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Review #26, by hpswimdummy693The Boy of Summer: Stolen

27th June 2007:
He-he. I love New Moon and Twilight. Best book ever! (Good Story by the way)

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Review #27, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Returning

22nd June 2007:
Aw, poor Melody and Sirius. I hope they get over their issues soon. They are clearly going through a fase I like to call sexual tension.

You went to Europe?! You're so lucky! I would love to go to Europe, and I plan to when I get our of highschool in a million years.

No rush on updating, I love your story though. It keeps me on edge.

Author's Response: I hope so too. :P Hahahaha. Sexual tension. That's great. You should write a fan fict and call it Sexual Tension. haha.

Thanks so much!

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Review #28, by hpswimdummy693Eclipse of the Sky: Trust Me

15th June 2007:
Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow! I feel so bad for all the wizarding community! I mean, dear Viktor and Hermionie are in a bit of a situation. Not to mention I love Viktor, but I hate him so much for actually joining forces with those horrid people, but I love him for that too. Argh! Now Hermione must save all Grimmauld drive, poor girl.

Then there is Angelina, I love her and hate her at the same time. I mean, she had good intentions with the unicorn blood. I remember when you made the unicorn blood heal Kaylens in the quizilla version and that thought immediately struck me. Then it started to dissolve because Kaylens was going bloody mad. Still, Angelina was an idiot for putting Tonks in such risk, honestly, is she mad too? If she is, I certainly hope she will be getting medical treatment at St. Mungos.

I feel utterly sad for the Hogwarts student. Remembering that Seamus died was heartbreaking, I love that boy, even if he can be a turd sometimes. What is going on with Ginny now? I'm a bit confused about that, is she going through a chrisis with all this happening? I wouldn't blame her, I'd be in the fetal position myself.

Oh! And the poor little Slytherin girl, aw, I love her too. She has no idea what's going on! "I'm with you girly! I am with you!" I yell to the Slytherin first year.

Now that I'm done making you reminisce, I think I'll be off. Toodles!


Author's Response: LOL Ema you crack me up! Though I am a bit worried that you and one of the fictional characters are having a shouting conversation! lol But alas, it is time for young Tiffany to make a reappearance! Another character from early on made a reappearance in this chapter too, but no one has caught it yet! *grins excitedly* Anyways, I am tremendously excited that the Angelina situation has riled you up some. That was my intention! And thank you for telling me what you thought of Dean's scene. I honestly wasn't sure if I portrayed how sad they are adequately before now. But for Dean and Ginny, and everyone at Hogwarts, there is not enough going on to keep their thoughts off of Seamus quite yet. Anyways, theres two evil little clues in that scene too. I think once people figure out what they are, they will be out for my blood. hehehe Have a good one! - Kim

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Review #29, by hpswimdummy693Gabrielle: The 5th Marauder: Quidditch Fights, and Diary Reading

11th June 2007:
Very good story and chapter. I just have one thing to say, Hufflepuffs can't tryout for a Gryffindor quidditch team. I know, it's a small mistake, but I thought you should know. Otherwise, very good chapter.

Author's Response: yeah, I had a stupid moment... I fixed it now though

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Review #30, by hpswimdummy693The Quidditch Cup Aftermath: Oh My Head.

5th June 2007:
I love it. It's very funny. The plot is very original too, I hope you update soon.:/

Author's Response: Thanks. I shall have the update ready to go soon. Please keep reading.

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Review #31, by hpswimdummy693Eclipse of the Sky: To Hell with Decorum

5th June 2007:
Very wonderful! I don't know, it might just be me...but, I'm beginning to think that dear Harry and Kaylens may have feelings for each other. Absurd assumption yes, but then again...Harry has never looked at Kaylens that way before. Tee-hee.

