again, you rock and you make me feel good about me and my writing.

oh chapter 9? cool. i almost have 10 ready to send!!

love Kate

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Review #24, by Hushabye_MountainThe Devil you Know: Ghosts of the Past

9th October 2007:
Someone's going to get caught... :P I liked the line about the danger of being caught by people not equalling up to the danger of being caught by Blaise, that was pure genius! Man, I'm kicking myself for taking so long to catch up on this story now; it's just so damn good! Sorry about that, but at least it's getting done now along with all the rest hehe!

I can't get over how well you're writing the emotion, imagery and descriptions mate! It's incredible! You certainly have a knack for writing raw human emotion, it's brilliant. I can never get sick of your writing, both plots and style; it's all just far too good to be ignored. Speaking of which, I do believe there's a few more chapters for me to go sink my teeth into so I do believe I'll do just that. 10/10 as always mate, this story is just going from strength to strength, and so is your writing talents *is fuming with jealousy...* :P Love, Kate xoox

Author's Response: thank you sweetie!! you rock, you know? your reviews are so encourgaing. reading these has made me want to go work on chapter 15 now. i'm glad you're liking the plot - i was worried that i had written myself into a corner, but i'm out of there now.

thanks kate - love ya!!

and don't fume!!

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Review #25, by Hushabye_MountainDark Reflections: Dark Reflections

9th October 2007:
I really enjoyed this one shot CJ, short, simple and jam packed full of details and emotion. Loved it very much indeed. I really have nothing to say about this one shot (partly because I liked it just the way it was and partly because I'm falling asleep as I type this) so I'm sorry this review is very short. I'll make up for it on another one shot when I'm more awake :) great work mate, I really enjoyed it! Very powerful! 10/10 Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: It's not the length that matters, my dear ;) I'm rather fond of this one shot myself, if only because it's dark and I enjoy the darkness so. I'm glad you liked it too. As always, thanks!

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