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Review #1, by BeautifullyDecayedHey, Fred: Hey, Fred

7th December 2008:
That was beyond amazing, but you already know that, I'm sure. It had me crying. It was beautifully written and the concept was great. You captured George so perfectly. Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you!! when i wrote this it was really more for me to come to terms with Fred's death more than anything, but i'm so glad that you enjoyed it as well. :)

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Review #2, by BeautifullyDecayedSympathy For The Devil: III: Safe

13th June 2008:
So, considering the date that you put, it was Thursday. And Thursdays Ron and Harry would come over. However, the first chapter you stated that it was a Thursday, but where were Ron and Harry?

Ron seems, oh, I don't, not completely, but slightly off cannon. There's just something about how he reacts that seems a bit over the top, I suppose. Like, I know he would be crazy mad about the vampire thing and hate that she's getting into it, but I don't think he'd go to the extreme of making it so that she changes her mind.

One small thing, the word okay needs to be either written as 'okay' or 'OK' not as, simply, 'ok'.

Basically its the same as the previous chapters. The writing is great and I love all of the characters. I love how, even though he planned on straight answers, Cygnus was still elusive, just how I believe he really should be.

Sorry this review is kind of short, I just don't have much else to say. So next chapter then. :]

Author's Response: thanks :)
I have a horrible memory. I didn't even think to check that - I've fixed it now. Thanks so much for pointing that out (you have very good observation skills ^^)
I didn't think it was too far-fetched for Ron to react that way; he's only looking out for her in his own way. But I see what you mean all right.
hehe, the "ok" thing. I just can't write the other two ways. It just looks weird to me... :P
Thanks again, for the critique & compliments :)

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Review #3, by BeautifullyDecayedSympathy For The Devil: I: Bait

13th June 2008:
So I'm supposing that that middle section was about the vampire---or at least one of them. Although this is just my opinion, I don't believe that vampire's stomach's would growl when they were hungry. More like an overpowering desire---or lust, if you will---to feed.

Well, besides that, this is really well done. Your characterization of Hermione is well done, as is Ginny's. They seem to fit in perfectly with how they did in the books. Although, I must admit, I don't know if I could really see Hermione writing in purple ink.

Anyways, your writing is well done. You are really great at descriptions and bringing someone into the story. I think it would be nicer to be able to get more into Hermione's head, which is kind of hard when writing in third person.

The only thing that I'm worried about, really, is this plot has been done before. Sure, most of the times I've seen it it was Draco that Hermione was defending, but they both share the same forbidden love thing within them. Just, while you writing, just and make this as original and unexpected as you can. Especially when Hermione starts to fall for this guy. Forbidden love sequence are almost all the same, I would love to see something new from you.

I hope this helped and I am off to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I replied to this review already, months ago, so am I allowed to cop out and say that I really appreciated the review then and I still do now, without repeating everything? *feels like she's cheating in some way*
ok, I can't do it.
So thank you, first of all.
I think I've since changed the stomach rumbling bit. It was a bit of an oversight on my part.
I'm glad you liked my characterisation, I've always worked hard on that. Didn't really consider the purple ink either, although I think I changed that since too.
I prefer first person, really, but this story couldn't be written like that, as future chapters will show (plus, I changed to Ginny's PoV halfway through this one). 3rd does give a lot more freedom to do that sort of thing.
I haven't read anything with a similar plot to this, but I hope I do do unexpected things later on - predictability is not good :)

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Review #4, by BeautifullyDecayedThe Other Lily: Family By Accident

9th June 2008:
I really love this. The idea is original and the writing is well done. I love that you added Sev in it because I mega love him. I would love for an update soon. So please, please do.

Author's Response: thankz!i love Sev too!ill update soon!

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Review #5, by BeautifullyDecayedYou Know You're a Weirdo When...: Ravenclaw

9th June 2008:
So this is great. A bit odd, really, but great. I do hope you update, it'd be so great. So please update because I do just love this so.

