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Review #26, by julsWha'll Be King But Charlie?: Angus' Plan

17th March 2008:
Wow Pookha... very good.

I'm glad to see that Charlie was supported both his friends and his family. You did well in showing his worry and why he hid it, and his friends support afterwards. Even Dumbledore did (we all know why now!) by silencing the Slytherins.

It's a great story, my new friend.


Author's Response: Thanks, Juls. Actually, the DD scene was written before I heard the news about his sexuality, so it's a happy accident (but it really adds a dimension to the story).

Thank you for reviewing this story. This is what I consider to be my best written story stylistically. Of course Charlie would be supported by his family, I can't imagine it any other way. I could see the twins or Ron poking gentle fun at him, but that would be it.

Thank you again for reviewing this story; I think the Broad Scots scares some people off.

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Review #27, by julsAn Echo of Erised: 1

14th March 2008:
Andy- oh my, I love this story. It's amazing how the emotions play out in it, and you did fabulous in the portrayal of it all. The love, the guilt, and the remorse. I actually felt bad for Ron and Harry.

Ron always knowing must have surprised Harry- but he's never been dumb. Keeping the secret himself shows the love he has for Hermione, and his sister. It had to have killed him inside knowing it all.

This is truly the best work I've read of yours so far, and your writing has grown well in the past year.

Again- fangirl (or is it fanmum?) squees of joy over this. Fabulous is all I have to say!


Author's Response: Juls! *huggles* Thank you so much for stopping by! :) You have commented on eveything I hoped to convey in this chapter, because you're amazing like that! :) I'm so glad you felt for both of the boys, because whilst the natural pity would go to Ron, I really wanted to show that Harry didn't have it great either. He fought so hard for happiness and now, once again, has to do the noble thing and keep quiet and sacrifice his happiness.

You're right...Ron is certainly one to express how he feels - it's one of the things I adore about him! I also think you're right that he loves Hermione, his sister and even Harry so much, that he knew the best thing to do was keep quiet and hurt on the inside. Harry must have been surprised, but also he must have felt even more guilty.

My best work? you are so sweet! *vows to upstage this with a worthy ship* For you to say my writing has grown, is the best compliment you could ever have given. Thank you so very, very much! And fanmum - obviously! :P *huggle glomp - SAYS style* x x x

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Review #28, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: The Ruins

12th March 2008:
Well, well, well... WELL worth the wait my dear. I loved it.

Another prophesy? Scary, but I'm sure Sage and Sorka can deal with what ever 'evil' is coming for them. I loved your descriptions of the ruins by the way.

I also applaud you on your action scene, and how you handled all of the participants. You kept them all involved- but Sorka got hurt. Bah

I like the fact that they are back to teaching again, and even if only one student is taking their words/lessons seriously, it makes them worth it. Pierin is a fabulous OC, great job there dear.


Great job! Please don't keep us all waiting so long next time. Looking forward to the rest of the action coming in chapter 6.



Author's Response: Hey Juls!

Yes, another little prophecy - can someone remind me, next time I want a prophecy in one of my stories, that I suck at writing them? Oh, right, I know of someone who will. :D

Action scenes aren't difficult to write. It's a question of rhythm, mostly. And may I add that writing action is fun? That makes it even easier! As for Sorka, she wasn't badly hurt. We wouldn't do that to her, would we?

It's good to have Sorka and Sage teaching again - well, especially Sage. I'm glad you like Pierin, since he'll have a recurring role in the story.

Chapter 6 is almost finished. It will be ready to post when the queue re-opens!

Thanks so much for leaving a review. :)


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Review #29, by julsEverything I Have: Everything I Have

11th January 2008:
Oh Anne, this was adorable. You had Ron spot on, and the song lyrics fit so well with it. I'll always think Hermione now when I hear the name Herman.

You did a fab job dear. so glad you shared this with us all.


