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Review #1, by mirrormaskLimbo: One Shot.

8th January 2013:
Hi, it's me. ^_^

And wow. I read and fell in love with your writing all over again. Your words are poetry girl. Undiluted poetry. And it begs for bigger dreams. You have to finish up any original story's you've written love. Really. They'll be something great one day! I love you and I miss you, and I miss this place and old times. Tana. x

Author's Response: Hey my beautiful Tana Banana, I loves you so much!!! Thanks for stopping by, such a surprise! :D
I know right, really will have to write something original again soon lol, maybe something about Lily and you travelling the globe together :) I'm sure you both would like that lol :) Love you my beautiful friend, thanks! x

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Review #2, by mirrormaskArcanum: the Lovers

25th April 2008:
all i can say about this Maji, is that it was beautiful... i liked the fact that it wasn't as descriptive as your other pieces which is what sets it apart from your other works. your descriptions of Scorpius's portrayal was deliciously entertaining. :P and the way you used the outside world to describe her internal feelings for him was done gorgeously.
yet another piece i enjoyed =)


love ya maji


Author's Response: hey tana my sweets!!
im glad you liked it hun. hmmm yes with out the dialogue i had to use my descriptive techniques for something else. im so pleased you enjoyed it!!!


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Review #3, by mirrormaskPansy's Lament: Pansy's Lament

13th April 2008:
zomg, Bammers, this was gorgeous!
your words really did gut me in a way, when using the second narrative i dunno, it just makes things more personal i guess, on some unknown level.

It was a bit hard to get into at first, because i've never read second person before in a fanfic, and your's is the first, and i'm glad it was because i thoroughly enjoyed it! ^_^ it was gorgeously written, your words were beautiful they way they flowed and the feeling that gripped me, and your imagery was beautiful, its truly is a lament ^_^

wonderful one-shot darling ^_^
i still have that funny feeling in my stomach, after reading this. hehe me likes ^_-



Author's Response: Tana!! *tackle hugs* Thanks for reading this darling, I'm only sorry it's taken me so long to respond to the review! I knwo what you mean about Second person POV - and this isn't even it in it's purest form (for that I would suggest Kate (Maji's) new fic Dust - she does it wonderfully). This is like Second PoV once removed lol. But I felt it suited the theme a bit more to do it this way. I'm glad you enjoyed it hun :D
xox Kylie

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Review #4, by mirrormaskDaddy: Promises

14th March 2008:
that was incredible Dani, the father/daughter relationship was just soo adorable and touching. It was also very heart wrenching. =C I loved your descriptions and imagery, and the raw emotions from Draco's side. I really enjoyed the fact that everything wasn't typically done for Draco, house elves and maids etc. It was different, which I enjoyed very much. I like the name you chose for their daughter, Phillpa and her nickname Pippa, really cute ^_^ and also the child was set in a muggle school, instead of going of to Hogwarts. A Very different and unique approach babe ^___^
Wonderfully written sweetie



Author's Response: Aw hunny you are so sweet! I actually really enjoyed writing this one. It makes me think about my own dad whom I don't get to see very often. We used to have this kind of relationship, and it's very nice to read it. I think that being this way is better for Draco. For this story, you don't need to know how he and Hermione ended up together, just that they were in love and he had changed her, and this is the way he is after her death. I loved seeing Draco in this light, with a daughter, and so I had to put it in writing. AND Phillipa actually goes to a wizarding primary school, but it's not Hogwarts yet as she is only ten. =) Thanks so much hunny! You rock!

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Review #5, by mirrormaskDissolved Girl: Dissolved Girl

10th March 2008:

What lovely words and descriptions my dear lovely lady maji :D
I loved the descriptions so much. The feeling, was just oh wow! You're descriptions were so vived, you proved magnificently how confused she really felt by this unending cycle. It was brilliant the feeling of your words being so tangible yet because of their meaning and the characters feelings it couldn't really sink into the reader...yet.
Until the ending of course. I loved that technique, I don't know if you realised you were doing it but God, you do it so well Maji. I bow down to you, you are a being of pure brilliance my lovely.

