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Review #1, by hagen5690Harry and the Unexpected Christmas: Harry and the Unexpected Christmas

6th October 2008:
WOW!! my name is Severus-is-my-man5690 on fanfictionnet...i have always seen this story and FINALLY read it on THIS website! lol i never read it on ffnet...for some reason...i love it! ill read the sequel!

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Review #2, by hagen5690Prongslet: Forgiveness

14th May 2007:
did u post something like this on fanfictionnet?. cuz either i read this here before or i read it there. and i like this

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Review #3, by hagen5690Resolution: Battle in Darkness

6th May 2007:
i like this

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Review #4, by hagen5690Resolution: On the Coast

12th April 2007:
ok hi again. it seemed that in the last one u made vineet the main hero person. i would like to see if u could make harry the main hero peron in this story like in the first. i do like these, and i noticed the way u spelled airplane (u must be british. I LOVE BRITISH ACCENTS!) this is good i like it. u add a lot of detail

Author's Response: Hate to disappoint. I have a flat midwestern American accent. I don't usually mess with the spellings, but I like "aeroplane" . Doesn't that look more like it could fly than "airplane"? Just doesn't look as bouyant.

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Review #5, by hagen5690Haunted: Epilogue: Diagon Alley

3rd February 2007:
Ok hi again. is this the last chapter of the story? it says epilogue, i dont really know what an epilogue is though. is it the end of a story? well. . . if it is the last chapter i have to say congradulations on the two stories that have been a good success. i loved them and i enjoy all ur stories, as u seem to take all the aspects that i like.
hope u write more stories. Thanks again for the good plots.

Author's Response: It is the last chapter: Epilogue is the last chapter, its like a rounding up chapter, thought some authors don't put epilogue. Its like a prologue, the round up BEFORE the story. Not everyone uses it.

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Review #6, by hagen5690Revolution: New Paths

12th December 2006:
nice second part to the story i truely loved it. keep going with these and i think u may be the most read author on this site.

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Review #7, by hagen5690Haunted: The Long Road Home (Pt. 3)

16th November 2006:
hi,me again. great chapter. my word i am so hyper today.(just wanted to blurt that out) anyways this is a great story even if it is moving along slowly.

Author's Response: Sorry, i am going to rehash a few chapters.

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Review #8, by hagen5690A New Strength: Chapter 6

4th September 2006:
i have to say this is not the first fanfiction i have read yet it is the best! i love it thanks for writing it. u ROCK!

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Review #9, by hagen5690A New Strength: Chapter 1

3rd September 2006:
wow u have interesting little coments. i like 'em. u rock with these stories, i love it when snape is nice to harry and not the evil death eater bent on killing him. good job on the earlier story and this.

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Review #10, by hagen5690Resonance: Like a Hell-Broth Boil and Bubble

17th July 2006:
still lovin it

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Review #11, by hagen5690Resonance: Transformations

16th July 2006:
this is the best harry potter fanfic i have ever read!!!!!! i stayed up till well past 10 in the mornign reading it, i never went to bed!
u should make more!
u may have made more, but this was the first on on this site that i read
i picked it for its longevity, GO U!

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