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing my fic, Juls:) I've never written an entire story from Ron's POV before, so I appreciate hearing that I did a good job with his characterization. And I'm glad you like the way I used the lyrics in my story. When I heard this song, I just had to make it into a songfic. Thank you again dear :D

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Review #30, by julsShadow of a Hero: Chapter 5: The Fickle Finger of Fate

7th January 2008:
Oh Court- I applaud you're brutal killings in this chapter. Could I have done them? No... but wow, you're weaving a fabulous story, and has my eyes gripped to it in horrified fascination.

I'm saddened by this chapter, but you know dear? You've given them all powerful deaths to be proud of, much better than JKR did for Snape.

But-- who is the masked man?? Tell me!!

Okay... well now I have to wait on updates to see!


Author's Response: Juls,

Eye gripped in horrified fascination? That's... wow. That's incredible, lol. I'm blown away to hear that- thank you!

I cried writing this chapter. Is that bad? It made me so incredibly sad, but I truly felt it to be necessary.

I won't tell you who the masked man is. I refuse! *smod* You'll find out though, I promise!

*glompazilla* THANK YOU for all of the time you spent reading and reviewing. You are a doll and a half and I loff you for it. :D


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Review #31, by julsShadow of a Hero: Chapter 4: Closing the Ranks

7th January 2008:
Dang... okay. (inserts a moment of shock right here.)

Charlie? I'm crying now.

(inserts a deep breath and now reviews.)

This is AMAZING Court. Chilling in some of it, but I do see the family love in there. Even Percy has some- still a git though. So far you've done so well with working the whole magnitude of the cast of HP chars. Brilliant dear.

I can't wait to see who else you unfold to be secret DE's. Their return is going to rip apart the seams of the magical world. Unbelievable that no one saw it- till now.

Good old Sybill.

Anyhow, on to next chapter. Huggles dear.


Author's Response: Juls,

Awwwww, I made you cry? Well, either way, I'm sorry, but thrilled, because these are like the longest reviews you've ever left me, lol. Thank you!!!

Amazing? WOW! That is high praise, dear! I'm so amazingly ecstatic that this is all working for you. I can't wait for you to see what I've got in store either- high tension and drama, I hope! :D


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Review #32, by julsShadow of a Hero: Chapter 3: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

7th January 2008:
Wow... emotional chapter Court. I like how you've weaved it all in, and how George is still reacting to his twin's death. That is a special bond, and it's hard for some to get through that.

So the prophesy brings us to another dark lord. That's scary- can't wait to see how you develop this.

It's weird how people change history to make it more heroic for others, and I like that Harry doesn't like it. Neville shouldn't accept it- and I hope both stand up and clear the air on it.

I'm hoping George makes it in time- and I saw that glimmer of love for his wife.

Great job Court!

Author's Response: juls,

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to read and review! I'm so remiss in getting to all of these chapters for other people I mean to review. I need to be better about that. Thank you for being better than me at it. :)

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I can't wait to see what you think of what's coming next. ;)

Thank you!


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Review #33, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: A Letter From Home

15th December 2007:
Dearest dearest Anne and Sage~~
This was a lovely chapter, too long of a wait though. I was pleased to see it in my favorites as finally updated.

Yes~~ I understand your bottom note, and feel a certain sadness over it as you do. I'm glad though that you will continue writing it, for it's a testement of you both.

First... amazing imagery on the baby bath time. Believe it or not, I miss that time when my own son was dependant on me for the small as well as the big things in life. Ah... memories.

The arranged marriage thing? Those parents need a lesson in life, for I don't think their own child likes them at the tender age of 1. Poor kids. love Sage's reaction though.

So Blaise is still about creating havoc for a war that was lost? Silly Death Eater spawn. Though-- the reasons he wants her intrigues me, and I can't wait until you reveal it. Even the name change (Sabin to Zabini) is interesting. Ponders it all... and waits for the revelation.

I love how truly well Sage and Sorka work together as a couple. Both are strong, independant- but dependant on each other. Love it. Love it. Love it.

~~huggles my dear,

Author's Response: Ah, Juls, I have to agree. We should have updated this story earlier. We are very sorry for the delay.

I knew you'd understand my Author's Note. I have to and I need to keep on writing this story. I just can't say goodbye to Sage and Sorka too.

