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Review #1, by manweUnder the surface: Under the surface

3rd November 2007:
it was extremely good, i enjoyed it very much. Both characters were very good. 10 points

Author's Response: Thanks!! :) It means a lot to me that you think so.

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Review #2, by manweThe Closest Thing To Caring: The Butterfly Effect (August)

17th July 2007:
well, i liked the first chapter. your story is very promising. i am really really curious about the next chapter. please update as soon as you can. i am very curious how Tom and Irene will get to know each other.

Author's Response: Thank you, especially about my story having promise. :) I really have faith in this story. The next chapter should be posted around August 5 or 6 (as I have already written it and I'm going to post it when I get back from vacation).

Oh, the fun I have next chapter...

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Review #3, by manweParadise Lost: Prologue: This, I remember

18th April 2007:
it was good, i am waiting for the next chapter. hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for being my first reviewer and I hope you'll read my next chapters.

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Review #4, by manweA Moment Suspended In Time: A Moment Suspended In Time

15th March 2007:
i really liked it, the banner was also excellent. Congratulations for both.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Yes, the banner is excellent, thanks to smile06! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by manweEquals: Chapter 1: Meeting an Equal

28th February 2007:
I enjoyed it:)

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Review #6, by manweA Holiday Miracle: A Holiday Miracle

1st February 2007:
i enjoyed it:), especially the end, it must have been interesting for the slytherins to be wished merry christmas after this

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for the nice review! :)

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Review #7, by manweA Dark Romance: 5. The Second Realisation

5th December 2006:
I read your story yesterday. It is very good. I like stories in which Tom Riddle is involved. It was really fun to read it. Though i dont understand something, at the end, why did tom not use legimelency to see if emily is telling the truth? Anyway, congratulations!

Author's Response: hey manwe! thanks fo reading it. hmm... the reason tom didnt use legimency i think is mostly because i didnt think of it. :D but aside from that, sometimes evil people are the ones that dont understand that others would lie to them. love and hurt may have clouded his judgment. but thanks again for leaving a comment! xkei

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