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Review #51, by nazozinkH.E.A.L.D.: The Foxy Five

29th December 2006:
I like it I shall finish reading latter but for now i must go But keep up the good writting im looking forward to reading this!!! the rest that is~~~

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Review #52, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters

25th December 2006:
PUPPY I WANT ONE!! AND IT DOES MAKE SENSE. Sirius is befuzled.okay so yea great ch u say ur going to update soon so please do!! I cant wait bye

Author's Response: me either. lol. :] *hand you a spotted brown puppy* awwwwwjhresjthr

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Review #53, by nazozinkLove Works in Mysterious Ways... Especially When Involving Marauders: Back in Black

23rd December 2006:
I like the title the song right,. anywho yea I cant believe she dies her hair. I have to admit my self hitting myself in the head for thinking this and now punching myself for witeing it but I think Tanya should be with Sirus and Remus should be with Laura. I mean yes I wont die if its the other way I just sort of like it. Anywho, its cute either way. GREAT JOB i dont think its boreing at all although i was starved for enterainment at the time of reading i fond it to bequite good. Keep writting!! and I didn't know that was jkr's full name odd. o well UPDATE SOON!!! k bye

Author's Response: Yep, just link the song. And it's totally alright to pair up any characters you want. Like, say... Tanya/Snape! *wink wink* Just kidding. That would be scary. ~Sporky&Loony

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Review #54, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Setting the Scene for Disaster

13th December 2006:
O BETRAYER WORMS I SAY NO I SCREAM WORMS! WORMMS FOR THEM ALL and mark well he can just get kicked in the face by a deer gr! I think we could take um if telly helped grr I hate them. They're going to regret this arent they? was Mark flirting with telly? I cant tell if so .pervy Mark if not heehehe ignor last state ment Okay hurry up write more I have to know everything 10/10

Author's Response: haha mark was indeed flirting with ms. teely but of course she's oblivious to it :D

mark getting kicked in the face by a interesting.!!!!!!!!!! :D i like it:]

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Review #55, by nazozinkMajic With a 'J': Gathering the Crowd

8th December 2006:
wow nice title read the chapter before AND STILL LOVE IT! I cant wait for the- o yea cant say buh bye nah thoem(crazy sound effect) Great story bye

Author's Response: NAZO! *hugs* >.< I'm living through your reviews alone so far! I can't stand it-- I might just combine the next two chapters and make it one long thing... oh, but I can't! I hope you like the next part, though. and for being an ever-faithful reviewer... *tadaa* ^o^ Here's a coupon for one free week of having Sirius as your own personal... erm... buddy. yeah. who does whatever you tell him to. ^-^" *thrusts ze ticket at you and runs as far away from Black as possible*

ookkkkaaaaayyy... you can use it noooww. *is a considerably safe distance away* =)

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Review #56, by nazozinkMajic With a 'J': The sorting

3rd December 2006:
YO yo yoz just up at 11 33 and thought Id review soo here it is review time(just like mail time only diffrent) sooo sy nice chappter and I say Karma? karma tyme? nice twist althought the all powerful Melady lord would be mad wouldnt she? Ah well she will just have to get over it won't she? I like up date (mybe if I do the ancient update dance[ hey dont be surprised they made one for rain] ) got to goes Im takeing to my 'cuz'cugh*godbro*cough

Author's Response: aren't YOU meladylord? O.o or were people not supposed to know that? You know I just realized I didn't put a disclaimer on the next chapter I submitted so... I'll put it here now!

disclaimer~ I don't own Nazo Zink. I don't own Karma Tyme. In fact, Nazozink does. and her cousin hates me. I dunno how that ties into the subject, but apparently I don't own him either. Heck, I own only my ideas in my head and Syra. Good day to you all. ^o^ _>

right, how's that nazo? I hope it's okay. golly gee, this is gonna be a great next few chapters! but you know that already, don't you, nazo? ;)

don't tell. >.< XD haha jk jk

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Review #57, by nazozinkChanging Seamus: New Kid

1st December 2006:
nice start please continue! try addung more then one paragraph brake it down in to smaller pargraphs when people speek or a new subject is formed but this a really good story so please continue!

Author's Response: sweet, thanks for the advice and the review!

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Review #58, by nazozinkLetters to Lindsay: Three Reasons Why.

30th November 2006:
I love the new banner it roks my soks I love it okay by

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #59, by nazozinkAriel and The Triwizard Cup: September Morning

29th November 2006:
wow this is good continue please

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Review #60, by nazozinkWhat to do?: I chooseÖ PART 2: Sirius

27th November 2006:
I love this story I ussaly dont like self insurtions but I loved this one Im adding it to FAVoRITES! I will probably read some of your other work too. Just not now I just read this whole story in one siting! I couldn't pry my eyes away thanx for writeing this

Author's Response: Wow, way to go! Glad you liked it so much and thanks for adding me to ur favs! It MEANS SO MUCH!

