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Review #1, by call me crazyAlice In Weasley Land: One Weasley Short

26th July 2009:
Katie! I definitely thought that I had already written a review for this story, but I guess not. Well, I love it! I don't see Charlie fics very often and I really like where this story is going and I really really really want to know what happened to make him so un-Weasley-ish. Update soon!

Author's Response: thanks deary! ily! soonish ;D

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Review #2, by call me crazyHow To Save A Life: He Wouldn't Care

20th October 2007:
I'M REVIEW 2000! WOOHOO! yes, I know that I'm reviewing chapter one but I already reviewed the epilouge so it won't let me do that again. Anyways Katie, this story is totally amazing you know that I love it. Obviously I know the ending even though this is the first chapter, so I will pretend that I dont.

OMG! What's going to happen with Jamie and Rory?! *gasp*

Okay, that moment is over. I'm so glad you got to 2000.


Author's Response: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! FINALLLY!!!!!!! Ahhhh thank you so much Nicole. thanks so much. lol.

lolm who knows!

thank you so much


2,000 reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by call me crazyHow To Save A Life: Chapter 25:Epilogue.

22nd September 2007:
Kaite! Omg, I can’t believe this story is done. That’s so sad. I really, really liked this story. I started reading it a little while ago, probably a few weeks ago actually, and I was hooked from the start. The plot, even though I’ve seen things kind of similar before kept me wanting more because it was so well written. It also drew a lot parallels to Gilmore Girls for me, which was awesome.

I loved all of the characters you created, all of them were likeable but they had their flaws of course. The brother-sister relationship between Tyler and Jamie was great, I love when siblings are close rather than hate each other. Also, Tyler was such a sweetie to take off a year of school to be with Jamie. If he was real, I would totally love him even more. Kind of like Jess and Dean, if they were real I would like, explode. At least the people who play them are real. haha. If I met Milo or Jared like, omg, that would be so freaking amazing. They should do a movie together where like…they just stand there. It would be awesome because they are just so fun to look at. Wow, I’m really getting of topic so now I must move on!

This epilogue was the perfect closing to the story, in my opinion. You didn’t jump too far into the future at first, and I think Rory is absolutely adorable. Sirius is a great dad, he’s so great. Unlike the dad of Gilmore Girls though, Sirius isn’t a dead-beat loser like Chris. He’s more like Luke, I liked Luke with Lorelai, therefore that would make Jamie the Lorelai to his Luke-ness. Oookay, I dunno if that made any sense. Basically, Jamie and Sirius are perfect for each other, they kind of just, balance each other out.

Jamie definitely is like the Lorelai of the story, a great mom despite having Rory when she was so young. I’m so happy she married Sirius! That was awesome, obviously, seeing as I was squeeing online. And Tyler got married and sorta famous, yay. He totally deserves it, he was a great character.

So now, onto the honest CC. I don’t have much but I’ve got one thing: Rory not going to Hogwarts. I don’t think Jamie would let Rory do that, since she was valedictorian and seemed so dedicated to school. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they’re best friends but I think Jamie would want her to be a part of the wizarding world. That’s just my opinion though and it’s basically the only CC I can think of right now.

So, I think this was a super, fantasically amazing story. If you do either a sequel or prequel I think you should do a prequel, like, about the bet and stuff. I think it would be an awesome story, plus, more Sirius! Okay, this review is really long, 500 words on the dot! Wot.

Author's Response: Ahhh long review. I love long reviews! I am glad that people love this.

Tyler was probably my favorite, and I wished that I wrote more of him. Hmm maybe I'll do a one shot just about Tyler. plot bunnies :D

If I ever met Milo I would....a bunch of inapropiate stuff

Thank you so much! I like the four year old scene. I always pictured Sirius as a great dad. Hha yes that did make sense.

She Jamie is the Lorelai. Haha yess you did squeel. I love to yell though, so its all good.

Tyler was the character I almost killed off, actually. But I decided I loved him WAYY too much to ever do that. but I did think about it.

Ahhh well actually I went into deep thought about that, Rory going to Hogwarts, and I decided that deing Sirius Black's daughter would turn Rory into a social deilema (sp?) and I decided that Rory would be the one to say no, and Jamie would accept that her daughter didn't want that.

Thank you so much. yes I probably would do a prequel if I had to pick one. thanks so much!!! really long!

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Review #4, by call me crazyLife After Death: Lunch Date

4th September 2007:
I really like this story. I think it's my favorite out of the whole series. There's something fishy about Sophie and the new headmistress, am I right that they are not to be trusted? And i love Sirius. Just had to share that. Update soon!

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Review #5, by call me crazySee the Sun: I Did It

3rd September 2007:
As I am a romantic, fluff fan I really liked this part of the story. It was so cute when she kissed him, or he kissed her. Whichever way it really was, I liked it. Good job =]

Author's Response: The hopeless romantic in me needed this chapter. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I killed one character and left another heartbroken. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story!

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Review #6, by call me crazySee the Sun: See the Sun

3rd September 2007:
I really like this story. Poor Remus, the willow killed his girlfriend. I never did like that tree. Always thought it was an annoyance. heh. Lena totally likes him and it's obvious but of course Remus hasn't noticed yet. That's just the way things are. I feel bad for her, she ran off and cried and stuff. she;ll get her chance! Hopefully...

