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Review #1, by Sailor CThe Point of Screaming: The Point of Screaming

29th November 2006:
Okay, first off, I want to apologize again for not sending back your last story to you. I know I've been a right pain in the butt with that. :p So please accept my sincerest apologies on that.

Second, holy crap! This story was so...amazing, for lack of a better word. It was so dark and scary and macabre and angsty and just great - I loved it! :D Great job!!

Author's Response: lol, don't worry yourself about it!
and i'm happy you liked this fic! it's a little... different from what i've written before, and i guess it doesn't even have to be fanfiction. i just had a dark and depressing moment and this is what came out... i even liked it so much that i made a poem out of it :) so, again, i'm happy to hear that you liked it!

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Review #2, by Sailor CRevolution: Postage Due

2nd March 2006:
Wonderful, wonderful chapter. I am really loving having "little" Harry around. He's becoming a lot less shy a lot more of a little braty kid who can finally stick up for himself. He is continually making me giggle. I also love Severus' take on everything, and love how he's holding up with Harry. And once again, I'm loving all of the fluffy!Snape! Great chapter, and I am eagerly awaiting the next!

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Review #3, by Sailor CRevolution: Home Is Not a Place

21st February 2006:
I love the interactions between Harry and Snape in this chapter. Normally I'm not one for the really fluffy or touchy-feely Snape, but I am finding that in your story, I don't mind it too much, and am hoping for more in the next chapter. I love the "parental" instincts and feelings that our dear Severus is picking up as well, and the struggle that he's having in dealing with a young Harry. I hope this keeps up, if only for my reading amusement. As always, wonderful chapter, and I'm eagerly waiting for the next!

Author's Response: Snape isn't going to change much for a few chapters . . . so a little more touching...

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Review #4, by Sailor CRevolution: The Foibles of Youth

14th February 2006:
Wonderful chapter! You're ideas just keep getting more and more creative. Anxiously awaiting the next one!

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Review #5, by Sailor CRevolution: Demise of Voldemort Day

3rd February 2006:
Wonderful chapter. Am eagerly awaiting the next.

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Review #6, by Sailor CRevolution: A Full, Cold Moon

24th January 2006:
As always, wonderful chapter! I can't wait to see what becomes of the Prophecy, and how the Dueling Competition will turn out. Great work, and I'm looking forward to the update!

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Review #7, by Sailor CRevolution: Bad Dates

12th January 2006:
Great chapter. I'm eagerly awaiting the next!

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Review #8, by Sailor CRevolution: A Hero's Weakness

24th December 2005:
This chapter is one of the best Christmas presents I'm going to get this year. Great chapter - I loved the involvement of the Dark Plane, and hope that it still keeps popping up. The next chapter sounds great as well, and I can't wait for it. Happy Holidays!

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Review #9, by Sailor CThe Breakdown: Ashes

18th December 2005:
Oh my Lord, this story was wonderful! I absolutely loved it! The emotions that you were able to describe, and the detail you included were amazing - great job! I loved what you did with everything that we were left with from HBP; you and I actually have a lot of the same beliefs and theories as to how the seventh book will (or should ^_^) be, such as with Snape being innocent and Dumbledore having planned out the whole thing, and with the R.A.B. part and the locket being the horcrux. Anyway, I loved the story, and will definitely be reading more of your works - this one is, in fact, being added to my favorites. Please continue to write! ^_^

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Review #10, by Sailor CBe Careful of What You Wish For: Meet the Parents

17th December 2005:
This is a great story so far, and has a very original concept. I absolutely love it, and am anxious to read more. This is going straight to my faves - please continue this!

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Review #11, by Sailor CRevolution: Power Play

16th December 2005:
Have I mentioned that I love you?

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Review #12, by Sailor CHogwarts Sanitarium: Bring in the Clowns

30th November 2005:
This story is wonderful - I love the unique approach that you have taken! I have never read anything like this story before - this is truly a first! Great job so far, and I am eagerly awaiting more!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! It means so much to me that you're enjoying it! I'll get it up probably sometime in the next few days!

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Review #13, by Sailor CRevolution: Home, Part I

21st November 2005:
I've been a horrible reviewer for this story, which I want to apologize for, as I love this story as much as - if not more than - Resonance. It's absolutely wonderful! I eagerly await each chapter, and I check for updates each Wednesday, and if there isn't one, I check for them right away on Thursday. This whole story so far is extremely interesting, and I'm loving the whole Fatherly!Snape in this chapter. It's so OOC, but damnit - I love him like that! And despite the fact that Harry has mastered it now, I hope that you work the Dark Plane into the story some more. I find it absolutely fascinating, and would love to see Snape pay a visit there. ^_^ All in all, great work so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

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Review #14, by Sailor CFinal Farewell: Chapter One

23rd August 2005:
I liked this story a lot - very angsty, and like I always say, bring on the angst! Harry's emotions and feelings were written wonderfully in here as well, and I loved the fact that he got to say goodbye to Sirius. You're very right in saying he didn't get much of one in the book - damn JK Rowling made it seem as if it wasn't a big deal. If only she knew how much it made me bawl, she'd understand he needed a more proper goodbye... Anyway, I'm rambling. You're story was great, and I hope you write more - this is going to my faves!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm blushing ^_^ I like your work alot too. I'm pretty sure I've still got one in my favs. And I'm working on a new story right now, so it may be out in a little while.

