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Review #1, by RunPleaseIfThatsAlrightForced to Hide: Wear a Mask- Fool the W.o.r.l.d.

11th November 2006:
Hey, this is guiltyxwhispers from the dark arts... I felt really horrible for giving you that extra mean goose, so I thought I'd comment on one of your stories :D
I actually think this is amazing. It's really well-written and I think the song fits perfectly with the story... I almost had tears in my eyes when I finished reading this, and that's not something that happens often! I'm really glad you didn't make it fluffy at the end, because it's alot more realistic this way. PLEASE DON'T USE A KELLY CLARKSON SONG!!! well... you can if you want... don't get me wrong, I quite like Kelly Clarkson, but I think one of those songs would be a bit too obvious, you know? I think the song you have already works really well. Good luck with the other stories! x

Author's Response: Oh, yes, the ever infamous gooser. :P Thanks!!! I'm so glad that you liked it!

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Review #2, by RunPleaseIfThatsAlrightUniting Opposites: Chapter 2: A New Reality

31st July 2006:
Brilliant so far! I can't wait for the next chapter. Like the last person said, I love your style of writing. You're amazing at description and the plot line is really interesting and seems well thought out. In other words, I love it!
P.S. Thanks for reviewing my story, it means alot to me

Author's Response: *dances around* thanks a lot!! the next chapter probably won't be up until the weekend or next week, i SHOULD be doing other stuff... shame that there are no warnings of "severe madness amongst characters", i might be needing that soon XD
P.S. looking forward to your next chapter, update soon ;)

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