Yay for the barrier! Even dear old Snivellus couldn't accomplish such perfection. Yes, I do indeed call him Snivellus. Quite an attractive name, don't you think? Anyways, I thought the fact of his barrier being so imperfect, that it was perfect was really amazing. Allowing Kaylens to have the memories insert like little drops of water filling up a bowl one drip at a time, rather than a whole waterfall trying to fill the bowl is quite refreshing…if not for me…for her. (I have no idea if that made sense or not.)

Remus makes me laugh, the fact that he had no idea what Snivellus, Dumbledore, and Harry were talking about was quite funny. The random question from Lupin asking what was going on while the others argued was so perfect.

I feel so horrible for Hermione. The dear girl may have just been betrayed by such a funny Bulgarian that we all know and love. "Hermy-owh-ninny", how I've missed hearing her name pronounced so wrong.

I hope you will be able to update your story every two weeks thing. That would be so lovely. I just love seeing what's in store for Harry in the next chapter. The plot is so intriguing. Much different from the way you did it in Quizilla. You've progressed so much in your writing skills, and that's saying something, because you were already good when you were on Quizilla. There is no pressure on updating so much; I can deal with once a month, lol. 5000+ words is hard, so I'm not asking you to rush.

You know, you should write a book. Have you thought about that? I really think you should. I mean, you use big words right and everything.

Anyways, update when you can! :D (PS: Beauty and the Beast is amazing.)


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you for the very detailed and fabulous review Ema! Honestly though I am very glad to hear that you are enjoying the plot progession, and thank you so much for being so patient about updates. The next chapter though should actually be out sometime between Sunday and Tuesday night. :) I plan on sticking to that two week deadline of mine! :)

You do realize that I am still laughing at your whole little first paragraph, yes? *chuckles* And hey, you never know, they may actually be beginning to like each other a bit. Or at least, they are starting to repress any homicidal feelings towards one another. It's a start!

*Shouts enthusiastically* YES! You seem to understand what happened with the barrier perfectly! I'm glad that it made sense, and your summation here was perfect. :)

And ah yes, right now Hermione is going through a "feeling betrayed" phase. Soon she is going to enter into a "shocked" phase. And then she is going to enter into an "angry" phase. ^^ I feel sorry for Viktor already! *cackles*

Anyways, I am off! I worked two jobs last night and now have to finish up some visual aids, a group journal, my own journal, and memorize a ricidulous amount of information on alternative fuels by 4:45. Eegads...

Have a good one! - Kim

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Review #32, by hpswimdummy693Saving Ana: Pretty Much Clueless

19th May 2007:
Oh yes! It is about time that he realized it. Oh my gosh! I am about to have a heart attack. A cliffhanger of course, but I can wait. I mean, your story is just too perfect. :D

Author's Response: perfect? oh stop you!

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Review #33, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Maybe

7th May 2007:
Yay! I'm so happy for them! I mean, I was getting a bit distraught with no Melody and Sirius action. Unfortunately she still has not told him and even now she knows it and I'm upset about that.

Her dad, well, I'd like to beat his arse right now. He doesn't deserve Melody as a daughter. Honestly, to not like Sirius and to "love" Cheryl. ARGH!

Well, update soon...


Author's Response: Yup. lol. they're getting closer again. lol. I know, her father is horrible.

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Review #34, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Assault

28th April 2007:
--Oh fun, Europe! I hope you have a good time there.

Good chapter--as always--I am in love with Regulas at this moment because not only is he supposed to be cute, but he has some wisdom in his 14 year old mind. The other Blacks (including our lad Sirius) I am pissed at.

--I don't have much else to say other than it was really good.


Author's Response: thanks!
regulus is my faaaaaaavorite character. :D i love him very much. lol. thanks!

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Review #35, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Too Late

15th April 2007:
It's about time! (Not about the delay) She finally said she loved him. I mean, took forever, and now she says it when they aren't even together. My goodness. That's insane.

I hope they get together soon. I love Sirius and Melody together. They are so sweet together...I hate Marissa and Kyle. I love James and Lily. I love Remus, etc. You got what I mean.

Keep it up...I'm tired to say anymore. :D


Author's Response: I know. She finally did. hah. It did take forever, but at least she said it, right?