Even if I don't have a child, I know how it feels - I have two nieces and one nephew, after all. Yes, fond memories here too. Not just memories, though. My nephew still needs a hug when he's out of the tub and dripping. :)

The arrange marriage part... It shows that in spite of everything the Atlanteans may believe, their society is not perfect. They are human beings, after all.

Concerning the revelation... don't worry, the reason why Blaise wants her will be revealed. (Yes, we are evil... hehe.)

I'm glad you love this story and the way Sage and Sorka love each other. They work together and being together has been giving each of them the opportunity to blossom. That's how love should always be...

Thanks for reading and leaving a review, dear.


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Review #34, by julsShadow of a Hero: Chapter 2: An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground.

19th November 2007:
So far so good. I like the family dynamics of it all-- and it's so canon! Kudos for that dear.

We really don't know how any of the 'next generation' kids are- and I love how you've written them all. I loved the scene with Harry, Ron and them. So adorable. My favorite of them all- little Albus.

I feel sorry for poor Jimmy Peakes.

Good job dear.

huggles ~~juls (of the miserable short reviews)

Author's Response: juls,

*does a major dance* I'm so glad you think it's canon so far!!! Ya know, when I first read the eiplogue, I made a yucky face. But, the kids are growing on me!
Yes, poor Jimmy. *sniff*



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Review #35, by julsShadow of a Hero: Chapter 1: Curb your Enthusiasm

19th November 2007:
Amazing chapter Court! I love how you brought out all their personalities. I also like how their friendships are housebased. At least at this point in time. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

I'm feeling bad for poor Albus though.
Huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: juls,

*blush* Thank you so much for being so faithful and loyal in reading and reviewing- it really means a lot to me, dearest! Yea, I feel bad for Albus too... Poor baby has a tough road ahead.



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Review #36, by julsWishing Upon A Halloween Night: Wishing Upon A Halloween Night

16th October 2007:
Have I told you before how much I like this story? If not now you know. I love Sorka and Sage, and how well you have developed them, so much so that I tend to believe they are a canon couple. I like how you also portrayed both Ginny and Hermione. Two hormonal pregnant women, and how they miss their guys. No dinner? Lol Fate worse than death for ole Ron.
Thanks for sharing this dear... ~~juls

Author's Response: Yes, you have, dear. And I can't tell you how much I am touched each time you tell me that you love Sage and Sorka. So much has happened since the day my friend Sagesolon and I created those two... But I'm sure neither of us foresaw that they would still be in our lives more than a year after! lol.

This story just felt right for them. And we couldn't resist adding a pregnant Ginny and a pregnant Hermione to the mix. Poor Sorka! As for Harry and Ron... no dinner! At least, Sorka made dinner before going to the Potters', so Sage had something to eat when he came back home.

Have I told you how glad I am that you like this story? Thank you for reading it before it was posted and answering my silly questions. And thanks a lot for the review.


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Review #37, by julsThe Fall: Making History: The Chamber of Secrets

4th October 2007:
I love this Jo-- really. Brings a depth to them I have never read before. I see the love they have for each other in your written words. It's sad it is seen as an impossible match by the others.

I've only seen Helga written as a bumblely happy go lucky person, and to see her written with intelligence its remarkable.

I've also only seen Salazar written as a bitter hateful person, who's only ambition is to make the magical world pure. I've never seen him written in love-- and I love it.

So-- now ya know. You are a remarkable writer in my eyes dearest.

love ~~juls

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Review #38, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: Where The Heart Is

26th September 2007:
I loved this chapter- yet again. Dorka and Sage have a wonderful relationship, and a baby just completes it. Least you didn't drag out pickles and ice cream =P
Pierin sounds like an interesting young man, and you have created another lovely OC for me to like. Good job there.
I like the thought of Sage (and Sorka!) teaching dueling, for it's a part of them. It's also good that the kids are learning how to protect themselves. Theory vs practice? Practice! hands down.
This chapter had just the right mix of sweetness with all the action.
More please!

