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Review #1, by julsUnder the Curse of Stars: Remember Cassiopeia

28th October 2008:
I loved this Liz ~~ it is truly amazing. You drew a vibrant picture of the bleakness of the Black women because they chose to follow what they believed a curse. They never looked beyond to see that love is what you make it, not what some one from the past does.

It's so very sad seeing her having to make a choice like that -- but for her, it was the correct one.

Great job, dear!! Tahi will love this.


Author's Response: You understood it perfectly and for that I am extremely thankful. Thank you very much for r&r-ing. You're the best. :)

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Review #2, by julsHARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED: The Shadows and the Light

10th May 2008:
So- Harry's truly grown up finally, and set aside some of that anger he holds within towards Malfoy. It's nice to see that he's taken some charge, and figured out how to keep Kreatcher in line. Poor elf- just needs a little love, actually.

Wonder just how Harry is going to get Ginny's present.

Another 2 great chapters, dear. Onward for me!


Author's Response: Thanks so much once again!

Harry, yes, he's growing up in some regards. Even if he still doesn't like Malfoy, he has a compasionate nature. Also, he seems very touched by the fact that Narcissa seems to be between worlds. At least he knows that his own parents are resting in peace, as they should.

Kreacher will come back into the story later. I may make him make up with Harry, maybe...

Ginny's present, well, I didn't put this in hear just for fluff. After all, Voldy once fed on unicorn blood...

I'm so glad you're enjoying this story.

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Review #3, by julsHARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED: Enlightenment

10th May 2008:
Well, I am back! Sorry for the long pause in reads.

Have I ever expressed to you my strong dislike of Umbridge? Probably not- and I know for sure I am not the only one that dislikes her. This fits in so well with her characterization- and knowing that if she ever got hold of power, she would implement something just of this sort. Great job in plotting this out!

So finally- they have made the connection of RAB and Regulus. Poor kid- he was only trying to make his parents happy, and didn't realize until too late what he had gotten himself into.

I'm glad to see that Harry is going to bring Ginny into this all. Sure, JKR didn't- but she's in danger no matter what.

So- Draco is coming to the number 12, Grimmauld Place. Kewl!

On to the next chapter, overall lovely chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks so much again and, please, do not worry at all about taking your time. I much catch up with yours too!

Umbridge, well... I just had to make her Ministry! Don't we just love to hate her? I was having a rant about taxation and I came up with this but she will do much worse than trying to confiscate Harry's money...

Regulus, yes, I guessed he was RAB and that an elf had been involved because of the scene in the cave in book 6 when it appears that one person alone cannot do it and elves have special magic.

I love Ginny too much to keep her in the background and, unlike in DH, her and Harry are living under the same roof and their hormones are all over the place, so Harry, despite his moronic noble attitute will not be able to stay apart from her.

Draco and Harry should be fun!

Thanks so much again!

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Review #4, by julsObligated: Obligated

18th April 2008:
Oh my... this was sweet, and so very Ronmione-ish. Very well written, and I loved it. It's very sweet to see Ron come to her, and offer his help... and she kissed him. *grins*

So yes. post that other bunny. So cannot wait to read it.

Author's Response: LOL...well I guess that's one way to get you to read ;o). Thanks so much for reading! I'll post the new bunny after I've got some other things out of the queue. :o)

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Review #5, by juls 2. Lives Entwined: For the Future, the Present and a Past

15th April 2008:
Loved it... once again a wonderful chapter added to a wonderful series of stories.

The kids are learning. and Pierin is learning how to be a leader, perhaps the hardway.

I loved it that Sorka is letting go of the fear the Seer created in her. Maybe not let go, but manage.

The Seer herself peaks an interest in me. where is she from, who is she- and just how correct is her prophesy??

Can not wait until the next chapter. please don't make me...

Huggles juls

Author's Response: Juls,

I'm so glad you loved it. Thank you so much. :-)

Yes, the kids are learning, and especially Pierin. The practice was almost a rite of passage for him. I'm not saying he's going to be different now, but he learned his lesson.

Like all Seers, the one Sage and Sorka met in the Ruins is a little mysterious. You'll soon have the answers to your questions.

Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review, Juls. :)



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Review #6, by julsLord Voldemort's Downfall: The Evil O

14th April 2008:
This again was wonderfully funny, loony. The 'O' that came in from the cold?

Wonder who his master is? Nagini?

Great job. keep it up! (please oh please.)

Or was it death by doughnut? Yum.


