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Review #1, by WaterwitchThe Darkest Night: Home

14th July 2005:
I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! This was one of your greatest stories and it was one of the first one's that I ever read on this site. It feels good to finally see how everything ends. Please update your other stories! I need something else to keep me entertained!

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Review #2, by WaterwitchThe Darkest Night: The Drakest Night (part 3)

21st June 2005:
Please let there be more. Please oh please let there be more!!!

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Review #3, by WaterwitchImpractical Love: Words of Wisdom

17th May 2005:

Author's Response: ur not supporting this? i thought u would.. ::cries in a corner::....its ok..u know i have random teh dreams v reality one..

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Review #4, by WaterwitchNever Giving Up: Never Giving Up Now

15th September 2004:
lol. I really like this one. It brought a smile to my face.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #5, by WaterwitchThe Empath: Sorry for not updating sooner>Here is why

31st July 2004:
I really like this story! It's keeping my attention and that's hard for me to say since I have an attention span of a hyperactive 4-year old.

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Review #6, by WaterwitchImpractical Love: New Truths

24th July 2004:
I'm the first reviewer for this chapter!!! If any one says other wise, I will hurt you!!! (Sorry, innerchild got the best of me)

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Review #7, by WaterwitchImpractical Love: Quidditch

22nd July 2004:
It's about freaking time that Ch.2 showed up!!! I wonder where it went for so long... anyways, thank you for giving thanks to the qudditch match, even though it did suck... I'm not worthy of writting anything qudditch... well, can't wait to see the next chapter!!!

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Review #8, by WaterwitchImpractical Love: Prologue

19th July 2004:
that wasn't writers block!!! please!!! that was just a little mild case of of stone in the way of the road leading to your story. (that dosen't make sense now that it is typed... made better sense in my mind.) can't wait to see what's next!!!

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Review #9, by WaterwitchProfessor Evans: The Things You Do For Love

16th July 2004:
I love your story. It was keeps me interested eveytime I read it. It's about time that Lily addmited to herself and to everyone else that she loves James.

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Review #10, by WaterwitchHope Admist the Dark, Mistrust Admist the Light: Gasping for Air

16th July 2004:
I love this story!!! It is one of my favorites of all time. I love it that it has the whole fairy tale theme to it!!!

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Review #11, by WaterwitchBy Any Other Name: A different View

13th July 2004:

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Review #12, by WaterwitchAn Ideal Match: Chapter 1 - Finding Out

21st May 2004:
I love your stories!!! They are great!!! You are one of my favorite authors!!!

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Review #13, by WaterwitchSurvive: Finding out

19th May 2004:
What is she going to do to him?!?!?! I must know!!! Oh, thanks for making me your favorite author and favorite story. I fell so loved!!! oh, before I forget, I like the first chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I love your story, so thats why its a fave! I'm glad you liked this story!

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Review #14, by WaterwitchI Missed You: She was so brave!

10th May 2004:
good, good!!!

Author's Response: thanx thanx!

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Review #15, by WaterwitchBy Any Other Name: A bit of business

8th May 2004:
I love this story so far!!! I wanna know what happens next!!!

Author's Response: Hehe thanks

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Review #16, by WaterwitchI Missed You: WHY HER?!

27th April 2004:
I likes, I likes!!!

Author's Response: Thankies! Thankies!

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Review #17, by WaterwitchThe bonds of love: The bonds of love

21st April 2004:
In my opinion, it is vey sweet and extermley cute. Keep it up!!!

Author's Response: Thanx very much for your review and I'm glad u liked it!

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