Thanks so much!

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Review #36, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: No More

25th March 2007:
Oh my god. I think I'm going to cry. That was possibly the worse way you could ever end it. It was good, yes, but so incredibly sad. I'm speechless.

Why can't they pretend?! Ah! I want them to pretend, I love THEM! Oh, gosh. I swear, I almost had a heart attack waiting for this chapter and now, I must wait another week. lol.

I'm happy she knows Remus' secret though (stupid James, I still love him) a lot less secretive between the group. Wow, I'm really curious about the next chapter. Argh!


Author's Response: Aw, don't cry.
It was an awful way to end it, wasn't it. haha.
Indeed you must. Sorry.
Yup! I'm glad she knows remus' secret .now she just need to know Sirius' and James'

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Review #37, by hpswimdummy693It's Not Over: Prologue

20th March 2007:
Good first chapter. I do hope you make the others longer so I can give you more of a response.

Author's Response: don't worry the other ones will be longer. the next one is about 4 pages in word and the third is 9 pages in word. this was just a starter. thnx for the review!

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Review #38, by hpswimdummy693Saving Ana: One Year, One Month - Whatever!

19th March 2007:
Aw, this was a sweet chapter. Adorable really. (Don't feel like typing right now, lol)


Author's Response: thats okay. i will forgive you but next time i will expect better... lol.
thanks muchly!

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Review #39, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Confessing for Advice

18th March 2007:
Wow! Good Chapter. I'm glad Sirius is finally excepting himself in love. And, well, Melody...she's needs a bit more common sense.

The week did feel like it took forever for you to update, but I'm glad it did update in time.

What is your orginal novel about? I mean I want to know? How long is it going to be? How many chapters? Do tell!

Yeah, Mr. Potter is the best! *Hug Mr. Potter* I love him, he is so good to his son"s". Mrs. Potter is 'da bomb! She is so accepting, taking Melody shopping and all. Oh I love the Potters. Then there is Melody, the turd bomb who is so blind. I mean, after the 24 hour thing, she still has no clue! Argh!

There really wasn't any Sirius/Melody action, except for while she was sleeping. I'm really curious about the next chapter. Can't Wait!

Your dogs' names are so cute. Ruby and Diamond, both the complete opposites of their names. So sweet.

Woot! Keep updating! Keep writing! Keep Thinking!


Author's Response: Thank you. Sirius is indeed. Melody does need more common sense and to open her eyes a bit more. She'll eventually figure it out.

I don't want to say what it's about, because this is the internet and there are people out there that have already plagerized my fan fictions, so i don't want to risk it. Anyways, it will be about fourteen chapters and is called Fallen.

Mr. Potter is the best. haha. He's a cool dad. And Mrs. Potters really a sweet mother. haha. Melody doesn't want to see it, i don't think. She's afraid of getting hurt again.


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Review #40, by hpswimdummy693Into the Dark: Interlude: Chances

17th March 2007:
Aw...that was so sad, yet so nice. I really do hope things change between them


PS: Love the name Emily (I wonder why?)

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Review #41, by hpswimdummy693Dodge This: B-O-R-I-N-G

15th March 2007:
Good chapter. I like the ending, it was very cute!


Author's Response: thank you so much for the review

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Review #42, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Refuge

11th March 2007:
Fantastic chapter! You managed to make me want more very easily. You really are an amazing writer. And you are so young (I'm guessing you are at least) you can go so far in life. Try and publish something, get an editor, get an agent. DO SOMETHING!

Number One- Yeah, Joe was kind of creepy. My dad's name is Joe too, think of how that made me feel, lol.

Number Two- I love the Potters. They are absolutely wonderful and caring. I love the personality you gave Mrs. Potter. I always imagined her as being very motherly and into her work, and you basically put her in that criteria.

Number Three- I'm just realising the part from the last chapter where they talk about Melody's mother and the Blacks. So I do agree with what you said in the author's note. The Blacks are becoming quite a problem, so I'm curious as to how you are going to make that work.

