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Review #1, by iluvsnoggingThe Mirror of Deen: Chapter 1: The Mirror of Deen

7th April 2007:
Wow, I really like this very interesting. You have to update soon. I am really enjoying this different side to Luna. And Harry's reaction to her. Hehe keep on writing.

Author's Response: Thanks! I just submitted the second chapter a day or so ago, so it should be up sometime in the next few days, I hope. :D

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Review #2, by iluvsnoggingHermione and Three Hearts: Tears and War

30th March 2007:
Wow very exciting. I'm a little sad for Hermione she's going through some rough love patches huh? Now what is Harry's problem seems like a player or something? That Jake guy seems like a creep to me. Well this is just my opinion but I love how this story is going! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you. I have a bunch of chapters. They may not be awsome but its always fun to just be creative. I hope you enjoy them just as much.

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Review #3, by iluvsnoggingBand Wizards Gone Wild: Muggle Studies, Concert Band Style

24th March 2007:
Well I'm glad to be the co-author of this story and your an amazing author so it makes this even more funny. And of course WE'RE SUCH BANDGEEKS TOO! Well lets keep on writing!

Author's Response: Luv Ya!!! Thanks so much, I really don't know how this story would've turned out if it weren't for you. Thanks a lot Becka, ur like an older sister to me. I really hope that our story turns out really succesful.

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Review #4, by iluvsnoggingI Love To Hate You, But I Hate To Love You: Unexpected Catfights

19th March 2007:
WOW CHICK FIGHT! GO LILY!!! I like the monkeys of course! Well hurry up with the second part I want to know more about these monkeys. Oh and see how Lily does in the fight! Well keep on writing! Love ya always your iluvsnogging friend!

Author's Response: Glad you liked the monkeys they're sort of a funny part of the story, well I'll make sure to check up on your story, thank you so much for reviewing, you will get a piece of candy, if I don't eat it first!

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Review #5, by iluvsnogging:

11th March 2007:
Wow, that was freakin' awesome! I really like this story keeping on writing!!

Author's Response: Kay, I will. :) Luff ur name! ;)

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Review #6, by iluvsnoggingLove is a noun: The Thoughts of Them Drive Her Crazy

11th March 2007:
Awesome story! Please update I'm really enjoying all the new sides of everyone especially Hermione!!

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Review #7, by iluvsnoggingWhen Jealousy Becomes the Key: Kodak Monment!

7th March 2007:
OH! ME LIKEY!! That's is pure genius my friend, pure genius!! Keep on writing I want to know more!! PLEASE! HURRY!!!

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Review #8, by iluvsnogging:

25th February 2007:
Wow you scared me at the end I thought she was going to choose Ron! I loved it! Absolutely amazing!

Author's Response: well, i love ron, but i love draco more. lol.

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Review #9, by iluvsnoggingI Love To Hate You, But I Hate To Love You: Mind Problems and Denials

5th February 2007:
HAHA "SHORTY" i loved it! OMG I neva knew Miss Silver Rose Petals could be so creative! LOL! JK can't wait for the next chapter!! keep it going!!

Author's Response: Hey I am so glad you liked it, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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