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Review #1, by bradCause and Effect: Chapter Six - All's Well, but it Never Really Ends

24th August 2009:
Okay, I've worked it out ... you're not a H/Hr fan after all! Well, they're not your primary fandom affiliation, at least.

You are a LUNA LOVEGOOD worshipper!!

But hey, that's fine with me.

I really like your Luna, although in this story at least - if I'm remembering correctly - she seems to have more powers than a Kryptonian. Glowing eyes, seer abilities, an intellect that sees things that even Hermione Granger can't, and so forth.

But I do like the idea of a Luna being such a good friend to both Harry and Hermione and helping them out.

I read this after 'Chrismas' and, once more, I got in deep enough to really appreciate Luna. The highlight of this story, for me, was when Harry hugged Luna at the end of chapter 3. Only a couple of sentences, but the 'wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly' and the 'thank you, very much' as she 'brought her arms up around him' was just very, very nice and had me grinning openly. You see, all during that chapter I'd wanted to hug Luna myself, so reading of Harry doing it was the next best thing.

The Crookshanks connection was cute. Nice to see evidence of the H/Hr 'bond' other than instant telepathy.

Once again you painted an evil/naughty Ginny - good! - but then redeemed her, had her come to Hermione's rescue. Hmmm. You are just TOO NICE, apAidan. You should stretch your wings and write a story which has some tears and turmoil, some ugly scenes of acrimony, some angst and separation, before you wrought your happy endings. Show us a successful, smug Ginny before you give her her just desserts. A few lows in an apAidan story would make the highs and happy endings look even better. Just an idea/opinion.

But I enjoyed this story anyway; thank you!

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Review #2, by brad'Twas The Day Before Christmas: Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

24th August 2009:
The idea of Hermione coming charging to Harry's rescue is a nice one indeed.

I enjoy your stories, but I think all of them - that I've read so far - are much the same in that there's little 'friction', little possibility of things going wrong, H/Hr and everything else is a fait accompli, everything is plain sailing. Well, maybe that's unfair; I've just finished reviewing two of your shorter stories that *don't* have Harry and Hermione together, after all. But everyone (except Ginny) is still so *happy*!! It only takes Hermione about three milliseconds to cast Ron aside in this tale, he's left behind without a thought in the sonic boom as she rushes to Harry's side, no doubts whatsoever.

She'd been with Ron a long time, they'd lived together? Made love, et cetera ... I would have expected some inner turmoil, some measure of regret, some acrimony, before both Ron and Hermione acknowledged the truth/obvious and let bygones be bygones. Or maybe you could have shown us a bit more of the R/Hr problems that had been leading up to the start of this story?

You know, I had to put this down half-read for a day or two, and one thought kept popping up in my mind - how GOOD a friend Luna Lovegood was to Harry and Hermione. I was pretty sure you were going to have her end up with Ron (like you, I quite agree that canon!Luna showed definite signs of interest/crush in Ron, and he started appreciating her more, too, in the last two books) and I suddenly realised ... how wonderful was Luna, to put her own feelings aside and calmly wait for Ron and Hermione to break up? Rather than crash in, try and split them up, or otherwise interfere?

Maybe I'm being too magnanimous ... maybe your Luna, in your eyes, had enough seer to 'know' that she'd get Ron if she just waited (goodness knows you seem to give Luna all sorts of abilities :-)). Or maybe Luna just realised that her relationship with Ron would be strengthened if he was allowed to work out for himself that Hermione wasn't the girl for him, in his own time.

But I was still struck with the idea of good-friend!Luna, sitting by and giving her friends all the time and support they needed, placing her own needs for love on the side. I desperately wanted a scene to come up in the second half of this story where Hermione would, suddenly, be hit with this sort of epiphany - isn't it nice that Luna and Ron are together, it's what she always wanted, she -- wait, does that mean that, all those times when we were with Luna, she was, all along, desiring Ron ... but staying well clear of him, just because of our friendship? Oh my gosh, what a good friend she is, I don't deserve her a friend like her ... and then a big Granger-class hug for Luna would follow.

I know it's sappy, but I like stories that make me think of things like that; I otherwise have zero imagination, so it's nice when I can 'get into' the flow of a tale.