Author's Response: Nagini? Hm, no, somehow I don't think so... =P Death by Doughnut would almost make for a good next chapter, I think... *has plot bunnies* Thank you so much for your lovely review, Juls! *huggle* =)

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Review #7, by julsThe Road Home: Running Late ... Again

1st April 2008:
Wonderful beginning dear. I like how you've explained everything going on in Nyah's life so far.

Ickle meds though stop the magic...



Author's Response:

Juls - Thanks for taking time to pop in (especially under the circumstances) :D I really needed someone else's thoughts on all of this.

Yes, yes, ickle meds! :)

Thank you!!!!

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Review #8, by julsHARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED: Blood Connections

27th March 2008:
Amazing... nice to see Andromeda and Ted. I'm glad also to see that they are willing to help Draco.

I feel sad for them all. Death is never a great bonding experience, but maybe through this they can all come together. Que c'est?

Huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: Well, they are all in an extremely awkward situation. The Tonks and Draco had never meant before. Sevvy is endagering himself by going to Order members, well. Ok, Ted is the most reluctant of the lot but yes, they can let Draco die, they see him for what he is, a very lost 17 year old born into a very bad civil war situation but he won't stay with them forever, it gets more fun!

Wow, you have reviewed 5 chapters in one go, I'm so impressed! As I said, I'll review more of yours tomorrow, promise (or well I promise if nothing crops up!) Hugs x

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27th March 2008:
Sad so sad... I ship Narcissa/Severus also, so this was chilling. Very well written, and I am well... at a loss for words to say.

Narcissa has always been a good mother to Draco. Loving... this was her last act in an attempt to save him. Sadly in vain.


Author's Response: Poor Cissa and yes, Sevvy! I took a while writing this because I wanted it to be pretty hyped-up. She's very desperate bless her, and believe me, it gets worse!

Yes, I always saw her as a very loving mother and she gave her life for her son too, although I thought the wife of a DE would go to something a bit sinister and yes, Draco is not out of danger by any means, you may even feel sorry for him in the end...

Again, thanks sooo much!

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Review #10, by julsHARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED: Out of the Blue

27th March 2008:
The argument was delightfully written dear. Poor Ginny has got to be going crazy- for she wants it, but they haven't done it and to be accused of doing it... well, so much for young ones to handle.

Ron of course is being his difficult self- he knew why Harry was at their bedroom door, and if everyone had thought it all out, knowing Hermione was in the room also would have ended any questions.

The driving lessons will be funny to experience I imagine- their Apparition ones were funny.

Progessing. can't. help. it. I'm. hooked.


Author's Response: Wow, you're hooked! That just makes my day! It's so encouraging. Ok, the misunderstanding doesn't really advance the plot much but I thought I have to show the sexual tension between them and the fiery nature of their relationship. Poor kids, they are going to explode if they don't get to do it soon! lol although, they will, fear not! I really enjoyed writing this scene, I thought I add a bit of fun and ordinary teenage life to a story that otherwise would probably just be too sad.

Ron, well, silly boy, he misses the obvious and then he categorically says that him and Hermione are a different matter, well...

Driving lessons, yes, there will be funny scenes but they are going to have to more or less live as Muggles during part of their quest for the sake of anonymity.

I'm just so damn flattered that you enjoy it so much!

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27th March 2008:
I wonder what Lily's wand has in store for our Trio. Could be something well. magical, eh? It's amazing JKR never thought about Lily's wand, but she had her twisty plot, and we have ours. I'm loving this story so far dear.

What is the connection with the dreams Ginny is having? Is there still a connection between her and Voldyshorts? I hope not, I'm hoping it's just something she is picking up, or maybe it's just something she is subconsciously thinking up.

Great job... progressing to next chappy dear.


Author's Response: Well, I wrote everything and including chapter 14 (plus the ending) before DH and I was absolutely convinced that Lily's one was extremely important. Well when Harry sees DD's will and they talk, he guesses sort of thing. Yes, I expected a twist on this but there was a twist to do with a wand anyway in DH. Now, there are more problems to come regarding Lily's wand in my story.

Ginny, well, various layers here, firstly, you will see later that she is quite psychic, the best one of the group, the 7th daughter. As for a connection, well, back to book 2 I suppose, she was possessed, thirdly, she is pretty close to Harry now and maybe the poor guy had a point trying to stay away, for when they become physical lovers this will be like opening a can or worms, a sort of 3 way connection...

I'm so pleased and so flattered you have read and reviewed so much so far. Hugs x

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27th March 2008:
The will... amazing. I like the little clues you've passed out with the gifts. (Well I think they are clues...)
Oh! Harry brought up a point about the Order Vow. Snape took it also, so could he or would he have broken it? oh oh The very suspense of that. We know now he didn't, and Snape above all things has really shown himself to be of all things loyal.


