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Review #1, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Guilt.

31st March 2012:
GUH. Ok first of all this took me a stupidly long time to finally read. Grad school, hate life, etc. But fear not! I'm here now! And this chapter was truly wonderful, totally worth the wait! I think this may actually be my favorite chapter yet! you describe the marauder's relationship and dynamic with/without James so perfectly. And the moment with Sirius and Lily were just... gah. lovely. And I have a feeling that James found out what happened to Lily and um... ruffled some feathers in the Slytherin house haha. As for it being the beginning of something... I'm not entirely sure, but I'll ponder it. Does it have to do with Kael? Because I sense him kind of moving into the picture here and I'm slightly worried that if the marauders take their dreamcatcher back Lily will become interested in him... bleh. Update soon please!!!

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Review #2, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: Endings

12th February 2012:
YES!!! Just what I hoped would happen! This was great and it totally couldn't have ended any other way! And I love how she got back with Scorpius. so perfect! Anyways, I can't wait for the last chapter (sob). thank you for such an amazing story!

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Review #3, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Daydreams.

4th February 2012:
YOU!!! You have to stop leaving me in suspense... oh god. This chapter was AMAZING!!! and you are amazing!!! and willl you pleasee post the next chapter soon? I have a feeling it might be one of the other marauders who found her? But I'm not sure... I'm sure you'll surprise us :P As for the dreams... i have theories? But I'm not quite sure how to articulate them if that makes sense... I'll work on it :P Anyways, this was amazing, you're amazing, everything is amazing and you better update soon!

Author's Response: ME? Hehe, thank you. I feel so evil with that little cliffhanger. Oh, work on it! I want to hear your theories :) I love hearing peoples guesses, they excite me! YOU'RE AMAZING. I'm working on having the next chapter up soon because I feel guilty leaving everyone on edge hehe. Thank you!

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Review #4, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: Yet Another Emotional Breakdown

1st February 2012:
oh god. ok I really do just love scorpius, as much of an idiot as he is. SUCH an idiot... but he's totally right. I don't want this story to end!! I can't wait to read the rest! update soon please!

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Review #5, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

1st February 2012:
ok i must say, this chapter totally validated my irrational reason for wanting scorpius and rose to get back together... but SHe'S ENGAGED?!? Geez, you really know how to throw me for a loop... Curious to see how this turns out! Great chapter!

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Review #6, by Looney Loopy LauraLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Yelling, Snogging, And Dancing 101

10th January 2012:
gah sorry it's taken me so long to read this! But it was SO GOOD! You HAVE to update soon please!! I really just wanted James and Lily to snog there at the end, but alas... I guess I'll just have to wait.

Also, I love that you've made Peter a real character... like not just mentioned occasionally in the background. When they were blurting out things, I was almost dying. I love this “I caught Frank watching a television program about a high school show choir in the U.S.”... so good!

so update son please! i mean, I totally get not wanting to end the story. I get that way too about my stories because after it's over it's like "what do I do with my life now?" but I want to know what hapens!

Author's Response: I like Peter! I know canon but sometimes I just go off and make up my own rules... He's not mean in this story like he is in the books because as a teenager he has a mind of his own :) I didn't wanna make him easily manipulated in my story. I let Peter converse every now and then :P

Bear with me! I'm going to update Cry For You this weekend so by next week expect the next chapter for L&B to be either finished, or in the queue!

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Review #7, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: Double Negative

6th January 2012:
Gosh I'm just having the same struggle over and over again... I DO really like Tom. so much. He's so nice! But... Rose keeps thinking about Scorpius and she may SAY she doesn't love him but I think she does. and I still kind of want them to get back together. Sigh you have the post the next chapter soon please!!!

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Review #8, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Happy Hazel.

1st January 2012:
Bah i cant believe it took me so long to read this. But it was AMAZING!!! Just perfect. When you said that the marauders would fall apart without james i almozt died. And the bit with remus and lily, you write subtleties SO well. Gah. And the end!!! Oh god it was so good. You HAVE to update soon or else :)

Author's Response: Hey you! I can't believe it either - rude! Haha but seriously, thank you! I KNOW I'M SO GLAD YOU PICKED UP ON THAT BECAUSE THEY DO! THEY DO FALL APART WITHOUT HIM WAH! Mahhh I've literally been working seven days a week but as soon as it lets up I will be flooding you with updates :) YOU BETTER DO THE SAME. Thank you!

