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Review #1, by fallenstarrBecause You Were There...: Epilogue...

18th March 2008:
I sat down and read this whole story in one sitting (sorry I didn't bother to review every chapter). This one in particular was very powerful and moving. The plot was well developed and I liked the fact that you actually kept Peter a part of the story. Good job!

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Review #2, by fallenstarrA gothic affair: Detention

21st October 2007:
Another good chapter. A bit short and seemed much like a filler but that probably means something big is coming soon. I hope so! Keep it up though!

Author's Response: Your perceptive! ^^ i needed this chapter to set stuff up for part that i'm already working on ^^
I had to have the end of the detention scene before i go on to the following chapter otherwise it won't work as well. thanks for your comment again! the longer follow up chapter will be coming-up soon ^^

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Review #3, by fallenstarr:

29th September 2007:
I really like the way you describe thing and your writing style is good, sorta reminds me of my own in a lot of ways. The story is interesting and your character seems to be pretty well rounded so far so just make sure to keep in mind as it continues to keep giving her faults and stuff. And just a word to the wise, if you plan on having her try to make Sirius jealous by acting like a slut and dating a whole bunch of other guys and stuff be careful that it doesn't turn out cliche and predictable and just 'another one of those jealousy stories.' If you were not planning on going in that direction at all, more power to you! Good luck and I'm looking foreward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! :D And don't worry, I hadn't even thought of her making Sirius jealous... It will go in a completely different direction! ;) Thank you so much again, it really means the world to me!!

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Review #4, by fallenstarr:

8th September 2007:
I'm a big fan of maurauder era always have been and always will be. I've read only a couple with Sirius as the main focus but it seems like you know what you're doing and where you're going with this. I'm liking it so far. This chapter is a bit short but, hey so are most of mine, no big deal. Please post when the next chapter comes out, I'm interested to read more.

Author's Response: So am I! :D This is actually my first story with Sirius in the main focus, and I find that I really like his character… :) Ive worked a lot on this story, and I hope I know where Im going.. :P I promise the next chapters will be longer, but unfortionately I find it difficult to write long chapters. Thank you so much for you lovely review, and I will post when the next chapter is ready.

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Review #5, by fallenstarrOnly With Acceptance: Godric's Hollow

21st August 2007:
Beautiful. I really liked all the emotion of it. The scene with the Quidditch game and everything was a bit confusing at first until I figured out who everybody was. I would suggest trying to make that a bit more clear, but everybody has problems when they add OC as minor charactors. Over all well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. =]. I'm glad you liked it enough to review. Very much emotion went into this one. All the kids are confusing I must admit. I guess I shall explain it a little better and making the story a couple of words longer won't hurt either. Thanks for the advice. And for the review. =]

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Review #6, by fallenstarrToo Late to Love: Too Late to Love

9th August 2007:
I liked it. It was a realisticly written Snape/Lily where they meet up after so many years. One suggestion I have to give though, is that you try to show how upset snape really was by the fact that she'd married James. Even if he doesn't break down in front of her have just a short scene or something of him when he gets back to the shack where he and Voldy had been and just breaks down into tears or else slips into depression or something. Fit the challenge very nicely. Good job!

Author's Response: : ) Thank youuuu.
I was planning on putting something like that in, but I decided not to.
I'll go back later and find something. : )

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Review #7, by fallenstarrAll These Lives: This is our night

28th July 2007:
like you yourself said, AU but well written. I still have a bit of difficulty seeing Draco as this type of person, but the plot was good and it fit the quote well.

Author's Response: thanks for the review

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Review #8, by fallenstarrThat's Her: Chapter One: The Only One

14th July 2007:
I loved your Luna and all her little creatures. Neville didn't seem too particularly OoC to me. This wasn't quite what I had in mind for the challenge, but that's what makes them so amazing--how many new idea's you see for them. Good job and cute ship!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I had so many different ideas for this challenge. On was Draco/Hermione, but I'm sort of afraid to do that ship because I've read amazing stories and I've read horroble stories about them and I don't know if i can be in the amazing section or not. And then i thought maybe FredorGeorge/OC, but one shots are hard with OC's. In a way they're easier, because you can make them anyway you want and dont' have to worry about them being OoC but then you have to explan the WHOLE background and everything and that's always hard to.

