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Review #1, by coolsilverLike Catching Smoke: Twelve: Moving On

23rd October 2017:
Just dropping in to say that I love Like Catching Smoke and Fiona! I am insanely curious to see how this plays out!

Partially just to see if Albus can get to Scorpius before he carries out his master plan on Rose...

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! :) Really busy this month, so it might be a few weeks until I get a chance to write the next chapter.

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Review #2, by coolsilverWitchful Thinking: Needle In A Haystack

3rd July 2017:
Oh my goodness. What a nice twist! So Iris was just having a nightmare, and wasn't found by a werewolf! Love it.

I had to laugh at Sunny's assumption of a "proper hospital"! Might be nice if Sunny and Al could talk about the differences in between their similar jobs in the muggle and magic worlds. Would be fascinating as heck!

Keep writing, I loved this update!

Author's Response: Hey, Coolsilver!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review, and many apologies for the delay in responding. I'm really glad you enjoyed this update! I'll aim to publish the next one soon.

There will hopefully be more similarities and differences drawn between muggle and magical medicine in upcoming chapters :)

Brax X

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Review #3, by coolsilverLong Live The Queen: IV

3rd September 2016:
Okay, I was NOT expecting that. Now I'm wondering where you're going to take this story, and I'm intrigued.

Author's Response: Haha i'm sorry! I'll try to get chapter five up soon :)

Thanks for taking the time to review xx

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Review #4, by coolsilverRed as Blood: The Crow

29th August 2016:
Interesting. I would keep the Rose/Rune scene. It's not too graphic and I can clearly see how it's going to be essential for more foreshadowing and insight on Rune and how Rose reacts to him.

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Review #5, by coolsilverHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-six.

5th December 2015:
I'm leaving another review because I'm an IDIOT - the entire time, I was thinking that this story was written very much in the style of TFWMS, and how brilliant Haversham's and that story are. Well, I just checked out your page, and I'm definitely favoriting you as an author!

If you ever, EVER write anything outside of fanfiction, I'll buy it. You are the type of writer that makes people feel, cry, like they can relate to you and your characters, and that gives people hope. Writing is definitely a talent of yours, and you have a very unique, direct voice, and I hope that you'll never give up putting words to paper and creating endless possibilities.

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Review #6, by coolsilverHaversham Westley's School for Boys: epilogue.

5th December 2015:
Haversham's was frank, honest, real, sensitive, relatable, deep, surprising, touching, and amazing.

I read this in one go - I found it a week ago and decided to wait for when I had the time - and it was well worth it. Thank you. I'll also be checking out your other pieces!

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Review #7, by coolsilverThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: As Cunning as Ham

13th September 2014:
Well, well, well. That was ridiculously satisfying! The Kluge stands up for herself! Yay! :)

Author's Response: Dearest coolsilver,

I give you abundant thanks for reading and reviewing as far as you have. Your words bring a smile onto my face. Thank you! :D

It was just as satisfying to write, actually. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I hope to hear more from you throughout the story. ;)


P.S. The next chapter is in queue!
P.P.S. I see you've favourited the story! I cannot express my gratitude enough!

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Review #8, by coolsilverSetting the Stage: Epi: Fresnel

28th July 2014:
You just got added to my list of authors on HPFF to watch out for!

Setting the Stage was a beautifully written story, with a wonderfully offbeat Rose and co. The dynamics between Rose, Pippa, and Aziza were well written, and I loved the dynamic between Scorpius and the girls.

It can be hard to shove a matter of years into a chapter, and you did so in Parados, and most importantly - did it well. I at no point felt like I missed out on anything. You segued between each year flawlessly, and didn't waste breath on needless details, exchanges or whatnot during the years. I felt like I stayed with Rose throughout her years without trouble, and saw her grow up into the wonderful lady she is, along with the other characters. (I totally called Al and Josef btw!)

I also loved your references to all the respective plays throughout Setting, and liked your mix of humor and seriousness.

Great story altogether, and if you do write about the adventures of the crew between graduation and the epilogue, I'll definitely be reading it! :)

Author's Response: Ahhh! Oh my gosh, thanks! I'm so glad you liked this story!

I did spend a lot of time on trying to mesh scenes and years together so it wasn't all disjointed, I'm glad it worked well - it's great to hear.

And I was dropping hints like crazy about Al and Josef haha. Perhaps too many, but oh well.

Once again, thanks so much for reviewing. It means the world to me to know that other people liked what I wrote! I would love to continue on with this story, I've already got a bit written for it but I'm sure it won't be done for quite a while.

