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Review #1, by Truth In FlightDaddy Dearest: Confessions and Catfights

2nd December 2008:
I would love this story just for the updates. Seriously, excellent work. But the story is fantastic as well.Rose is quirky, funny, has a killer attitude, and the last line says it ALL. =)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It makes me so happy to hear that everyone appreciates the fast updates. Seriously, its amazing. I'm so glad you like Rose! :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Truth In FlightLiving Life: Chapter Sixty Three

13th November 2008:
The beginning of this chapter was fantastic. Really, it's the best get-back-together scene on HP. It feels real, raw, and the complete antithesis of the typical sappy 'sudden realization' scenes. The kiss description felt a tad Hallmark-esque, but it served its purpose, and I'm just SO HAPPY Lilly and James are back on track =)

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Review #3, by Truth In FlightThe One: The One Over for Dinner

24th October 2008:

Judging from the quotes under the banner, something very weird, possibly incestuous, is going to happen sometime soon. Which would be a problem, except I still haven't figured out whether James or Sirius is supposed to be Hayley's brother. And that's actually alright; this story has a nice format, long chapters, and a good rhythm to the writing. I don't exactly know why, but it feels like more than the sum of its parts. It's definitely a cut above the average awkward first chapters; keep it up, and maybe add a little more character development for Hayley =D

Best wishes,

Truth in Flight

Author's Response: thanks - james is hayleys brother

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Review #4, by Truth In FlightLiving Life: Chapter Sixty One

17th October 2008:
Yes! The story is officially geared up and back on track. Not that it ever stopped being fantastic, but it's so much better when there's the dramatic Lily/James tension. The ending was perfect. A cliffhanger. Thankyou for the quick updates; you've left us with quite the puzzle. I love James' reaction, too. They've both matured, but it's great that he's still hurt. *would love to see Lily get captured by deatheaters and maybe tortured (just a little bit!) and then have James run to the rescue and burst in the front door and stupefy them all then run to the prostrate Lily and hold her in his arms begging her to still be alive and swearing his eternal love and devotion. But I suppose that only happens in movies and soaps =( **

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Review #5, by Truth In Flight:

20th May 2008:
Yay! New chappie =)
Favorite quote:
“Omigod!” she exclaimed in mock surprise,” Am I going to be raped?”
She was awesome at the beginning of the encounter, but by the end when Malfoy walked off, you felt like he had won. Just once, it would be nice for her to come away from a dialogue with the upper hand.
Anyhow sorry for complaining, the chapter was excellent;

please update soon?

Author's Response: lol, sorry about that, I still need to keep some of Malfoy's old personality or else it's just not fun, but thanks for your input, I'll keep it in mind for future chapters. I'm just waiting for chapter 5 and then I want to post another chapter of another story so you might have to wait a little longer.

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Review #6, by Truth In FlightA Tale of Two Loves: The beginning

13th May 2008:
*Dun dun dun* Oooh, suspense! I really like your style - something about your writing makes it lucid and easy to read; also, it's great that this story is based in the muggle world for a change.
Keep it up! =)

Author's Response: thank you! i dont even know what my own style that good or bad? I am really glad you like this!

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Review #7, by Truth In FlightChangling: A new beginning

11th May 2008:
Gorgeous writing! Your style has a nice flow to it, and Bella looks to be an interesting character. Her power is nice too; not overdone, simple, but still very useful. I love this story, please keep it up! =)

Author's Response: Thank you for the comment! It always helps when people tell me specific things that they noticed about my stories. My next chapter is up for validation, so please continue to read!


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Review #8, by Truth In FlightControl: aylias gift

11th May 2008:
Lovely writing, and a promising story. I hope you can continue to update; I really want to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: thanks i needed that... i wasnt sure if anyone else wood like my idea! i mean i love it but yeah... so fanks! u got ne stories?

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Review #9, by Truth In FlightThe Bravest of them All: Feeding them their own medicine

23rd April 2008:
*cheers and claps* badass girls are awesome. sirius has no idea what he's in for =)
nice job!

Author's Response: thank you! i really like this chapter! it was incredibly fun to write! im glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Truth In FlightThe Bravest of them All: Outsmarting The Marauders

8th February 2008:
Izzy rules! hurrah.thanks for the update

Author's Response: good im glad you liked it!!! next update will most likely be this week, look out for it!

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Review #11, by Truth In FlightThe Bravest of them All: The truth

28th January 2008:
OH Izzy is BADDASS!!! Sorry, I just had to say it, lol.

No, really, the whole wandless powers thing is pretty darn cool. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: im glad you liked it so much! i always love girls who can kick butt! lol! and i wanted her to be extra powerful! sorry the next chapter isn't out. it keeps getting rejected because i have two banner images or something, but i have no idea what the problem is because i only have one image, but look out for the next chapter!

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Review #12, by Truth In FlightBeing Bailey: What Happened to Reality?

9th January 2008:
AWwws such a loverly chapter! Poor ol' bailey, but im sure everything will work out in the end. Thanks!

