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Review #1, by lilyflower15Hermione's New Life: Names and Games

9th August 2006:
hey great chapter! but look at the second to last paragraph... it says... "The team and fellow Gryffindor students were still celebrating a pit, but the party had died down by the time Harry, Ron, and Hermione had returned." you have that sentence two times... just thought i'd let you know... but other than that great writing! can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks for pointing out that mistake, i'll get to it in a bit!

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Review #2, by lilyflower15Between Heartbeats: Dark Corridors

27th July 2006:
great job on this chapter! i really like where it is going and can't wait till there are more chapters!!!

Author's Response: aww thanks! the next chapter will be up soon as it can get through the queue and validated! :)

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Review #3, by lilyflower15Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: Lily's Saviour

24th July 2006:
oh man i love your story!!!! it is amazing!!!!! it is definatly going on my favorites!!! it was great! i love it soooo much i can't even begin!!! keep up the great writing!!!

Author's Response: thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it! =]

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Review #4, by lilyflower15James and Lily: A Hogwarts Story: Bring it on Hat!

22nd July 2006:
i really love this story... i can't wait until the next chapter! (when will that be?)... i love how the story is unfolding and i love your characters! keep up the amazing writing!

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #5, by lilyflower15Between Heartbeats: Waiting for a Sign

13th July 2006:
yay after searching for a while i finally found your story... it is late though... i'll read it later... but don't worry it is going on my favorites so that i don't lose it again!

Author's Response: aww, thanks sweet kid! i love it when people want to read my stuff! thanks for searching for it cutie pie and as you said, it is rather late, so sorry for the cutness and such!

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Review #6, by lilyflower15For Six Long Years: Worth A Thousand Galleons

4th July 2006:
wow... sorry it took me so long to review/read... i loved it though!!! by the way this is Hayley... hehehe... my new account name... yeah i loved the beggining of year three... the best part was the dream hehehe it was very cool how you told what was to come and then tore it appart with a dream... i don't think it could be improved cause it was so great. i didn't really have a least favorite part of it, it was all really good. please post chapter 10!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: That's okay...thanks for the input and review!

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