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Review #9, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #26-28

3rd December 2011:
ahhh yay I loved this! Their relationship is so sweet, you've unfolded it so perfectly so far! When James said "That sounds nice,” he finally said, quietly. “Us.” I almost died. so cute. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: thanks for coming back!! glad you liked it :)
and don't you love that line?? I have to say...I'm particularly proud of it!

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Review #10, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Awake.

30th November 2011:
ok first off, sorry that it's taken me an ungodly amount of time to read this! But this was a GREAT chapter!!! I loved loved loved the interaction between Lily and James but I REALLY want to know what Lily was thinking the entire time... I think her bruise might be from one of the dreams she's been having? Or something like that? I'm not very sure... and WHAT happened to James?! Did he pass out or run into a tree or something?! Goodness you're going to have to update soon...

Also I laughed out loud at the marauders when Remus was reciting his potion and Peter goes "you're scarily productive". so perfect. Awesome chapter, can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! You are right, and if you go back and read carefully you should be able to figure exactly where the bruise came from :) Haha I won't say anymore about James, because you'll see in the next chapter and it's fun to be withholding.

Thank you thank you thank you! I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I can :)

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Review #11, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #23-25

16th November 2011:
yaaay they're finally together!!! That was so perfect! James is just adorable. Great chapter! Are you going to have more? Please?

Author's Response: yaaay! haha :) glad you enjoyed it! isn't he?
yes, there will be more, I promise!
thanks so much for reviewing again!

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Review #12, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Temperamental.

5th November 2011:
WHEN are you going to have Lily find out!?! That dream gave me goosebumps by the way. And when will Lily and James interact?! BAH why did you have to write such a captivating story? Update soon please!

Author's Response: Haha, she'll find out... eventually. I might be evil for a little while yet! It gave you goosebumps? Aw thanks! (I hope in a good way???) There is some Lily/James interaction in the next chapter, don't worry. I've finally set everything up, so the action begins in the next chapter :)

Thank you so much! I'll have the next chapter up son.

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Review #13, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: The Contenders

19th October 2011:
fjdsklgjdklf;a you can't just leave it on that. I demand more! please?! I don't know how I feel about this... I mean, I like Tom a lot, but I just can't get over how much I want Rose to be with Scorpius still despite how big of a turd he is. Oy, my head hurts. Update soon please!

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Review #14, by Looney Loopy LauraStill Delicate: Awkward.

19th October 2011:
aww I actually quite like Tom. He's so sweet and nice, but as much as Scorpius pisses me off, I can't get HIM out of my head either... Oy you've confused me thoroughly. I don't know WHO I want her to end up with!

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Review #15, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Happy Again.

16th October 2011:
YAAAYYY!!! I love it when I se updates from you. I really enjoyed reading Peter's perspective. It's not something I often find and you did it REALLY well. The way you described James and Sirius's relationship was... oh, it was just PERFECT. I was kind of trying hard not to cry, it was such a good description. And spot on, my best friend and I are just like that, too. Despite the lack of dialogue, I was really captivated by this chapter and the rest of your story in general :) You do a great job of keeping us interested in what the characters are describing. I can't WAIT until the next chapter! Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was nervous about writing Peter because I know how we all feel about him, but I think it's important. And yeah, I'm really glad that I seem to be getting Sirius/James across as I want it. BROMANCE. I love them. Thank you! I love your reviews, hehe, I look forward to them every update :) I'm SWAMPED right now but I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible. thankyouthankyouthankyou

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Review #16, by Looney Loopy LauraDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter Fifteen

12th October 2011:
Hurray i love when you update! This chapter was great and i cant wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: Unfortunately I'm terrible at updating regularly, but thank you so much!

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Review #17, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #21-22

5th October 2011:
djsklgjdkf;a oh my goodness. This chapter was SO good. I can't wait to see James's reaction to the kiss! Gosh, and I know exactly how Lily feels, not being able to tell James. Been there, done that. Yuck, it sucks! But I'm so glad she kissed him!!! Can't wait for more! Great update!

