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Review #1, by DangerDogNormal Life: The decision

30th November 2007:
Nice and poignant chapter. A little short though, so why not make the next one 1 1/2 to make up for it?! That sounds like a great idea! Good job, again!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. Sorry I haven't been able to update yet. The next chapter will be longer, with telling Ginny and all. It may take some convincing for her. I hope to submit a chapter by next week. December is a tough month, Holidays, my son's b-day. Plus I am a teacher and things have been crazy lately.
Thanks for the review and faithful reading.
Keep checking back.

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Review #2, by DangerDogFire and Earth: Danger Pudding

30th August 2007:
Please come back to this story!!! Please!! Put aside grading papers for one night and add another chapter. I have been reading for about four years and I have NEVER read a story like Fire and Earth!! J.K. Rowling should read this!! Please come back to your readers!! (I hope you teach English or Literature Composition or something at school...)

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Review #3, by DangerDogPhoenix: Pheonix: Part i - Chapter 1

27th August 2007:
Very nice beginning! It is all sort of starting off a little cliche, but I like the relationships between the characters a lot. You captured a lot of real emotion there. I like your banner a lot too!

Author's Response: thanks so much for your review.
I appreciate the people who can write sentances, and give positive feedback.
Yeah...but who doesn't like

Thanks again.


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Review #4, by DangerDogUnsung Hero: Chapter 35

27th August 2007:
Nice chapter!

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Review #5, by DangerDogTime Turner Troubles: Jealous James

1st July 2007:
Nice chapter. Short and sweet. Don't like that Sirius is being used though. Maybe set him up with someone nice like Elizabeth. Or maybe just Lily. We have to get things back on track so that Harry is born somehow!!!

Author's Response: I know...I have to get James and Lily back together somehow. Anyway, thank you for reviewing my story. 8-)

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Review #6, by DangerDogTime Turner Troubles: A Plot of Revenge

18th May 2007:
Oo, this is setting up very nicely! Nice choice for a cutoff! I really want to read the next chapter now!!

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!!!! [8-)

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Review #7, by DangerDogHarry Potter and the Weight of the World: Just ask her

18th May 2007:
Sophie is freakin crazy. I don't know. Maybe its just my opinion as a boy. It is very well written and it has great flow!!

Author's Response: Sorry it took me a while to respond, but Sophia does seem a little on the crazy. So I guess that would be accurate.

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Review #8, by DangerDogWhy Us?: Facing The Task At Hand

10th May 2007:
No! No secret relationships! How long is it going to last? All that it does in my stories is take up more and more chapters when you could go into more important things! Is there going to be a bad guy? Anyway, I really did like the chapter!

Author's Response: yes secret ralationships, it makes the story more fun ;)

i will put some 'bad guy' stuff in there soon ;)

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Review #9, by DangerDogHarry Potter and Godric's Revelation: Can You Feel Me?

2nd May 2007:
Hm. it was a great chapter! There are just certain things that bother me. Where was Gryffindor during Hermione's torture. Shouldn't he be more powerful than Voldemort? Or at least a match? That's how I imagined it all. As for later, I completely understand the cliffhanger, I wonder who it is? Probably not Voldemort.

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Review #10, by DangerDogAll Alone: The Cauldron

26th April 2007:
Damn, that was like something out of The Exorcism of Emily Rose!!!

Author's Response: wow i havent even seen the exorcism of emily friend wanted me to but i was to scared! lol

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Review #11, by DangerDogWhy Us?: Back To Reality

26th April 2007:
Ron/Luna? Will that happen? Because I would like to see the Harry/Ron fight over Hermione end peacefully (if it happens at all). As for Draco, why not pair him with Ginny? They will be a couple that can give advice to everyone. Great chapter! Thanks for putting some H/Hr into my life!!

Author's Response: hehe, i am planning on getting ron/luna together...i am not sure about ginnny/draco though...maybe...

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Review #12, by DangerDogUnsung Hero: Chapter 12

25th April 2007:
Very tense chapter! The chapter was full of new things. I would like to see Daniel duel Harry. Would that be possible?

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Review #13, by DangerDogMy Best Summer: Chapter 5

23rd April 2007:
Oooh those girls are getting on my nerves already! Can you make the chapters a bit longer? I really like the story, but I am disappointed by the length of the chapter. I wonder what goes in Camoflauge?

Author's Response: Thank you for the reviews, they are much appreicated, the next chapter is awaiting validation.

