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Review #1, by Akai_PWHarry Potter and the Oroborus Light: A Wedding Like No Other

9th September 2006:
Hi again... well it certainly is quite interesting. I fumbled over some sentences which didn't quite fit... just the wording i think. Tonks' patronus changed because of Remus didn't it? well anyway i'm enjoying this story I rather like your imagination. Phoenix i love Phoenixes. I'm coping with the whole r/hr thing just fine since JKR is doing R/Hr and H/G if the story is good nothing else matters as long as it's enjoyable to read. =) anyway I'll comment again after I read more bye bye now

Author's Response: Thank you for coming back to read and review! I've been getting alot that I need to go back and edit and revise certain things in my earlier chapters. I will be going back and fixing any mistakes, but not until I'm done the next chapter (which is almost done).

I thought Harry's patronus changing to a Phoenix would make sense, since seeing Dumbledore die would affect him. The R/Hr thing starts in Chapter 3, yes, but it will go away eventually. The H/Hr thing is actually coming up soon. I do hope my story is enjoyable to read. Writing this is a creative outlet, so I let my imagination go a little here. Anyways, thank you again for reviewing, and hope to hear more from you later!

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Review #2, by Akai_PWIt's all in the stars . . .: It's all in the stars . . .

5th September 2006:
Hi I loved it was nicely detailed and you could just tell how he was feeling. You can easily visualize this scene. It was done well

Author's Response: Hello again, and glad to see you back! I see you started with the shorter of my three stories. It's a good taster I think. A bit fluffy, but alright none the less. I'm glad you could visualize it easily. The notion of laying on the grass on a summer night is something I think we all could relate to. I'm glad hear you liked it, and look forward to hearing more from you about my other stories! Thanks again for reading and reviewing.

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Review #3, by Akai_PWFix You: Stuck in Reverse

2nd September 2006:
I apologize for going a little off topic but I have your stories saved as favourites will get around to reading them soon. I just started reading fanfic again and yours looked reallly interesting. I only noticed this after responding to your review I thank you again. and i'll comment on your stories as i read them have a good day =)

Author's Response: That's perfectly alright! Glad to hear you're interested in my stories, and I look forward to hearing any comments you have. As to your response to my review, for sure I'll be looking out for your second chapter to your story (by the way, sorry I didn't see the AU warning. That part makes sense to me now). Hope you like my stories!

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Review #4, by Akai_PWHarry-Hermione: Legendary Love: A Harsh Lesson for Ron

1st September 2006:
Hi I like the story... the defeat of voldemort was quick but its alright your story is more about romance and drama right. I look forward to reading the rest. I noticed that Luna's personality is different but maybe not a whole lot....mmm anyway I enjoy reading your story =)

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