I was dying to read this for quite some time, but I never really had the chance, though i'm glad i finially read it. I always look to your stories for inspiration to write my own. They always give me awesome ideas. I really loved something about this story, I can't quite place it yet, it's like... the intangible lapsing into the tangible, where in the end you can finially feel everything that the characters pent up emotions would not allow in the beginning. Release... in other words ^___-

Brilliant as always Kate *adds to faves*



Author's Response: Tana!!! hey hunny!! thank you so much! im so happy you enjoyed this piece - it took a while to write - one i started, came back to, left, started again...i went through a whole cycle writing it!

i didn't actually realise i was doing htat *blinks* wow thank you!


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Review #6, by mirrormaskRing Of Fire: Ring Of Fire

3rd January 2008:
As always I admire your work Sara
I really enjoyed this, the way your descriptions flowed, the brief passing of hermione's memories. I liked that, the fact that you did not dwindle on a memory, and came right back to the present situation.
It was wonderfully written, apart from the few grammatical errors. ^_^
I think you did an awesome job with this little fic.


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Review #7, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of Black Satin Ribbon and Cold White Ice

28th December 2007:
eeep!! the ending was absolutly scary!!! whatever you are doing Ahna do not stop, you have got me soo hooked. and you left it all at a cliff hanger!! uff
this was really brilliant, the imagery of the dream woah! the way you made them flow you have a brilliant mind m'dear really you do, the way your words flow and the way you think things up. Really it is beautiful!

wonderful chapter Ahna, just four more to go *gets excited* I cannot wait, its going to be sad though, the ending of this story =( it was sucha great read!!! and so far everything that has happened, has felt so real, its like leaving behind a great memory. you do it so well Ahna really you do ^_^
props to you all the way. You always leave me with a haunted chill especially with Arabesque.

Can't wait for TFO ^_^ i KNOW THAT IS GOING TO BE ZOMG!! *does floopy dance*
as always
Mirror ^_^

Author's Response: Ah, dearest Mirror. I love that you always appreciate my imagery and pick up on my symbolism. Makes my heart glad. And yes, I fear the ending may sadden some people ^_-. And I am very excited for you to begin to read TFO ^_-

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Review #8, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of the Eulogy for a Black and The End of a Rope

24th November 2007:
omg Ahna You made me cry
that was so incredibly beautiful, i'm still wiping away the tears. you should really warn people about this chapter before you spring it up on them ='C
it was so beautifully done as usual. and Narcissa's speech to Hermione, thats actually what got me crying.
It was such an unfair love, the agony she had to endure for so many years and to leave with no reassurance that Lucius ever harboured a love for her. =C
why are you soo good at this Ahna honestly. It was just so beautiful the way it flowed, the way it started and ended.
This is the most wonderful chapter I have ever read so far. I can't believe there's only 5 chapter left *gasp*
its come such a long way.
I can't wait for TFO though ^_^ I'm looking forward to that.
Very good use of words, lovely imagery your words flowed like silk and it held an elegance in it, after all you were talking about Narcissa most of the time ^_- she's kind of a character which demand that type of flow.

brilliantly done Ahna

Author's Response: I am very glad you were so moved by her story ^_^ MAkes my heart glad ^_^. I am very psyched for TFO and hearing your opinion on it ^_^. Thanks my love.