But then I saw that you wanted to see a Neville/Luna one, and I had to try it. I just didn't realize that it was going to be a lot harder than I thought..

But I'm really glad you liked it and I'm realllyyy glad you didn't think they were OoC! Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by fallenstarrWhich direction?: Which Direction?

4th July 2007:
A bit short, but none the less, still good. I've not read many things about Lucious/Narcissa but this was sweet. I liked the way you tweaked the quote slightly, it worked well for what you were trying to do with this piece. Over all, well done.

Author's Response: thanks! i know it was short, i was afraid to make it longer because of the change of direction. i didn't want it to become jumbled.

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Review #10, by fallenstarrA gothic affair: chapter 2: All Sirius' Fault

1st June 2007:
Yeah! Another chapter. Very funny. btw, my review on the first chapter wasn't meant harshly. I went back and read it realizing how it could have sounded...not so nice. Now that the apologies are over, onto this chapter. I like the way you described Remus's anger and how he tried to contain it for so long. I really like your line near the end, 'Broke into lots of angry fragments...' I can make you a banner, if you're interested. Email me at

Author's Response: Thanks, and you first commet wasn't harsh at all! i liked the fact that you noticed those things about the skinny jeans and lipstick, it's a complement when people pick up on things ^^ I'm just sorry i took so long for me to reply to it ^^;
Yeah, I wanted to show a different side to remus...he allways seems so calm and i guess it must be pretty hard so contain all your feeling to keep that facade up. And the little things he did when he started to lose control, like flicking sirius hair from his paper harder each time until he finally snapped.
Yeah, that line was my favorite line to write! it just came to me and it just sounded kind of remus-ish ^^
It was the perfect way to describe how he felt.
Wow really? a banner? you'd do that? ^^
Thanks! I might just do that! ^_^
Thank for you comment again...can't wait to hear what you think of the next chapter! ^^

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Review #11, by fallenstarrLife Lessons: Life Lessons

23rd May 2007:
I really liked your choice of character for this quote. It was touching and showed things from multiple layers. Even though you just mentioned them both briefly I liked your characterization of both Petunia and Peter. I'm fond of the way you decided to format it. Definitely a good idea if you ask me. Good job and exactly the type of thing I was looking for when I issued the challenge.

Author's Response: Yay! this was so much fun because it allowed me to use that amazing quote and it let me write about my favorite character and show things from her view (at least how i thought she would view it!) this was a great challenge!

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Review #12, by fallenstarrSolo En Ti: Solo En Ti

18th May 2007:
Hey there again. Haven't seen you in a while 'til I saw this posted in one of the challenges I entered as well and decided to come over and check it out. It was well written, quite descriptive, and good for your first try at a new ship, especially if it's one of the less-canon ones like this. Great job!

My suggestions would be to put the flashbacks in bold or italicized or something just to clarify. I would also suggest making it a bit longer to clarify a few things, like the ending in particular (it's more canon that she would still love James and possibly tell him but I can't really assume that's how you meant for it to be).

Author's Response: First off, apologies for taking so long to answer this. Second off, thanks so much for leaving a review! I haven't seen you in a while either! -reunion- ♥ Thanks, I never thought I'd fall into the Sirius/Lily ship, but alas -toot toot- I did.

Ah, yes. My mistake on the flashbacks. I shall put that in when I have time. I left the ending open that way both Sirius/Lily shippers could imagine their own ending that suited their ship, and same for the James/Lily shippers.

All in all, muchos gracias fallenstarr!

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Review #13, by fallenstarrMine!: Mine!