Author's Response: I never liked the tree either...and neither did Remus (I just added things to his list of reasons to hate the tree). Even if Lena didn't get her chance, she would have felt somewhat happy that she was able to save Remus from himself. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #7, by call me crazyRunaway: Hero

3rd September 2007:
Blahhh. I wanted to be the first to review but I just got home from a long weekend at my friend’s family friend’s cottage. I think I’m like…fifth or sixth or something. There were five reviews while I was reading but I’m typing a lot and kinda slowly so there’s probably more by now. Anyways, I’m really sore and sunburned right now so I can’t do much, but sitting at my laptop I can do just fine, so thank you for getting this chapter out and giving me something to do. Now, onto my review.

OMG! THE CHAPTER IS UP! *squee* When I checked my favorite stores you have no idea how happy I was to see that you updated after 8 (I think) long months. A very long time, but the wait was worth it none the less because I, being as in love with this story as I am, will read it no matter how long your chapters take to get out. But, of course, the sooner the better, heeehee. Wow, this chapter is a long one, but that’s good because you fit a whole lot into it. 13,000 words is like 3 or 4 of my chapters so seeing on this long was really a treat.

Hermione and Harry are friends, again! Yay! I’m so happy because they have been fighting for far too long, like…eleventeen chapters too long. ha. And you had Ron and Hermione kiss! That makes me happy, and it’ canon now. Wooot. Oh yeah, what did you think of DH? I cried when Fred died. I always loved him, but now I’m just getting a bit off topic. So, yay for Ron and Hermione, that’s my whole point here. [i]“Oh isn’t it wonderful! It’s like one big happy family again!” Ron’s overly dramatic voice cut through the air, and he lifted a hand to wipe an imaginary tear from his cheek. “God bless us…everyone!” [/i] That really made me laugh. I love Ron, a lot.

Thankfully Harry figured out that it was polyjuice potion, otherwise I don’t want to think about what would have happened. I just know that it would not have been good. At all. It’s a good thing that Ginny got to Harry when she did. She’s a cool character, especially since she told off Cho. Oh, is she gonna be in the story again? Because I want Harry to tell Cho off! That would be gold. I love my knight!Harry. He’s so amazing. You know how obsessed I am with Harry when he’s being all heroic and stuff like that.

Now Harry gets a whole entire paragraph devoted to him because like I said before many, many times, he is totally and completely awesome. For one thing, he’s like, one of the best boyfriends ever because he was willing to let himself die for Evie. I mean, how cute is that? *sigh* I would love to have him as my boyfriend. He’s also smart because he figured out that the reason she wasn’t on the map was because she wasn’t at the school (okay, maybe that was obvious). Since I can’t have Harry because he is fictional (it took me a looong time to come to terms with that fact) I’ll settle for Dan. He’s only four and half years older than me, he’s totally hot and not to mention he has like, 50 million dollars.

I loved the whole guessing random candies to get into Dumbledore’s office thing. It made me giggle. Then they flooed all the way to Grimmuald Place, that was awesome! Sirius was acting all fatherly towards Harry (and Evie). That was totally cool. He’d make a good parent. Some people are horrible parents.

Wooo! That was an awesome segway into my next little rant which is about what happened to Evie with her ‘parents.’ They’re so freaking evil! I mean she’s their daughter. Even though they’re death eaters I wouldn’t expect them to want to kill their own children. That’s just a league of evil all it’s own. That’s probably why in the books, not many of the death eaters have children…because they don’t like them. I mean, the Malfoy’s have Draco obviously but Lucius isn’t exactly father dearest to ferret boy. Imagine if like, Bellatrix had a kid or something. *shiver* That would be so horrible.

Hah, it’s midnight right now. I really need to go to bed. I will finish my one-shot, I mean review, before I go to bed though. [i]Harry could do nothing but stare in utter terror as it struck Evie dead on.[/i] What spell was ‘it’, I must ask? I know it wasn’t the killing curse because she didn’t die (and shes not going to! She can’t!). Was it sectumsempra (I think I spelled that way wrong. lol)? Something else? Please tell me because then I can look it up on the lexicon. *is an HP nerd*

Alecto and Artemisia got carted off to what I’m assuming is Azkaban. Wooot. That’s like…the only real good news that came out of this chapter besides the trio being back to together. And here I was hoping for some fluffy romance. Even when she’s all injured and stuff though, Harry and Evie are still amazing together. You have no idea how good you made the chemistry between them. I really love them together, it’s weird that she’s an OC because you wrote her so well that I keep forgetting that.

I wanna hit 1,000 words on this review so I have to think of more to write. Hmmm. Oh! I have something. [i]But I couldn’t save her…I couldn’t save her…I couldn’t save her…[/i] That line right there, the one that closed the chapter made me tear up. I really felt bad for Harry because like always, he’s blaming himself, which is a bad habit that he does very often.

Scrib, I loved this chapter. As much as you said it wasn’t your best it was still pretty top-notch. Please update soon, I’m so looking forward to the next chapter. I want to know more about Evie’s fate (good I hope) and I just wanna read more. 10/10 because it only let’s you go that high. Great job Scrib!

Author's Response: *dies laughing* OMG NICOLE! HOLY COW this review is GINORMOUS! ROFL! I saw it and seriously got all giddy-like. lol. You are too awesome for words. *hugs*

Yes, it took me a while to get it out. I'm SO sorry again for the long wait. You can't imagine how horrible it made me feel. :( I'm glad you liked the length though. I figured I owed you guys a big chapter. lol. And I'm also BEYOND thrilled that you liked the chapter! You've always been such a great inspiration for me and have given me amazing support, so thank you hun. It means so much to me.

