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Review #1, by xbeautiful_lifexSleeping with Danger: Drugs

12th November 2006:
Wow, again. This could be a very good & powerful fic if you didn't have so many Grammer & Spelling errors! BETA BETA BETA!

Now the tablets consumed me and I hated my


That was a really good ending.

But please get a beta! For you & your story's sake!

Author's Response: thx for the comment bout the ending it took me days to think that up i had a beta but they wouldnt beta it cuz of the drugs *huffs* cuz its against da rulz so ive been tryin 2 get a new so :) there u go thx again

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Review #2, by xbeautiful_lifexSleeping with Danger: Belly Bars and Bushy Hair

12th November 2006:
Wow. I haven't read a fanfic where an author portrays Hermy this way in awhile. Most def. NOT canon, but I guess it's always good to see characters in a different light every once in awhile, very different. I think you need a beta, though. Some grammer & spelling mistakes run through your story.

I was never very fond of fanfics that portrayed Hermione as a, slut. But I admit, you've got me reading. So off to the next chapter! :]

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Review #3, by xbeautiful_lifexCan You Hear Me?: Are you Listening?

8th November 2006:
That was really cute! Its amazing that you wrote that in only 20 minutes. It would take me hours :p.

Great job, & the song was perfect!

Author's Response: Thankyou soooooooooo much. I'm really glad you liked it. Yeah, I love the song and I was listening to it while I wrote this.

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Review #4, by xbeautiful_lifexUnfair: Unfair

7th November 2006:
I really liked it! Great job at writing angst, it really worked. I find it a little hard to believe Hermione & McGonagall closer than Harry & Dumbledore, but than again its your story! And the ending was perfect! great job :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it!


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Review #5, by xbeautiful_lifexSomewhere I can't bring you back: Somewhere I can't bring you back

26th October 2006:
Heyy you wanna hear something funny? I saw this fic a few days ago and I clicked on it immedietly seei ng that it was based on an Avril Lavigne song and than at the end you said that it was from my songfic challenge and I had no idea. Haha, that made me laugh.

I loved this fic alot it was beautiful and you expressed hermione's emotions very well.

In my opinion this is the most well written part of the fic:

Hermione stood at the top of the stairs swaying, tears running down her face. Her hair was glued to the pearly transparent tears that glistened in the half-light. She placed one hand on the barrister and took one step down the stairs. She paused. The marble of the steps felt cold against her bare feet. She went down another step and stopped. All these memories we’re surrounding her, so many fighting to be remembered first. She swayed and stopped. The most dreaded memory came to mind.

It's very sad, and I love it!

The only part that bothered me a little was where you used the word "hyperventilating." I dunno, it just seemed out of place there, you know? Mabey it's just me.


Author's Response: Thankyou for a great and LONG review I love constructive critism!!!

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Review #6, by xbeautiful_lifexEverything Burns: Flames

31st August 2006:
Wow. Just wow. And I mean that in a good way. I loved it. It was so sad and I honestly didn't see it coming, but I loved it all the same. You created an image of Ron being burnt away very well, I could almost see it. Great job!

Author's Response: thanks! this was just an idea that kinda attacked me in the middle of class at school.

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Review #7, by xbeautiful_lifex:

30th August 2006:
I love it alot!! The way you had everyone guessing about what was in Hermione's trunk was great and it def kept me reading. So far the characters are pretty canon too. The only thing I have to critique is this part:

It was a few hours after Harry had arrived that the family gathered for dinner outside. They had set up a few tables outside and Mrs. Weasley and Fleur were hastily taking food outside as Ginny made her way downstairs.

I think you used the word "outside" too many times there. I dunno, mabey it's just me. But honestly besides that I think the story is flawless and i can't wait till the next chapter! I rate it 10/10

Author's Response: oops I think your right! I'll have to go change that, thanks for the help! I'm glad you liked my story, I love keeping everybody guessing. Chapter 2 is in validation so hopefully it will be up soon!

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Review #8, by xbeautiful_lifexFirst Date: The First Date

30th August 2006:
I enjoyed this fic very much! It was very canon and the story fit right along with the song. I think possibly the most important thing about writing a songfic is picking the perfect song, and that's what you did! There were a few Grammer mistakes but I'm not here to be your beta, so all I'll say is that next time you may want to find a beta reader who will critique your Grammer & Spelling mistakes. This was one of my favorite parts:

“It’s beautiful,” said Hermione admiring the room.

“Yeah,” said Ron, talking about Hermione not the tree.

It made me laugh!