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Review #9, by mirrormaskOf Jealous Kisses And Dangerous Games: A Potion Made For A Malfoy

23rd November 2007:
Heya Rachel Tis me MirrorMask[call me Montana actually Tana ^___^] First of this is a very unique idea I find that this plot is going to be a very entertaining read =D excellent imagery and descriptions to Harry's feelings. oh and btw I found the "blond" haired part, hehe ^_- I like the way you've portrayed Harry's character, Snape seems more leniant with Harry though =P Which is also good as it is a different interpretation of his character. I like the idea of Harry seeking Draco's help and bloody hell the whole 'I snuck Malfoy some potion that will make him think he's gay, so that your sister will think I'm with him!' that was just hilerious! I can't wait to see what you write up for chapter 2 =D You just made a few grammatical mistakes, sorry, I'm just a bit iffy when it comes to things like that ^^ “Oh, um, Quidditch. My team are doing so badly.” instead of 'are' it should be *is well actually more prefarable would be "team's ^_^ I'm adding this to my fav's tis a completely awesome story, oh and the name Emoz, couldnt be more perfect for and "emo" hehe^_- nice going Rach 8.9/10 xoxox Mirror

Author's Response: Hey Mirror! Thank you so much for coming round to review. I'm glad you like the idea. I was toying with it for quite some time, though I'm smiley that you thought it was worth it. ^ ^ I really do like description now, so that's why a lot is in there! Yes, you read right, I used to hate it. Now though? I love to do it. I think it's got something to do with the fact that I'm now a lot older then I was back then. Lol. I know. Snape wasn't too bad for a first. Though, threatening to put him in detention for a whole year is! Oh yes, I loved to write that whole thing. It really added to the whole comedy aspect that I wanted to get across. Uh oh, not more grammatical errors. Oh well. I'll go back and fix them, thanks. Too be honest, I didn't know it was 'My team is doing so badly', I thought it would be 'are', show's what I know! Lol. Really? Thanks so much. I'm glad that you liked it that much. Nice going for the review, Tana. 10/10 for it. It really helped me, and thanks for my high rating! xoxoxoxox Snitchsista

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Review #10, by mirrormaskMy Mother's Roses: My Mother's Roses

18th October 2007:
Hey there hun =D
This was a very unique piece of work =)
Very vivid emotions and imagery. Using a ten year old to capture the voice of the story was a very brilliant idea. I liked your descriptions of love

I'm an avid Dramione reader, I'm not very fond of Ron/Hermione fics, but I must say I did enjoy reading your interpretation of something that could have happened after DH. =) Very imaginative my dear. It really evoked alot within. I liked the way you captured the detail of 'love' and the fact that a ten year old child could see and notice the difference made it all the more poignant.

A wonderful read hun =D
I really enjoyed it


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks very much. I'd never done a story from the perspective of a child, but I ended up really enjoying it. And while I've written more Dramione than Ron/Hermione, I always end up with better stories when it's Ron/Hermione. But thanks for reviewing, you're amazing, and I'm glad you liked it! =)

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Review #11, by mirrormask A Vampire's Tale: Chapter One

16th October 2007:
I swear Helen this is a brillaint piece of work!!
I enjoyed it soo much. The imagery was so very vivid and the dry humor =D
very very nice. I can't particularly point out what i liked as i enjoyed the whole damn thing. I can't wait for the next chapter, this is certainly one of your best i must say, very gripping and an unique approach =D
*adds to favs*

very brilliant work and very good use of the english language, I really loved the way you described everything I love your first person narratives. they are incredibly entertaining to read =D

well done one billion out of 10 =D



Author's Response: Thank you hunny!! I'm really enjoying writing this story and so of course, I'm thrilled that people actually like it. I really hope you continue to like the rest, if you read on, and ooooh, I studied English Language for A-level so I'm pleased that you like the way I use it.

Thank you sooooooo very much.

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Review #12, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of the Death of a Loved One and Isabella the Unfortunate

16th October 2007:
HONESTLY this chapter was a bit Scary

lovely imagery and discriptions my dear. it evoked so much within. There were several words which were repetative though.
I really enjoyed the chapter my mind just saturated into imagining all of this happening. I am very intrigued however as too why Hermione did not die first, and Colin did. ^_-

lovely chapter my sweet I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to read on it just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? ^_^
have fun writing the next chapter


Author's Response: lol I guess it was kind of scary, wasn't it? Thanks for the never-ending support hun

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Review #13, by mirrormaskNo Words: No Words

5th October 2007:

This was absolutly incredible!!! The words were so vivid, the language and imagery were nothing short of excellent. The atmosphere and intensity of everything. wow!! this is absolutly awesome, you really drawed me in. With the first lines itself. No words were spoken and you so clearly made the emotions real enough that this could have actually happened. This is a brilliant piece of work *adds to favourites* =D
wonderfully written hun, totally brilliant. Exceptionally good use of vocab. I liked the word Aquiescent ;D
wonderfully done my love. nothing short of magnificent and very poignant =D

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review! I try not to play favourites with my stories but I have to confess I'm probably most proud of this one - it's great to hear such a positive response.