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Review #6, by BeautifullyDecayedYou Know You're a Weirdo When...: Going to Hogwarts

9th June 2008:
So this is really entertaining. I love the characters and I pretty much always love Remus. So this is just great. Um, next chapter now. :]

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Review #7, by BeautifullyDecayedThe List: The Art of Getting Noticed

5th June 2008:
So this was yet another hilarious chapter. And I really just crazy love this. Please, please update soon. You're amazing and this is wonderful.

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Review #8, by BeautifullyDecayedThe List: Why sleeping on a train is never a good idea

5th June 2008:
And this was yet another great chapter. Although I really dislike it when POVs changed or are turned off, I still liked this regardless. I just hope you have more soon seeing as there's just one more chapter for me to read. But your writing is really great.

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Review #9, by BeautifullyDecayedThe List: Prologue

5th June 2008:
So this is beyond amazing. It's so funny and I love the whole list thing. I love that she hates Lily. And I always love James/OC stories. And this one is probably one of the best so far. Love it lots.

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Review #10, by BeautifullyDecayedFor The Good Grace Of God: A Siriusly (Ow, Ow, Ow) Messed Up Day

5th June 2008:
I like this chapter a lot. It's a shame her friends were such losers. And I hate that this is the last chapter. I really want more. And with a cliffhanger like that you need to update soon. So yes, update and the world will be happy.

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Review #11, by BeautifullyDecayedFor The Good Grace Of God: An Idiotic Mistake

5th June 2008:
First off, the teacher before Hagrid was Professor Kettleburn. Although it's not said if he was the teacher when the marauders where there, it's more correct than Hagrid.

As for the actual review, I still really like this. I like the characters of Scott and Holly. I never really thought that there could have been another werewolf at the school back then. And, really, this is just mega bomb.

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Review #12, by BeautifullyDecayedFor The Good Grace Of God: Side Project

5th June 2008:
So this is wonderful. I love the writing and I love this character of Grace so far. So yeah, next chapter reading now.

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Review #13, by BeautifullyDecayed:

5th June 2008:
So this was yet another wonderful chapter. There were multiple times where I was just laughing. I love Cassandra even more now. And all the Potter joking stuff is great. And, really, this is just grand. I really hope you add more soon.

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Review #14, by BeautifullyDecayed:

5th June 2008:
So I really like this. It's well written and I have never seen a story about Cedric's sister. I love her character. It's just all over well done. Thank you for posting. And now I must read the next chapter.

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Review #15, by BeautifullyDecayedJust a Bet?: Chapter 4

24th November 2007:
So I am finally here to review this. Sorry it took me ages, I haven't been on this site in so long. Now as for the chapter, I loved it. I have a feeling that Juliet is going to be Reggie, which would make me very happy. I love that guy. I can't wait for another update, it would make me very happy. Sorry about the crappy review, I'm not all alive right now. =]

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Review #16, by BeautifullyDecayedSecret Sneer: Secret Sneer

14th July 2007:
That was so unexpected!
I loved it!
I am laughing so hard right now.
I know I shouldn't be, but I am.
This was really good, I must admit.
I like how you write.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. That's really wanderful to hear!! I know!! This was meant to be a really horrific one shot, and everyone seems to think it's hilarious that Harry died!! No, it's fine. I think in actual fact, it was meant to be like a horror, comedy. I have to admit that when I read those last lines with the suitcase, it is actually presented as something funny!! Anyway, thanks for your lovely review.

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Review #17, by BeautifullyDecayedFor You I Will: For You I Will

8th July 2007:
YAY! Another Sev/Lily song fic! This makes me so happy! It was so good. It made me so sad, though. Sev and Lily are so perfect for each other. It's just horrible that she had to be with James--I completely hate that ship.

This was really well written and I had so much fun reading it. I did enjoy your song choice, it went with it very well. I hope you end up writing more of these, that would just be amazing.