ELEVENTEEN CHAPTERS! HAHA! *dies* That's awesome. Yep, everything's good with the trio now! Yay! I love R/Hr too. ^_^ And I really enjoyed DH. Fred was horribly sad. :( But I thought it was a great read overall. lol. I could say more but I don't wanna take up this whole response with it. :P

Cho, huh? Hmm...I'll consider it. LOL. I don't plan on bringing her back yet but maybe some inspiration will strike. lol. AWW, I'm so glad you like Harry! I love writing him. And I totally agree about Sirius. He would make a good parent. :D

Oh man, you asked about the spell that hit Evie. ROFL. Um, when I wrote it, I knew I wanted it to be a cutting spell. So, I guess it could have been Sectumsempra, yeah. I just figured there are a lot more spells than JK gave us in the books and that this was one of the more evil ones. lol. I just sidestepped the whole 'actually naming the spell' thing. rofl. It was just easier. But yeah, just a nasty cutting spell. :D

Yes, Harry blames himself. There's gonna be more of that in the next chapter. I mean, it's HARRY. Of course he's gonna blame himself. lol. And don't worry TOO much about Evie. ;) Nicole, thank you so incredibly much for this amazing review. And for being such a wonderful person and great friend. Your comments always mean so much to me and this one isn't any different. Thank you. You're just as awesome as they come! lol. *HUGE HUGS*


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Review #8, by call me crazyHer Mother's Daughter: Old Faces

12th August 2007:
Hello there! It's 2:10am right now and I'm dead tired because of the time and because I just got back from vacation today, so most of my day consisted of sitting in a car for 8 hours watching movies. That's not really important though, is it? Anyways, I've been reading this story and The Kiss for 2 or so hours now. I haven't been able to stop.

Sorry that this is back-tracking a little but I didn't review The Kiss because I didn't want to stop reading, so...your fault! heehee. I think that Corrie was a great OC, she and Sirius were great together and the whole Regulus thing was awesome. Always liked the idea of him being a part of Sirius' life, even if they hated eachother. I dunno, he's always fascinated me, especially since I finished DH. So, all in all, wrapping up my mini-review for the story that has passed, great job on that!

Now, for the review of this story, which is what I should have been doing in the first place. Like Corrie, I think Dani is a great OC. She's definitely screwed up, but what offspring of Sirius who was brought up by his evil family wouldn't be, right? She's definitely not easy to understand but that's a good thing. It keeps me interesting and wanted to ramble on and on about your story's greatness.

On a quick side note, Sirius stayed in a cage in the basement (in this story at least *cough*book7*cough*) when he was a kid?!? Now I hate his parents even more! Just wanted to get that out.

Ahh, love. It's funny, isn't it? There was the Kara/Sirius with Dani hating it, and Kara being evil. Kyle/Dani/Tally with Dani not knowing she was part of a triangle, Dani/Felix which I know will happen soon (PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*), Sirius/Corrie even though she's dead, Aimee and her hubby, Maddy with hers, Katie and Brian.

Oh, yeah. I'm really glad you brought those characters from The Kiss back for this story. I really liked them so having them in the sequel is great. And I like the way your write Remus and Harry in this. I love Harry, he's so cute! *huggles Harry because Daniel Radcliffe is a hottie* Well, my boy-craziness is really kicking in even though it's now...2:19. I really need to get to bed but I'm going to finish this review first!

The only real CC I have is that there are a few typos, nothing major. Yeah, some flashback chapters would be cool. I like those. Would they be of Dani's horrible/not horrible/confusing past or someone elses? Any way you spin that, I'd like it. I'm a fan of flashbacks.

I'm done now, I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings and I look forward to forcing more upon you in the future! Wow, I am really hyper but I think I'm just overtired, or getting a really late coffee buzz. Whatever, I'm done now. Amazing story(stories) and please, please, please update soon!

Author's Response: WOW! First off, you win a prize for longest reveiw! && I agree, Reg =

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Review #9, by call me crazyA Second Chance: Home Again

28th July 2007:
Awww, Anjii, you know how much I'm excited for this story. I loved this chapter when I first read it and it was just as good the second time around. I'm so glad you found a way to bring back Fred. I don't know if I told you before how hard I cried when he died. I had to stop reading for a few minutes.

The concept of having him as a ghost is cool, and although George didn't *omg omg omg girly scream faint die* when he saw Fred again, his reaction was still pretty cool. George only has one ear, I wonder how that'll turn out in movie 7. Hopefully that don't cut that out. My rants and raves about the movies are a totally different subject though.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how Fred deals with being a ghost and stuff since even though he's no longer dead, he's not really alive either. I guess ghosts are sort of caught in a permanent limbo between life and death, you know? Oh, and the whole him and Angelina thing should be interesting, as you can't actually have contact with people as a ghost. They'll go right through you!

Can't wait to see the Weasley's (and everyone else's) reactions to Fred being back. I'm sure everyone will be overjoyed, right?

Oh, and congrats on the TA stats! Update soon pleeeaasse.

Author's Response: OMG--IS THIS NICOLE--LEAVING ME A REVIEW?! *dies from shock* :P

I absolutely love that you are excited about the story, Nic, you have NO idea. Fred needed to come back. He just did. And I am the lucky girl who got to do it :)

Aww--I'd've had George *omg omg omg girly scream faint die* for you, but I didn't want to---sorry :)

Maybe later :P Or not.