Cheers :)

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Review #9, by coolsilverThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

11th July 2014:
You have written one of the MOST unique, spectacular, excellent and praise-worthy pieces of fanfiction I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I am half in love with you just from these magnificent characters that you fleshed out- Rose, Holly, Albus, Scorpius, Lester, and co. This may also be the first time I've seen so many sexualities defined and exemplified brilliantly in a fic. Not only that, you somehow made these wonderful, highly intelligent (so much more so than us mere mortals), and rather intimidating Ravenclaws relatable (italicize that). You did that through panic attacks, romantic encounters and failings, Rose's insights, among other incidents, and made them utterly human in a way that avoided SO many possible and painful obvious cliches, which, as any good writer worth their salt knows, is nearly impossible.

Pranks and such are a normal standard in fics, but yours definitely went A and B the C of D, haha. You also put such thought in writing and fleshing out the literary works (Epic poems, really?! I wanted to kiss you myself! Hah.), usage of appropriate quotes, and even aspects of magical theory that was on par with true excellence.

It's difficult to write a good story, and you did not write a good story.

You wrote a masterpiece. If you ever write a novel to be published in the world outside of fanfiction, you can count on me to be one of the first in line to buy it.

I also don't know how I'll be able to continue reading Next Gen fics again after this mindblowing display of genius! Such a conundrum! :)

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Review #10, by coolsilverRabbit Heart: 17. Whispering Hearts

11th June 2014:
So glad you have a new chapter up-I stayed up just to read it, and you delivered!

I'm glad Wren is finally starting to wise up about Bunny and everything else that's been going on, although the poor girl is still having a tough time dealing with the events of the summer and her family's decisions to pull the plug on her grandparents.

It seems realistic in one aspect for her to still be wrestling with this-it's death after all, and how often has she dealt with it in her family? However, in another view-shouldn't she be trying to understand why her family did it, instead of continuing to be angry with her mother? She seems to be a logical - if not rather dim at times - girl who should be able to accept and move past this sooner than it has taken her thus far.

Hopefully, they'll take this directly to Professor Longbottom immediately (I'd say forget curfew, this is important - stereotypical rebellious HP style) and I have to wonder just how much more Wren is going to be put through. Poor girl is already dealing with enough!

I'm looking forward to seeing our mysterious bartender again soon-I wonder what happened to his poor victim...

Please keep writing-I love how you portray Wren, and flesh out your characters. You drop clever little hints, foreshadowing the horrors to come, leaving us hanging on to your every written word and eagerly awaiting the next update! Love it!

Author's Response: YES!! FINALLY!!

Wow! You stayed up for my chapter?? That's awesome. I'm glad you weren't disappointed, because if you're going to lose sleep, it should be for something worthwhile, right?

Wren is still having a tough time reconciling all the things that have happened to her and her family. She will eventually get to the point where she accepts and understands, but in story time, she's only known about the truth for about a week. She's still processing. And when you've got a rabbit in your head, it might take a little longer. :P

I agree. Wren and Albus should go directly to Professor Longbottom and get this sorted out.

I miss Smeed as well. He needs to come back into the story, just so he can learn how to use EBay and get rich. Then he can lure more victims to his plush London flat... ah, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Smeed might need his own spin-off after this.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I'm very pleased that you are enjoying my crazy story with blood-sucking rabbits and silly teenagers! The next chapter shouldn't have too much of a delay. I think I've worked out the major kinks and can feel things moving forward again.

So very happy!!


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Review #11, by coolsilverAnd Capers Ensue: Epilogue

14th July 2013:
The epilogue was perfectly written. :)

I've been with this story for a while now, I think probably at least the last 23 chapters, (etc. etc too) and I loved reading about Bea, Fred, Scorpius, and their escapades. (Also, can't forget poor Al and Anjali!)

Seeing Bea and Scorpius grow in their relationship and noting how your writing changed from rather good to excellent, was well worth the journey. Plot lines were well done, humor was abundant, but seriousness was there in the moments where it was most appropriate, and your love for the characters (also, the typical insanity that comes from being a really good writer ;) ) really shows.

Thank you for the lovely journey. :)

Author's Response: Aaah another long time reader! Thank you for following this fic for so long. I'm more afraid my love of my characters had long gone off the insane end and everyone's watching 8D but glad to see that it's appreciated. I still feel like a newbie in writing - this is only my second completed novel! My writing changed while I was writing this! But I guess that means I've got a lot of writing left to do ;)

Thank you again!

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Review #12, by coolsilverThe Middle Man: ten.