Author's Response: Obviously I've been lazy. Or maybe too busy... Yeah, I like the latter better. :P

Pickles and ice cream... I knew we had forgotten something important! Actually, I told Sage we had missed one cliché, maybe the most obvious one about pregnant women: the cravings. lol.

We could have made Sage and Sorka teach at the Atlantean school, but what they are doing here is more important as regards to the rest of the story. And they need to practice, so they won't get too rusty. ;)

More soon... I hope. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Huggles ~Anne

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Review #39, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: Uncharted Waters

13th September 2007:
This was... fabulous darlings. Truly. I like how they claimed a house-- or maybe it was the house claiming them?
I love the relationship between these two chars. It's rich, full-bodied, and show a healthy respect for the culture around them. (I didn't understand that, hopefully you do.)
I also like how they are building a new lives for themselves-- and that Sage only has eyes for Sorka, even though temptation literally sticks in his face.

Have I told you lately how much I love this story? Well here-- I LOVE THIS STORY!!

O.o and the little surprise coming. I like it-- enjoy writing it.

~~huggles juls

Author's Response: Thank you, Juls. They claimed the house, but in a way it had been waiting for them, for people who wouldn't be afraid. And they turned it into their own 'home sweet home.' lol.

We love to write Sorka and Sage's relationship. It is easier to write it now than it was at the beginning, knowing how it was going to develop - or at least we thought we knew, because characters have a life of their own! I think I understand what you meant... or maybe not, since you didn't understand it yourself. :P

About Sage and temptation... First off, Niala is truly just a kid in his eyes. And anyway he's just not that kind of man. He's *gasps, because there aren't many who are* trustworthy. lol.

I'm so glad you love this story, dear! As for enjoying writing about a pregnant Sorka? Didn't I whine and whine about all the clichés - I kinda remember that I did. (poor Sage! and poor Juls and Tabi... I'm so sorry guys).

Thanks again for reading and leaving a review. Huggles. :D

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Review #40, by julsHer Choice: Her Choice

17th August 2007:
Amazing story Courtney. So much emotion packed into so few words, and I love it.
Huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: Juls,

You are always so sweet, consistent and full of praise. Thank you, for always being there to support my writing. You're a doll! *huggles*


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Review #41, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: The Secret Island

8th August 2007:
Wonderful! It's nice to see the husband and wife banter here. I'm excited to see Atlantis- great job in all your descriptions.

I had this fear that the Atlanteans would break up Sage and Sorka. Glad that fear was squashed.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Great job you two.


Author's Response: Thank you, Juls! It would have made things too easy for Sage and Sorka if the Atlanteans hadn't tried to break them up, wouldn't it? lol. I know, I know, we're wicked. But we didn't turn it into a cliffie, so we're no so wicked after all. hehe.

I'm glad you liked this chapter and our descriptions. We're trying to create an Atlantis that is both a part of the Potterverse, and yet that has it's own customs. More to come in the next chapter...

Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review, dear. :D


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Review #42, by julsThe Healing of Time: Falling

3rd August 2007:
So far Crys... this is very good. Well thought out, and written. You've set it up beautifully.
Huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: I am glad that you thought it was good. Thanks for reading and reviewing. ~Crystal

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Review #43, by juls 1. Two Lives In One: Another Era

1st August 2007:
This was a wonderful ending to the story my dears. I will mss the story- but knowing that a sequel is coming makes me happy. Off to Atlantis it seems.

You both have a fabulous writing chemistry. I can't wait to see more of your works up.

huggles juls (10/10)

Author's Response: Yes, off to Atlantis.... and other adventures. lol. We're already writing the sequel. Chapter 1 should be up soon. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that what I thought would be a short story has turned into a 26 chapters novel... with a sequel. lol. I guess that if we stopped writing Sorka and Sage, we would miss them.

Thanks a lot for leaving a review, dear. :D huggles, ~Anne

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Review #44, by juls 1. Two Lives In One: Just A Bad Dream?

15th July 2007:
Nicely done. I love the RoR type room that Sage has. The dueling and then the fight scenes were wonderful.

I love the bantering between the 3 couples. Shows their love and their commitment to each other.

And yes... fights are to create the 'make-up'.