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Review #15, by Sailor CGive Me a Reason: Give Me a Reason

8th August 2005:
lol, thanks for the compliments in the beginning. I feel loved! ^_^ Anyway, I really love this story - this is still one of my favorites of yours. I hope you're still planning on popping out some more of these things. Or, dare I ask, a chaptered story? That would be awesome. ^_^

Author's Response: you are loved! lol :) more things will surely pop out, you can't get rid of me that easy ;) chaptered story... well... that's harder... it so much easier to write one-shots, i don't have the patience to plan a whole chaptered story! SotE wasn't planned at all, which is the reason it got a little rushed in the end (at least in my opinion...) but i might try my hand on chaptered stories again. i'm just dieing to write either a time-travel story or a post hogwarts story. weäll see what happens :)

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Review #16, by Sailor CThe Dark Lord's Most Wanted: Mind Matrix

18th July 2005:
I am really hoping that you haven't given up this story - it's too good to do that! Please update soon; I would really enjoy knowing what happens next, especially after such a cliffhanger! ^_^

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Review #17, by Sailor CResonance: Enemies and Friends, Part I

26th June 2005:
Awesome, awesome chapter! I can't wait for more!! As always, keep up the great work, and update soon!

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Review #18, by Sailor CResonance: An Unexpected Test

23rd June 2005:
Another great chapter! I love the bonding and the closeness that seems to keep developing between Snape and Harry. My only complaint was that it was a cliffhanger - I want to know what happens next! *whines* Please update soon! ^_^

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Review #19, by Sailor CThe World of Severus Snape: A Meeting with the Dark Lord

21st June 2005:
This is a great story so far - I really love that plot! And yes, I do like it in first person. ^_^ Although Remus and Sirius are my two favorite characters (you can imagine then why I was upset at the end of OotP), Snape is up there too. Basically, this means that any story about him is okay by me. ^_^ Please continue to update with this story - you're doing a great job, and I'm really looking forward to reading more! Oh, and I'll add this to my favorites as well. ^_^

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I'm glad you like the story! :D I guess I've been neglecting it for a while because of working on my cannon story, 'The Link'... I enjoy writing this story but not sure where it's going at the moment, it might even be turning into a Severitus challenge fic at this point because of Harry's appearance in both chappies, it just seems like the logical place to take it, what do you think?? Yes, Snape is my fave characer alongside the marauders too! :) I just love writing him so much, and I can really relate to his characer on some levels that it's even freaky! lol I will try to update this story more often, after my exams are over I'll have a long summer which I'll probably fill with a huge writing spree! lol So keep checking back for more updates on this one :) Yay! Into your faves, lol. Thanks! ;D ~Sam.

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Review #20, by Sailor CResonance: Snape's Story

21st June 2005:
Oh, and I totally agree with DUMBELDAVE - it *is* about damn time that Harry calls Snape his dad! ^_^

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Review #21, by Sailor CResonance: Snape's Story

20th June 2005:
These last few chapters have been great, and have left me eagerly awaiting more. I love the way that you're representing Harry's love-life - it's not all mushy and forced and stuff, just subtle and well put together. It's more realistic than most stories, and has a better sense of time. I also love your interpretation of Snape's history. Keep up the great work, and, obviously, update soon!! ^_^

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Review #22, by Sailor CRemus Lupin and the random Harry Potter spin off titles...: Remus Lupin and the random Harry Potter spin off titles...

15th June 2005:
Oh my Lord - this is absolutely hilarious! I love all of the titles, especially 'My Secret Crush on Harry Potter' and 'My Secret Life as a Drug Dealer'. This was an awesome, pointless story! I did have one question in regards to a title, though; was '101 Ways to Annoy Lord Voldemort' based off of the list with the same title on Just curious... Anyway, like I said, great job! ^_^

Author's Response: thanks! :D Um, I think I did read that thing on mugglenet, it was the last one about 'being Harry Potter and being alive' that gave me the idea for that one...

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Review #23, by Sailor CResonance: Tangled up in Blues

11th June 2005:
These last two chapters were great, though I didn't expect any less. ^_~ Keep up the great work, and update soon!

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Review #24, by Sailor CResonance: Distant Shores

9th June 2005:
Oh. My. Lord. I cannot tell you how much I positively love this story; it is absolutely amazing! The plot is extremely complex; the original characters have newer, surprising actions, while still managing to stay in canon; the new characters that you've created are wonderful, and seem to fit right into the story; the vocabulary you use is extensive; and the research you do for each chapter is just amazing! This story is awesome, and I absolutely love it, as well as the fact that you update so frequently, and with long chapters. This story is going straight into my favorites - it deserves 10 out of 10 stars! You are a very talented author, and I am looking forward to reading the next chapter of this story. Keep up the great work! ^_^

Author's Response: Aye! Thanks. (insert humble mumbling noises here) I'll be posting more frequently now until it is complete (about once a day).

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Review #25, by Sailor CTears of a Shadow: Tears of a Shadow

20th May 2005:
Ahh, more angst - how sweet of you! ^_^ Great story, and I love the last line! Keep up the great work! ~Caitlin

Author's Response: you're welcome ;) the last line was among the first things that poped up in my head and what made me really want to write this story. i'm just so happy it came out right in the end :)

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