Number Four- Sirius said it! It's about time too, I was getting tired of waiting for him to confess his undying true love to her. I mean honestly, how long can a man wait until he says this. Now if Melody had only heard him, that would be the BOMB, you know? Oh well, she didn't which makes me curious, again, as to what happens in the next chapter. Is she going to think about Sirius and her's relationship or are they going to ignore the obvious feelings they have for each other.

I mean quite honestly, I have this whole Orlando Bloom like image for Sirius, so he is, like, really, really, EXTREMELY hot! Therefore, I would feel honored if someone like him told me and only me that he loved me. ONLY ME!

He kissed her while she was sleeping, aw! How sweet, I love Sirius and the way you've made him, so not like a "player", but instead, so sweet and generous and so "Oh, La, La!"...right.



Author's Response: Thank you! Yay! I'm glad you want more. I'll be updating soon! Most likely today! haha. Yes, I am rather young. Haha. Fifteen. ^_^

Joe was creepy. lol. Yeah, that must have been a bit odd. haha.

The Potters are indeed awesome. lol. They are wonderful. lol. Thank you. I always thought Mrs. Potter like that too, haha.

Yup. The Blacks will be a slight issue in Sirius' and melody's relationship.

Sirius did say it. lol. It would have been nice if Melody heard him, but then the story would be over and you all would be rather sad. You'll have to see!

Haha. I have a mixed image of Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Teddy Geiger, Tom Welling, and wiL Francis. haha. Some of the hottest guys in the WORLD! lol.

Thanks so much!

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Review #43, by hpswimdummy693As Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary: Expanded Edition: The Beginning of the End (Hurrah!)

10th March 2007:
I Actually really enjoyed reading this. It might have been the fact that I was talking with a french accent the entire I was reading out loud, who knows? It is well written and the format of the text is quite easy to read. I wish more people skipped a line like that. Much easier on the eyes.

I must say, I felt so good when I understood the French, didn't even read the translation.

I hope you do update soon, I would most definately like to read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Sorry it's a bit late to be responding, but I'm also glad that I have managed to make myself understood in French. I think my French teacher was worried about that point :-)

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Review #44, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: It's Over

4th March 2007:
...I hate her father. I hate Cheryl and I hate her family. What father in his right mind would keep such a woman with him after what she said to his only daughter.

One: They are so more than friends right now, Sirius and Melody. Yeah, I mean, the whole dreading to be apart thing and the fact that now she is sticking up for him. Yeah, totally more than friends.

Two: Oh my gosh, if looks could murder. I know the look I was giving the computer screen was hard and cold. That damned Cheryl is out of her bloody mind. Insulting someone like that. She should be arrested. And she jumped to conclusions, thinking they were engaged. A promise ring looks nothing like an engagement ring.

Three: Where does her father live? Tell me now! I am just about ready to murder him (yes, even if he isn't real) Why is he doing this? Is he insane? Oh who knows.

Where is Melody going?

I thought you were going to make me wait, i kept checking and


Author's Response: Yeah, her father is awful. I know. ^_^

Yup. Sirius and Melody are now more then friends, even if they are not going out or anything, haha. ^_^

Yeah, Cheryl is horrible. I really should kill her off, actually. lol. But whatever. lol. And yeah, I know about the ring thing. haha. Isn't Cheryl stupid? haha.



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Review #45, by hpswimdummy693You Hate Me: Moment in Time

4th March 2007:
Of course I enjoyed this chapter. It explains alot and I appreciate, plus...she finally Sirius Black. How happy I am for her.


Author's Response: This wasn't one of my favorites, but at least someone out there liked it. Although, it does have one of my favorite that balances it out. There wasn't a lot of humor in it, but it did provide some insight. Thanks for the review, Ema.

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Review #46, by hpswimdummy693Borrowed Kisses: Borrowed Kisses

4th March 2007:
Oh my gosh, I really like that. How sweet! You should write a story about these two from their Hogwarts years so we can get to know them. I mean this one-shot was really good, you'll be amazing with a whole novel before this part.