If they cut out (or rather, put IN) George's ear--I'll be very very upset :(.

Aww--you might wanna kill me (I started writing chapter two)--when yo use their reactions, that is. I dunno *shrugs* guess thats for me to know and YOU to find out.

Thanks for the congrats and the awesomely amazing (and, strangely enough--so unlike my rambling ones) review.


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Review #10, by call me crazyA Destiny of Chaos: An Unexpected Guest

23rd July 2007:
OH! I know I didn't review the first chapter but I'll review this one, and I think I'm the first person to do so. Hopefully you'll go into more depth as to why Syd and Sirius broke up. Maybe flashbacks? I dunno, I just think that would be really interseting.

I like this story a lot so far but one thing confuses me. How could Sydney and Sirius not see eachother for three years? They have the same friends, dont they? It just seems a little odd to me. I know its necessary to the plot though, so I'll let that slide.

Hopefully you update this story soon, because I like it as much as Chaotic. Oh, and yay for Remus seeing Sandy again!

Author's Response: Yes I plan to go more in depth about why they broke up as the story progresses. As for them not seeing each other in 3 says in the first chapter I believe thay they had successfully avoided each other. If Sirius was with James, Lily told Sydney so Sydney never visited when Sirius was with them...and vice versa. Thanks for pointing those things out though. I should probably emphasis that more. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by call me crazyThose That Remain: Expressions and Advice

15th May 2007:
I don't hate you, but I hate Tonks! A LOT! UGHHH! I'll get the that rant later, after all the happy stuff in the review.

So, Fred and George, I love them. They're great! And Fred is so cute with Agnes, I love them together too. Wow, I sure love a lot of stuff. Except Tonks. Anyway, I feel very sad right now. Everything today is sad! Gilmore Girls is ending, Tonks is UGH, my homework is icky.

Elle and Remus kissed. No. Wait. They made out. Happy =] I like that. Too bad Tonks had to go and ruin it all. At least things will get better when you know...she doesn't expand. lol. If you get what I mean about the pregnancy. And Remus was about to tell her to go away, too! That would've been just great.

Molly, OMGOSH! How could she say that? I thought she was the smart/responsible one. Telling Tonks to do something like She must really hate Elle. I don't understand why though... So tell me, why does she hate [or seem to hate] Elle? Or does she just like Tonks more? GAH.

This was a great chapter of course, well written, and the 'when pigs fly' thing was funny. Just the end...grr. So anyways, please update soon!

Author's Response: Ahhh. Don't hate Tonks, really. She's just feeling threatened.

Well, we'll see. :\

Okay. I can reason this for you. I have to be able to reason everything or I have no right to write about it. In my mind, Molly was the one who got Tonks and Remus together. Now you'll recall that when Fleur and Bill were getting married, Molly continued to shove Tonks at Bill despite the fact that Fleur/Bill were mad for each other. Basically, I think that she wants stability for her friends, and she doesn't like that Elle just popped up out of the blue and spoiled everything. I don't know. Molly's a good person but she does do some strange things. I don't know. My justification sounded a lot better in my head. And for another thing, it's necessary to the plot. ;)

I'll post soon. I can't leave you guys hanging on that.

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Review #12, by call me crazyThose That Remain: Kisses

7th May 2007:
Aw, yay! A new chapter! Just what I needed to distract me from my history homework. Anyways, I really loved this chapter. Ron/Hermione, so cute, but they've got to watch who's around! lol. I'm sad the trio left, will you be writing more about them?

Tonks is a pretty cool person, just not for my--I mean Elle's--Remus. haha. I heart the Marauders. But, that's not important her. You know what? I think Tonks should date Charlie. Same age and it would be Elle be with Remus, because everyone knows that they're still in love because they kised. ohlala.

Fred and Agnes kissed! Awww. I was waiting for that to happen.

Fabulous chapter, 10/10. Update soon!

Author's Response: Haha, that's what it's for! I know. They just tend to get a teensey bit carried away. There will be a lot more about them, I promise. After all, they're trying to save the wizarding world. ;)

I know. She's a good person, and she's really nice to Agnes. She's going to do something desperate that's going to make people mad, but it's not who she is. People get funny when they're threatened. She doesn't know that her future marriage is being threatened, though. I just ranted for no apparent reason, but yeah :)

Haha. Well, there you go ;)

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Review #13, by call me crazyThe Way You Make Me Feel: Empty Dormitories

18th April 2007:
I was so happy to see that you updated! The only thing that confused me was why Scout wasn't supposed to go to Hogwarts and had to ask her Mum. Is it the school year yet? Sorry...just a little confused about time jumps/rewinds any stuff.

Anyways, I really loved the chapter. It's so sad what happened to Emma! I hope she gets better. Not only for her sake but for Sirius'. Poor guy. *mega hugs Sirius* As you may or may not know, I'm a huge Sirius fan and seeing him sad makies me sad too.

James and Lily are so incredibly cute together. They're in love *taunts them* haha. I knew that they would say that to eachother soon. I heart them together. They really do balance eachother out.

Speaking of couple, Scout and Remus. Yeah, she really is not shy, heehee. They're adorable together. Remus needed a girl, he deserves one *hugs Remus too*

Please, please, please update soon [with good news about Emma]!