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Review #14, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of The Long Anticipated Ball and Long Anticipated Battle

28th September 2007:
okie dokes!! feedback! :D

well this was a lovely lenghty chapter, which i enjoyed very much =D
the imagery as usual was beautiful and the emotions flowing through the chapter were very well done.

i like the fact that you didnt rush through parts were hermione felt the distance of draco, you took it through step by step making us understand each step of the way her feelings and his own.

for a strange reason i like the way Ron was portrayed here and the way you wrote his character and his hurt for the women he loved. the scene by the tree, well in my opinion i felt was powerful because of Rons procclamation of his feelings and hermione's response towards it.
And the fact that Draco was standing there most of the time having to endure Ron's speech, when he himself is falling for her, and was somewhat made clear at the ending :D :D

it was a nice big happy ending.
Theres something to be said about this story especially this chapter, the way you've written and built up every scene is pure brilliance and you didnt rush anything which is why everything is so powerful on the readers =D

i swear you make the whole 'dramione' thing seem and feel that no one will ever love hermione more then Draco. PROPS TO YOU HUN, all the way
for your shear brilliance at making this fic what it is and what it's still to become.

I will be very sad when this ends, but since reading exerpts of your YUMMY new project TFO. I cannot wait for that =D

and last of all, i love the way you ended the chapter, Draco's feelings =D
wonderfully written as always my love =D keep it up [im sure you will ^_-]
can't wait for chapter 19. wow chapter 19, Arabesque has come so far eh? ^_-

Love Mirror

Author's Response: Aw, my dearest mirror. I don't know if I told you but I believe I am going to forget about Atonement for some time (maybe permanently) and embark on TFO very soon. So keep watching!

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Review #15, by mirrormaskI Will Not Forget You: I will Not Forget You

15th September 2007: was like a dream...
gah!! it cannot end like this!! NO!! :(
it was so beautiful i was so entransed by your words they were absolutely beautiful, the imagery was, omg i cannot even begin to imagine, and i loved the garden imagery, it was like imagining Eden!!
it was that beautiful!!!

i was sighing so much in the begining, i kept shifting my cheek from one hand to the other, my brother kept looking at me as if, 'what the hell Montana', i think he thought i was swooning at one point, sighing so much and all.LOL but how could i not it was so astounding so,
just WOW!

i think this was gorgeously written and such powerful emotions flowing through Hermione's character, and the lyrics were so beautiful, its all just a sigh, thinking how wonderfully written this piece truly was, i wish it would not end. I loved the angst flowing through this story, its so deeply ingraved into the character, so poignant!

me mum came in at one point and i was like 'mum, MajiKat, she writes...such beautiful stories, its like...a dream, just all of it,' and she looked at me and said 'yes darling, thats wonderful make sure you go to bed soon, schools tomorrow' what a slap on the face right? ah well,

Im adding this to my fav's i wish you would write a sequel to this one shot, as i feel for some reason, her story is not over... but somehow facing the inevitable i know it is *sobs*
such wonderful imagery never in my life have i read such detail into things, i never bothered just looking at in my day to day life. like the walls or the plants for example. you made everything around her seem so effective at her touch, and each and every description of them was so astonishingly done. i bow down to you :D

i rate her character, 8/10 and i rate overall emotions running through story 9/10 and i finally rate the whole story in all its splender 10/10!!!

