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Review #1, by bubblykidBreaking free: Breaking Free

24th November 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #2, by bubblykidMy One True Love: Hogwarts Express

13th October 2006:
would ya like me 2 make a banner?
go 2 my webpage!

Author's Response: ye a would luv 1 thnx!

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Review #3, by bubblykidWhich Witch is Which: The Package

13th October 2006:
would u like me 2 make u a banner??
go 2 my webpage if ya wonna!!

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Review #4, by bubblykidHow long is forever?: New friends, detentions and..... broomsticks?

11th October 2006:
really gd!!
keep on goin dude!

Author's Response: O.K dude

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Review #5, by bubblykidPromise Me You'll Never Cry: Prologue: One Last Kiss

6th October 2006:
i can make you a banner
go on my account and go on my website
if you want one write it on the comment board and then email me your requests!
by the way very good!

Author's Response: Hi bubblykid! Thank-you for the kind offer. Someone from the Dark Arts just picked up my request so I'm all good. Can I ask you for a different story?

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Review #6, by bubblykidThe 11 Commandments of the Marauders: Returning to Hogwarts

21st September 2006:
good story quite liked it
i was wondering how you got banners from dark arts?
is it a link or something???

Author's Response: uh, no. you go to and then, go to the requesting thread for HPFF. you may have to start an account to requestion though .

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Review #7, by bubblykidHome: Home

19th September 2006:
thats quite cool
thanx for my review too
i loved it!!!
i gave it 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #8, by bubblykidFriend or Foe?: UH OH!!!!

18th September 2006:
Good, gotta go now, bye bye see you evil scriem dsailufdklfjeflkroipserufv

Author's Response: right good comment but thanks

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Review #9, by bubblykidSome Day soon: Someday soon

18th September 2006:
good story
sorry i didnt review it earlier

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #10, by bubblykidHairy Potter and the disasterous train ride: The killer banana

7th September 2006:
you were right that it was written by a crazy person
really good!!
you have a lot of spelling mistakes
check your work cos you have left a few words out
its CHAV not CHAFF!!!!
good story though
very interesting

Author's Response: Thanks georgie. I have already checked it through. Am i really that crazy?

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Review #11, by bubblykidWhat Could Have Been Will Never Be: Flashback

30th August 2006:
that was really good!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!

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Review #12, by bubblykidReflections: Bad News

15th August 2006:
that was really good
cant wait for the next chapter!!
thanx for doing my banner!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can. And your very welcome for the banner:D

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Review #13, by bubblykidFriend or Foe?: The Tell Tale

7th August 2006:
hi bubblykid (who is sitting right next to me)
from you know who (Andrew)

Author's Response: hi bb

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Review #14, by bubblykidHow long is forever?: The sorting

7th August 2006:
nxt chapter please

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, next chappe should be coming out soon but first i posted in my new one-shot waiting for a lucky star.

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Review #15, by bubblykidWe love you, Hermione: We love you, Hermione

31st July 2006:
that was sooo cool!
10 out of 10!
how did you get such a good storyline!?!?!
I am touched!!!!!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks so much!

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Review #16, by bubblykidPotions disaster: A detention to remember

31st July 2006:
thats soo cute!!
just a few little mistakes but 10 out of 10!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks georgie, glad you like it.

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Review #17, by bubblykidFriend or Foe?: The date of true love

26th July 2006:
can't wait for next chapter

Author's Response: hey thanx

do i know you?

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Review #18, by bubblykidHow long is forever?: meeting the marauders

25th July 2006:
v.good annmarie
can you review mine please!
Can't wait for nxt chapter
a.k.a georgie
a.k.a georgina

Author's Response: Thanks
a.k.a dreamseeker
a.k.a kool kat (i would love to be padfoot)

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Review #19, by bubblykidProfanity Tutorial: 15+: 15+ Profanity Tutorial

23rd July 2006:
i think that the mild language is even quite stronge. i dont even say them around the house!!!
i will still obey them and keep to all rules.

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Review #20, by bubblykidA Summer to Remember: Lost in Thoughts, Crying Distraughts

20th July 2006:
really good

nxt chapter please

can you tell me where you get your banners from please?

tell me in a review for my story which should be out soon for friend or foe



Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it. Next chapter is in the validation period. My banners are made by me! Can I take that as a compliment? I'll be sure to read and review your story when its up :)

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Review #21, by bubblykidThe Very Important Week: BiG Surprise for Ginny

15th July 2006:
it is ssssoooo cool!
good secret!

Author's Response: Thanx, Bubbly!!!!!!!

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Review #22, by bubblykidPotions disaster: Harry's plan

15th July 2006:
v.good once again

Author's Response: Thanks

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