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Review #76, by nazozinkIt's All Sirius's Fault: You Screwed Up Sirius!

5th October 2006:
Wow I helped wit the beggging but like the ending roks!!!

Author's Response: thankies, yo! this the ending of the story sje was talkin about the chapter! you totaly rok nazozink your like my idol ok mybe not but u do rok! K byez

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Review #77, by nazozinkKeep Your Face: Keep Your Face

30th September 2006:
Hi love this story as well just so ya know too romania has translavania the place famous for vampires.....They make the best Darma students/actors
Ya Ilike loved this story to

Author's Response: LOL, you're gonna like chappie 4 in my teely story! =) i won't tell why though!!

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Review #78, by nazozinkLetters to Lindsay: Answer me now

30th September 2006:
Here A revie2w tellin you not to be guilty as long as you eventualy keep the story going because it like rocks

Author's Response: will do. sooner than all thinks!!! the next chapter is practically written already!!!

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Review #79, by nazozinkLily and James: An Extremely Long and Lame Title for a Collection of Parodies for Them: Parody/Really Lame One-Shot Number Two

28th September 2006:
i like love the mr.voldie part I was alll like kool and tacos . I ove tacos and this story!

Author's Response: I love tacos too! Power to the tacos!

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Review #80, by nazozinkJames POtter and His First Year!: Hogwarts, Here I come!

26th September 2006:
kool story update soon its good

Author's Response: Thank You..!!!

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Review #81, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Names on Underwear Promote Conversations.

25th September 2006:
ur own country sure!!! now witch one how bout Romania..... YEs I don't belive I told any of my friends they could have that one yet....
keep on writting another chappter might insure u Ramania jk....mybe not....I"M EVAL!!

Author's Response:, i do like the flow of that name. Romania! ~~ it flows~~ i'll take it, and write about it in chapter 4! =) haha.
Speaking of Romania, where in the world is it. haha. =P

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Review #82, by nazozinkA Survivor's Guide: Who Would Have Thought?...

24th September 2006:
Hi SO srry I haven't reviewed In awhile...any way seriusly this is good (thanxs for the spellin tip...) keep up the good work!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks mucho much 4 the review!! ;D

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Review #83, by nazozinkDarkness Surrounding: Begining of the End

24th September 2006:
ok hold on for a long review (at least on my standers)
WOW I love the james lily thing!!! I pridect they will have a son named harry one
Melinda is kool punk, and rebellious I love it reminds me of a friend of mine *coughGabicough*
Sirius does have bad grmmer no and then and some of the other charcters do to but mostly Sirius no Im not sure if that is supposed to be how it is for him... If it is kool.... Its still easly understood just a beta or a quick read threw should sufice.No one to the rest of it
This is going on my fav list because u know wat its funny very funny so funny my side hurts ow...
Reading this is a pure joy I hape u update soon
PS ok heres were I talk a bout nothing
did u know ps stood for post script?
I didn't untill about 2 weeks ago
toaster Martians throw jelly at people.
and if you are still reading this Im imppressed.
I can jumpand down oh how lucky am I so what if a lot of other people can I'm just proud ok
ok done now bye bye goodbye farewell (and thanx for all the fish if you don't get it its from Hitch hikers guide for the galxy movie)
k bye

Author's Response: lmao...NICE review. I was very amazed my concentration never wandered so for that *thumbs up* lol. I kind of thought nobody was reading this story and abandoned it but as you think its to great *writes more*....hopefully there will be an update soon....very soon mwah ha ha ha

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Review #84, by nazozinkDarkness Surrounding: Home Sweet Hogwarts

24th September 2006:
Omgosh How could no one review yet this roks Its haillarious and I love the plot next chappter for longer review!!

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Review #85, by nazozinkOff Limits!: Prologue

24th September 2006:
I read this story because of the summary and wow Ilove stories told my sirius I don't know y but I do so naturaly I loved this story it is one of the best and is going on fav list!!

Author's Response: Wow.. Thank you. I am glad that you like it, since it is my first fanfic. I am very happy about getting a review.. Thank you.. I will update it as soon as possible..

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Review #86, by nazozinkThe Sketchpad of a Reasonably Able Drawer: The Sketchpad of a Reasonably Able Drawer

24th September 2006:
this story caught my eye because I myself love to draw then I began reading and I only like to/can draw people. I have un consiously drawn people I know.... I didnt do it for the same reason.... Over all this story was very very very very good. I loved it. So I hope I made ur day by reviewing I know Im always happy for a review,so u probably r 2 !
love the stories and keep them coming
Nazozink! :)
ps 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, just so you know, I can't really draw, like, at all, so the fact that you can relate to it, is sooo cool! Thanks for the long review! You're right, I do love reviews! Thanks

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Review #87, by nazozinkGlamour Girls: Truth or Dare

23rd September 2006:
u really should add a chapter ya know Im actuois and I get hyper and jump around and then my friends hit me in the head so please add chappter pwease

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Review #88, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Chapter 2: When Dealing with Deer, remember to kick Markís butt-hind.

