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Review #1, by Airiana SkiA Final Farewell: Michael The Grump

28th March 2007:
I have to say that the three of you have very different writing styles, but they sorta flow... or something... naw I just need more suger so I can stop being smart. But this chapter rocked. You now get *counts on fingers* 4 plates... wait... 2 plates of cookies and a plate of cupcakes in reward for writing this story thus far. I woulda given you a plate per chapter but I wouldn't want you three to fight over the fourth plate... and cupcakes seem like a good idea ;) Love the story, and uh... I'll review you later? yeah... that works!

Author's Response: don't worry... Michael would cower in fear that Ryan or I would hit him for the fourth plate... and then I'd threaten Ryan and get it hahahaha. Anyway, I'll tell Michael you gave us cupcakes. He's taken a liking to his character and become obsessed with cupcakes haha. thank you for the reviews... YOU ROCK~

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Review #2, by Airiana SkiA Final Farewell: Quidditch Tryouts

28th March 2007:
This story is rather amusing. I love how all three of you are writing it together. If I tried to write a story with two of my friends it would turn out scary random... -.-', but anyways, love the story, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: welcome to Sarah's Palace (aka my world). Yeah... I'm surprised ours isn't random and I frequently have to fix some of their ideas in fear that things will go haywire. thanks and I could love you for leaving these reviews!

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Review #3, by Airiana SkiA Final Farewell: Gryffindor Common Room Commotion

28th March 2007:
Hahahaha... she was attacked with a broomstick... and yeah, I'm easily amused. This chapter didn't have too much excitement, but you made up for it with humor. Nice job!

Author's Response: again, thanks. Ryan ruined it so I had to make it better. now he's being a dork about it... oh well it'll get loads better.

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Review #4, by Airiana SkiA Final Farewell: Too Much Excitement

28th March 2007:
Very interesting so far. I like how you introduced the characters without giving to much away, but rather showing what their personalities are (I pay way too much attention during school.). Good story!

Author's Response: thanks so much! I love writing, and yet following in the rules... only bending them slightly. thanks for the review too... I miss reviews... :D

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Review #5, by Airiana SkiOne World, Two Universes: Another Prisoner

20th March 2007:
That was really good! The emotion in this fic is so vivid it affected me. To be able to write something sad and cause the readers to be truly sad as well is an amazing achievement, kudos! I really liked it, and it was a really original idea. I think you could improve a little bit in grammar and spelling, there were just a couple mistakes, but they weren't too bad. For this story you get one plate of chocolate cookies since it rocked my socks. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the chocolate cookies, yummy, and also for the review of course. I'm really glad you liked it, about the mistakes, I suppose I'll ask a beta reader to correct day.. =p

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Review #6, by Airiana SkiTime Could Change Everything: Mad World

16th November 2006:
Wow, very unexpected ending there, but I liked it. Especially the whole 'everything is just a big chain of events' thing; you explained it beautifully. This was a really good story, though I was rather surprised that the only romance going on was Lily and James, and even then it was minimal, but it was a great story nonetheless. Great story, and keep up the wonderful writing! (PS: For this fabulous story you get a cookie! :) )

Author's Response: ^^ Thank you! I'm so glad so many people seem to like the ending. And I'm quite proud of the 'chain reaction thing' too, so I'm happy you liked it! ;)

As for the romance.. well. :D It wasn't a romance story; that's it. :) I focused on the action and adventure more. ;) But I couldn't resist putting in some James/Lily. *blushes*

Anyways, thanks again! And double thanks for the cookie! ^_^ *hugs*

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Review #7, by Airiana SkiGood: Good

5th November 2006:
Wow. I must say that I am a fan of slash, but when I first saw your pairing I was shocked. Crabbe and Goyle? Gay? It seemed crazy, but this one shot was really cute and really sweet, even a little sad. Kudos for making the most inconcieveable couple work well.

(PS: 8 because it is just so out of character)

Author's Response: You think it's out of character? :p Really? It COULD actually be true in canon, but I don't think Jo would mention it if it was. And no, I don't really believe that. Thanks for the 8!

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Review #8, by Airiana SkiThe Where-Wolf: The Where-Wolf

5th November 2006:
That was such a beautiful story. I loved how young and naive Remus was. Your ability to write in such an innocent way is a great gift and it amazes me. Kudos for your story and I am giving you a cookie :). The reason I rated it 9 is that it is a oneshot. Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful oneshot (especially since it actually got me to rate it) I just happen to love longer stories.

Author's Response: I thought about making it longer but in the end I think it worked better as a short piece, considering the point of view and it being like a children's story. And thank you very much for the cookie, maybe it will help me write more!

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Review #9, by Airiana SkiA Tale of Cinderella: Unexpected Endowment

29th August 2006:
I loved that! It was a very good plotline, especially having Hermione find out it was Draco before he found out it was her. I also liked how your story was just everything leading up to them having a relationship, and not the actual relationship. Keep up the great writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! Hm... well that's what happened in the movie and plus it was a lot easier to write it that way when it was in Hermione POV most of the time =). Yeahh it's just the pre-relation, no one ever pointed that out before! Hm, I guess that is different lol. Thanks for the nice reivew and I'm glad you liked it!!!

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Review #10, by Airiana SkiMy Old Love: Someone...The Way I Choose To Be

31st July 2006:
She is talking to Draco.I think.

Author's Response: aiee, no. she's not im afriad, its mcglaggen...cormac dude. thanks for trying!

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Review #11, by Airiana SkiLove Me Please.: No? Why Not?

31st July 2006:
I say she was talking to Malfoy about Ron. If I'm wrong please email me at Thanks!

Author's Response: will do, but i'll tell you now its half right: not malfoy but it is about ron. well done!

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Review #12, by Airiana SkiHome Ec.: A Very Storng Maybe

29th July 2006:
Fabulous story! Poor Dean, being stuck with Lavendar, though. It was a very good idea for a story, and I loved it! :)

Oh, and an epilouge would be very appreciated!

Author's Response: See the previous review for my epilogue. I'm feeling sorry for Seamus, dean was with Hannah Abott I believe, but either way, anyone with Lavender should be pittied. Thankies for the review~Kait

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Review #13, by Airiana SkiLily and James: An Extremely Long and Lame Title for a Collection of Parodies for Them: Parody/Really Lame One-Shot Number One

28th July 2006:
That was the most fabuously horrid thing I have ever read in my life. Kudos to you! It was so very bad that it wasgood. And really funny because of how much you exagerated(sp?). Overall I think it was relatively good, but only cause it was so bad, andits patheticness made it funny!

Author's Response: : ), glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #14, by Airiana SkiThe Baby Project: Hogsmeade and the Visiting Viktor

27th July 2006:
This is a fabulous story. The Ron Dean and Lavendar scenes are great. And the Draco Hermione arguing scenes are great as well. Little Blaise is adorable!

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Review #15, by Airiana SkiHogwarts, A Musical: Thank you for the Music.

20th July 2006:
awesome story! You rule!

Author's Response: why thank you!

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Review #16, by Airiana Skia new way of seeing things: Doubling your wardrobe

11th July 2006:
That was amazingly funny, I commend you for your abilities, and I love the plot so far.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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