Anyway, I do note that you did insert the beginnings of R/Luna near the end of the story, even if you didn't have Hermione suffer a breakdown over the realisation of what her friend put up with for her sake. :-)

The image of Harry's parents warding off Ginny was cute, if a bit 'over the top' for this romantically deprived male reader. I didn't much like the caveat that they couldn't appear to the principles themselves, which made the whole artifice a bit too 'artificial' for me.

"Broken Arrow!", hey? I had thought it might be 'Hey, Rube!'. :-)

Thanks for the story!

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Review #3, by bradWhat Once Was Lost: Chapter 3 - Special Duty Reunion

24th August 2009:
I read this right after "Witness to it All", so it fell into place nicely as a H/Hr-even-though-they're-married-to-Weasleys sequel. Nice to see how our favourite couple are working so well together. The idea of them having plans all set up for those missing during the war ... a very nice idea, and wonderful to think of them being so caring and meticulous in their duties.

You didn't cast Ginny - who 'almost' forgave Harry for this incident - in a very good light. But that's okay, I'm of a similar mind. She's not evil or even bad ... just selfish.

The truly sad thing is that Harry thinks she's a good wife, that sleeping in the doghouse is normal, that he ended up with the best possible marriage/wife. :-(

Anyway, this was a neat example of Harry and Hermione working well together after the war, thanks!

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Review #4, by bradNeville Longbottom - Witness to it all: Chapter 3 - The Final Battle

24th August 2009:
Aw, come on, you've got to write a sequel, describing the 'interesting wedding' and the furore that erupts when *that question* is asked!!

(Does Neville know a counter to the Bat Bogey curse?)

I guess this is a story that you can't publish on Portkey, given how you're - sob! - keeping Harry and Hermione apart, trapped in their entanglements with their respective Weasleys.

Unless you write that sequel, of course ...

The 'hidden moment' on the train didn't convince me ... it's a pity there wasn't a sentence or something in the canon text on which you could hook the idea. Like you did the failure of Ron's spell on non-rat Pettigrew.

But Hermione's reaction to Harry's 'death' was quite riveting. Okay, I was half-grimacing because of the overt nature of their 'bond' - the more you extol their mystical and super-deep connection the more incongruous their marrying other people and remaining ignorant of what they mean to each other seems - but the drama of it, Hermione's reaction, her side of things, was nicely done.

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Review #5, by bradCause and Effect: Chapter Two - We Need to Talk

10th April 2009:
Excellent! I felt that there were less question marks hurtling at me in this chapter, not as many conundrums to keep track of. Largely just the matter of Harry, Hermione and the soon-to-be-deceased Ginevra Weasley.

If Luna is currently - at this time, 9:07 or whenever it was - having lots of fun with Ron in the Ravenclaw tower - I'm a bit concerned that Ron and Luna hid their romance from Harry and Hermione, ostensibly their best friends.

'Love Potion' H/Hr stories have a bad reputation in the fandom, I think, but I'm not sure I've ever actually read one. In any case I'm happy with this one! It's nice to think that there was a H/Hr love there all along, with the H/G being misdirected H/Hr, rather than having to handle H/Hr coming after the H/G, which might be a bit clumsier.

It's really nice to see Luna so trusted by both Harry and Hermione - every HP fan loves Luna and wants her to have bona fide friends - but, again, I'm concerned about her hiding her romance with Ron, which I'm convinced exists, even though I haven't seen any proof of it yet. :-)

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Review #6, by bradCause and Effect: Chapter One - The Cat and the Bag

10th April 2009:
I really wish this site gave e-mail notifications about story updates. I didn't have a clue about this story's existence.

Having read it, though, I can now say that .-.-. I don't have a clue about this story. :-) Time travel hurts my brain! I love the idea of Luna 'helping' Harry and Hermione, although I hope you don't make her *too* all-knowing. I'm assuming that she's already going out with Ron!?

I guess Ginny did use a love potion on Harry, then? And Luna administered some sort of counter-agent this morning? Just guessing. It'll be interesting to see all the gaps filled in.

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Review #7, by bradSixteen Hours: Chapter Two - Shared Dreams, High Noon, and a Showdown at the 'I'm not so OK' Corral

23rd February 2009:
I'm glad the dream was a dream, it was a little bit corny ...

