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Review #1, by Jewel ThornEndlessly: A Rough Start

17th August 2007:
I also write Draco/Luna and I wanted to tell you, you have a good start. About the banner you could try and request a banner that's what I do. Anyway good start to an excellent pairing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback I'll read your stories as well :] Also I joined at TDA but I can't seem to find the right place to request. Any suggestions? Lol. :]

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Review #2, by Jewel ThornThere's A Darker Side to Everyone: The Continuation: Dark Decisions

29th May 2007:

Author's Response: JewelThorn~

whichever one you are, thanks!


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Review #3, by Jewel ThornCrashed: Then I Crashed Into You

29th May 2007:
nice Em. i really liked it, but there should have been more. as always better than anything that i could write.

Author's Response: JewelThornKLW~

thanks, K. i'm planning on continueing, and i just wanted to get them together...that's all.


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Review #4, by Jewel ThornBitter Sweet: Dark Salvation

29th January 2007:
I have read up until here and I have printed the rest to read while on the go. I truely love this and my friend thinks you're awsome!!
Keep writing forever!! ~jessi~

Author's Response: wow i don't remember the last time someone has left me such a warming review. & its unbelievable that you actually printed it! i'm shocked at how much you liked it. thank you soooo much you have no idea how big a smile i have on my face right now. cheers, jewel! thanks a million for leaving this lovely review =]

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Review #5, by Jewel ThornTidus Malfoy: An Introduction

24th January 2007:
This is really funny and great I love it. Keep writting now I'm going to read the rest.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for reviewing, and let me take another opportunity to say how much I love Til' Death Do Us Part xD

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Review #6, by Jewel ThornTil' Death Do Us Part: Living A Lie

27th November 2006:
damn you jessi i want more! ~a(on your account while your sitting here next to me!!) ~

Author's Response: Amelia how many times did I tell you to stay off of my account you **BAD BUNNY**!!!

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Review #7, by Jewel ThornThe Curse of Curves: Black Book

12th September 2006:
I love it! It made me laugh so hard that I had to stop drinking and eating for a few hours in fear that I would start laughing again!! lol. Keep writting I'm craving more of the curse!!

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Review #8, by Jewel ThornThe Slytherin King: A Sorting Gone Wrong and a Parselmouth Discovered

16th August 2006:
Try for a banner. I really like the story.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm having a bit of writers block though on this story. Someone has already agreed to make me a banner, but thanks for the advice. xD

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