I like that you chose Shacklebolt as the new leader of the OoTP. I myself chose Remus, but they make equally good choices.. for different reasons. Your point about Mad-Eyes being paranoid is the same reason I didn't pick him.

Good job again dear.


Author's Response: Thanks so much again. I'm so behind with your story by comparison though. I'll try to review some more tomorrow, by the way.

Now, yes what DD leaves Harry is very significant, also, as I said before some other birthday gifts he gets.

Now, by joining the Order they swear an Oath, it's a binding magical contract but it's not the unbreakable vow, so you don't automatically die if you break it. Snapey, well, what do you think? I note that you have read on so I guess you know whether he did break it or not...

I must admit it was hard for me to decide on a leader. Shaklebolt seemed sensible and knowledgeable. I toyed with Remus too but I thought some people might have objected because of his being a werewolf, not so much out of prejudice but sheer inconvenience and also, he would be more in danger or being targetted by certain groups.

I'm really pleased that you're enjoying this! Thanks so much.

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Review #13, by julsHARRY POTTER AND THE MYSTERIES UNVEILED: Sweet Seventeen

26th March 2008:
Fred and George's present were fab lol, and Ron's was way too practical. Loved it- and well Molly's coming around was a great present itself, wasn't it? The last one from Fred and George, the Feign Death potion was amazing- and hopefully Harry will never have to try it out.

Ginny's was also very good for what is to come, that potion may make it easier to obtain the Hocruxes. You've thought it all out really well. So clever!!

Author's Response: I pondered over the presents a lot and I must say my favourite are the "edible death eaters", however when I read DH, the forest scene I nearly chocked thinking about my "feigning death potion"! Felix felicitis will only aid up to a point because of the situation in my actual final battle. The dark potion in my story doesn't save Harry's life, but someone else's sort of by mistake... Now, the main present from Gin to Harry hasn't come up yet and well, it will be interesting... after the final battle in fact. Ok, I better stop teasing and tell you how really grateful I'm for your lovely reviews!

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26th March 2008:
It's good to see that most of the Order recognize that Harry needs to be a member- not just the kid who hangs out with them. And that they are also willing to bring Ron and Hermione. Poor Molly- losing another child to grow up to be in the Order. Wars always gobble up the young to fight the battles don't they? It's always the hardest on the parents to see their young go off to battle- to grow up and be adults.

I'm glad that Draco seems to be adjusting, and that Snape (hopefully it was Snape) got the warning to him about Bellatrix. Oudious woman!

Anyhow, another wonderful chapter!


Author's Response: Well, Harry, it's practically his war, so I guess he should have a say on the matter, lol. Now, Molly? Are you psychic because later on she is faced with the ultimate thing as a mother, and no, it's not, in that instance, the death of a child, worse than that, treson!

Draco gets it a lot worse actually. He will change slowly and eventually, for the best I hope....

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26th March 2008:
It's nice to see that they're finally going to bring Ginny into the 'mission'. But now Remus wants answers, and it's going to take them all to decide if they want him in on it.

You're doing a great job on keeping up the suspense and the reader's interest dear... off to next chapter.


Author's Response: Well, in essence, Harry is the true leader of the Order, if not in paper. He promised Dumbledore not to disclose and will honour his word. He wants Remus in as much as he would like to help the offspring of his late friend and beyond, but well... Ginny has to be in it because she is in some ways the most powerful witch of the lot, you will see later...

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Review #16, by julsAfter Death Did Us Part: After Death Did Us Part

26th March 2008:
You're correct, this is very sad - but it's also filled with hope of the future to come. It's good to see that she's come to accept that Harry would have wanted her to move on and find love again. That's the true understanding of unconditional and true love.

Beautiful story... bittersweet and melencholy (sp)...


huggles ~~ juls

Author's Response: I'm so please you liked it! Yes, it was meant to be bitter-sweet, she is not ready to fall in love yet, goodness, she is still very young though. Yes, I think their love was unconditional.

I'm reading as we speak your song one, I thought they were actually sang! (please don't laugh) so I adjusted the volume in my machine to hear it. I didn't realised they were just based on the lyrics of a song! I'm blushing all over lol I will review but I have a friend coming soon so if I don't today, I will certainly tomorrow. Thanks so much babe!

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23rd March 2008:
amazing... and sad. I've always liked Fleur, but then again I'm enchanted by all things French, so her accent doesn't bother me. It's truly sad that she died, and Mrs Granger. Bellatrix has really stuck herself into a corner now. Hopefully her 'comedown' will be wonderfully done. (I've never liked Bella...)