Hermione's wearing Harry's Quidditch jersey was pretty evil of her; she knew what that would imply!

Well, I'm fairly flummoxed by all this, it all seems to be quite/too pat - Ginny rolling over at the end, Harry seeing Hermione for what she is and vice-versa. Do all these characters *know* that they're in a H/Hr story? :-)

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Review #8, by bradSixteen Hours: Chapter One - Sunrise and New Beginnings

23rd February 2009:
A new story, the most recent chapter just put up yesterday, and I never received any e-mail notification?!? Doesn't this site have an e-mail notification mechanism for story/author updates? I've got you listed in my 'favourite author' list! Hmmph.

Well, I was sort of stunned at R/Hr breaking up within nanoseconds of the story's start. That's half a H/Hr story dismissed right there! Plus Hermione seems to know who her 'soul mate' is.

I can't understand why Ron says that Ginny is one of the four who knows that Harry loves Hermione (or vice versa), when the youngest Weasley supposed is still aching for her crush!hero.

I loved the 'reserved' signs, very nice/good thinking.

> ... then reached down and picked up his wand and carefully stowed it in her pocket. Seeing the Elder Wand protruding from his back pocket, she carefully extracted it from his pocket and put it away, also.

Well, there goes Harry's mastery of the Elder Wand! :-)

(Sorry, I can't help snarking at the sheer silliness of that horrible deus ex machina gimmick that Rowling introduced in the 7th book.)

Author's Response: They have the rss feeds on things, but I end up looking to see what my favorites are doing, most of the time.

They'd just defeated Tom Riddle, if ever there was a time for taking stock of things, I just thought that might be the time. I know everyone loves the long extended 'when is she finally going to dump Ron' phase of things, but I decided that Ron might not be quite as thick as everyone assumes, this time.

Ah, either I mistyped or you misapprehended my meaning there. What Ron was trying to point out was that only four people hadn't figured out the two of them belonged together, and Ginny and Molly were the other two.

The signs were a very Neville touch, seemed like something he'd do.

Lol, never looked at it that way. Fortunately for myself, I was acting under the premise that magic is a matter of 'symbolism and intent' (btw, full credit for that goes to the incomparable Randall Garrett from his Lord Darcy series of stories and novels) Hermione's intent was to preserve the wand for Harry, not to strip him of it (although, that might work for a story since if everyone 'knows' that Harry is the master of the Wand of Destiny, and Hermione snatched it from him, then even if he loses a challenge, it wouldn't matter. Of course, if Hermione gets the wand stolen. Nah, better leave well enough alone. Besides, Hermione who must not be named is much scarier than Harry who must not be named.

I'm glad you enjoyed the start of this story (even without the R/Hr angst to start off with) and hope you enjoy the rest of it.

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Review #9, by bradLunch at Maxine's: Chapter 3 - What A Difference A Day Makes

28th December 2008:
Oh, and I forgot to add for the previous chapter - well done also on the little bit of revisionism, that of Harry sneaking down to visit the petrified Hermione in second year. That's lovely.

There was a story on www dot harmonyforever dot com called 'Hermione Granger, Captive at Hogwarts' which retold the early years from Hermione's perspective and with a H/Hr bias. Brilliant story, inserting varous tidbits of H/Hr value into the canon. This notion of Harry visiting Hermione evoked exactly the same warmth/emotion from me. It was good stuff.

Again, I'm enjoying the adult Grangers' involvement in (a) their daughter's romantic life (or lack of same), and (b) the wizarding world in general. You even address this with Helen's gratitude for Flaubert.

> This half-life youve created is too comfortable for both of you.

Very astute, pushing the story above the pedestrian 'they both discover they're in love" thing.

> this called for overt action

You mean 'covert', right?

Had to laugh with Helen cleaing up on the bets. Good story, thank you!

Author's Response: I think we're both correct on the overt / covert issue, but you might be a bit more correct. I was using 'overt' in the sense of Helen and Harry actually doing something, even though it was covert, rather than simply waiting for the two of them (Hermione and Harry) to grab enough gumption and straighten themselves out.

