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Review #26, by nazozinkA Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era): Animagi.....

9th May 2007:
LOL Stacykins.James is gonna have a field day with that one. Ive never gotten a detention before.I would be really sad.although depending on what i did it might be worth it. update update update and ill try to remember to look at my favorties list a little closer next time

Author's Response: Oh yeah... The next two chapters are in validation... so... yeah.. they should be up soon! Glad you liked it! :)

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Review #27, by nazozinkA Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era): There's A First Time For Everything.

9th May 2007:
I feel bad real bad i didnt know a new chapter was up! I wanted to read it so badly but i diodnt notcie *slaps own hand with ruler as punishment* On to the next one i didnt realize

Author's Response: It's ohkay! *Snatches ruler of punishment* *scolds* don't do that! teehee... anyway the next two chapters are in validation, so I hope you like them :)

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Review #28, by nazozinkMajic With a 'J': No Hard Feelings?

18th April 2007:
I LOVE IT SY!!! oo and person who asked about ze majic with a J u'lll see i asure you it makes sense not only in our minds but in the minds of others so sit tight im sure Sy will be explaining it soon.the advantages of being able to walk over to her house and sneak on her computer are endless.YOU DIDN'T READ THAT OKAY SY you didn't u er just didn't.toasters?

Author's Response: Haha I should start writing again then, so you CAN sneak over and read stuff. Then again, you don't know the password to my computer file... *heheheh...*

Majic with a J? of course the J has significance. just... uh... wait a minute okay...? >,

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Review #29, by nazozinkA Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era): Blast to the Past

15th April 2007:
HA they knew the names! I love dramatic irony! I try to talk in british sometime.neverseems to work out darn it. would you like a banner? I've made a couple on the site.such as the one for My Fairy Godmother, soo if you by chance do want one just email me at with things you might want on it or people you want to be people. It's okay if you don't want one I'm just offering:)

Author's Response: Oh thanks for the offer! Yeah I'll send ya an email with some pics and stuff soon, I'll ask my "co-writer" about it so she can help me find some pics. Thank you!!!

Glad you liked the chapter! Dramatic Irony is very fun.

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Review #30, by nazozinkTeach me Something Good: Smack in the Face

15th April 2007:
O okay yea I was logged in my sis's account i just realized for the banner...she doesn't make them so opps if i confussed you! srry Dia! I will make you that banner and i do love the story!!

Author's Response: totlayy make me a banner please! that would be cool. thanx for the review!

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Review #31, by nazozinkMajic With a 'J': Trust is Something I Haf'ta Get Over

14th April 2007:
WOw again sy! i can't wait for the- good book~ tehee! if u wrote more please let me read it I LOVE TO READ YUM! i finished the series of books i was eat-reading. that was a clasicprank i now intend on pulling it

Author's Response: Heheh... of course I'd have to do something with betrayal... It just wouldn't seem right with Sy! I love Sy. *tackle*


ANYway. thankeez. You know not of the majic with a j thing nya. ^o^

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Review #32, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Rapid Squirrels Bring Out the Worst in People.

13th April 2007:
lol! I guess you chose that banner then huh? well loved the chapter.and world domenaton? that's my gig.humph.but on the other hand ...telly rox.that'll make up. I love the diabolic plan i mean comeone that idea rox. hehehee.UPDAT UPDATE UPDATE I will err do a hat dance? yea that makes no sense cause i own no sombarro~ O welll.y...

Author's Response: Yepp; they were all suppppa amazing though. :D. That's why you should play her in a movie ;] you're sooo alight . hehe

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Review #33, by nazozinkInnocence for Candy: Innocence for Candy

4th April 2007:
Omg i was talk into the real diamond on the phone and she was all READ IT so I was all okay and so i did.i like it. I think boys are now bad witches!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! I'm glad you liked it

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Review #34, by nazozinkHarry Potter and...the missing Monkey?: 911 Boots is GONE

1st April 2007:
okay Im lovin this april fools day joke!! Larry totter!

Author's Response: yea great rememberance of that day:)

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Review #35, by nazozinkA Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era): Meet Your Mentor

29th March 2007:
Oh how i wish that would happen to me...expeasialy during spainsh.I know english that should be enough! okay msybe not SHHH!! i love it update soon

Author's Response: I know right, it would be sweet to go back in time in England. Chapter two is going through validation, so yeah. Really glad you like it!

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Review #36, by nazozinkSnogging Sirius: Chapter 4: Enter Caitie Delphin

28th March 2007:
hey I was just wondering if you wanted a banner for this story. I've made a couple on this sight like the one on the story my fairy Godmother so check that banner out and if you want I can make you one. s'ok if you don't just incase you do. I love this story and would be honrd if i could make you one just email me at and Ill tell you the info i need to make ya one ;)
k bye,

Author's Response: That banner is awesome! I would love you forever if you made me one! *runs off to email you*

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Review #37, by nazozinkJames, Lily, and Loathing: Who are they trying to keep out?

18th March 2007:
Fantastic start On ward!

Author's Response: Oops, I must have skipped over this. :[ Sorry! and while my timing sucks (a month late...hehe) thanks for taking your time!

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Review #38, by nazozinkSnogging Sirius: Chapter 5: Meet The AFFAS

18th March 2007:
oo lots of candy? was short too short slightly funny a little random but good update please and dont forget about my candy :)
ps what affas? are they initials?

Author's Response: Thank you!:D And yes AFFAS is the initials for something. :)

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Review #39, by nazozinkLove Works in Mysterious Ways... Especially When Involving Marauders: The Gangster of Love

12th March 2007:
wow fantastic keep up the good work:) I love reading this always puts a smile on my face see...:)

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Review #40, by nazozink:

7th March 2007:
WOOTNESS! I funny is the tampon in the nose going to occur? cause thats my favorite part in the movie! this is just simpley Hilarous. I deem you a genius for comeing up with the idea to use the movie for a fanfiction. and srry for any misspelled words acount of im sick. and my mind isn't working good. BUT I LOVE THIS!!! UPDATE SOON!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think I might be able to put that part in for you. Hope you feel better soon.

