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Review #1, by lightningstruckRunaway: Darkness

11th February 2008:
Yay! Wonderful, wonderful! Love the way that you connected the werewolf story to Harry's. It was very profound, and it seems like just the sort of thing Dumbledore would bring up. Kudos to you!

Author's Response: The werewolf thing was totally random on my part. I hadn't been planning to do anything like that but I started writing and that's what came It was odd, but I'm glad it worked out okay! I enjoyed writing it, even though this chapter was pretty heavy. So thanks again for yet another lovely review!! I'm writing the next chapter as we speak. Hopefully won't be too much longer. Thanks again!!


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Review #2, by lightningstruckRunaway: Hero

11th February 2008:
Wow. Wow wow wow a thousand times over. Again, there are no words, and I do believe there shall never be any words.

Yes, I'm back! Your true number one fan! ^_^

I checked this by chance and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of updates! The pleasant surprise of all pleasant surprises. This chapter is beautiful. The emotion is so tangible and raw that to visualize it is to almost feel like you are intruding on something... a mere visitor that does not belong in so glorious a moment. You really had me crying this time. No joke. I have had to retrieve the tissue box and now have it sitting beside me as I write.

Absolutely beautiful. Please please please keep writing!

Author's Response: Awwwww hooray! I saw your name here and smiled big time. ^_^ You're such a sweetheart, seriously. I'm sorry I made you cry!! lol. But I'm thrilled you liked the chapter. I worked SO hard on it so I was beyond nervous about it. But thank you for all the kind words. I truly appreciate it. Thanks again hun. *hugs*


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Review #3, by lightningstruckHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: The Darkest Side of Transfiguration

8th July 2007:
Oh wow...this is so cool! What I found most amazing was the way you wrote the information about Horcruxes that was in The Darkest Side of Transfiguration. It made the whole thing seem so realistic! I read this chapter with bated breath. It was that good. Please update soon!


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Review #4, by lightningstruckAnd the Greatest of These...: Professors Parley

7th June 2007:

FABULOUS! Ooooh the mystery! I really want to know how Harry is multi-tasking now!!! Oh gawsh. Update soon! Puh-lease???


Author's Response: Thanks. it will come in time. in fact, in the next chapter. happy reading.

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Review #5, by lightningstruckAnd the Greatest of These...: Honesty Among Friends

3rd June 2007:
Ooooh! Very very good. It was comical the way Hermione and Ron finally ended up expressing their feelings for each other. So unexpected!

Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: Thanks. i was smiling when i wrote it. happy reading.

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Review #6, by lightningstruckMeet Me in Heaven: MEET ME IN HEAVEN

2nd June 2007:
Oh wow. This was very powerful...and the ending was just stunning. It is rather short, and I would have liked a little bit of elaboration...but the language was so flowing and beautiful! Kudos to you!

I also can't really say that I agree with the Draco/Hermione ship (XD), but you carried it out so well that- hey- who am I to complain?

Great job!


P.S. I know what character you were from VH. *grins* Remember me? Fellow Gryff named Deirdre? Shame that you left. :( We all miss you.

Author's Response: hehe! of course i remember you! it's har dot forget! i'm just so busy so i just stopped going on! sorries! i miss you guys too!

it was rushed, i'm thinking of editing it a little and making it a little bit slower! thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by lightningstruckA Marauder Story: Unexpected Work

2nd June 2007:
Ooh gosh! I've been waiting for a new chappie forever! This was really good. Excellent job with Jess' emotions and hallucinations: they were very freaky and realistic. I like the whole "job" deal. Please show us a little more about Jess' job, though. Will that become important later on?

Wow. She thought she was pregnant! Very powerful writing...but I don't think Jess was as scared as she should have been. It should have made her go into a literal paralysis. But you still carried it out quite nicely. The tying in of the abandoned baby at the end was just so appropriate! I hope Sirius and Jess adopt it. ^_^ Awww...wouldn't that be cute? And ironic. Even though Jess was not pregnant, they would still end up with a baby. Haha.

Yayyy! Keep up the awesome work!


