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Review #1, by nevyn06The Twentieth Of May: Chapter Three: Hermione

27th February 2008:
Oh wow,

Its pretty rare for me to tear up when reading stories like this, but you had the lump in my throat and the tears were on their way. The emotion that you conveyed in this story was incredible... The characterisation was excellent, and i particually loved how even though harry had lost it, there was some resemblance of self. You continue you amaze me... I'm counting the days til you get published.. lol


Author's Response: Heh, I'm counting the days too. That'll be fun. This piece was so interesting to write. I'm not a Ron writer, but using him here was ... a learning experience, I guess. And it was all about the emotion in this one. I put as much as I could into it, and it was draining, I can tell you that ;)

Calling you Nev gives me the giggles, but I'll push past them to say I'm very glad you enjoyed this and even gladder that you took the time to leave a review. Your opinion means a lot. Thank you.

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Review #2, by nevyn06Easy: Easy

16th February 2008:

Just read the story fully, your right, totally different to your usual stuff, but i'm not dissapointed. Its always good to challange yourself and try to write something different. Congrats on acheiving the effective run-on sentances. :-)

Author's Response: Heh, knew your curiosity would get the better of you and you'd rock up to read this. I'm pleased you think I did well. Thanks, nev :p

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Review #3, by nevyn06Immature: Worry

26th July 2007:
I really enjoyed the first chapter. :-) I think Jennifer could be something of a problem. LOL Anyways keep up the good work. Oh and btw i have added another chapter to my story (i noticed you gave me a review) So if you want too, go have a read. :-) Thnx again


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Review #4, by nevyn06The Long Black Veil: The Long Black Veil

25th June 2007:
Hey there,

Long time no see (on these pages anyway) :-) I really loved this story. It had an awe about it. The way you write, its just so, fluid. (if thats the right word to use) Every word fits together perfectly. Kudos on a great piece of writing.


Author's Response: Welcome back, I do hope you're going to stick around this time. I like to think this is one of my better one-shots, so I'm glad you agree.

I'll see you around! *giggles* Nev *giggles some more* I'm so going to tease you for that. Thanks!

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