I always thought that the Australia events were a wake-up call for the Granger parents that they needed to reclaim their place in their daughter's life. Too many stories have them almost out of the picture in her life, and it seemed to me that once they were reestablished in their memories, they would want to ensure they didn't 'forget' their daughter again.

Also, while Helen (at least in the stories I've written thus far with her in it) will shamelessly meddle in their lives, I've tried to cast her as a bit less manipulative than Molly, and much more willing to look at what the two of them actually want.

Eh, no where does it explicitly state he didn't do that. Anything not expressly forbidden by canon is permitted to make a better story (and if you can find a way to explain away something expressly forbidden, it might work also)

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Review #10, by bradLunch at Maxine's: Chapter 2 - When One's Reality Cheque Bounces

28th December 2008:
Ha! Nice twist at the end, although right now I'm thinking that Harry's something of a coward ...

A little bit over the top, the idea that a couple can *sleep together* for 5 months without thinking there might be something there more than friendship, but hey, I'm a H/Hr man, I'll gladly go along with it.

The idea of the Grangers being friends with wizards other than through Hermione is an innovative one; I don't think I've encountered that before. Hermione's parents seem way more itegrated with the Weasleys, in a realistic way, than I've ever seen. Nicely done.

I also like Romilda's "19 years". Picked that number out of the air, did we? :-)

Author's Response: Somehow, nineteen seemed apropos. Not certain why, but it just did.

The only thing Harry fears is losing Hermione. He's willing to face anything for her, except the chance of losing her.

The sleeping together thing was/is a bit of a stretch, but they'd done the holding the other for their collective nightmares for so long, it seemed to be a natural extension (pardon the pun) of what was going on. Never underestimate the ability of people to rationalize anything if it gives them what they want, deep down.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Sorry this took so long to answer.

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Review #11, by bradThe Trial of Dolores Jane Umbridge: Chapter 5 - Causus Belli, Findings of Facts, and Just Desserts

28th December 2008:
(tracked you over here from Portkey. I trust you're in the act of publishing this final chapter over there?)

Well, I see the punch line of the whole story now. :-)

The "I must not tell lies" script on the device was a good, clever touch; very fitting. As was Hermione's final words. And word. :-)

Umbridge was still too stupid, but I guess you could only use what Rowling provided.

Marietta's rejoining the DA was nicely done - you have a flair for theatrical language - although I thought that would include Hermione's cancelling the acne hex on her. Maybe Marietta's 'SNEAK' pimples weren't permanent in your story?

Author's Response: The story on Portkey is a bit different, but the main part of the story is still the same.

From canon, I saw nothing from Umbridge that led me to think anything about her but being a petty bureaucrat who worked her way into a position where she could flourish under the protection of her patrons and torment those under her. I've read a few stories with the evil mastermind Umbridge, and while I liked them, I just never saw her as that.

I always envisioned Marietta's punishment as something temporary. If she could manage to go a month without tattling on anyone it would fade, if not it would start the count all over again (or something like that) but there was never a place to work an explanation in.

thanks for taking the time to read and leave a review. I really appreciate your comments

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Review #12, by bradSeptember Moon: September Moon

23rd August 2006:
Hey, this is lovely. Nice and slow, no silly sitcom-like disavowal of their feelings or accidents that leave them in a state of ignorance, just (timid) acceptance of what they have and could be, and then a very touching and moving conclusion - "kissing and touching softly". Sometimes I get tired of the multitude of stories out there which have some nice emotion and love in the first half but then devolve into physical sex/smut for the remainder. And you had me worried on that 'take me' utterance of Hermione's!

That 'not wanting to lose you as a friend' line is a powerful plot angle, serving double-duty, both in highlighting how strong their existing relationship already is, plus it places additional emotional involvement/drama on their having the courage to move forward.

Found out about this story via a recommendation of LJ user tome_raider. Thank you for the story!

Author's Response: Wow, that's...that's really great that you felt that way. Coming from Pam I'd be worried it wasn't smutty enough. :) J/K

It's funny to me. The men who have read this have been the ones happy that they didn't go 'all the way'. I would have assumed it would be the other way around. :)

But I was in a sweet mood. I never intended them to fall into bed, not even when Hermione murmured that line. I'm really glad you liked this! And I have to go thank Pam yet again for her support! :) Thanks again for the review!

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