28th June 2013:
I loved the Middle Man, and your writing was actually really refreshing-a sort of dry sort of humor, and I appreciated Darcy and Albus's brand of awkward (wait, this wasn't a date?!), and Rose's forwardness and abrasiveness.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that my brand of humor worked okay :) I tried to toy with some unusual characterizations and I really enjoyed working on a lighter story.

Thank you for your kind review!


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Review #13, by coolsilverAbstinence: Chapter IX: Forgive

10th January 2013:
I just wanted to drop this review really quickly-
I LOVE your writing. Very few people write as you do. I'm not sure how to describe it, but your writing evokes images of the older, classic stories, (think the Bronte sisters, Austen, Doyle, Shelley, etc), with the imagery and descriptive language. The not quite archaic stylistic writing is beautiful, and I really noted it in the previous chapter: Discover.
The scene you wrote starting with the below paragraph, reminded me so strongly of such romances, and seemed to belong alongside the writings that detailed Cathy and Heathcliff's torrid affair, Jane and Mr. Rochester's tumultuous relationship, and the likes of such.

"“Because without you my life is not worth living!” I cried, my expressionless facade shattered in an instant with everything that I had been keeping bottled up deep inside myself in that moment tearing free, tears and rain cascading down my cheeks, with all the emotion and need that I could put into those simple words that were so immeasurably difficult for me to utter."

The rest of the chapter from thereon most certainly did not disappoint, and the story as a whole, was rather fantastic.
Thank you for sharing their tale with us, and I hope you continue to write more!

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Review #14, by coolsilverIn My Blood: Dying

1st December 2012:
God, way to make me cry (well, really, leak a few tears) there at the end. I didn't think I would either-but really, up until the end of chapter 16, I was still holding out hope that Ellie would maybe, perhaps, still be able to survive fully-mentally, and physically, even though that would have not been quite realistic.
I do have to ask about the fight-Ellie was rather good at dueling, wasn't she? She was at least loads better than Lily, as I recall you writing in the beginning. Why then, would she not have been able to hold off Carrow better than she did? Even if she, a 5th year was able to attempt a Patronus, a decent shield charm should have been possible. Or hell, even some well placed jinxes and hexes at the fragile and mentally unstable Alecto.
I also have to wonder about Al's sudden fit of complete rage when he realized who the girl he snogged and thought he raped was, since the way you've written Al would be that he would be more likely to exhibit his anger and horror with furious, horrible, despairing silence, instead of extreme vocal and physical rage. Yes, he directed it at Ellie, but it just seemed so out of character for him, that even while reading and being immersed in the story, it took me by surprise.
Points to you (or really, Ellie) on how you wrote the previous chapter, and this final one. I heard her voice coming through very clearly, as she was going to meet her fate, and to sacrifice herself for her adoptive family. I admired the way you showed with almost alarming clarity, how she defied Carrow without even really trying, just by being herself (with a bit of Lily and that inherited Bell mouth thrown in!), and the points at which she started losing her mind. It was interesting, and very well done.
Good Job Ginger! :)

Author's Response: Phew! I didn't completely destroy your emotions :) And I guess that's sort of my style... I tried to inject hope, despite the ominous inevitability of some of the foreshadowing/circumstances. I liked that no one really knew how it was going to end until it happened.
Okay, so Ellie was... moderate. She's average in all her classes- that was simply a comparison to Lily, who's absolutely RUBBISH at dueling and that was more an inference of Lily's ability rather than Ellie. And to be honest, she'd sort of already given up. She believed that fighting back would/could endanger her family and quite simply, she wanted to just be dead, or be alive, not in an odd state of in between. And have you ever noticed that the mentally unstable are the most dangerous, to themselves and others? Ellie would have fought back, but she knew it would have just angered Carrow.
That all came out in a huge rush- he remembered who it was before he thought he remembered what he had done- and it wasn't at all what he was expecting. And I think, had Al discovered it at a different time, perhaps alone, he would have remained introvert in directing his anger and fully blamed himself, avoiding Ellie constantly. Unfortunately, she was there to blame.
Thank you. These where the easiest chapters to write- I just knew what she was going to think and do the whole time. It was just so simple to me, really.
And the sarcasm? Yep, that's Ellie through and through. You're about to die, so why not make fun of your killer? ;) she's a silly girl.
Thank you for such a lovely and interesting review.