Author's Response: Awh thank you so much!
I'm in the process of writing a James/OC story and I'm thinking of putting some Jasmine/Sirius stuff in it. And once I finish the James/OC story then I will most definately write a story about Jasmine and Sirius.
Thank you so much for reading!
: )

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Review #47, by hpswimdummy693Lacking Fourty Winks: Crush

2nd March 2007:
That was a good chapter. My goodness, it took you long enough to update though. lol. "'YOu know you want my saggy bum'" is my fav. quote, by far!

Author's Response: Thanks. I think this next one took longest. :D

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Review #48, by hpswimdummy693Pretty Girl: Twenty-Four Hours

25th February 2007:
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! (6 hours later) Oh my god! I cannot believe this! You leave me at a cliffhanger, why? I thought you liked me! You're going to make me wait a whole 'nother week for the next chapter. That's like a sin!

Well not really. If you were someone else I'd probably wait a whole 'nother month, that would be torture.

But, Oh My God! You could have included the whole 24 hours, I would have read it all. I mean, you had me glued to the monitor (except for those random moments when "Oh my god" slipped out my mouth) and I was wide eyed the whole time.

I mean, this chapter was intense. I mean, earlier you said you thought this would just be some cornie, unoriginal kind of thing (not your own words) but it is anything but that. Sure, there are other stories with this exact same story line, but come on now, this is completely different.

The kiss...I was just thinking, "I want that" lol. I mean, that sounded hot! (have you noticed I'm saying "I mean" alot in this review?) I'm happy they were interupted though, don't need them to go way too far now.

I'm glad we finally got that whole Kyle thing cleared up and why her father doesn't like Sirius. That makes so much sense, Kyle was safe...I know I'm repeating what you already knew. Oh well.

I want them to continue being a real couple instead of a "real" couple. Oh My God! I just realized something! Melody just about realized she has feelings for Sirius! Yay!

So, does that mean Sirius loves Melody? You can't just leave me there. I mean, it hasn't really been long enough for him to love her, but "really, really likes" could work too. I mean, to kiss like that must mean something. If it doesn't, well...that sucks.

Okay, well, I've spoken whats on my mind. Try and update during the week, please. Oh my gosh! I just need to know what happens next. I don't do cliffhangers well...


Author's Response: Wow. Haha. The cliffie just appeared. ^_^ I'm sorry. If I had days to do whatever, I would keep updating. Promise. lol. Yeah, be glad I don't update once a month. lol.

I know I could have. BUt it would have been much to long and I doubted I would have gotten the chapter up this weekend. I needed to give you guys SOMETHING. haha.

Thank you. Well, i'm glad it's not corny and unoriginal. ^_^ I was worried about that. Seriously worried. haha. thanks!

Haha. It was a very heated kiss indeed. ^_^ yeah, going too far would create some problems. ^_^

I want them to continue too, but you'll just have to see how things work out. Yup. ^_^ Melody pretty much had. lol.

You''ll have to wait and see. Sirius hasn't exactly admitted to being in love with her, just that he really really likes her. YOu'll see. Promise. ^_^

Thank you much. ^_^

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Review #49, by hpswimdummy693See No Evil: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

20th February 2007:
I like this, it is very cute...I know, bad word to describe it. Is this whole story set in their first year or will it continue on to their 7th year?


Author's Response: it skips to the beginning of their sixth year in the next chapter.
which i really need to get up.

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Review #50, by hpswimdummy693Remember Me.: Hidden Secrets

19th February 2007:
Heh, you did kind of leave it at a random spot. I love it all the same. I'm just so curious about the two. I mean, it seems so sweet how she's thinking of their summer nonstop. Poor Ashton (he-he, I'm imagining him like Ashton he won't get his chance with miss katie, now will he? Maybe he will...I don't really know.

Keep up the good work and update soon.


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