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Review #1, by trrinittyAfter Life: Magic, Moonlight and Mayhem

10th July 2007:
I suggest taking out all the spaces between each paragraph/quote. It is really rather annoying to have to scroll down about twenty times, especially when all you have to read is one line and then scroll down another twenty times. This takes away from the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for r+r! I know sorry about that. Its not a purposeful thing trust me. Whenever i took out the spaces to submit my chapter a red heading came up saying that there was a problem with my chapter and the spaces had been increased, if i made them smaller and resubmitted the heading was there again! I just left it in the end. My later chapters don't seem to be a problem but my early ones are terrible, i had to get in touch with somebody from hpff to help me fix it lol! Sorry that its bugging you, but believe me it bugged me too!! Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by trrinittyWhen Angels Fall: Mathilda Who?

20th April 2007:
I could make one for you, if you haven't already found someone to make one for you.

Great story by the way!

Author's Response: Can u really? My email is demon_chid_undercover[at]yahoo[dot]com If you can do it i'll dedicate a chapter to you!

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Review #3, by trrinittyKiss and Met: Meeting in the Corridor - The End

15th February 2007:
wow...when you said 'open ended' really meant it...but but but.GIVE ME A SEQUAL!!! I NEED MORE CLOSURE THAN THAT!!!

great job by the way!

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Review #4, by trrinittyDancing Lessons: A Change and a Bloody Nose

14th January 2007:
So far, it's a good story! However, there are some grammar mistakes and it kind of distracted me from the story [that's probably just me though...]. If you would like, I could serve as an editor; ONLY IF YOU WANT. It's nothing drastic of course, the story is still wonderful. If you would like to take up my offer please just email me at Again, great start-off!

Author's Response: okay, well i get better after that chap. don't worry

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Review #5, by trrinittyKiss And Tell: When Tears Fall: Scarred With Dirty Work

21st December 2006:
Hey. This is a really good story so far. I have one comment however. The song lyrics are cool and everything, but to me they get distracting. The pull away the reader from the story. This is just a personal thought and comment, but I think you should take out the lyrics. But as I said before, the story is really good.

Author's Response: The lyrics are only in the chappies to jazz it up a bit and I like the style coz I read a story ages ago with lyrics in the chappies and I have written like it ever since. Sorry if it's not to your taste. But I'm glad you like the story as that's the main part, but if the lyrics distract you, just read thru the story and miss out the lyrics. Hope that helps! :)

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Review #6, by trrinittyKiss and Met: The Gryffindor Common Room

5th August 2006:
really good story! please continue! as far as happy or sad ending...i cant help but want a happy ending...cant wait to see what draco does for hermiones birthday!

Author's Response: Happy ending... hmmmmm. Well, we'll see, I've been very behind in writing, so I haven't gotten that far yet. I might end up writing two different endings!

And I REALLY hope you guys like what he does!!!!!!!!! It's not TOO innovative, but, somewhat sweet :)

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Review #7, by trrinittyThe Slytherin Ice Princess: Chapter Three

23rd July 2006:
if you want, id be willing to make a banner for you if you still need one...just let me know what you want on in pictures/ can send me an email to

Author's Response: sent you an email already... :D Thanx!

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Review #8, by trrinittyFire and Air: Epilogue

11th July 2006:
i absolutely LOVED this story! there were so many parts that were just so...intriguing and amazing and just left me at the edge of my seat dying to know what happened next. it was a breathtaking story and had me crying in places. you seem like an amazing writer and have every intention of reading your other stories. job tremendously well done!


Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. I had a lot of fun writing it so it is good to know that you had a lot of fun reading it. I hope you enjoy my other stories as well. Thanks very much for reading and for the review. :)

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Review #9, by trrinittyDivine Humiliation: Divine Humiliation - Chapter Fifteen

8th July 2006:
omgosh! i loved this fanfic! you just HAVE to make a sequal..i HAVE to know what happens with draco and hermione! good job on this one..i just COULDNT stop myself from reading every possible chance i had..resulted in some nasty fights with my sister..but of course, being older, i won..

wonderful fic and hoping for a sequal...please email if there is one --

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Review #10, by trrinittyThe Very Important Week: The Unexpected Meeting

24th June 2006:
I haven't read the story yet, but it sounds promising.

From your summary, I saw that you need a banner. I don't know if you have one yet but if you don't then my sister or I would be happy to make one for you. All we need is what size you want it to be [in pixels, height and width], what/who you want on/in it, what colors you want it to be in, and any extra details.

Well, I hope that this comes to be of some service to you. I'll be off to read your story now. 'Byee


Author's Response: hmmmm.........

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