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Review #15, by coolsilverWeather for Ducks: Epilogue: Part Two

13th October 2012:
Haha. Mr. Rubbish indeed. :)
Lucy and Scorpius are two of the most unusual characters that I have ever met, and their lives and friends entertain me to no end! I loved Starving Artists, and I did like Weather for Ducks, however, I feel like Weather didn't end as strongly as it could have, especially with Lucy getting pregnant, and then the story ends a chapter after that revelation.
Lucy and Scorpius just don't feel finished to me. It's not that I want you to write up to the birth of their child or wedding-I'd rather you didn't, unless they insisted otherwise, actually. I'm trying to fully explain this without insulting this, because it is a fairly good story, but it's just not there, or up to par with Starving Artists. Sorry. :/

Author's Response: I have a backlog of about 74 reviews to respond to but I wanted to answer this one straight away...nah, it's totally not up to par with the original fic, I'll admit that. I actually hated writing these chapters. The story felt like so much of a chore towards the end that I wanted to finish it and just get it out the way. I'd planned to write a sequel as early as 2010, before starving artists kind of got 'famous' or was even finished, so although I didn't really start writing this until september of last year, I feel like it's dragged on too long and I wanted it out the way. To be honest, this was nothing like the way I originally wanted to end it either, but I eventually realised I had to change the ending based on the sort of feedback I was getting from readers (not just in reviews, but through a ton of different channels). So if the ending feels a little abrupt, it's probably because I tacked it onto the end of a story that was going in a very different direction. But, um, if I'd written my original ending people would probably be madder. And going on to write about ~the wedding~ and such would probably make people mad too.

I'm not entirely sure how I could have made this ending a bit stronger - you comment about it ending a bit suddenly after the ~revelation~, but I feel like stretching it out a bit longer wouldn't have been good for the story. For starters, I can't write romance without it being awkward, haha! I really couldn't bring myself to go into any more detail beyond what's here. I wanted to end it by at least giving the vague outline of what happened to them, without necessarily fleshing it out too much - that way, more's left open for you readers to interpret how you like. I tried to tie up loose ends without completely 'finishing it' with a 'they all lived happily ever after' or something. So whilst I agree with you that, as stories go, it wasn't quite up to par with the original, but I feel I have to disagree when you suggest the ending was abrupt.

So thank you for your constructive criticism, and, don't worry, you didn't insult this - I'm actually pleased to get feedback that makes me think a bit more and gives me some pointers for improvement! Thank you for reviewing and I'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations :(

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Review #16, by coolsilverIn Moonlight's Shadow: Understanding

5th October 2012:
First of all: props to you for writing this beast of a novel! :) This was absolutely fantastic! And I love how you portrayed Amy throughout the story, and how she slowly grew up to see everything that was going on and happening with her family.
I read this before everything else, so I'm excited to see how the rest of the story goes!

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Review #17, by coolsilverIt's Called Adventure: Epilogue

17th September 2012:
I loved this.
You have such a talent for writing, and showing us the characters in such a way, that lets the reader into their world, while still retaining their enigmatic qualities. Neville, as the understanding, exasperated, friendly professor that was once where Hugo was, and Scorpius-with the Malfoy name that will follow him all of his life, betwixt and between the two, and Hugo.
I believe this is the first story that I've read that displays Hugo as the believable, unusual, very quirky, young, and searching son of two of the Golden Trio.
Hugo is the outcast we all know, still searching for their place in the world, perhaps under pressure from their families, and others who expect them to be something, even though they have no clue where, how, and what that will be.
You showed us a small part of Hugo's journey to finding his place. Hugo didn't grow up in this story, and he didn't find his perfect niche in the world, but you know what? He was most certainly on the way there. :)

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Review #18, by coolsilverMuggle Studies: Parashoot-me-now-please

2nd September 2012:
I died laughing while reading this! (Think crying, gaspng for air due to not being able to breathe, etc.) I loved all the puns and obscure references to muggle literature (Come on. Who remembers James Herriot?! Only you. So you're awesome!), and the interesting characters and takes that you have on Hogwart's next gen. Love love love.
Please finish the last few chapters, and post the spin off please! :)

Author's Response: Awh, so glad you liked it Coolsilver! I had a blast writing this story on my mini little holiday and it was just so much fun,r eally, to write it. I LOVE JAMES HERRIOT! My childhood! Ack, loved it.

Thanks for a lovely review and the spin off is up! :)


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Review #19, by coolsilverThe Art of Breathing.: Endings.

18th June 2012:
A.C.-this was beautiful. It really was.

I found this story about a week ago, decided it'd be worth reading (Oh, how right I was!), and decided to save it for a day where I would do nothing but read.