23rd September 2006:
yeeessss I want Ice cream I love it who wouldn't love Icecream
nazo zink
PS yeah I understand the evil thing I wanta be eval( yes I ment eval) world dictator when I grows ups jk or am I?

Author's Response: oh when you do become the evAl dicator of the you think you could get me a my own country?

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Review #89, by nazozinkHow long is forever?: Confused

23rd September 2006:
wow that was really short 2 short for my opion. because frankly i like this story and when it short that makes me sad. although this story like roks and so does this chappter its just short.

Author's Response: Thanks and i know its a bit short. But don't worry, the next chapter will be longer.

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Review #90, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Peter Pettigrew's Pouts

19th September 2006:
OMG who is the boy whos the boy tell me PLEASE! I guess u don't wanta give it away......... darn. o well can u just give me a nimagenary sunday with choclate icecream marshmellows and peacons It is diffrent then Roaky road mind you well as always I love this story by bye!

Author's Response: HAHA, i'll be evil and not tell you and prolong your agony! =D you want a ice cream? at this hour!

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Review #91, by nazozinkAnd We All Fall Down: And We All Fall Down

16th September 2006:
wow......I like it!
this was ausome! Dark but Ausome! hehehe Harry was put in Slytherin instead....... Haha! anywho just wanted to tell u that this story roks!

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Review #92, by nazozinkLove Works in Mysterious Ways... Especially When Involving Marauders: Meet the Parents

10th September 2006:
loved this chappter continue please
first off wow Remus and Sirius are compleatly the oppisite!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ~Sporky&Loony

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Review #93, by nazozinkI Sold My Soul For Pie: Crusty

9th September 2006:
omg haven't read it yet but will!!!!

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Review #94, by nazozinkLetters to Lindsay: Operation L.A.G

9th September 2006:
just wanted to be #100 okay byez

Author's Response: and i love you for it. WOO 100!!!
gee thanks!

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Review #95, by nazozinkLetters to Lindsay: Time to Leave

9th September 2006:
I love it I love it! if not already my fav It wouold be now!!!

Author's Response: why thanking you beacuse i love fav lists!

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Review #96, by nazozinkVoldemort in Anger Management Courses: The Method That Worked

9th September 2006:
that was really funny 10/10 and on favs

Author's Response: always glad to hear ^_^

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Review #97, by nazozinkEvil Villainy for Dummies: Epilogue - A success story/About the Author

9th September 2006:
wow good

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Review #98, by nazozinkI Like Cheese: 1~1~1~1~1

7th September 2006:
OMG I lover cheese. And this Story so yeah.... Update soon:)

Author's Response: Thank you!! This is supposed to be a silly story, so... I'll do my best to make it funny and origional. Thanks again!

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Review #99, by nazozinkA Little On The Odd Side: interview/ intatragation

5th September 2006:
Ello this is not Nazozink...... You may think it is but its not I am her unanocced friend!!!! hehe.............................................................. akward any way I shall go around and review other storys not as Nazo zink but as Unannocced Friend Mwhahahaa I'm tuely eval!

Author's Response: Uhhh I'm going to kill YOU ! okay maybe not but why on earth did you do that?! AND I'm Eval not you.

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Review #100, by nazozink:

4th September 2006:
Hi again this is I! Okay let me explain the_spladle_of_dooms message you see I shall rule the world and my friends thought it would be funny as a punishment to slap people with a thousand fishes and sence I used her word ZESTY I got in trouble... Although I'm her boss so yeah her work was to yell at me for useing her word and to tell you that your story rocks which it does so uhh yeah Now the next ? that comes to your mind is probably how did I review your story with it not being up.... hehehe Like I said I'm going to rule the world. Now I geaneraly don't give out my secrets but you are writting one of my favrite storiea so I'll make an exeption 1 if the other has semited chappter you can go to the review area and click on the chappter. It DOESN'T have to be Varified.
Then click add a review. You then can add a review. You can also submit another review once the chappter is up! YaY! now you know what T. S. D was talking/writting about and my secret:) So yeah have fun eith all the info I just told you.
Ps I shall rule the world with Febrezze:)

Author's Response: Huh. I never knew that. Well, good luck with your ... erm ... Febreeze ...

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