Well, thank you for writing this, it was wonderful! =]

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Review #18, by BeautifullyDecayedThe Girl: Meet Cassie

3rd July 2007:
I love this so far.
I would leave you wonderfully long messages about how wonderful it is...
The next chapter needs to be read! =]

Author's Response: wooo new reviewer! thanks I dnt mind how short it is long as you review! Chapter Nine has been in validation for ermmm A WEEEEEEK! and its annoying but it'll be up soooon
thanks agai

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Review #19, by BeautifullyDecayedJust a Bet?: Chapter 3

3rd July 2007:
I love this story so much.
You need to update.
I think I see some amazing potential in this story.
I cannot wait for moreee!
Man, this review is short and sucky, too.
I just would love an update!
I love this so much!

Author's Response: I'm glad you love the story so much. The next chappie should be out soon. :)

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Review #20, by BeautifullyDecayedJust a Bet?: Chapter 2

3rd July 2007:
Love this.
So much.
Stupid mean sorting hat.
I think that this is beyond amazing.
And I have to cut this review short because I have to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you think the story is "beyond amazing." Especially since I'm extremely proud of this story! :)
Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #21, by BeautifullyDecayedJust a Bet?: Chapter 1

3rd July 2007:
Por whatever the main girl's name is, I can't remember!
It's sad.
I would still be her friend!

I like this story.
I'm going to read the next chapter now!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story. :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by BeautifullyDecayedFor The Love Of Quidditch, For The Love Of Him: Chapter 1-This Means War

2nd July 2007:
I love this. So much. So crazy much. I'm still laughing, idk why, tho. =] Female Snape, that is amazing! Well, I'm going to read the next chapter!

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Review #23, by BeautifullyDecayedHarry Potter and the Hopefully Interesting Sixth Year: Chapter Two

22nd January 2007:
That beggining was so cute! I love Harry! And Sirius, and Remus, and James, just not Lily.
I love Made-Eye, he's so much fun to write, isn't he? I just love this line: “That boy doesn’t half get through parents, he’s on his fourth! Most people only get two.” Moody muttered.
And I love Dumbledore, he is wonderful! Let them sleep! You go Dumby!

This was a wonderful chapter! I love how you protraded everything that must have been going through Harry's mind at the moment. This was really well written, and you say that you don't like it! I really should see some of your newer stuff. And I would if it wasn't for the fact that there's so many bloody chapters! It's insane! 9/10 ^^ ~ Daryl!

Author's Response: You don't love Lily? How odd... I wonder why not. I love Mad Eye, Snape and the evil ones. They're fantastic fun. I'm glad you're enjoying it anyway. :o)

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Review #24, by BeautifullyDecayedHarry Potter and the Hopefully Interesting Sixth Year: Chapter One

22nd January 2007:
First off, I just want to mention that Harry never had friends before he went to Hogwarts. So I don't know why he would be hanging out with people he's know since he was 5...
Secondly... HARRY'S EMO! That makes me happy! ^^
Thirdly I love this story! It looks just wonderful! I love Remus, he's so sweet! I love it all! And I could totally see Harry acting like that. I really am loving this story! I must be off, the next chapter is calling to me! ~ Daryl!

PS: I am promising right now so that you can kill me if I don't. I promise that I will review each chapter! I hope I do!

Author's Response: Fine, this story can be AU. Harry mysteriously has friends. This was just something floating round my head about three years ago that I wrote badly and posted. I have to keep apologising fo it... :o)

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Review #25, by BeautifullyDecayedAnything Is Possible: A Nice Day

15th January 2007:
YAY for fluff! This was just wonderful! I love Neville so much! He's really like my second favorite character in hp. Well, I really like this! I think I must add it to my favs! It was just so cute! 10/10 all the way! ~ Daryl!

Author's Response: Woot! Fluff is greatness (: I'm so glad you liked it. I love me some Neville as well, hehe. Thank you very much! +

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