Huggles juls

Author's Response: Oops, sorry, juls. I was booted when I tried to respond to your review and I just forgot to do it again. Silly me.

I'm glad you liked the duelling and the fight scenes. To be honest, we wondered whether the dueling scene wouldn't be too much - there are a few in the story, after all -, but the "set" was just great for the boys' fighting scene. And of course, we love writing action scenes. lol.

We're truly enjoying ourselves writing the three couples. They are all so different! I'm glad you think our writing shows their love and their commitment to each other. :)

Thanks a lot for the review, dear. (Oh, and... they are, aren't they? hehe.)


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Review #45, by juls 1. Two Lives In One: Old Friends, New Enemies

15th July 2007:
Amazing... and it did answer alot. It's nice to see how protective both Harry and Sage are towards their very powerful mates.

Can't wait to see what that parchment says =P.
(Sorry I'm late in reading this. You forgot to tell me.)


Author's Response: I forgot to tell you? I always think I'm advertizing a bit too much when I'm posting a new chapter, lol. You know, as if I were proding people.

Harry and Sage are men, so of course they want to protect their soul mates, even if they are powerful. And deep down, Ginny and Sorka are pleased that their mates want to protect them - because it proves they love them and care for them, not that they think they are unable to protect themselves. Always the Knight in Shining Armor thing...

Thanks for reading and reviewing, dear.

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Review #46, by julsOvershadowed Heart: Full Circle

1st July 2007:
This was lovely. A great way to end the story. So much open to a *gasps* sequel.

Nice touch with Harry and Ginny.

Don't you just love Christmas chappies?

I'm sad to see this ended... MORE stories =)

Huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: Did I read correctly? You wrote the word *gasps* sequel??? I'm not saying never, but still no plot bunny hopping around.

I do love Christmas chappies. Especially at the Weasleys. hehe.

You know very well that I already have a couple of stories in the making. So, yeah, more stories. :P

Thanks for reading and leaving a review, dear!

Huggles ~Anne

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Review #47, by julsOvershadowed Heart: An Old Enemy's Grudge

25th June 2007:
Draco Malfoy?!?! Oh you like to twist the stake in me. But it was a great chapter... I loved the Harry/Ginny interaction.

Also, I liked how Charlie swooped in like a knight in shining armor and saved them. Way too good.

10/10 dear. (And yes I read fast. It's a curse!)

Author's Response: Yeah, Draco Malfoy... All his fans will want to string me up now. *sighs* I didn't portray him like most fanfiction authors do, I know.

Can you tell I love writing Harry and Ginny - I wonder why I've never written a real fic about those two (I mean, more than a one-shot)...

Charlie... It's almost time to say goodbye. And he's so... I have to portray him that way. I don't want people to think he's too soft. Did I make him to soft? lol.

Thanks for reading (too fast or not) and leaving a review (while I was leaving you one. :P)

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Review #48, by julsOvershadowed Heart: Separate Ways

22nd June 2007:
This was great... I can pull out the crystal ball and see a kiss coming? Or am I as bad at Trawlawny at Divination?

*hums a little tune.. [i]kiss the girl... you know you wanna... just kiss the girl!![/i]

Sadly I know the neding is coming soon, but this story shows how great of a writer you are.


Author's Response: Hmm... not telling when! lol. But he will, of course, and soon, since there are only two chapters left.

*blushes* Wow, thanks for the compliment, dear. It means a lot to me.

And thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review! :D

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Review #49, by julsA Ghost of a Chance: The Materialization Tonic

17th June 2007:
Lovely. =)
I love fairy tales dear, because they help you forget the RL. (Go Shrek!)


Author's Response: Exactly. That's why I like fairytales, too:P Thanks, Juls!

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Review #50, by julsA Ghost of a Chance: My Guardian Angel Haunts A Toilet

17th June 2007:
Great job on writing Luna, Anne.
I'm loving this story, so light-hearted.

huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: Thank you! After spending nearly 8 months working on that angsty slash fic, I felt the desire to write something more humorous and light-hearted. Glad tyou like it so far:)

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