Yes, the writing was a tad rough in the beginning, but it honestly wasn't bad. Along the way, I fell in love with Mary, Sirius, Lily, Johnny, and the others. I laughed, I cheered, and I cried. The lovely cast of characters grew within the story, and I was along with them on the ride.

Thank you for writing this-it's one of the few stories that have really made me cry, and honestly FEEL for the characters. It's also very well written, (except for a few minor flaws, but every rose has its thorn) and for that, I thank you.

Author's Response: Hey there coolsilver! Thank you for such an honestly lovely review. You've really touched my heart with this. I'm very very glad you decided to read this.

I'm acutely aware of those minor flaws and I so very want to attack it with some pruning sheers one day soon. People have to restrain me as i think I'd probably cut too much. But, thank you so much :D

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Review #20, by coolsilverLosing Neverland: Chapter 19: Tomorrow

21st May 2012:
Interesting perspective on the next gen. I like how the characters were portrayed, although they did change a bit too fast for it to be realistic.

Altogether, a fresh new story, and I liked it! :)

Author's Response: They did...that was through laziness and a lack of effort on my part. There is a slightly bigger time jump than you might think but it's still very quick and that was just my desire to get this finished.

I'm glad that you liked it in spite of its fatal flaw though! Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by coolsilverGlory: Glory

20th May 2012:
Whoa. Just... Whoa. :)

When I got to the end, I hit the up button, and read the story once more, and the pieces finally fit perfectly. I like that-how it doesn't quite fit or come together until you've read it a second time.

The first time, I noticed the beauty of the writing, the intensity, and tried to make sense of the characters' pain, without all of the details coming together until the end. The writing is beautiful, and to be commended. I like how the storyline was stitched, a piece here, a piece there, instead of writing the separate scenes, and then the main scene of Dominique's glory. The way it was done had more impact, and perspective.

The second time, I noted each character, and then with my previous knowledge, was able to appreciate the nuances of each better, and forgive me if I'm incorrect, but I believe it was Dom, Bill, Dom, Victoire, Dom, Fleur, Dom, Louis, Dom, and then finally, Lysander?

Thank you for writing this-I really enjoyed it, and look forward to reading your other works! :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you.

I think this definitely needs to be read again because there are bits that will probably make little sense the first time you read it and then a re-read makes them a little clearer.

I took the idea of the structure from a much longer piece of work I read for uni, using lots of voices in one story to get to a finished product (even if it doesn't feel quite finished). I'm glad that you liked that because I'm not sure a lot of people really get the style :P

Yep, that's right. I didn't want to put too many names in there because that would disrupt it a bit but obviously we know this family, we know it's Dominique and it's quite obvious to go back and piece it all together later.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #22, by coolsilverFade to Grey: Four

19th May 2012:
An interesting take on the Founders:
-I question where Salazar and Helga are in this tale, and there are questions unanswered about the founding of Hogwarts, but I assume your intention was only to spotlight this one moment in the history of.
-Helena was not a founder, although she very well could have been involved, and it is that I wonder how she came to mind for the tale.
-your writing style is to be praised, I was able to read at a good pace, and appreciate the portrayal of Helena and Rowena.

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Review #23, by coolsilverRed Champion: 23 - Final Days of Freedom

19th May 2012:
Ahhh! I'm so glad I decided to read this! The storyline and plot are very intriguing, and so VERY well written. Rose and Scorpius are well fleshed out, and naturally written, and I really like that.
The story moves quite well, ebbing and flowing up to the climatic moments, and I can tell that the tournament oriented scenes had a LOT of thought put into them, which I appreciate greatly.
Thank you for writing this, and I look forward to seeing how this tale ends!

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Review #24, by coolsilverDaddy Dearest: How Far We've Come

19th May 2012:
I loved being able to take part of the day today and just read this. I was intrigued by the plot idea, and I liked being able to see how both you and Rose matured and changed throughout the story. Your writing style did change as the story went on, and Rose really grew as a character in a believable way.
I feel like this should probably be left as a stand alone story, with no sequel, but if you wanted to explore some of the events in the story and flesh them out, (E.g., Ron's accident, back stories about Tony and Anna, and other characters), that'd be a great starting point. :)
Thank you for writing this, this story was definitely a high point in my day!

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Review #25, by coolsilverDominique: Nine.

16th May 2012:
Quick note: I wanted to ask-if Fleur is perfectly French, wouldn't she have had her children call her Maman?
Otherwise, go on, I'm loving this story so far!

Author's Response: I've done some edits, and this note has made it to the rewrite! Thank you!

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