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Review #61, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

25th November 2006:
Wow. I guess Mcgonaggle was a supsutiute for the worms. AN EVEN BETTER ONE! I l0ove it We had a yo momma joke war at school. I won with yo momma is so stupid she had you joke. well my friend did because I told her becauseI didn't want to say it allowed so she did and she won I dont care it was funny she can deliver insult better then me so yeah it was probably for the better and o Playstation 3s? can I have an imagenary one PLEASE! I love the germ freak lily! Yeah ok bye

Author's Response: LOL, hmmm...or maybe the worms are yet to come? *evil laugh*
i would own at your momma jokes, theres like this section of my brain devoted to them :]

*hands you ps3* you can sell it on ebay for 3000 dollars now! *smiles* just joking i'd rather have one to say i have oneo.O

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Review #62, by nazozinkIt's All Sirius's Fault: Fun Fiesta Party!

15th November 2006:
wow Im partcialy bumbed cause I helped write this and I didnt get to review first (sad) any who yea love it loveit and to the reviewers thanx I thought up the hourse and spladle here made up it just being the bak end hm I wonder if it was the way around O well I love the story scince we first wrote on a cold day when the sun was beating down and there waas no wind also if u do not believe that lie is tru ask the blind man he saw it too! Okay byes
ur friend
+ karma

Author's Response: nazo, you've got that little rhyme stuck in your head again! =P heh, yeah we all helped, but Diamond is ... erm... the_REAL_Diamond's, so it is technically her story from this point on. ^-^"

Nazo, do you want... Ice Cream? O.o

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Review #63, by nazozinkA tale lost in time: Prologue

14th November 2006:
I like it Im going to finish reading it edventualy because Im tierd my ear hurts and I have home work I hate algbra and english! well not english but i am sad because it provents me from reading the rest

Author's Response: School's the thing that keeps us from truly enjoying life, that's what I always say. Reminds me that I still have to study for Latin.
I'm happy you like this story, please keep reading ... and reviewing?

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Review #64, by nazozinkEverytime I walk out the door: Everytime he walks out the door.

6th November 2006:
I was listening to the songwhen I read this I love this song and this story

Author's Response: Thankyou ;)

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Review #65, by nazozink103 Ways To Annoy Voldemort.: test me, darling test me!

6th November 2006:
Oh can I come to the birthday party please I promise to bring streamers and party poppers! plus I like care bears(okay maybe I don't) O well

Author's Response: i know who doesn't want to join in the party, its fancy dress btw!

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Review #66, by nazozinkMy Name is Crookshanks: My Name is Crookshanks

4th November 2006:
this is.AUSOME! I loved it. IT's very believeable that Crockshanks actually thought that! speaking of which.
TO Ms. Crookshanks.
I have always regarded you highly, For you are a pure blood and for what ever reason ( I think it's because I always wind p hateing who every one is supose to like) My friends and I have never like Ronald, WE have always regarded you much higher. As you rightfuly are. WE have writtin scenes were you can't take it anymore and atack Ron. Although you may think you would have gotten in trouble you don't instead you are praised highly.
Also that was pretty smart getting ms. noris( I agree by the way horriable name) to be in the suit of armor instead of you. What do you think about the cat version of Mcgonagle, obviously not as cool of a cat as you but still.
Ok I have to go farewelll Crockshanks and farewell ingenius Author
Ps KATS RULE ALL! (well exept stuff they don't cheese)

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Review #67, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Hate is a Strong Word So Why Not Use Execration.

2nd November 2006:
halloween candy? hmm I like the sound of that. also I love the war thing and besides most Hippies were on drugs(notice most I do not clam all were.) So Why take the pace not war thing to heart. It's actually a good idea not to WAR I say! James potter isgoing down. so far down that he might go to well urm. see the worms? yes that's it hes gonna be haveing tea with worms unless you know he doesn't like tea then maybe it will be some other beverage like Soda. Or water- No evean if he hates tea he must drink it is his consinqunce(spelling?) for what he did to nice sweet not so inocent Telly. Im telling you Worms Tea and James were all going to happen one day and sirius. Is he tricking her cause if he is he can go join the tea party. wow I sound really mean.srry Sirius and James but u shouldn't have done those things. pfff .master of pranks? more ,like master of the un-zipped. I think thats a more aporprite title for him. I think she loaths him now. But thats just a theroy.
Alas another great chapter and I'm a slve to read.okay mybe I do it volintaryly(spelling?) so what. I like exerations..
srry for the pun
Nazozink saying good bye before she gets to exited writting this review
Ps. Deers Rok!

Author's Response: LOL, your rewiew is funny :]

-hands her halloween candy- i wouldn't touch the erm...snickers...i might've thrown him at my sister at one point when she entered me room without me permission!!! heehee she can join james and the worms :]

is sirius tricking teely? you'll have to find out! heehee yay me being evil!!!!! rawr =]

master of unzipped? haha nicee i like it. it has a ring to it.

of course she loathes james now. it's war. war i say!!

:o slave eh? hmm...