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Review #14, by call me crazyDaddy Returned: The Innocence Of Children

16th April 2007:
Great job, I really, really love the story! I was a little confused at times, but that's probably because I'm watching TV at the same time.


Oh, and I love mugglecast too!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Lol =]

Mugglecast is a Merlinsend. It is love. xD


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Review #15, by call me crazyPretty Girl: No More

25th March 2007:
Aw, poor Sirius. He needs a hug! *huggles Sirius.* Great chapter, as always. I love Remus, he's so sweet. Wow...I love a lot of people. Anyways, I'm glad he told Melody and she didn't really mind his 'health condition' or whatever it will be referred to as. I'm still sad that Sirius and Melody aren't together. Of course, she just had to run off. UGH! That girl is so confusing sometimes. And blind. Once again, I must say that the Potters are a pretty awesome family. I'm totally looking forward to the next update! Hopefully they'll get together...? PLEASE! haha.
Oh, and 10/10

Author's Response: Indeed he does. haha. Remus is pretty cool, isn't he. haha. It's good to love people. lol.

Melody is confusing. SHe'll reflect on WHY she ran off in the next chapter. I didn't exactly explain why. haha. Thanks!

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Review #16, by call me crazyPretty Girl: Confessing for Advice

17th March 2007:
*kicks Melody because you said so* Ugh! She's so blind. He totally likes, I mean, LOVES her, and she's totally blind. It's like this one guy I like and he's really dumb...but that's a totally different story. Anyways, I love the names of your dogs, they're so cute! I really want Sirius and Melody to get together. Ohh! *idea light bulb* They could kiss at new years and that turns into...uh...more. You know, something real that doesn't have a limit or a time bomb attached to it. The Potters are so nice, the whole family. Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, and James. They're all so awesome. Please, please, let Mel and Sirius get together. I beg of you. haha. Love the story, and looking forward to an update next week [or sooner!]

Author's Response: She is blind. haha. It's so obvious. lol.

Thank you. ^_^ I want them to get together too, but I can't just yet. haha. Maybe. lol. That may happen. lol.

They are a nice family. haha. Thanks so much!!

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Review #17, by call me crazyRunaway: Fear

11th March 2007:
Scribbie! Well, since I'm too lazy to log out, and I already reviewed most of the other chapters, I'll just leave my review type thing on this chapter. First of all, I am very sorry for what happened to your computer. Know that I will remain a faithful/loyal reader, no matter how long it takes to get chapter 20 up. To boost your spirits, here's a list of words that describe your story... amazing, astounding, bewildering, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, staggering, startling, striking, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, wonderful, wondrous, aces, amazing, astonishing, astounding, bang-up, best, breathtaking, cool, crack, dilly, doozie, extravagant, fab, fantastic, fictitious, first class, gone, greatest, groovy, immense, in spades, inconceivable, incredible, legendary, marvelous, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, outrageous, peachy, phenomenal, primo, prodigious, rad, remarkable, spectacular, striking, stupendous, super, superb, terrific, top drawer, tops, turn-on, unbelievable, unreal, wicked, wondrous

Author's Response: Oh Nicole. You really are the sweetest person in the entire world. And I'm the most terrible, I think. lol. Here you are leaving me yet another of your unbelievably kind reviews and it's taken me this long just to respond to it. Not to mention the fact that it's been months since I last updated. Things just haven't my life writing-wise. I got caught up doing other things and every time I tried to write I just got disgusted and would stop. It's been really hard, but I have no one to blame but myself. All I can do now is tell you that I WILL try my hardest to write again and somehow I WILL finish this story. And I mean that. Thank you isn't enough for what you've done for me with your kind words, but it's all I have. So thank you Nicole! Your support has meant so much to me. Words can't describe how grateful I am. You are the best and I heart you till the end. lol. Thanks again hun. *hugs*

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Review #18, by call me crazyPretty Girl: It's Over

5th March 2007:
Ugh! Cheryl is such a #%^@#%^. Just needed to let that out. I love Sirius, you have like, no idea how much. I'll just say this, I'm one of the people who completely broke down sobbing when he died [and when I read that, it was like 6 in the morning, and I was dead tired, but wanted to finish the book.] I really like this story, and I'm sorry that I haven't reviewed it before. You've got a really good plot going for you.

Foreshadowing...hmmm? Uhh...engagement ring? Sirius and Melody are getting engaged?!?! *hopeful happy dance* Just my guess, and I'm hoping that I'm right.

I cannot wait to see what happens to them at midnight. heh.

BTW, I also really like Hold Your Tongue, its really cute =] I need to check out your story 'It Was Only a Kiss' because apparently, its very similar to my story, I doubt mine is as good as yours though.


PS: I love puppies! heehee.

Oh, and 10/10

Author's Response: She is, I know. ^_^

Haha. Yay! I'm glad you do. Aw, I didn't cry when he died. . . i didn't even realize it till the next chapter when Harry went after Bellatrix. haha. Anyways. . .

No, the engagement ring was not the foreshadowing. ^_^ You'll have to see.

Is it really? Wow.

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Review #19, by call me crazyHer Secret: I May Be An Aging Harlot, But You Are A Trashy Lying Bint!

18th February 2007:
TIFF! I’m here! I promised you I would review, so yeah, here. This is the whole review. Just kidding! I’ve got mucho to say.

