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Review #1, by fallencrystalsPirates: The Beginning

23rd August 2011:
loved it. great opening chapter!

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Review #2, by fallencrystalsPirates: The End: A prologue

23rd August 2011:
excellent story!!! saved it as a favorite! and beautiful banner. do you happen to make banners for other writers?? im just now getting back into writing my story and thought a fresh banner would be nice

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Review #3, by fallencrystalsCondemned with Reason: Confidence

23rd August 2011:
so im actually just getting back into hpff and i have to say this story caught my eye. i was actually tring to post on your meet the author page but it didnt let me. i just wanted to ask you because youve completed so many stories and theyre all excellent =]!!! im currently writing a story myself (its a draco/hermione ship so check it out and) and i wanted to know what gives you the motivation and inspiration to continue writing. i know where i want to take my story but i cant seem to get it all written down and its killing me! im not even all that sure if readers actually like it... just thought i'd ask for you're opinion =]

Author's Response: hey there and thanks for asking me of all people for advice ^_^

i guess my motivation and inspiration mostly just comes from a genuine love for writing. i've always loved to do it and then HP came along so it was just a package deal to put them both into one lol

i understand your dilemma completely! i have a lot of finished fics yes, but also a few where i felt like "are people reading this?" and where i've hit major writer's block. there're some that i havent touched for more than a year (breaks my heart lol).

what i tend to do is force myself to sit in front of my computer and put down words. even if its just a sentence its a start. a sentence a day can lead to so much more becuase you never know when the inspiration will hit.

as for the readers, dont worry about it and keep writing. that's how i felt for my story Conquest. at the start i didnt get much response from it and i thought about deleting it. now it has tons of reviews and over 50,000 reads. you never know how the fic will turn around ^_^

hope that helps!

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Review #4, by fallencrystalsThe October Hollow: I Don't Know Whats Worth Fighting For

2nd December 2007:
do you think you can email me with updates?


Author's Response: finally updated october hollow! sorry for the wait!

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Review #5, by fallencrystalsA Lesson in Sociology: Harry's Indecision

17th July 2007:
what about ron though.
whats been up with him lately since his two best friends are locked uop in that room as well as his sister.
does he have any clue about the experiment.
later on will there be a chapter about him??

Author's Response: Ron comes back, I promise. He's an important character and I can't keep him out of the story for too long. But I can't tell you what's going on with him...hehehe. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by fallencrystalsA Lesson in Sociology: Ginny's Left Foot

17th July 2007:
excellent =]

Author's Response: Thanks =]

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Review #7, by fallencrystalsThe October Hollow: Dreaming About You

11th May 2007:
cant wait for more=]

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Review #8, by fallencrystalsThe October Hollow: I Realize This

10th May 2007:
excellent =]

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Review #9, by fallencrystalsA Christmas Teaching: A Christmas Teaching

22nd January 2007:
awww.. is so sweet ad romantic =D

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by fallencrystalsForever and Always: A Mission to be Considered

21st January 2007:
wow. i cannot believe u stole this story from another author. i find that appalling. whats even worse is how u responed to that review above mine acting like your actually writing the story! how could you do that? shes sitting the writing wonderful stories for us on hpff to read, and u plagarize like its no big deal? word for word? and still keep the story up after she left u a review herself? you should be ashamed of yourself? i mean, whats the point of even posting this story up in your account if NONE of the ideas are yours in the first place. this just shows you are a person who has no original thoughts and is a very unconsiderate person who deserves to be banned from this site.

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Review #11, by fallencrystalsBaby of Mine: The Dungeon Cell

28th December 2006:
i love where ths is going! but i almost forgot about this story b kas its been so long since uodates. lol so right now im a little confused.. i have to go back and reread the whole story to be caught up n all.. cant wait for more. 10/10

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Review #12, by fallencrystalsSalem Academy: Accepting the Truth

26th December 2006:
love it =D

Author's Response: haha.
me too!

I'm glad you like it!
an update will be soon.