Author's Response: Thanks very much for the long review and you'll see how jess's work experience job ties into her life in the sequal

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Review #8, by lightningstruckNot your ordinary movie romance: Lightning Strikes

2nd June 2007:
Wow! New chapter! I was very excited when I saw this. Great work, indeed. Please update again soon. My comments:

Ooooh, very unexpected! I never even let it cross my mind that Kristy might get together with Remus and Wendy with Sirus. It's very interesting, and was carried out well! Also, great depiction of Kristy's father's death. I cried! You know what it reminded me of? That scene in the Lion King where Simba comes to his father after the stampede and tries to get him to speak, jostling him. At first he doesn't believe he is dead. That also makes me cry. XD

You really do write awkward situations well, and carry the characters through them effectively. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks very much as always

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Review #9, by lightningstruckHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: The Value of Memory

26th May 2007:
Geez this is good! Thank you ever so much for updating! I have been faithfully checking this story every day or so in anticipation. Really great! Cho's kidnapping was so unexpected! I actually did predict the whole muggles-made-into-inferi thing, but it was still shocking to read. Wow. Wow wow wow.

I love Harry's frustration at being led on a wild goose chase, and the complication you threw in with Tom Riddle's two awards.

Update again soon please! ???

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Review #10, by lightningstruckAnd the Greatest of These...: Lies, Question, Monster

23rd May 2007:

WOW. That was bloody brilliant! I am amazed at the way this plot is developing. It's not the path that most would take, but it is certainly an interesting one. Keep it up! ^_^


Author's Response: Thanks (blushing). I'm glad you liked it. More will follow. Happy reading.

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Review #11, by lightningstruckThe American: There's No Place Like Home

13th May 2007:

OK, can I say that you took way too long to update?'s uh...been a very very VERY long time. I'd just like to point out that I nearly went insane wondering what was going to happen. Ack, the suspense! Never ever EVER do that again. I mean it, missy. If you know what's good for you, you'll start updating more...


In any case, this was a fabulous chapter! Aww...they finally got together. That's very sweet. Keep up the great work!

Oh, and I'll be wanting to see Lily and James together in the near future. ;)


Author's Response: haha and once again i am so, so, SO sorry!!! i promise im already working on the next chapter! thanks for always reviewing!!!

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Review #12, by lightningstruckA Marauder Story: Highs and lows of Easter

9th May 2007: sad! Very nice job depicting emotions. I felt so unbelievably sorry for Emma. No little girl should see that. :(

Excellent work, yet again. I actually read this chapter a while ago, but didn't leave a review until now. I want to convey a message:


Let's add an 'or else' onto that, just for good measure. XD

Kapish? Please???!!! The suspense is killing me.


Author's Response: Thanks and an update will be coming soon

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Review #13, by lightningstruckWhat the History Books Won't Tell You: An Insane Number of Socks

9th May 2007:

Oh, I was ZOMGsohappy to see that a new chapter was up! Very very very very (to infinity) funny! I liked the whole "Operation Make-This-Stupid-Trip-More-Interesting-Because-I-Can" thing a LOT. Awesome. Keep up the good work and update soon so that I can- once again- rave about your excellent work. Okies? XD


Author's Response: hahaha... this review made me giggle. 'Cause I'm weird like that. Operation Make-This-Stupid-Trip-More-Interesting-Because-I-Can ideas are fun to come up withbut the name is so looong! I have to copy and pate it all the time 'cause it drives me nuts to type it out with all the hyphens and crud. Just goes to show how lazy I am, right? I'm going to start the next chapter, if not this week, definitely next. But because of devil teachers and their homework, I can't say exactly when it will get posted. Bear with me on this one ;) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #14, by lightningstruckI Hate Being the New Kid: Prolouge: This Is Dumb

7th May 2007:
Oooh, this is good. This is very good. It made me laugh...but perhaps I'm laughing at absolutely EVERYTHING simply because I'm exhausted. Take your pick...but the point is that in my current crazed state, I found it extremely funny. See? Compliment.
I love the sense of humor in this. Everything from 'pigwarts' to 'WW...this doesn't bode well,' was just so clever! Keep it up. This character seems to be very interesting. I look forward to hearing more from her and you! Yayyy!
*head drops onto keyboard*
*starts snoring*

Author's Response: Haha, I enjoyed your review! I hope you've gotten some sleep! =)

I'm glad you liked the humor, I found it so hard to write! Thanks for such an awesome review!

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Review #15, by lightningstruckMessages of Heart and Mind: Messages of Heart and Mind

5th May 2007:
I liked it very much!

Your style of writing is very flowing, poetic...even liquid. It is very admirable. The plot is nothing if not well thought out, and it raises many questions about the founders that have never been encountered before. Kudos to you! The romantic chunks and descriptions of appearances were also very well done.