Author's Response: haha thank you thank you thank you! you are too kind :)
you'll get more as soon as I can update, I promise!
thanks so much for reviewing again :D

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Review #18, by Looney Loopy LauraDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter Fourteen

21st September 2011:
bwah what did they do!?!? You HAVE to update soon please!!! This is so good and I'm super curious to find out what happens next! Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: I'm totally not laughing evilly as I type out this response. Not at all. ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Looney Loopy LauraDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter Thirteen

21st September 2011:
oooh yay I was so excited when I saw new chapters up! glad your brother is doing ok :) Great chapter!!! I'm really curious to see what these security measures of Petunia's are... I get a bad feeling about it.

Author's Response: Thank you, dear. That's so sweet of you.

You should get a bad feeling whenever Petunia makes a big decision. It's usually not going to benefit anyone other than herself.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Orphan.

21st September 2011:
ahhh this was so good! I was really hoping there'd be more, I just want to keep reading! I really liked hearing James's POV! I think you really capture the tragedy of the situation well without making it depressing...More please! Update soon!

Author's Response: YOU'RE SO GOOD! ahem... I'm so sorry they haven't been longer, I've just been super swamped. I'm working on that, though, and hopefully they'll be getting longer and longer from here on in. If only to keep you happy heh heh heh. Thank you so much, I'm glad I'm not depressing you too much and that you're still liking it. YOU UPDATE SOON... ahem :)

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Review #21, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #19-20

14th September 2011:
fjdkgljdka;f DAMN you know how to write some romance. These lines:

"something inside of him sighed, I guess, and said, ‘Oh. There she is.’”

"the first thing James said to me when he met me was ‘You know what? I think I just found my soulmate’. I mean, I didn’t even get a ‘Hi, I’m James Potter. Nice to meet you!’”

... were absolutely perfect. I love James. so so so so so much. And you HAVE to update soon please!

Author's Response: haha why thank you :)

yeah- if only REAL (as opposed to fictional) men would say things like that...*sigh*

anyways- thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: Hope.

10th September 2011:
Gah you can't leave me on that. I want to see Lily's reaction when she finds out what happened!!! PLEASE post more soon, though I know you're busy. Good luck with teaching!

Author's Response: I'll try and have some more up as soon as possible. I only have a week left of my rounds so life will soon go back to normal and I will be the update queen! The QUEEN, I tell you. Thank you thank you thank you :)

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Review #23, by Looney Loopy LauraDreamcatcher: People Watching.

10th September 2011:
I absolutely love the way you describe the Marauders. That entire scene I just kept imagining them walking in slow motion with wind in the hair like when they show hot guys in the movies...? Am I making sense or do I just sound like an idiot... what I mean to say is that I really liked it haha. But I feel so bad for James... I hope Lily finds out what happened soon?

Also, SORRY i didn't review sooner. I moved halfway across the country and haven't had internet until now :(

Author's Response: No no that's EXACTLY how I imagined it. Every time I write the Marauders coming into a room or anything it's always like slow-motion, silhouetted in the doorway with mood music. Possibly they strike a pose. People turn and gasp... Hahaha. So I'm glad you got a similar picture :P

Don't apologise. Apologise for not updating YOURS! I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation, haha. I hope your move went well and that you're safe and sound :)

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Review #24, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #16-18

10th September 2011:
oh my god that James Potter makes me anxious. WHY won't he ask her to the ball? You write the anxiety of having a crush and dances SO well.

also, you CAN'T leave us on that... that's just cruel. I'm literally on the edge of my seat here and you BETTER put the next chapter up soon. Please. Ok thanks.

Author's Response: and...thanks again!!!
I know, doesn't he? he should have...but alas...hmm...don't want to reveal any plot suprises here...hehe :D
and I won't, I won't. there's more coming!! :)
thanks again!

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Review #25, by Looney Loopy LauraStupid: Stupid Secrets: #14-15

10th September 2011:
I absolutely love how you describe Lily's crush on James throughout this story. How she wants to avoid him and never talk to him, its so perfect because that's EXACTLY how you feel when you have a crush... except you still get excited when you see them. Also, I love the locking eyes incidents. I couldn't tear my eyes off the screen. My flatmates could have set our apartment on fire and I probably wouldn't have noticed. SUCH a good story, have I mentioned that?

Author's Response: awww smank you! :D
isn't that so true?? at least that's how I feel...haha and Lily, too, apparently! ;)
anywho..thanks so much for reviewing!
ps- haha yes, I believe you did say that once or twice...hehe thanks!!

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