Ahhh! They kissed! Well…they kissed last chapter…but they’re still kissing in this chapter. *happy dance* I’m so glad you made them to do that. But, of course, when Ginny wants to say something, Cho walks in. Unfortunate timing, that’s another reason I hate her. Ew, she kissed Harry when she walked out of the room. I bet Harry wished it was Ginny who was kissing him. grrr. I hate Cho. She’s so incredibly mean! CATFIGHT! Rofl. I was cracking up the entire time I was reading this. I was like Go Ginny! Go Ginny! Kick Cho’s butt!

“I want to live with Mr. Potter for the summer, if he will have me. I want to get to know my father.” Aw! Yay! Eloise wanted to stay with Harry. I’m glad she got too…even though her and Ginny got into a fight. Ha. Harry told Cho to shut up. That made me happy.

Poor Ginny, she’s all sad and stuff because Eloise left. Good thing Hermione was there to comfort her. It’s times like those when family/friends are needed most. Hey! That rhymed! Aw, poor Hermione too. She’s afraid of loosing ickle Ronniekins. Don’t worry Hermione! Ron will love you forever and ever.

Ha ha. I loved the cereal hunt, it was so father-daughter bonding-ish. “When I see your Aunt Hermione I am going to give her a talking too, corrupting my only child, and making her a Ravenclaw.” Hee hee. Everyone seems to agree that Hermione corrupted Eloise. Gosh…Cho is so bossy. Harry can eat cereal if he wants to. Let the man eat his food! *throws spoons at Cho and dumps milk on her head, and then pelts her with cheerios and fruit loops*

Aw, I’m so glad Eloise invited Ginny, Hermione and Ron to the game. It’ll be good for Harry to see them after all those years. They are finally here. After all these years, my family has finally returned. Aww, that was so cute. I love that sentence. I know he missed his friends a lot!

Suggestions on how to get rid of Cho: forks, cars, buses, quidditch accident, a very violent catfight, Harry kills her [we all know he wants to], make her eat cereal, Harry breaks up with her. That’s all I can think of right now, but when I get some more ideas, I’ll tell you. Keep the Cho strong!

Amazing, fabulous job Tiff. You have no clue how much I love your story. I know it took me forever to review, but now I finally did. Congrats on 700 reviews Tiff. 10/10.


Author's Response: much for this lovely review!!! I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this review!

They did kiss, well yes, they are still kissing, because let's be honest, they need some good loving! Of course Cho has to walk in, it's in her contract, she must ruin all romantic moments between Harry and Ginny, otherwise I am paying the chit for nothing! Catfight, goodness I had forgotten all about that, yes it was quite fun to write and let's be honest, everyone wanted to see that happen!

Of course Eloise wants to stay with Harry, she finally has her father and by golly she wants to spend some time with him! Ginny is disappointed, mostly that even after how hard she tried, she couldn't be everything for her daughter, but luckily she does have the help of Hermione and Ron!

I am so pleased you liked the cereal hunt, it was sooo much fun to write. As for that line, it was something I could see Harry saying. Cho is bossy, but more than that, she controls every move Harry makes, and he doesn't really notice that until he spends time with people who used to be apart of his life.

Of course Eloise is going to invite Ginny to the game, more than anything she would love to see her parent's together! Thank you again so much for this lovely review!

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Review #20, by call me crazyKiss Evans Day: Kiss Evans Day

3rd February 2007:
Good job. The characters were believable and in character, and I'm glad Lily and James got together at the end. And you put Sirius in! Major brownie points for that. 9.5/10

Author's Response: I guess you like Sirius, right? =) Really glad that you enjoyed! Thx!!

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Review #21, by call me crazyTake A Number, Potter: Take A Number, Potter

3rd February 2007:
That was cute, the ending made me laugh. It was a little rushed, but I still liked it. 9/10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks :) Drats. Writing one-shots is completely different from writing actual stories. Ah, well, I guess I'll improve in the future...I hope x)

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Review #22, by call me crazyHer Secret: Why On Earth Would You Want To Marry That Stroppy Mare?

19th January 2007:
Tiff! First off I'd like to apologize for not reviewing earlier. I know I said that I would, but I sort of kept getting side tracked, but now I'm here. I really love this story, and you've got a very good plot going as I've told you many times before over at SAYS.

Coolness! Hermione and Ginny own a clinic, that’s pretty radtastic [ha…I like that word]. Harry Potter and Cho Chang, Hottest Couple to Ever Grace Quidditch. Pfft. Quidditch must have been ice cold forever because they are far from the hottest couple ever. Just my opinion….

Really? Elosie isn't in Gryffindor? That’s interesting, I’ve never read a story where a Potter/Weasley is in Ravenclaw, or any other house besides Gryffindor. Well, actually I read a Slytherin one a while back…but it was abandoned or something. I barley read stuff other than Marauder era, so don’t listen to be about that lol.

I can’t believe Harry is STILL with Cho. Ugh! Can't he see how horrible she is? He was planning on proposing tonight, better to just to get it over with. Get it over with? How about not do it all. Go Harry, LEAVE CHO and find Ginny. You love her. Not Cho. Never Cho, you don’t love her. She’s not lovable at all.

“The fact that Harry Potter is my father?” Smart girl, that Eloise. Never knowing anything about Harry besides what Ron and Hermione said, she still figured out that he’s her father. Just wondering, what does she look like? Oh! Does she look like Lily [red hair, green eyes]? You may have mentioned what she looks like before, but I probably missed it.

