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Review #1, by huckleberry_pieSaccharine: Story of a Murder: III: A Plan

5th April 2009:
this is really fantastic, i love how the time skips around !

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Review #2, by huckleberry_pieForbidden: Forbidden

30th October 2008:
um have you read twilight?

Author's Response: Yes I have ... and yes, the plot bunny did come up after reading the first book for the first time. I hope you enjoyed it. I thought it was fitting for a dark and mysterious forest :)

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Review #3, by huckleberry_pieEncounters with My Better Half: It Doesn't Even Matter

18th May 2008:
wow i really like this =] awesome story please keep going!

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Review #4, by huckleberry_pieNsuahskhisstahs: Nsuahskhisstahs

8th May 2008:
woww this is really good and really well thought out. it is a little bit hard to follow at times, but i'm sure no one has ever thought of writing from the basilisk's point of view. great idea!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #5, by huckleberry_pieGodrics Hollow: All it takes is 20 minutes.

30th April 2008:
wow, really great beginning. it's an interesting take on the marauder era, and very well written. only a few point to make "There really was nothing special about me. I was tall, thin, with long blonde hair that reached my lower back and eyes as blue as an ocean." that description sounds a bit like a third person narration would, because i dont think anyone would refer to their own eyes as being blue as an ocean. maybe if she said, "eyes that my mom always used to say were as blue as the ocean" or somethingg.

your story reminds me SO much of the tv show one tree hill. like this, reminds me of lucas's commentary from the first episode of the fourth season:
"It may be a lot like your world, maybe it’s nothing like it. But if you look close enough, you may see someone here just like you. " and how Kylie's mom died and she uses a webcam, that reminds me of peyton. but i don't know if you've ever seen the show, so you might not know what i'm talking about.

all in all, great story! i hope to read more soon

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Also, thanks for telling me about the description thing, your right. I'll change it! Lol, I never actually watched the show one tree hill but my sister does. I'll have to check that out ;) Thanks again.

~`~ Jess~`~

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Review #6, by huckleberry_pieUnison of the Persecuted: Chapter 5 - A Foreign Hero

24th April 2008:
wow i really like this story. it is an interesting twist on character we really don't know much about. i am looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Although I have to point out, if I may, that since we know nothing much about them, I can't really put much of a 'twist' on them :P! But if that is the way you see it, then even better. :D

Anyway, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by huckleberry_pieForbid Me.: Why do I have to be tweetle dum? Why can't I be tweetle dee?

24th April 2008:
wow when i saw grace kelly (my idol) on ur banner i just HAD to read this, and i ahve to say i like it a lot. the relationship between scorpius and albus is great and very well written!

Author's Response: I love Grace Kelly to. I wanted to put her on one of my banners but I never had the right story. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #8, by huckleberry_pieStained Glass: The Night of the Attack

23rd April 2008:
wow this is really good but really really intense. that works though, because you can't talk about a werewolf attack w/o getting intense. i really like your writing style, its very descriptive and interesting. i can't believe im the first review of thsi chapter!! =] great job

Author's Response: Wow Thanks! lol, you're so sweet, it is pretty intense now that i look at it. but im really glad you like the intensity of the story. :)
I really try to get into some deeper emotions so that all of the readers can sort of "step" into naima's shoes and see the world from her POV. :D
Chapter 3 is almost complete and will be put in the queue soon, just as soon as my other story is validated :)
So keep your eyes peeled! lol
Once again thanks a lot for your awesome review!
Kris da Kat

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Review #9, by huckleberry_pieBitter End: Bitter End

18th April 2008:
this reminds me so much of the movie brokeback mountainn. im not sayin u copied it at all or anything, just that its the same like themes. amazingg writing style, everything you type is gold

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Review #10, by huckleberry_pieAs Lovers Go: As Lovers Go

8th October 2007:
this was so great!!! i really loved it =] totally awesome.

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Review #11, by huckleberry_pieHeart: A Royale Love

26th September 2007:
--ON second thought, i really *dont* like the ending. Il try to write a new one as soon as i get the chance, but for now, just imagine that it is good!


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Review #12, by huckleberry_pieThe Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Cleaning the Battlefield

16th September 2007:
wow love this!! great idea, btw. love love love love, write more soon!