Poor Hermione, it's going to take alot for her to work through this =/

Wow.. you were correct that Petunia knew Snape, and well. Bravo on that =). So did she go willingly? I hope not. But kudos to Snape for keeping Greyback from touching Hermione.

Great chapter dear... sad but great.


Author's Response: Yes, sorry to kill them but I had to kill some characters early on and it was too soon to touch the trio! I also made Fleur pregnant to make Molly truly mad!

Yes, Bella has got all the raffle tickets to get herself killed and she will get killed but that takes us nearly to my intended sequel, when she is dead...

Snapey, well, read on because he will cry and buckets!

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23rd March 2008:
The wedding ceremony was so lovely- and so touching in its beauty. Great job there.

I see everyone wants Harry and Ginny together- and seems to be working. Love is an empowerment he'll need... for Tom Riddle knows it not at all. He may understand the concept, but the feeling, never.

O.o and Aunt Petunia. who will save her? Can't wait to see.


Author's Response: Well, Harry loves her and he can't hardly control his hormons anyway! These two will go through a right roller-coaster but well, ok, they will get together although I must say the ending with them is far from that of a fairy-tale story...

Petunia, well, she harbours her own secrets...

Thanks so much again!

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23rd March 2008:
Forty days and forty nights. Sounds so biblical. Draco sure is in a fix, but yet maintains his politeness to the priest. So proud of him, poor thing. Yes, I support Draco- go me(?).

I like your Father McKenna, he's cool. Hopefully his heart will get moved to continue to help Draco, and that Severus indeed can help him.

I loving the 'Englishness' of this fic... I try, but fail. But then again, you're English. =)

Lovely job once again dear.


Author's Response: Yes, indeed this is based on the Bible, but primarily on Medieval Law interpretation (lawyer in real life you see lol), it's something that features in that kind of period. Yes, Draco, well I expected Voldy to be after his blood after "his failure" and I wrote this before DH so I guess I imagine him in very serious trouble.

Now, I like the priest I portray here , because people like him exist but they are not the most common, I mean he's all for the poor, even a bit bias against the rich, he's someone with a true vocation though, he will try to help eventually but Draco has now modified his memory.

I'd love you to pm about the "Englishness", well of course, but where exactly does it show? I'm intrigued. Thanks, so much babe. By the way, I did not mean to insult Americans, just a way to tease Draco a little bit...

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23rd March 2008:
Wow, Morgana... another brill chapter.

I loved how the Order arrived to 'rescue' Harry. (I count anytime Harry is taken from that place as a 'rescue'. I'd have gone mad there myself) I also appreciated the way you described the way the male Dursleys reacted to Fleur. She is so attractive.

I feel for both Ginny and Harry. He's trying to be noble, but all he's really doing is hurting the both of them. If only he would realize that being together would be better for them both. She's going to hurt for him no matter if they are together or not- being together would make the pain so much less.

Harry needs Ginny...

Remus is right, Harry needs to decide if he should tell them on his own. At this point, his promise to DD should be ended. He will need help. Eh meh.

Ginny's little naughty smile made me grin... Go for it girl!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for all your reviews. Now, this is getting annoying because I've just responded to this! not again! no matter though.

Yes, the Dursleys and Fleur! well, I like her too, hence Molly makes up with her after confessing she did not like her at first.

Harry and Ginny, well, ok, I'm teasing, you will get to wonder why my story is rated "mature"...

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23rd March 2008:
A truly interesting meeting between Severus and Horace. I've never been a fan of Slughorn myself, maybe because of the 'fence riding' you pointed out. In as much as Riddle found out about Horcruxes doesn't bear anything in my thoughts- it's the fact he tried to cover it up. Severus doesn't trust him, and while I don't think he's 'evil' his mind could be picked for information. So.. completely understandable as to why Severus doesn't say which side he's on.

Great chapter again my dear.


Author's Response: Well, Sevvy has to act out his part whilst also trying to obtain information. Slughorn, well, I think he is a bit selfish insofar that his top priority is always his own safety, and Snape knows how to play him, but I agree that he's not evil.

I'm glad I got you interested. Thanks so much.

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23rd March 2008:

Lovely beginning, truly. I like how you've shown Draco's fear and despair while hiding. His worries also, and confusion. All remarkably written out.

As for Petunia. things could have been so much different in her life. She could have chosen to accept Harry as is, and raised him correctly. Even in doing that, it wouldn't have changed what happened after he entered Hogwarts- would it? Instead she let petty fears, judgements and hate cloud her whole life. Such a bitter, fearful woman. Even now she has a chance at redemption, and all she wants from Harry is protection. Not love, not forgiveness. (For she truly no clue how wrong she was in her treatment of her only sister's child.)