*smiles big* so wonderful

btw the story that inspired me[Sweet Sacrifice] to write my own Dramione is fianlly finished, but not yet posted.

it is called:
Broken Winged Hero
They say a hero never cries, this one did...

and it is dedicated to you, for inspiring me to write it :D
it wont be up for a while, but i will let you know as soon as it is :D

cheers Maji!!

Author's Response: woah. what a review!! i have been looking at this for a while trying to work out how to respond. thank you so much for your wonderful compliments hun. i really appreciate it.

heehee your mum!! thats funny.

i have thought about a sequel, but i;m not sure yet. i'm really uncertain how to take this forward, or i could possibly take it back, i guess....i dunno. but thank you for thinking it is worth continuing.

ah the details - i love detail. and when you are so hurt emotionally, its like, sometimes, everything is super-real. surreal. you see every little thing around you. other times, you cannot see anything.

thank you darling. i am truly honoured that you would dedicate your Dramione to me. i really like the title, and i';m sure i will love the fic.

Kate xx

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Review #16, by mirrormaskStranded: Of Anxiety and Anticipation

6th September 2007:
i followed this story some time ago, and finally an update, im so glad! wonderful to see you got back on it again! ^_-

everything flowed so beautifully, the words captured me instantly! the imagery was beautiful and vivid. well done, Qosie ^_^

can't wait for the next chapter, but i wont push, just wait patiently as i know you must be busy.
well done on ya mate!
keep it up

*hugs* lol

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Review #17, by mirrormaskSweet Sacrifice: Sweet Sacrifice

24th August 2007:
oh woah!! I had so much tears in my eyes. It was sooo moving and emotional. It was absolutely wonderful. It was so angsty and sad, there were just so many torrants of emotion just overflowing in me!! For both their pain. I loved the way you described it. Their pain was just so much as if they were both just withering away in it. I really wish there was some other way, but i guess not. If there was only a compromise... ah well, I loved the way you ended it lol ^_-
Simply marvolous Maji *shakes Maji's hand but then can't resist the urge to hug her too" =P haha

I adore these stories so much. Truely a good read such wonderful vivid imagery. Your words flowed beautifully.
You're such a wonderful author Maji, truelly you are, to strike up such
powerful emotions in a reader is truelly an uncommon gift, and you do such a wonderful job with it im so entirely greatful, your becoming one of the truely amazing authors of all time on HPFF.

Both of your stories Sweet Sacrifice and Fall Into Shadow, have inspired me to start writing again.
Thanks for that. really! =P
I normally suffer from bad cases of writers block LOL
well when theres nothing really to inspire you whenever you look out the window and see the desert sprawled for miles on end.
But i guess you can find inspiration in stories, YOUR stories especially
^_^ Thanks =D
I just got hit with a major plot bunny for a Draco/Hermione one-shot

You truelly do inspire me MajiKat^_^

10/10 for your story and the will to evoke such emotion in readers.
well done on ya mate =D =P


Author's Response: OMG mirrormask, thank you for such a wonderful review hun!! i'm extremely flattered by your words, and very happy that i am able to inspire you to return to your writing. that means more than i can say. its funny, because i came to fanfic by accident, after telling myself to stay away from it, and what i found, here in particular, is an amazing community filled with amazing authors. i myself have been totally inspired and blown away by some of the work i have read here, so i am so very flattered that you consider my work inspiring, particularly when i compare it to the work of people who inspired me.

thank you.

when you write that dramione, PM me on the forums. i'd love to read it hun.