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Review #68, by nazozinkOff Limits!: HOLY FREAKING HIPPOGRIFF AND FOUR SUGARQUILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29th October 2006:
Talking to ur self is the first Sign of insanity sirius ( just thought I'd lit him know!the second is denial and the third is anger. I believe the fourth is being named Sirius but Im not sure.... I love your story keep going and Will does Angel really like him and just doesn't want top because Of James or does she really not like him that way? Update soon

Author's Response: Hehe.. Thanks.. :) I promise to update as fast as possible, but for the moment you'll have to wait to the weekend.. I have lots for homework, but most of the next chapter is written in my book, just need to go thougth it again..
Well, does Angel really like him? Hmm.. You don't expert me to answer that, do you? You'll just have to wait.. Can't say more than that.. Sorry ;)

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Review #69, by nazozinkHappy Together (The Stalker Song): Happy Together

28th October 2006:
O my gosh! I will never think of colin the same again. No I do believe when I watch a Harry Potter movie and see the scene were Colin stares at Harry I will start laughing. Its just wow. I would have never pictured them togather. ever.

Author's Response: *snickers* Yeah, I think I changed many people's views of Colin. Lol.

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Review #70, by nazozinkMy Notebook Will Explain: Broken

23rd October 2006:
WOW I love the new bannar I do relize that I have already read this story just saw the new bannar and was all like wow thats cool! i love it!

Author's Response: thanks!!

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Review #71, by nazozinkCarved From Ice: Move Along Just to Make It Through

12th October 2006:
I always knew there was something behind there marrage! great job! I love it!!

Author's Response: :D
thank you very much.
might have noticed there is something about their marriage that i dont like, most of my storied pick at it :P
ahhh well he's practically the devil incarnate so he deserves to have an unhappy marriage
thank you so much for your rewiew, it means alot when people actually bother to review

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Review #72, by nazozinkUnexpected: The subtle changes

10th October 2006:
Of course I liked it who wouldn't. and if they don't I seriusly think we should up their doseage cause thats the only logical explaination. Anywho another great chapter I L-O-V-E-D it mary freaked when she fond out! I would too.....But that is not the point. Lets see, 1! dont stp writting, 2! I like ur style 3! i think you could totaly be in the writting busyness =) I love to read ur story I was so happy to read it becuse I had a bad day (no details) so I came home and went online then I saw ur story had another chappter and I was all hmmm....So I clicked it then my day started getting better the person I was mad apoligazed and everything! Your story is magic I tell you pure (not blooded) magic can't wait for 12
ps ahhh I just wanted to write a Ps hehe

Author's Response: you are too kind!! really!!! and your reviews always make me go ahhhh and than go hahahha.. your very funny and sweet at the same time!! Anyway.. new chapter should be up soon... hope you'll love it too.. and that it has magic too! Love, Inge xx

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Review #73, by nazozinkA Trip to the Shopping Centre: A Trip to the Shopping Centre

9th October 2006:
Wow actualy that was really good! Do u like comedy? I love the shampo thing I hate it when It gets in your eyes and can u please read some og my stories? I read in ur bio u like to read and as long as u dont mind a couple spelling mistakes (that if u point out Id be happy to fix) you should like them and even if u dont tell me what I can do better I recomened Zink though O I don't think your story suks one bit! I actualy think It roks Im gonna tell my friends and add to fav list!

Author's Response: OH WOW, thankyou SOOO much for the review u don't kno much it means to me cuz this is the first review i have ever gotten!!!
i love comedy btw and i'd love to chek out your stories...actually i'm gonna go chek them out rite now!
Thank you so so so much for the review i'm glad you liked it! and thanks for adding me in your fav.! yes shampoo does suk wen it goes in your eyes... =D =D

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Review #74, by nazozinkLetters to Lindsay: Bump in the night

8th October 2006:
HAPPy BIRTHDAY!!!!!! So on with the story I loved it! HA James is jelous. Call me stupid if you must but I just relized my cousin has the same name as harry Potters dad I mean I always knew that his namewas James and James name was james but I never made the conection. Well anyway I love the spook stories I was turming around like eight times to cheek behind me and it was funny because when I read the part about the phyco licking her hand my dog licked my hand and I jumped so fast and my heart was beating double! I love your style and can't wait till chapter eight!!!

Author's Response: haha, i was checking behind me too! felt like such a loser... glad you liked. and the connection with james? lmao!
you crack me up!
thanks for always reviewing!!!

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Review #75, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Romania is for lovers...

6th October 2006:
Ty for my by line and wow Im so yayed that my reviews impact stories that means my words impact peoples lives which means I have POWER (or at least the allusion of it!) Yay me happy now what is the capatial of romania and can I have a cookie? also loved the chapter James has such a big head! A well I cant wait till the next chapter if it is half as good as this one I love it already! yay for romania and I wonder if any one reading from here is Romianian? O well Keep the chappters comein
Ps I'm still happy someone put something I reviewed in there story:)
thank you a lot

Author's Response: haha, i have no clue what the capital of romania is...thats why i was kinda hoping someone else would know. but i can always ask this romanian dude in my class. i was cracking up when he told me he was romanian. i told him i was gonna rule it one day. =/

chapter 5 shall be here soon...i hope.

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