Eh meh. beautifully portrayed dear.


Author's Response: Thanks so much. It seems that we both got to each other's stories simultaneously. I'm glad you liked this chapter. Yes, I think we both put Draco through the paces a bit. I truly expected JKR to do something to make him change.

Petunia, you are right, she is acting primarily out of fear although, she might get to see a bit of the light eventually. Yes, my impression of her is that she is convinced herself somehow that she has been more than fair on Harry. I had actually come across people who are convinced they are ever so kind when they are in fact far from it.

I'm so flattered.

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Review #23, by julsLord Voldemort's Downfall: The Quest for the Coloured Eggs

21st March 2008:
Dang... thought I read/reviewed this episode. How did it escape my evil 'rofl'ing that comes each time I read these??? I must have been Imperioused to have missed this! Shame on me!

Loony, you have a delightful humor that cheers me. When I need a laugh to get me off the floor- but yet roll on it- I read this.

Nagini needs a big hug... and Daisy, dearest pillow-couch scarf-mantel cover-biggest teddybear wannabe- help Loony write your own installment.

Keep writing Loony!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, juls! I'm always enjoying your wonderful reviews and of course I'm happy you liked this episode!

Someone Imperiused you? Well that's not good, you should find out who'd do such a thing... Wasn't me though...

If I meet Nagini I shall huggle her for you. ;)

*keeps writing*

=) Loony

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Review #24, by julsLord Voldemort's Downfall: The Easter Bunny and the Death Star Bunny

21st March 2008:
Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Now if only they could take down the Death Star!!

Thanks Loony for writing this.

I'll be looking for my special Death Star Bunny Easter egg on Sunday!!


Author's Response: But if they'd have taken down the Death Star they'd have interfered with Star Wars canon and I couldn't do that, yould I? =P

I think the Death Star Bunny's eggs are the sinister looking ones... Send me a photo if you find one! =)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, dear. *huggles*

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Review #25, by julsA Worthless Knight: A Worthless Knight

18th March 2008:
Andy pandy... dearest andy.

You know how to bring a huge smile to someone's face, don't you? Thanks for the dedication- it makes me squee looking at it. One day I vow, Dennis will know of you.

Okay... onto the story.

This was actually incredible. It was (to me) one of those missing moment from the story chapters. And yeah... take a machete to Fleur's accent. But- her words were powerful, and hopefully Bill listens. Eh meh.

I feel for Ron, and for me- hard to do sometimes. He was 'bad' and 'disloyal' to runaway, but wasn't it expected of him? It's how he reacts, but when push comes to shove, he always would rise to what was needed of him.

All the points Fleur brought up- are the very essence of Ron. He's not first string guy- but the one who waits in the background, and when needed comes out and does his best for the team.

It's sad that he had to hear all that- but most assuredly good that he did. Sometimes guys just need a good proverbial 'smack' to get their brains going. He sure got his.

And no... no matter how mant difficulties I have had in writing him, I have never considered him worthless. Or Spineless. Or not needed.

He's no one but Ron Weasley. Our king =)

Huggles big time young lady. Kudos on another fab story.


Author's Response: And you know how to make me smile too! :P Just look at the length of this review! And Dennis *swoons* ... LOL he's gonna think I'm some stalker lunatic! :P Obviously, I can't wait!

Ron was an idiot, wasn't he? And you're right, that's how he reacts. I'll get shot for saying this, but in some ways he's not too different from Percy. He's misunderstood and finds it difficult to explain himself. He gets angry.

And that's just the point with Ron, he does what he can and so does Hermione, but because Hermione is so clever what she can do is so often highlighted and Ron's abilities are forgotten. As Harry thinks frequently throughout the series - they don't realise how much they miss Ron until he comes back. Ultimately they need him just to keep going. I think what Fleur says most certainly focus on his victories, but for me, the most magic thing about Ron isn't that he done all those wonderful things, but rather that he's still standing there beside Harry when out of the three of them, he has the most to lose.

I think you're right - as horrible as it was, he did need to hear, because he's not worthless. Sometimes I wonder if it was an actual overheard argument, or rather something withing his own mind...imagined, you know? It would make sense for the brother he's always been jealous of to be turned into this over the top villain, and then after the thing with Hermione for him to reach out and mould the beautiful girl to stick up for him. Just a theory, though.

Thanks so much for popping over Juls and leaving such an insightful review. Weasley IS our King. :) x x x

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