The only thing I can complain about is the length. XD I actually would have liked it to be a little longer and detailing more of the reason why Salazar left. In addition, there was nothing about the creation of the Chamber of Secrets in this, which I would have liked to see as a result of Salazar's anger. Also, it's a little chunky to spans too much time and you adapt to that by cutting the story into pieces.

Other than that: awesome job!


Author's Response: Wow, lightningstruck, I love these lengthier reviews. They make me smile so much! I'm very glad that you liked the story, especially your comments about the writing style; things like that always make me feel good.

The Founders have always been interesting to me, and I've always been of the opinion that there was more to their relationship and history than what is commonly known.

As for the length, I might have a sequel or companion to it, but I was limited to a one-shot for the particular challenge that this story was written for. And as for the whole Chamber of Secrets thing, I'll honestly admit that, while writing this, I COMPLETELY forgot about it *blushes*. If I write my sequel, then I'll see if I can fit a bit of it in there.

Once again, though, thank you for the excellent review.


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Review #16, by lightningstruckHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: A Requirement

3rd May 2007:

You know, I've been looking for a good possible seventh book fanfic for an extremely long time...and guess what? I've finally found it. I just gleefully zoomed through all of your chapters, and I enjoyed your story so much that I couldn't be bothered to stop and leave a review for each one! (Which I usually make a point of doing, by the way.)

I'm tempted to ask if you're J.K. Rowling in disguise and testing your ideas out to see the reaction of the general public. How on EARTH have you done it? I really honestly feel like I'm reading the seventh book! Fanfic is a way of sating my ravenous hunger for more Harry Potter books. J.K. is taking entirely too long in my opinion. have officially given me the gift of the seventh book! Hmm...I think I'll be set until July. Whenever I start getting fidgety or tired of sitting around and twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the final piece in the puzzle of the Harry Potter books, I'll just come back to this story and reread it! Again and again. In fact: count on it.

My detailed comments:

1) You have captured each character's personality exceptionally well. You can even see Snape in his more subtle side! I absolutely love Ginny's temper...and Harry's inner turmoil.
2) The Harry/Ginny relationship is just amazingly written and well thought out! I find myself holding my breath and hoping that Harry won't say anything out-of-line to Ginny and ruin their bond. Plus, the whole thing with Ginny finding out about the Horcruxes and knowing how to destroy them was just...amazing. You would never have expected that from Ginny.
3) Excellent job with sticking to the rumors and theories. That can be hard while you're trying to write your own story independently. The Mirror of Erised thing has been worked in so nicely! Sheesh...update quick! I want to know what happens!!! *whines* Oh and with the locket and the RAB thing, also very nicely done. It must have taken quite a while to organize all of this so that it all fit together. And ZOMGIWANTTOKNOWWHATHAPPENSWITHTHEMEDALLIONS! *cough* My spacebar broke. No joke. One question though: If Dumbledore said to Harry in the dream that the medallions had nothing to do with the Horcruxes...then why did he hide them for Harry to find? And why are the 'doubles' important to finding the Horcruxes? Or are they at all? I suppose I'll have to wait to find out, won't I? You should know that I'm very impatient and don't deal with cliffies very well. So for my own sanity...please update? Pretty cheese?

Right. I'll end this review here so that I won't intrude on your most likely busy schedule any longer. I would, however, like to conclude that you are a beyond fabulous writer. Kudos to you and your fabulousness! I am waiting with bated breath for your next chapter, and hopefully I will be able to restrain myself from speeding through and not leaving a review. (RHYME!) Now that the chapters aren't lying in wait anymore and I will have to anticipate each new one, I will try to leave one for each so that you don't end up with having to read a whopper of a review like this all in one go. Again, this was an amazing read! Keep on writing!

To sum up this entire review: you rock.

Your fellow HPFF writer, Lightningstruck

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Review #17, by lightningstruckWhat the History Books Won't Tell You: the Wicked Witch of the West returns

30th April 2007:
Wonderful! Heehee...this is the story I'm going to be reading for sheer amusement. You're so clever! I absolutely loved the Wizard of Oz jokes. XD You would not believe how hard I laughed. Ugh! You do such a great job of making the reader hate Mona! So I guess my question about Salazar has been answered: it was Mona that was the nasty one. Oooh...I wonder if she forced Salazar to hate muggleborns and create the chamber of secrets! And leave Hogwarts! /randomness. Update pronto!

Author's Response: Yay for sheer amusement! That's all I write it for. :D I just watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time in years yesterday, and every time the real Wicked Witch of the West popped up, I thought of Mona. It was kind of distracting. XD Thanks for reviewing! Again!