Another one of my favorite parts:

“Ronald, stop touching your hair. It looks cute.” Hermione said as she ruffled his hair. She loved the color of his hair, especially when it was the same color of his face.

That amused me and made me laugh again!

I love the way you put humorous parts throughout the story. It def kept me reading!! One last favorite part:

And suddenly, they were the only people in the room, and nothing else mattered.

That part was well written and one of the best parts of the fic!

It's so cool that I'm your first reviewer(unless I took too long reviewing and someone beet me to it) and I hope I was some sort of help!!

p.s. I'm putting you on my favorite authors. Can't wait to see what you cook up next ;)

Author's Response: Wow thanks for all the compliments. I'm also writing another story that should be up soon, so check back on my page every so often. grammar=not so good. I just started school again so hopefully I'll learn better grammar. Thanks.

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Review #9, by xbeautiful_lifex10 Things I Hate About James Potter: Pompous Gits and Furious Underlining

30th August 2006:
I loved it!! I loved your vocabulary and how very well you wrote her emotions. The end was very unexpecting. I thought the story was going to end with Lilly still hating James with a passion, but it ended on a lighter note. I love unexpected endings! Awesome job & great story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It could have easily ended with her still infuriated with him, but then that wouldn't be much fun. Glad you liked it! Thanks again for the review!

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Review #10, by xbeautiful_lifexConfessions of a Teenage Witch: Confessions of a Teenage Witch

29th August 2006:
I enjoyed this one! What makes it even more enjoyable is knowing that you wrote it based on your real life. But honestly, what girl doesn'r go through this kinda thing at one time in your life. Thats another good thing about this ficcy! Most people can relate to it!

Author's Response: :) :) :) I'm very happy that you like this! I love writing things based on real life because then you know all about it! Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #11, by xbeautiful_lifexA Statue in the Rain: A Statue in the Rain

29th August 2006:
I loved this oneshot alot!! What caught my attention about it wass "rain" in the title. Cuz it's been very rainy latley by me and I find it comforting. I think that the best part of the whole fic was this part:

She cried, she screamed, inside something was beating to get out. She wasn’t supposed to say that, she grabbed her head, crying, mentally berating herself for letting him know that he had impacted her so, that it still hurt to see him.

You captured her emotions so well, I loved it!

Oh & my guess for who these 2 characters are Lilly & James

Author's Response: Thank you!! Ahaha, I think I'll have to read this again because I have absolutely no idea/recollection that those lines exist, but... apparently they do, glad you liked them :)

Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by xbeautiful_lifexDon't Look Back: If It Should End

14th August 2006:
How could I hate you??? I loved it!! It was so well written and you could feel the pain & angst. Def. loved it & its going on my favorites!!!!

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Review #13, by xbeautiful_lifexAffection By Default: Lovers' Arrow

14th August 2006:
I really like this one!! It's very unique and I enjoyed it =D Its going on my favorites so I can keep track of a new chapter. Very creative & i love it!

Author's Response: *Le bows* One thank you so much for the ego boost, and thank you so much for checking out my series xbeautiful_lifex hope you like the new update ^_^

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Review #14, by xbeautiful_lifexI Could Get Used To This: I Could Get Used To This

4th August 2006:
Awesome job!! I loved it!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Read more of my stories, they rock, too, lol! Thanx again for the awesomeful review, luv ya, Delaney

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Review #15, by xbeautiful_lifexNobody Wins: Nobody Wins

4th August 2006:
Great! Just as good as the first!! I cant wait for the third.

Author's Response: Lol, the third should be up shortly, Hope you like that one too!!

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Review #16, by xbeautiful_lifexOver: Over

4th August 2006:
I liked it alot! Really good job especialy for your first time!!

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Review #17, by xbeautiful_lifexHeavily Broken: Heavily Broken

4th August 2006:
I really liked it & what was weird is that I happened to be lisening to this song when I found it!! How weird is that?? But anyways I def enjoyed it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. That's funny about the song, ^_^ Part two is up so the story can now continue. Thanks!!

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Review #18, by xbeautiful_lifexI'll Try: Live

4th August 2006:
I loved it! AT first I was like: Wait, what does this have to do with H.P.?? But you finished off really well. Good job!!

Author's Response: its not finished quite yet. a certain someone has to pick her up. that should be here within the next month. but thanks so much for reviewing. its so much fun reading these!

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Review #19, by xbeautiful_lifexSlipped Away: Slipped Away

31st July 2006:
Great story! It was very unexpected and emotional at parts. Awesome job.

Author's Response: thanks, and thanks for the review

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