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Review #1, by Wolfsbane93Library Assistant: Chapter Thirteen

29th August 2007:
Hmm I dunno about the name change, I think you should stick to the original ;)

I hope you write a lot more soon! Pretty pretty please =D

Author's Response: I will stick with LA. But watch out for the title with the sequel.

I will be updating soon. :]


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Review #2, by Wolfsbane93Cara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: The Transition;

11th July 2007:
AH! I saw ootp at midnight! XD
i think yates really rushed through the whole thing and it should have been longer.

and anyway...yes you updated! wonderful! ILY! =D
and soon and consecutive would mean today? =D


Author's Response: yeah. thats exactly it. i dont think some of us HP fans would mind an extra 45 minutess. loll. =]

thanks !!!

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Review #3, by Wolfsbane93Cara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: No;

10th July 2007:
I cannot wait for the new story, perhaps it will me more addicting then this one?

When are you going to start the new one?

p.s. did i say i can't wait, cus i can't!!

Author's Response: ill do my very bestt.
thankss =]
ive started, ill post probably tomorrow. the day after? latestt possible friday=]

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Review #4, by Wolfsbane93Cara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: Fall To Pieces;

9th July 2007:
AH PLOT TWIST! and i thought the story couldn't get any more addicting and filled with awesome!

i kept asking myself if there was someway to communicate without owling? like James' two-way mirror.can those get intercepted?


Author's Response: ahh. i dont think so. but i always want to say like - she called him? you know? like. it seems like such an inconvinience to have to write letters/stick your head in the fire.

thanks !!!!!!!! =]]

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Review #5, by Wolfsbane93Cara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: This Is A Suitable Valedictory;

8th July 2007:
I really, really love this story. As in more than anything else on this site perhaps! I love your style of writing and how you update so much. and I just love everything about it and you.

keep writing! =D you should write a book someday, i would buy it.

that made my dayyy =]

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. thats so amazingg. so so so so so amazing.

thank you so very, very much=]

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Review #6, by Wolfsbane93♥ Unwell ♥: Crushing and Blushing and a Really Nice Tan

30th June 2007:
write more! the story is addicting =D

Author's Response: aw, thank u so much!

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Review #7, by Wolfsbane93Cara Sterling's Guide to 1976.: We've Only Just Begun;

29th June 2007:
happy friday! i hope the next chapter is up soon, this story is addictive! Update please!! =D

Author's Response: i promise, updates, maybe two today, i am so sorry i disappeared for three days lol.


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Review #8, by Wolfsbane93Chained To Reality: A closeup of Katrine Delaine

24th December 2006:
I LOVE IT! please write more!!

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Review #9, by Wolfsbane93When The Full Moon Rises: Secrets Reviled

3rd August 2006:
I love your story!!!! keep writing, it's really good and I really mean that. Really really good!!! hurry and updateeee!!

Author's Response: YAY i'm so glad you like it! I'm completly in love with this story. *Cradles* its my baby!

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Review #10, by Wolfsbane93Masque: What Else Is New?

27th July 2006:
I wanted to comment on your other story "Less Than human" It reminds me of this book I read called "Maximmum Ride The Angel Expirament" And that main characters are really the results of an expirament by mad scientists, and they grafted avian DNA into them as babies and now they have wings and later in the story they develop special powers. One of the few science fiction books I like.

Author's Response: I think on of my friends was telling me about that book, she said it was really good. I read pretty much anything though.

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