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Review #13, by fallencrystalsThe Christmas Enchantment: Chapter One

25th December 2006:
love it=)

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Review #14, by fallencrystalsNumb: Intermission

25th December 2006:
omg i locw your story =) i love the cute little arguements they ave over pointless hing.. i think those kinds of things re what makes a story truly great. thats why i favorited it. i rarely come across stories that im hooked to from the first chapter, bt urs did it. i cant wait for you to update this story. so im assuming ithat malgoy's the one that she fancies? lol. so i guess i have nthing else to do right now, so im goin to check out your other story. its prolly as good as his one. ever get bored? check ou my story=P

Author's Response: awwwww thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. I love it when they have the tiny little quarrels its like an old married couple bickering lol!!! Thanks I'll look fer yer review!!! And yesh I most definietly will check out your stories!!! Thanks again!!!~Jaymee

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Review #15, by fallencrystalsSalem Academy: Dirty, Little Pieces of Paper

15th December 2006:
love it =D

Author's Response: haha.
i'm glad you like the story.
an update will be soon!
so just wait up.

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Review #16, by fallencrystalsTragically Twisted Thoughts: Jealous? Me?

12th December 2006:
LOVE it.. i really like where this is going =Dits kust as good as your other story.. cant wat to hear more =]
crystal >> check out my story.. Backfired.

sorry for advertising it.. couldnt help myself x.x

Author's Response: thank you! I really hope that you continue to enjoy it! I will check out your story when I find the time... if you haven't noticed it has taken me almost over a month to update =( which is terrible of me... but I will get around to your story as soon as I can! Thank you for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it! -- Carley

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Review #17, by fallencrystalsThe October Hollow: Oh, the Possibilites

10th December 2006:
love it =D and i see ur chapter 11 is in validtion.. cant wait to read it =DD 10/10

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Review #18, by fallencrystalsTornadoes: Chapter 14:

4th December 2006:
love this story so much=D i cat wait to find out what happens next. 10/10 and im dding you to my favorites

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Review #19, by fallencrystalsLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: The Sleepover

3rd December 2006:
omg i llove it! its been so long since i've had a good laugh from a fic. i cant wait for moreD love the long chapter. you have a good talent for writing

Author's Response: 0_0

woah. do i really have that good talent? i didnt even think that! THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT! AND FOR REVIEWING! =]

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Review #20, by fallencrystalsWhile You Were Gone: RON'S DISCOVERY

29th November 2006:
absoutely wonderful =D 10/10 cnat wait for more

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Review #21, by fallencrystalsThe End and the Beginning: No Worries

28th November 2006:
love it.. gonna go check ou the sequel right now =D

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Review #22, by fallencrystalsMummy's Locket: Spies and Cookies

28th November 2006:
omg.. love it.. i hoped that i was the first to review.. but i guess not... i cant wait to see what happens next.. this is truly an original fic.. and its AWESOME. cant wait for more =D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am so glad of this positive feedback. Thanks for reviewing and I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters.

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Review #23, by fallencrystalsSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Marked in the Snow

12th October 2006:
omg i love this story.. i realized that i never left you a comment on it before.. sorry about that.. i alwways just go on to the next chater, ut this time i couldnt help it.. when i read chapter 1 i was a little iffy about the story b kas it was written in 1st person.. but this story is awesome! i loved every chapter.. especially this one... why does it have to end soo soon?! hehe.. there's not going to be a sequel is there?? well i ive this a 10/10.. can you add me to your email list... qtpiecrystal14@gmail.com id appreciate it... take your time with the next chapter... im looking forward to it and i hope its even beter than the las one.. =D

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Yes alot of people are usually iffy about the first person way I write, but it just takes alittle bit of time to get used to it. It is so much more easier to describe feelings and voice thoughts in that context... that is mainly how I write so it works for me... I find 3rd person context doesn't work for me at all, I have given it a shot but I believe it to be slightly limiting in the fact that some unknown being knows everything that is happening to a particular group of people. *shrugs* they are just my thoughts on the subject! Thank you for your email, I hope that you appreciated the email that I sent to you and you didn't think it was annoying in anyway.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing I really appreciate it, and also adding me on myspace... that is exceptionally nice of you =) hehe... -- Carley

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Review #24, by fallencrystalsBackfired: Shocking news and fights with ferrets

11th July 2006:
ok im really new to this site. ive been reading the stories but never really actually wrote the stories so i dont know how to do the author's response... help me!

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Review #25, by fallencrystalsPoisoned: The Vision.

30th June 2006:
hey i just started to write a story.. do u think u can make me a banner. on other stories that i've read i saw that u made thm a banner and they look nice. so if u can, can u let me know. thank you. and i cant wait till ch 4 comes out. i wanna know what happened to drace=) hehe

Author's Response: We all want to know what happened to Draco ;D Well I know, but I'm not saying anything... yet... ;) Go to my website if you want a banner, the link is on my authors page.

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