She would be Mrs. Harry Potter, and Ginny Weasley would be a distant memory. Cho is so stupid, she may be an ex-Ravenclaw but Ginny Weasley will NEVER EVER be a distant memory to Harry.

My favorite song, Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s says this… A thousand miles seems pretty far // but they've got planes and trains and cars //I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Harry, you’re less than 100 miles away, and the dude in this song would walk 1,000 miles. You love Ginny as much as the guy in the song loves Delilah, go to her! You don’t even have to walk, you can apparate, or floo, or fly. I don’t care! Just dump Cho and go. [ha…that rhymes]

Words to describe Cho: evil, wicked, atrocious, grievous, heinous, monstrous, demonic, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, hellish, infernal, satanic, unholy, despicable, ugly, vile, unworthy, hideous, repulsive, nefarious, villainous, monster, fiend, devil, backstabber, stupid. And many more things that are not 12+, so I cannot say them. I got all of the synonyms from some website, lol. Die Cho! Die! *stabs with a fork* UGH! I hate her so much!

Great chapter Tiff, and I really hope you update soon. Remember, when in doubt, kill off Cho. That will make a lot of people very happy, ha. As much as I hate Cho, and the fact that Harry and Cho are engaged *takes ring from Cho and runs it over with a car and just for the heck of it pushes Cho under the car too* I still love the story. Great job, 10/10

Author's Response: Nicole there is no reason to apoligize for not replying earlier, I know that it takes time! I am just pleased that you enjoy the story. I am pleased that the idea of having their own clinic was well recieved, Ah yes, well newspapers do exaggerate you know ;) but I do agree with you!

Nope, she is most definitely a Ravenclaw, which I though would be fun, despite the fact that Cho is in that house. Yes, he is still with Cho, did we not see that coming? Poor man doesn't realize that Cho is a world-class twit!

Yes, Eloise is a smart girl, and she had figured out that her father must be Harry Potter. I did mention briefly that she has brown hair and hazel eyes, a nice mix of the two of them. I agree, Harry will never forget Ginny, but Cho is quite unintelligent. That sounds like a lovely song, and yes Harry should head your advice and run to her!

I love your list of words to descrive Cho very much, they made me laugh so hard. No stabbing with forks please, Cho will get what is coming to her!

Thank you so much Nicole for this lovely review, and I will keep in mind that Cho should die!!!! Thanks again for taking this time to review *HUGGLES*

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Review #23, by call me crazyChaotic: The Unmasking

15th January 2007:
Evil cliffie! I really hope it's Sirius, I like him with Sydney more than Remus with Sydney. Please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: haha yes I love cliffhangers.

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Review #24, by call me crazyRunaway: Reunion

9th January 2007:
SCRIBBIE! You updated! *happy dance* I haven’t c-box talked to you in a while, and I had no idea you updated. I actually clicked on my bookmarks accidentally and this came up. YAY! A new chapter! Just from the chapter title is was like…uh oh. The only GOOD family reunion would be the Weasleys [always fun] and the Potters [we know that’s just not possible] and list basically ends there. I knew it was either going to be the Malfoys or the Carrows [I would prefer the Malfoys waaayyy more. They’re not as evilly, horrible as the Carrows. Stupid Carrows!]. Alrighty…on to my review.

Yes, she realized. It was what she felt when she looked at Harry. When he was near her, or when she thought about him…or when she kissed him. That was love. Nothing else could be quite as powerful. Quite as pure. So very cute, Scrib! I love that sentence…no wait…sentences. I’ve gotta get my grammar good, I have an English mid-term tomorrow [I should be studying now…] They’re in love. Ohhh *makes mocking, giggly noises and pinches Harry and Evie’s cheeks* so cute.

Uh-oh…Harry knows about the Malfoy incident. Go Harry! Get into knight in shining armor mode and kick his butt! Of course, sweet Evie wont let him put on his shiny silver suit and just tells him to let the incident slide. *shakes head* she should have let him kick Malfoy’s butt, and while he’s in butt-kicking mode, he can kill Cho too [duh! Even though she wasn’t in this chapter you gotta keep the hate strong]!

Corman McLaggen…stupid git. I don’t like him. I NEVER liked him. Especially when Hermione wanted to go to that party with him in HBP [that was him…right?] He should just leave Evie alone. She has enough yuck on her plate right now. Go Harry! *cheers* He got into knight in shining armor mode. Pfft. Finally! Verbally scar him! And in comes Hermione with her disiplinary stuff…threatening with detention. Typical, but great. I’m glad she and Harry sorta-kinda made up, and shes not all Anti-Evie like we’re Anti-Cho (does that make sense?)

Theres something in the trunk! Don’t open it! It’s like one of those horrors movies where you yell…don’t go in there! Don’t open the closet! *high pitched girly scream* Oh, never mind. It’s just a talking mirror with the awesome Sirius Black on the other side. No big deal or anything. I’m glad the mirror came into the story…it’s a totally cool that Harry didn’t smash it for no reason since Sirius is NOT dead. WO! You write Sirius and Mrs. Weasley so well. I thought when you said he was in the library, I thought he was with Hermione, being, well, a couple, you know. Studying quidditch? heehee. Sirius is a little behind the times with his Hogwarts gossip. ZOMG! *light bulb* Hogwarts should have tabloid/magazine! ha.