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Review #41, by nazozinkLied to the Angels!: Welcoming Comittee

3rd March 2007:
Okay another fantastic story plot. One thing when she's talking to Doumbledore dont say her name constintaly if it's only a girl and a guy talking feel free to use pronouns such as he or she. It makes reading this fantastic story easier."Easy reading is damned hard writing." - Nathaniel Hawthorne so keep that in consideration but also have fun and continue cause i love this story too. You have good ideas. please continue
Ps. Yea Im gonna do THAT RANdOM THING again
I went to your profile to see the other stories u wrote and fond this one and Oh my gigleaflabla I love my chemical Romance I recently went to their concert for the black parade CD
Yay it rocked.
and I feel my nose twitching and O I think I have to ACHOOO! sneze okay bye I know this isn't as long but im tired. i had to wake up early today sad:(

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Review #42, by nazozinkJust A Muggle: Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

28th February 2007:
Aww I just started reading it and now it's over? That suks like abucket of ticks.(quote from an internet movie) I like it. It's so sad she dies that is depressing but i understand why you did it. 10/10 :) I love it

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Review #43, by nazozinkUnexpected: Getting back for the last time

25th February 2007:
i''''m baccck Muhahaha I'm back to reviewing!! I haven't done that in awhile huh? O well! I love it and no this isn't my first time reading it Im just lazy okay? that and well (tries to think of excuse) erm... I had to go to the hospitle? Okay that was I lie I shouldn't do that. I love this story though. I like how Ol' Professer D is teachin her now, that pulls a twist and update! I'll promise to review more and not come up with lame excuses why I didn't if you update c'mon ill give u a cookie and just a reminder from my first review the toaster martians aren't that happy about this either although they love it...

nazozink signing off
(hehe I'm still secretly here shh!)

Author's Response: hihihi... you are too funny :D... thanks for making the time to review.. and reading the chapter more than once :D..

And jeeej .. I'm going to get a cookie :D

Love, PrincessIngexx

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Review #44, by nazozinkJust A Muggle: Tired Of These Games

25th February 2007:
Wow this story acctually got me to cry. It's so good you should be i writter i'd buy your book. this is really good. It potrays everything perfectly. Update soon this is totaly in my favorties.

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Review #45, by nazozinkJust A Muggle: Muggle: No Magical Blood Or Powers, My Existence

25th February 2007:
It's not boreing I love it! Everything is just so believeable and you have a real original plot line!!! it roks

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Review #46, by nazozinkDarkness Surrounding: The Beginning of the end prt 2

21st February 2007:
yes its alive ALIVE I TELL YOU! wootness!! im so happy this day just gets better and be- ooo piza pizzas here!!! so happy!!! I have one suggestion well actually 2 but hey im saying its one!! try writting more details emotions and paragraphs im not saying turn this into a fic were all it is is a bunch of paragraphs discribeing random stuffbecause if u do that i will cry ---sniff. sooo the other one is not really a suggestioon rather than a call to demand pleeeaaassseee write faster!!! i was sad i couldnt read it. wow that was more of a beg wasn't? ah well... and look i reviewed dont stop!! i will cry and turn emo..looks at clothes ...well more emo? im a prepy goath cause im hyper but i look rock and black and chains oo chains well like i said keep it up i love this story becaus eit has a goath so very little do and because Sirius is an idiot(sniggers) K bye
SINcerly nazozink

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Review #47, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: It's all Professor Binnss Fault if You Look at it Technically

18th February 2007:
James is a fiend and why i might inqure did Mark not get his face beat in? After all he could've not grabed on to max but i think he intetionaly was trying to hurt Sirius I know this might only be because i am parinoid but hey can i really help it? no. Dah I love this!!! Update update update and under no sercomestansses(yea i know i can't spell) have Telly make a truce I think i would cry although this is ur story so do as u wish but remember it might result in me crying, O and i just reread the chappter i influnced i forgot about that bad me bad bad bad. k bye and update soon

Author's Response: Because he pointed to james who pointed to jeshfjhfj....long line of people>.<

oh don't worry, Teely won't cause a truce. much worse things will happen[:

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Review #48, by nazozinkSnogging Sirius: Chapter 1: Enter Lily Evens

25th January 2007:
I loke it adds to faborite yay!!! continue soon,,...I like the line “Evens, I’m hurt. Can’t you see that I’m hugging my charming, though slightly violent, girlfriend?” the first boy said. haha violent

Author's Response: OMG I love you! Erm, I mean thank you. And yeah I loved that part too! Thankyou for this review and know that people like you are the reason why I write! :)

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Review #49, by nazozinkThe Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Its not a Side Effect of the Drugs, Im Thinking It Must be Love and Death

20th January 2007:
OO Jamesey wamsey likesey wikesy (okay lets stop that shall we?) Lily. Gasp I never saw him likeing her! haha baby wipes for the .1% of germs!!!im so happy!! update soon!!! that will make me happy-er-er yea!!

Author's Response: lol, i'll try!!!

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Review #50, by nazozinkLily and James: An Extremely Long and Lame Title for a Collection of Parodies for Them: Parody/Really Lame One-Shot Number Three

3rd January 2007:
I love it this story is always very unique and has certian flares to it for "hottie hot James and all the other hottie hots thats just hilarous who would have thought lily had been fat and ugly and turnd beutiful wow hats off to u!

Author's Response: LoL, oh those Hottie Hot Marauders.

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