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Review #1, by DiffyUniting Opposites: Chapter 10: Realities And Dreamscapes

12th April 2007:
OMG!- Ian and suien kissing! So sweet!! *hugs, I mean, bows* Ok, sorry, I had to get that out... I love asian culture so i think the idea of a straight guy treating a cute guy like a girl is adorable. (In western society that would never happen as im sure you're aware. If it did the straight guy would be classed as bi-curious.) Anyway, very, very cute chapter. Suien must be smaller than I thought if ian can carry him around like that. Suprisingly, im glad the boys won't go any further than that. If they did it would probably ruin the beauty of their friendship. Although, "I might make an exception for you if you dress up like a girl, then you’d be just my type-" made me laugh. Ian is such a flirt, lol. (Oh btw, my starsign is virgo. I thought you were too because of the emphasis on perfection :) )

Author's Response: hehe, i'm glad you enjoyed it ^__^
it wasn't a "real" kiss anyway, just a very innocent brushing of lips. and i'm aware that in our world in western culture such behaviour is completely ridiculous (what a shaaame...), but my world is luckily very much of an AU ;)
yes, suien is really small and thin, whereas ian is of average to athletic height and build, which adds to the reasons for his way of treating suien - some protective insticts might be kicking in...
thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #2, by DiffyUniting Opposites: Chapter 9: Shattered Idols

3rd April 2007:
A whole chapter dedicated to me!

Author's Response: your very welcome ^__^ thanks again for your reviews!

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Review #3, by DiffyUniting Opposites: Chapter 8: Changing Faces

27th March 2007:
Ah! Half tenma are hunted down and killed during their eleventh year! Poor suien better watch out *hopes he learns some anti-tenma skills*

Im guessing arashi is suiens twin now the link has been established. They must have been separated at birth :(

Juliana seems cool, she will be a massive help for the boys in the near-future, hmm. Eagerly awaiting the chapter dedicated to me, lol! :)

Author's Response: things are a bit more complicated than that ;) remember suien saying that his grandfather etc were present at his birth? why should they have abandoned arashi and/or kept her secret from suien? i'm not saying they aren't twins, though, see further chapters for confirmation or falsification ;)

don't worry about suien being hunted down by tenma, there are none in this world, so unless he's stupid enough to become a transgrediator and get in their way ~~

yay, juliana is way cool ^_^ only character in this story i didn't at least partly base off the canon-characters of my usual dreamworlds. she's a bit in the background at the moment since i destroyed her own personal storyline because i realized that it was more realistical this way, let's see whether it comes back or she finds another way of entering the foreground Ó.ò *incapable author* all i know at the moment is that in chapter 12 her secret will be revealed, hehe.

thanks for the review ^__^

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Review #4, by DiffyUniting Opposites: Chapter 7: Creatures Most Evile

22nd March 2007:
surely suien can't be a pure tenma demon, he is too nice!

Perhaps his great, great, great, great grandfather was one, and suien is 90% human? I can hardly see him going around killing and torturing people. (Or maybe that is where this story is going, lol.)

Update soon! :)

Author's Response: thanks for the review ♥

well, since the story is written from suien's point of view i think it'd be pretty hard to miss if he had homicidal tendencies ;) as to what exactly he is... you'll see >D

i'm currently writing chapter 12, so all the waiting you have to endure is because of the evil validation queue XD chappie 8 has been in there for the last 8 days, i guess it should be out today ^_^;;

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Review #5, by DiffyUniting Opposites: Chapter 5: The First Supper

28th February 2007:
I loved Ian getting frisky at the end, lol. Looking foward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks ^_^ the next chapter is being validated, let's see how long it takes...

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