Maji xx

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Review #18, by mirrormaskFall Into Shadow: Fall Into Shadow

20th August 2007:
This was an amazing one-shot. the words flowed like soft butterfly wings shimmering in the sun. It was powerful and moving. it evoked so much emotion in me. it was truelly such a beautiful one-shot. i wish it never had to end.

your descriptions of both of them was magnificent, with a cherry on top! lol ^_^. it was so indepth and it all took place in one room. i loved the adoration you put into your draco and hermione. the way they looked at one another. and draco being hermione's piller of steal through such a time. it was so incredibly sweet.

they both seemed so fragile in their pain, like 2 broken angels, trying to do their best to comfort each other in such deep pain which seemed almost impossible to heal. it was powerful!

the imagery was stunnng in my mind, your descriptions of everything, put together such a wonderful and angsty picture in my mind. it made it all the more sad to see these characters in such pain!

i really and truelly must say you have done a supurb spectacular job with this fic! Dramione is my fav pairing. And i think you captured their love, their pain, their sadness, in such a way. amazing!! different and utterly unique!! ^_^

i will be sure to check out your other fics and i really liked the name you chose for this fic. well done MajiKat. you are truelly a unique talented writer. i love your writing style and imagery. *cheers for and applauds for Maji* hehe



Author's Response: wow. what an incredible review - thank you so much for all of that!! i don't know what else to say, other than i'm very happy you liked it and i really appreciate you taking the time to leave me such an amazing review!


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Review #19, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of A Sudden Bout of the Floo and the Unfortunate Mistake of Huey the House Elf

27th July 2007:
another great chapter!!
im soo glad Lucius's plan backfired!!!
i really loved the decriptions and the imagery, i liked how you described the snow as raining glass.
sorry this review is so short hun, i would have left a longer one, but alas im leaving in a few hours and i have last minute packing to do.

im glad the chapter ended on a good note, chap 15 really got me into a weird sort of frenzy, as to what would happen next.
i hope i get to read chapter 17 ^_^


Author's Response: Chapter 17 is all completed and should be posted while I am away ^_^

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Review #20, by mirrormaskParamour: Paramour

18th July 2007:


its was twisted and dark and soo demented!!

i completely abhor draco in this one-shot!!
i felt so sorry for her. for some reason i didnt like hermione all that much either. though i felt a wee bit for her. but my heart went out to pansy.
i love the name you chose for the one shot "Paramour"
what made you think of it? ^_-

i loved how you incoperated the lyrics in with the emotion and intensity of the atmosphere. the dread!! ^_^ and the way pansy felt wowieee!!

wonderful hun!!


Author's Response: Aw your reviews are always so refreshing ^_^ Thank you sweet heart ^_^ I actually did a dictionary search for a word that fit the definition I was looking for ^_-

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Review #21, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of An Abduction and Infection

18th July 2007:
hi hun!!! ^_^

this chapter was brilliant!
i gasped so loud during these lines

“We’ll take her while the school is empty,” Lucius hissed. “We’ll bring her here to the manor and we’ll make my son regret every thought that was in his head that night.”


you are simply brilliant the way you have captured Lucius's character.
i love how his twisted mind works!!

there was so many sighs and gasps errupting from me, my brother kept looking at me, i think he thinks im a loon. ah well. this chapter, could not go without "oohs" and "ahhs" its phenomanal and poignant!!

i am dying for the next chapter!!. but i wont push you as i know these things take time^_- i wait enthusiastically and eagerly!!

the whole chapter flowed beautifully...i love the way Gustauve tells Lucius about Draco.

“Your son is nothing like you, you know,” Gustave said. “He fights back.”

Lucius looked up coldly at his business partner. “What is it you mean by that?”

Gustave seemed unperturbed by the threat in Lucius’s voice. “Your son will come after you when he realizes what you have done. I don’t see the power to be in the Dark Lord’s service in him. He likes leading far too much.”

i was all 'woohoo' you tell that snob, Gustauve, you blobby git! =DD

can't wait darling for the next chapters
good luck

your gonna make such an amazing writer in the future..

oh and congrats on winning, Best Graphic Artist, Best Wielding of Genre and Best Romance.

you deserve it!!! \m/
well done love

*cheers, woohooo GO CELTIC*



Author's Response: Aw wait a squee worthy review! -squees- omg you called him a blobby git. hahahha. I havent won those titles, but I did make the finalists! Vote and maybe I Will win one of them!!! Thanks sweetie ^_^

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Review #22, by mirrormaskI Write Sins Not Tragedies: I Write Sins Not Tragedies