25th April 2007:
I really liked your style, especially the way you correlated all the colors with a certain action and a certain emotion. It delved deeper into the character of Lily. Although this story was short it was interesting.
My only suggestion to you would be the very very end. It seemed a bit rushed. I think a better ending would just be, 'It seemed right and she wrapped her arms around him. This was really what she had been looking for all along, to be loved and be cared for where she was now used and pushed aside. This was the only thing she'd ever really wanted, but she'd always had it, she'd just never seen it."

I think the finaly line you had 'the rest is history' was, although dramatic a bit to quick. I'm not sure she would be able to realize her love for James and his love for her so immediately after her breakup with Sirius. She would probably still be a bit confused and most definately emotionally screwed up to figure out that crucial of a decision. I would suggest merely leaving it out. It was a great story though!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review!! I think that I may have rushed the end a bit too much (as you said) but I think that I will go and re-write the end to make it a bit more romantic or emotional!

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Review #14, by fallenstarrFeelings: Feelings--Loathing

14th April 2007:
Although I've never seen wicked, yeah I know I'm probably missing out, or heard this song I think it turned out quite well. I imagine it's quite difficult to write a songfic to a song from a musical, even if you change a few things. I'm not much of a fan of them usually but the story was still good.

I like the fact that she kept calling him James at first but then stopped because she wasn't supposed to call him James. He was Potter.

I'm still holding out on judgment for the ending. I'm not entirely sure if I liked that. I know that's how the song goes so you can't really change it but it seemed so rushed. A nice little touch I think would be if after the last paragraph he says, 'I love you' and Lily replies 'I hate/loathe you' but she kisses him again anyways because they both know that she doesn't really hate him.

Over all it's a good story though and a great plot line.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the story... :) ... I agree that the ending is a bit rushed. I have plans to extend their argument and Lily's epiphany. I actually really like your idea! I might work it in there! Thanks for the advice and for reviewing!

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Review #15, by fallenstarrThe Puppet: The Puppet

12th April 2007:
Wow! The imagery and description is wonderful again. I loved the metaphore of the whole thing. Your writing is exciting to read and deep, something I really enjoy. I find it so fascinating to delve into the minds of others even though it can be dangerous territory. I liked your Snape though I'm still torn about whether I would consider him canon or not but that's just me being indecisive again, not a fault of the authors, of course.

The only question I would like to ask is what exactly happened to Voldemort? You mentioned ever so briefly that he was dead, and yet I was under the impression this story took place right after the murder of Dumbledore. So I would suggest just a fleeting hint of a backstory at least to explain how he died. Did Snape kill him? Did Snape help Harry kill him? if not, why would those on the dark side hate him? Those are just a few things I suggest you clear up as far as plot but your writing, still gorgeous and very powerful. It is something that can really hit a reader hard and make them think about what you've said.

I hope to see you soon to review my stories. I'd like to see your opinions of my Snape one (I'm quite sure that was one you were most likely interested in) and maybe in my Draco one, my other darker one. Interested to know what you think!

Author's Response: Hi again fallenstarr ! and thanks again for another fantastic review, once more you've said some very nice things & I appreciate that !
It's true he may not be canon...we certainly haven't seen a soft/penatent side to him yet...but I am hoping that in the final book it will be revealed that he was on the side of good all along & just following Dumbledore's orders...orders which hurt him deeply to carry out......ah well a girl can dream !!lol!
I guess the line about Voldemort is a little of my own wishful thinking...can't help it...I want the guy dead, sooner the better !!
The story does take place after Albus' death but I never really set a time frame in my mind as to how much after this event the story takes place. I would imagine Severus would be troubled by what he did/had to do for quite some assuming ofcourse he's good !!*fingers crossed*
I love your questions about how Voldemort died...they could get me started on another one-shot !lol!
And yes I am keen to read your own Snape fic...heading over there now !

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Review #16, by fallenstarrStains: Stains

12th April 2007:
I really liked your description of the whole situation. I could see him in his room trying to wash the blood and the beginning where he threw down the mask, absolutely amazing! Your word usage was very diverse and made the whole story more interesting. Your writing style is wonderful. Continue to develope it.