Dung is such an annoying person. Drunk-head. Blech, I really don’t like him. He bothers me…a lot. He’s an eavsdropper…oh. When Malfoy said ‘did you get the supplies?’ something clicked in my head. Polyjuice Potion. And I was right! [quick question Scrib…you said its almost the end of the school year. How long were Harry and Evie together before they broke up? How long were they broken up? And how long has it been since they got back together? Sorry. I’m just getting a little confuzzled]. Draco is a stupid little $&$^!#$^%^!#, just like Cho. Remember, when you have writers block, kill off Cho.

“Blimey, I swear to Merlin, if I have to read one more chapter on the history of elf riots I am going to off myself,” he said as he threw himself on his bed with a groan. Oh my gosh! I was like rolling over with laughter. Tiff told me about you and the elf riots. Hah. I was laughing really loud, and then Draco came back…or Dung…whatever, it doesn’t matter. Way to lighten the moment. I love Ron, he rocks. Sword fights! Rah! Rah! Sounds like fun. I’d love to see Harry and Ron sword fighting, I would be totally entertained.

I hate Draco! He just wants to make his parents proud. Ugh. I mean the making parents proud thing is okay. But the WAY he wants to do that is horrible. Smart Ginny. Go and get Harry! Go! Go! Run like a cartoon character with little dust clouds at her feet repeated in the background as she goes. RUN! Harry needs to save her! Grrr Draco! Just leave school and leave Evie alone! EW! Draco [as Harry] kissed Evie. He so likes her. I know it. Not Pansy. Evie is much cooler, even if Draco sucks. “I think you’re sick,” she whispered. “I think you need help—“ Bingo. He so needs help. He needs to learn to be a good little boy, not a stupid, slimy, git-like, blonde ferret.

Mr. Fletcher. Hah. He must feel weird being adressed like that. I still don’t like him. He’s so drunk. You have a talent for writing drunk people [how much firewhiskey did he have? eleventeen shots? hah. I will never forget that part.] I mean, I think he means well, but still, he needs to let Evie go and let her run back to Harry.

“Avada Kedavra!” At first I thought Evie was dead, but I know you wouldn’t do something that cold-hearted by killing her…right? PLEASE! Don’t kill her! Dung is dead…wow. I didn’t see that coming. I thought he would like be on the Carrows’ side. Her Dad? ZOMG! Stupid cliffie *stabs cliffie with a fork*. Why did you have to leave us hanging on the thousand foot cliff like that? My feet are over the edge and I’m slipping. Only Harry can save me! Well…not really, Harry [or someone] saving Evie will save me.

Scrib, you are an amazing writing. I have yet to find 1,000,000 synonyms for how great your story is, but I can't. They won’t all fit into one review, but trust me, you deserve it. This review is massive, and you deserve that as well as the synonyms. Update again soon please!

Author's Response: NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! Girl, have I ever told you how much you rock? Cause you totally do! Haha. So happy you liked the chapter! YAY! I am doing a happy dance right now cause you said that. :) hehe. And yeah, family reunions are not a good thing in this I'm sure you discovered. lol.

Awww! I'm so glad you liked those lines! lol. The whole Harry/Evie in love part at the beginning of this chapter was definitely the hardest for me to write. It really didnt want to come out. So that makes me happy that you liked it. lol. I thought I botched it...

Harry IS a knight in shining armor! teehee. I agree. LOL! Kill Cho huh? I KNEW something was missing from this chapter...darn it. lol. Maybe next time, eh? ;) And yeah, Cormac I just put him in there cause the Lexicon said he was arrogant. I dont really remember anything about him from HBP. Apparently I remember nothing from HBP if the elf riot fiasco is any indication...rofl. More on that later. ;)

And yes, you are right. Hermione is not Anti-Evie like we are Anti-Cho. lol. Hermione has finally come around actually. She realizes her mistakes now. More on that in the next chapter. ;)

LOL! I laughed when I read what you wrote about the trunk. haha. I guess it was a little scary, huh? Glad you liked that part though! It was one of my faves to write. You know how much I like Sirius. *grins* But onto your questions: Harry and Evie were together about 3 months (?) before they broke up. Around there. lol. And I guess now they've been months? lol. I'm sorry, I know I've been vague with the time thing. I don't really think about that when I'm writing. My mistake. But yeah, that's the basic time period. haha.

ELF RIOTS! hehe. I thought it would be fun to throw that in there. My way of poking fun at my own stupidity. lol. Good times. And you MAY get to see a little swordfighting between Harry and Ron next all depends. But maybe. :) lol. Draco is horrible, yes. :P But he actually doesnt fancy Evie or anything. He was just being a slimy git. lol.

Mr. Fletcher DID have eleventeen shots!!!! LOL! How did you know?? haha. And for the record, I am not an alcoholic. I know it probably seems like it, but no. lmao. Dung is dead! Yay! hehe.

Nicole, thank you bunches for the AMAZING review! I am so touched! I will try my hardest to get the next chapter up. Thanks again darling! You rock!! *huggle attack* :)

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Review #25, by call me crazyBugs In My Tummy: Maybe not so normal

3rd January 2007:
Nice start, you might want to make chapter a little longer next time.

Anyway, I saw you wanted a banner, I'd be happy to make one for you. Just e-mail me with the details [quotes, pictures, etc] and I'll make it for you.

Keep on writing =]

Author's Response: Thanks, yeah the next chapter is at least twice as long! Thanks for the offer and I hope you keep reading!

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