21st June 2007:
Wow this beautiful!

the imagery!
the descriptions!
the atmosphere!
ohhh the intensity of it all. lool
i started leaning in towards the computer screen lol, i was soo completely hooked.
its brilliant writing! Dracana
its soo... precise and to the point. i loved it completely!
i dont normally read Draco/Ginny pairings
but you might have just changed my mind =P

the way you decribed the wedding scenery was utterly beautiful, i sooo wanted to get married at that momant =D

but alas that should be in ummm about 10 years time =S
lol im not sure, but i would want it to be as beautiful as your words have described.

i felt so bad for draco and blaise. lol but in the end blaise got his vengance =P and draco was left shattared =''C

beautifully written


Author's Response: Thank you once again for your beautiful words and comments. I feel really pleased that you loved this. I liked writing this fic as it allowed me to incorporate one of my favourite bands and one of my favourite series of books. What more could a writer want? Thanks hun!! xx

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Review #23, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of The Malfoy Manse and The Demise of a House Elf

19th June 2007:
its so nice to see an update Celtic!
so sad to hear about the internet problem.
hope it all works out soon!
can't to have you back! =D

i am in awe!
the way you have portrayed Lucius's character is utterly magnificent!
His got such a demanding presence about him! His a really intimidating. Nice work love^_^[i had goosebumps when he spoke to Narcissa in such a manner]

I feel so bad for Narcissa though. She's such a fragile creature and the way you have captured her daintiness, is phenomenal!i love her so much!
whenever i read about her, i admired her so much, i feel somewhere inside her, shes such a strong woman! to actually dare send the letter to Draco.

Draco was totally the saviour of this chapter^_^
he settled things in the tensed atmosphere.
i was dead scared Lucius was going to hurt Narcissa, but the momant was saved thanks to him.

the chapter was short, but such a wonderful read, i enjoyed it, and the fact that you didnt get it beta'd. BRILLIANT!

you've inspired me to get of my lazy butt and start writing again!^_^
thanks honey!



Author's Response: AW yay a nice lengthy review from mirrormask ^_^ I love writing the Malfoys in this story.. I love love love it! Everyone keeps saying the chapter was short but it was nearly 4000 words! lol ah well. Yay I get to be inspiring ^_-

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Review #24, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of Tradition and An Unwanted Date

19th April 2007:
really really amazing chapter! =D
one of your best yet!
i like the graphic you put up in the chapter, it adds a personal touch, somewhat of a trade mark kind of thing. lol

i really adored this chapter, the imagery was beautiful and vived and your sentence structure as well, which is why i like your stories so much the way you incoperate your words into sentences is kind of a big deal,

lol for me, since i am one of those fussy type authors who have little time for stories with a poor plot, and not enough use of good vocab!

this chapter reminded me of New Moon! one of my fav books, by stephenie meyer! a realy brilliant authoress! at the beginning of this chapter with Hermione's dream.

i really enjoyed the cliff hanger, makes me excited as to what your going to write up for the 13th chapter ^_^

Defaeco Immunda
i really like those words,

there's nothing much i can say, but keep up the awsome work
you're a really talented writer, * sees stars in Celtics future*
well written =D


Author's Response: What a wonderful review! I'm blessed with such wonderful reviewers ^_^ Thank you about the graphic ^_^ If you go back and look at the earlier chapters they are being added up there as they are edited ^_^ Aw thanks so much hun! It reminded you of NEw Moon?? How weird!!! Twilight and New Moon are two of my favorite books ever ever ever created.

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Review #25, by mirrormaskArabesque: Of The Head's Loo and Bruises

10th March 2007:
, this chapter was nice and long =), i wish i could smile bigger, but oh well. i really liked this chapter. i wish draco didnt have to go home, and leave hermione. i mean family crises are important ,but well hermione is also important, she has like no one, besides harry...sometimes. oh well
can't wait for updates=)


Author's Response: But if he didnt go home where would the fun in that be?? ^_-Updates on the way!!

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