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Review #18, by lightningstruckWhat the History Books Won't Tell You: a hat, a cat, and a pig

30th April 2007:
Ahaha! Brilliant! I've never read anything quite like it before. I love Naomi's attitude, and the way that you show the founders in quite a different light than what is expected. Kudos to you! I was laughing through this.

One question: What blood is Naomi? Pureblood? Because Salazar wouldn't necessarily get along with her if she wasn't. He thought only purebloods should study magic. might have meant to make him different. Eh, whatever. XD Great job. 10!

Author's Response: Oh, how I do love reviews like this one. They make me so happy! I'm so, so glad that you don't think this is like every other story out there. Naomi is a lot of fun, isn't she? She cracks me up. As to her blood: Both of her parents are magical, and her grandparents, but after that she doesn't really know or care to know. So really, she's probably half blood (or nine twentyeighths blood), but she doesn't care, and Sal doesn't really care, either. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by lightningstruckRunaway: Reunion

30th April 2007: review for the last chapter didn't post in it's entirety. So here's the rest of it: I

Author's Response: Oops. LOL! Guess this one didn't either. *kicks the faulty reviewing system* Ah, well. It's okay. The fact you left one at all is more than enough for me. lol. Thanks again hun! :)

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Review #20, by lightningstruckRunaway: Tears and Rain

30th April 2007:

*tries to catch breath...fails miserably*

Yayyy! You told the truth! They're together again and all happy! Sheesh, I'm glad they're back together. You nearly gave me a heart attack with that last chapter. Don't. Do. That. Again...

Ever. XD

OK, so first of all...I want to say how excited I am for you that your story is a featured story! That is so awesome. Now you're my role model...seriously. Hehe. I feel like I'm in the presence of some fanfiction prodigy. *Bows down* *Worships* *Is a spineless boot-licker*

Now comes my reaction to the finer points of the chapter:

Hermione's guilt is portrayed so clearly. Kudos to you! I actually felt myself start to experience that guilt, and I was very sorry for Hermione. One day I'm going to cry because you express the characters' emotions so beautifully! It hasn't happened yet only because I read fanfic late at night when I'm a walking zombie. XD


Author's Response: Eek! Breathe! lol. Yay!!!! I'm so happy you liked it! I'm so sorry I've been away for so long and that I'm just now answering this. I feel awful. But you are just as awesome as always, dear. Oh geez, yeah I was stunned by the getting featured thing. That was quite the month. lol. I still don't believe that actually happened. Thank you SO much for the kind comments! They mean the world, as always. Hopefully I'll update soon. :D But thanks a lot. I appreciate it hun!

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Review #21, by lightningstruckConjoining Generations: The Heros; The Sorcerer's Stone

18th January 2007:
Lovely, darling! ^_^ Nothing wrong with a little mushiness and love once in a while. It's really good! Keep it up! I shall be looking for those updates. *glares*

*Ahem* I SHALL BE CHECKING FOR UPDATES! *hacking cough*
-Lighty Strucky
Otherwise known as...Lightningstruck

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Review #22, by lightningstruckA Marauder Story: Love notes

13th January 2007:
*Screams at the top of her lungs for one minute flat without taking a breath*


*Screams louder this time, then faints dead away*

-Lightie Struckie
P.S. Psst! That means it was a rreeeaaalllyyy good chapter!!!

Author's Response: lol thanks very very much

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Review #23, by lightningstruckA Marauder Story: Revenge is a werewolf

13th January 2007:
Yay! This story is just such a good Marauder era fanfic! *snuggles the story*

It's so good!!! You have all of their personalities down very nicely... :)

-Lightie Struckie
AKA. Lightningstruck

Author's Response: thanks very much as always

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Review #24, by lightningstruckNot your ordinary movie romance: A smart makeover

10th January 2007:
Oh!!! Oh Oh Oh!!! Whoa, this chapter is good! I loved it so much because it is like...

Role reversal. Ah...good times. *sigh*
It's always a good literary technique. Yay! *round of applause for great fanfiction writer*

*waves emily43212 flag on a stick*

-Lightie Struckie
AKA. Lightningstruck...Teehee!

Author's Response: lol thanks very much an update has been added

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Review #25, by lightningstruckConjoining Generations: The Villians; Godric's Hollow

10th January 2007:
Eek! I actually got scared!!!


You portrayed the death eaters' personalities perfectly! Kudos to you! I loved Lucius' sarcasm and Bella's clever comeback. 'Lucy.' Teehee!

*cough*Update NOW*hacking cough*

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