I congratulate you at your ability to write a dark fic where Snape is on the good side. It was one of the first I've read. This is the type of thing that really makes you feel for Severus as a character and what he has to go through. Absolutely magnificent!

Author's Response: Hi there fallenstarr ! thanks very much for coming over from the forums & reviewing my one-shots ! This is a really lovely review, thanks so much & I'm thrilled that you were able to a different side to Severus & 'feel' for him. I know this can be hard as he's not everyone's fav !!

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Review #17, by fallenstarrA gothic affair: Uncomfortable feeling

29th March 2007:
hehe, gothy Maurauders. Totally awesome. Although I don't much like Remus slash, this could turn out quite interesting.

Just a few suggestions though, I know that where I live it's more emo to wear the tight pants and it's more goth to wear the baggy black pants with chains. Not to mention, I'd like to see some of them with black lipstick instead of the red, but that's just my personal preferance. *stares of into space and starts drooling.* I'd love to see more soon!

Author's Response: Yay for gothy maruaders!!

well, i didn't really want to go with the steriotypical "goth" look...they're wizards after all and james and sirius have never come across as being the type to do the same as others, even when it comes to trends they would probably have done something to make themselves stand out more than others. Hence why i also put sirius red lipstick instead of black....he allways came of as extrememly rebelious and i guess the red would probably have been hated by his family too.....for sirius it would kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Also...i thought sirius would look quite hot with the "vampiric" red lips.....i had to put it on him for my own amusement and curiousity XD
thank for your comment! and thanks for the question/ nice when poeple take so much notices to whats written! ^^ hope you like the next chapter!

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Review #18, by fallenstarrBloody Hell: Song for sorrow

29th March 2007:
poor stokley. I liked hearing the backstory though. It was interesting to learn why she had to leave her old school.

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Review #19, by fallenstarrBloody Hell: Bloody Lixer

29th March 2007:
that's a new way to get music into Hogwarts, Very original

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Review #20, by fallenstarrBloody Hell: Lustful eyes

29th March 2007:
I liked the title to this chapter, it seemed to fit. Pretty good chapter.

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Review #21, by fallenstarrBloody Hell: Seducive kiss

29th March 2007:
Yeah for vampire powers!

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Review #22, by fallenstarr:

25th March 2007:
I love Evanescence and this fic seemed to do her song justice. Descriptive and well written. The scenes at the begining with the broken mirror and the blood were absolutely marvelous! Great fic.

Author's Response: Yaaay, thank you so much for your review! :) I'm glad you liked it ^.^ I LIKE REVIEWS!!! :D

- Lily xxx

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Review #23, by fallenstarrSad memories on sunny days: Sad Memories on Sunny days

24th March 2007:
A new take on both Luna and Neville. It was sweet, but not romantic. It was deep and I can tell you attempted to show all the feelings of a loss. Very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That was exactly what I wanted for the story :)

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Review #24, by fallenstarrForbidden: Always

23rd March 2007:
I liked this a lot. I loved your Draco because he was canon as well as loving and romantic. Your description was wonderful (I loved the part about his heart breaking into millions of ice cold shards, or however it was worded).

One thing I'm a bit confused about is why Draco and Pansy didn't think Lucious would consider her an option? As far as I know she is a pure blood. Is it just because her parents aren't Death Eaters? You might want to clear that up just a bit but over all absolutely wonderful. I was actually craving a Draco fic lately and this fit perfectly because you did not completely throw canon out the window. Great job!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm really flattered. Mr malfoy does think that pansy is a suitable bride for draco but he thinks that love (or any other positive emotion) will make draco 'weak', so he would try to split them up. sorry if that wasnt clear i will go back to it and try to make it better. thank you for your reveiw and constructive points.

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Review #25, by fallenstarrAnd When I Have Nothing Left: ~~

20th March 2007:
Deep and thoughtful. I liked the way that you showed that he never did love. He did care, yes, but he never truly loved. Your style is amazing and very thoughtful.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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