Author's Response: Dear huckleberry pie,
Thanks! I will!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #13, by huckleberry_pieGood As Gold: The Northwest Tower

10th September 2007:
wow. i absolutely love your story. i had to go through it a second time because i love it so much!!! should i move on to the two others in the series, or should i wait for this one to end?? i don't want to miss anything important but i cant wait for more!!

Author's Response: the other two just have introductions, so you could move on if you wanted to . . . but I really only wrote those so I could get the banners at the same time xD ;; In the meantime, I'll have a chapter out really really soon!! keep checking!! and THANKS!!!! =D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #14, by huckleberry_pieInfatuation: Falling

2nd September 2007:
i think. ginny is gonna give victoire advice about teddy?? idk wat the advice will be tho.

Author's Response: You'll see... =]

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Review #15, by huckleberry_pieSaving Amber from a Six Lettered Word: The Six Lettered Word has a Meaning

30th August 2007:
what is the six letter word?? pregnant (8)? triplets (8)? Sirius, possibly?? hmmm. but how do u get pregnant w.o s.i.?? idgi.

Author's Response: I'll never tell. SHH!!!!

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Review #16, by huckleberry_pieThe Time of Our Lives: Skating on Thin Ice

30th August 2007:
ahh i love this storyy!! love the originality. its not just another hermione/draco or james/lily or w/e, its really really creative

Author's Response: thank you!!! I'm glad you think so!! I like to make my stories unique . . . the same old stuff all the time gets boring, right? ;) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #17, by huckleberry_pieGood As Gold: The Best Friend Code of Conduct

29th August 2007:
wow, i absolutely love this!! soo original. i think its just a little odd that remus marries tonks but he went to school with her mom. but w/e, i love that they are all in the same year. and i love that she helped make the marauders map and the mirror things. clears up a lot. all in all, awesome story!

Author's Response: thank you! haha, yes, the thing with remus and tonks IS a bit odd lol. but that's the way JKR wrote it (with some slight changes), so that's the way I'm trying to as well . thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #18, by huckleberry_pieUp To No Good: Secrets On The Hogwarts Express

26th August 2007:
hey, good start, a few typos here and there but nothing that ca't be fixed. i like that cassie is a redhead too, and i like that they're cousins.

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Review #19, by huckleberry_pieWhoever you are: Chapter Four

8th August 2007:
wow that is cool... nice twist... i would get wayy too confused with the whole social ladder thing, though

great story!

Author's Response: yeah mee too? I'd be like where am i? lol thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by huckleberry_pieReminiscence: Reminiscence

8th August 2007:
ahh i love it!! it's so cute. its just what i would imagine lily and james being like once they had harry.

but wait-- i dont get it. if she liked him, why didnt she go out with him?? im confused

Author's Response: well yeah i don't know either so i ended it at the time. but now my reason would probably be because she wanted to kinda keep him hanging? i'm not so sure how to explain, or like she just wanted to mess with him. idk. anyhoo, thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by huckleberry_pieWishful Thinking: Retaliation and more reunions

8th August 2007:
ha ha i love this, finally a GIRL prankster. thats something i havent seen yet!! keep it up!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks!!! I'm glad you like it! And thanks for the review!!!!

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Review #22, by huckleberry_pieSeven Years: First Year

7th August 2007:
love it!! i love griff/slyth fics, i guess rose/scorpius is the new draco/hermione!! ha ha.. already added to my favorites!!

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Review #23, by huckleberry_pieGingers CAN Get Boyfriends Too!: Family Everywhere!

7th August 2007:
love it! but i absolutely LOVE redheads! i think being blonde is SOO boring. i would much rather be ginger.

j'aim ta histoire, et vous avez une bonne imagination! je regarde ev avant a plus!

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Review #24, by huckleberry_pieInfatuation: Home

6th August 2007:
i love this beginning! i wasn't sure about a teddy/victoire fic but you have turned me into a t/v shipper! can't wait to read the rest, hurry and update!!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad I converted you into a Teddy/Victoire fan. The next chapter should be up in the next few days.

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Review #25, by huckleberry_pieA Tangled Web: A Tangled Web

5th August 2007:
this is really great. very original... good job!!


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :)

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