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Review #13, by Truth In FlightThe Bravest of them All: Stupid tourists

31st December 2007:
Pleasy pleasy pleseeassse post another chapter. I love this story!!

Author's Response: the next chapter up will be for that story! i just have to finish it up and correct it! it should be posted by jan 15!!

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Review #14, by Truth In FlightA Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: A Thief, By Any Other Name....

14th December 2007:
OK, I had to write a review, because this chapter received only 1, and because I loved it so much. The thief is everything I'm looking for in a main character; She's confident, sassy, capable, and keeps her cool no matter what comes her way. Your writing is excellent, and the plot is indeed thickening. Please continue with this story.


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Review #15, by Truth In FlightThought You Were My Fairytale: Epilogue

6th December 2007:
Wow. I'm sirius-ly impressed. This story has everything. A bit of sadness, some non-soppy romance for once (thank god!), a playful, wistful tone, and the ABSOLUTE most FANTASTIC ending on HPfanfic!

You resolved the tension between Lily and James extremely well; too many authors make Lily insult James every time they talk, sometimes for no particular reason, but their dialogue in this story allows the reader to feel a subtle friendship developing, even while Lily is still fooling herself about being angry with him.

Jazz's death was well-played, not too wordy. It made a point without completely taking over the story.

And I just don't know what to say about the ending. It's the only ending I've read that doesn't leave me a little disappointed. Instead of being either cheerful or depressing, this last chapter was a little dark, balanced by the happy memories, with an undertone of desperation and hope. Congrats neverfall!!!

Author's Response: Haha wow thank you! I knew the ending was a bit unorthodox so I wasn't sure how people would take it, but I'm very glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by Truth In Flightwith birds in her hair: To kill a mockingbird

28th November 2007:
The first chapters of this story were some of the sweetest chapters of any Sirius/OC fanfic I've ever read. Vienna reminded me exactly of Stargirl (have you read that book), and they really were a delight. The story is not as good now, but still above average.

Author's Response: havent read it, although now i'd like to! who is it by! thanks so much, i know its gone a bit off the boil, but wrapping up loose ends does tend to make things like that. thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Truth In FlightThe Darkness Inside: Chill

26th November 2007:
Oh love it love it love it. Such a great story, and this Hermione is fun. 8/10

Author's Response: thank i love a take no prisoners kind of hermione

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Review #18, by Truth In FlightHow Can A Death Eater Fall For The-Boy-Who-Lived?!: Meeting The New Girl

26th November 2007:
Like the parts where she describes her assassin training. Great overall story =)

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you like it!


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Review #19, by Truth In FlightBeing Bailey: Capturing Attention

25th November 2007:
Please pleasy please make more chapters!! *sniffles and grovels at feet* =)

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Review #20, by Truth In FlightMy Father's Orders: Chapter 17

23rd November 2007:
Aw.Yeah, forget my review for the last chapter. This one totally makes up for it. So sweet = )

Author's Response: forgotten.
and thank you. =)

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Review #21, by Truth In FlightMy Father's Orders: Chapter 16

17th November 2007:
Ugghh.That was really disgusting. I like this story a lot, just please, don't do more scenes like this

Author's Response: i knowww it was really gross writing it but just wait.

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Review #22, by Truth In FlightLiving Life: Chapter Fifty Four

8th November 2007:
Aw..This chapter reminded me why this story is still no. 1 in all of harry potter land.

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Review #23, by Truth In FlightThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): Frolicking Around With The Half Naked

6th November 2007:
Hahha.just started reading this story, so I can't speak for the rest of it, but it's really fantastic so far. A peep into an ecletic Lily's head, and you've made her quirky and easy to identify with. Sheesh.I've been writing too many glowing reviews lately...I should stop...anyhow, great story, look forward to reading the rest

Author's Response: Thanks! And..erm...there's really no need to stop writing glowing reviews at all, dear. Lol, hope you like the rest! Thanks for the review.

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Review #24, by Truth In Flight:

27th October 2007:
Prodigous. You've managed to turn a sweet little love novella into an actual story, where the plot doesn't just depend on the main character's relationship. I liked this story a lot when I first read it, but reading the last two chapters have taken my appreciation of it to a new level.

Congrats, 10/10

Author's Response: Thankyouu :)

I Decided To Not Be Too Fluffy And American High School Theme Coz It Kinda Bugs Me... I Fancied A Light Hearted Sorta Thing, But With Angst And Confusion...

Thanks So Much :)


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Review #25, by Truth In FlightIn the Shadow of the Dawn: Chapter One: Darkness Becomes Thee

23rd September 2007:
Holy Cow. I'm so glad you've updated recently; this story really is fantastic. Normally all the adjectives you use wouldn't work out properly to make a readable story, but for some reason your style of writing incorporates them flawlessly and makes for a truly gripping tale. Pleeaaase don't stop the story! I must read more!

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks. I'm actually at a loss for words right now. Umm...this isn't even the best version; it's currently under review by my beta and in the midst of a rewrite. I'm working on clarifying a bunch of things and redoing the approach to the story to make it readable. I'll update as soon as I can. Thanks again!


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