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Review #14, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Back to Reality

17th April 2007:
Nooo! Don't leave me story! If you want to hear a couple story ideas. Feel free to send me a message. Here is one off the top of my head that you could do as a sequel: explore Sirius' death and the death of his parents by returning to the veil and making discoveries about possible loopholes. I am not saying don't end the story here and continue with something along those lines. You wrote this story perfectly, from start to finish. I only wish the other stories on this site were more like yours. I wish that MY stories were like this one! Good luck in the future! As long as you keep writing, you will have to sit through more of my boring reviews!! 123123182749283754293 out of 10!

Author's Response: Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

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Review #15, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Saying Goodbye

13th April 2007:
Wow- in the beginning I was kind of skeptical because the "emotional scene" (as you put it) seemed like an assembly line where they would just move down the line of people to say goodbye to. However, I loved how each group had a different type of dialogue; ranging from silence to dry jokes. By the end of the chapter I was crying. It is the ideal of all emotional chapters!

Author's Response: It was the assembly line thing I was wiorried about. Glad I managed to turn it around for you thanks for reviewing.

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Review #16, by DangerDogAll Alone: Awkward Times

10th April 2007:
classic battle plan like the broom closet! it never fails. this is quite a good story


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Review #17, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Unexpected

7th April 2007:
Snape is a good man. This was not a bad chapter at all. It was a short one again, but it was chock full of good stuff! In the beginning of the chapter, the "five" was kind of hard to decipher, but that all became clear. I just don't think that it had quite the effect that you were hoping for with that. Still, better job than I could ever do!!

Author's Response: I'm all too aware of that. I read it back and was ok I suppose...I kinda felt very indifferent about it.

I think I've lost my inspiration somewhere along the the last few chapters.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #18, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Finding Help

2nd April 2007:
o you and your cliffhangers!! how could you? lol, anyway. a great chapter as always i just always want more! could you possible add more in between the beginning and your torturous cliffhangers?

Author's Response: I'll try, I chapter will be updated when I get home from work.

Thanks for your review

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Review #19, by DangerDogAnd He Thought It Was Easy: Te Amo Draco

1st April 2007:
this story is a little too.'cosmopolitan' for my tastes. you have some good ideas running but a lot of the love triangles (or parallelograms or whatever) need to be cleaned up. i am always run to root for hermione, but i don't mind draco's character. what is harry's sexuality exactly? what is draco's? you keep saying that women fall at their feet so it gets sort of confusing. oh well, you are doing a fine job at this point!

Author's Response: lol, thanks for the review. Well basically harry has become a bit of an idiot. He is in love with both Draco and Ginny but knows without Draco he is nothing. Ron is marrying Hermion but she is in love with Harry and is having his baby. I got a bit bored of harry always being the hero so now he is the villian well sort of .. but yeah i just had to get everything down. It will get cleaned up eventually but I have my GCSES in the next couple of months so it wont be any time soon

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Review #20, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Probably Should Have Stayed Put

31st March 2007:
yes probably should have stayed put! i loved this chapter but i would have liked to hear about where harry is

Author's Response: You find all of that out in the next chapter...he's on his way.

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Review #21, by DangerDogLetter To Hermione: Hermione Haunted

31st March 2007:
great to have you back! this chapter is very well done. i like how you leak small tidbits from the past, but never too much info.

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Review #22, by DangerDogUnsung Hero: Chapter 7

31st March 2007:
nice chapter! i don't understand the whole thing. i am guessing that it is like an april fool's thing. it is really distracting! but that is their fault and not yours! keep it up

Author's Response: I know right! Wow I was like this isn't my chapter until I realized it had to be an April Fool's joke. Very distracting indeed lol

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Review #23, by DangerDogThrown Into the Past: Survival and Sacrifices

25th March 2007:
Nice chapter! The wandless magic was a good addition; as was the scars appearing on Remus' body. An idea would maybe be something like: the veil that Sirius falls through can transport people through time-they only said that he died because they had not discovered where (or should I say 'when') the other side of the veil happens to be. It would be cool to expoit that loophole.

Author's Response: Yeah actually that's a really good idea. If I can find somewhere for it in my story, or if I think of a plot around it I'll use it and credit you.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #24, by DangerDogHarry Potter and the Power of the Shadows.: The Truth Revealed to Gryffindor

23rd March 2007:
nice chapter. the background of the story is still a little confusing. i find myself agreeing with ron in the sense that harry would never do that unless he was dark. there are some things that i like about the dark wizards but i tend to dislike them all. thank you for being original and making an entertaining story!

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Review #25, by DangerDogUnsung Hero: Chapter 6

22nd March 2007:
Answer: "Absolutely Hermione, you're just my favorite."

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