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Review #26, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Dream of Dancing in the Moonlight: Loss

1st August 2005:
Ahh, there so cute. Are you planning to write a full story for this or is it just a one-shot. After reading this i'm definately going to have to put you in my fav authors list...your the first one by the way! How you can simply read a book like HBP and then immediately write such a good opening chapter based on it is just amazing. I hope you'll update soonses!!

Author's Response: Haha, aren't they? I love Remus/Tonks! ^.^ Yes, this is going to be a full story. I'm thinking between 10-15 chapters. Wow, thank you for the favs, I'm honored! *bows house-elf style* Thanks for all the wonderful compliments, an update should be on its way tonight or tomorrow!

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Review #27, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: All Hope is Lost

28th July 2005:
NO - WAY!!! That was just TOO intense! Arghh! How could you end it like that??? OH my days! ~I can't believe it! I'm practically pulling my hir out here i'm so shocked! *tries to relax so his heart cna return to normal pace*... well...what can i! That was just too good to be true! But so many unanswered questions! (I seriously hope that isn't the case when JK finishes the series...this is just torture!) Why did Claire's Grandma die? What was it that killed her? What was she in the first place? A witch, an Alien...what!? And what's happened to Quin? Or Robin for that matter? Did she get left behind when Claire returned home? (Because i didn't hear her say she wished she'd never came to Hogwarts) or did she return with Claire and end up in her room somewhere? Arrgh! This is just soooo frustrating!!! What happened to Lupin and Sirius...are they dead? Is Harry dead? He can't be!......can he!!!????

Author's Response: Yes way, Gandelf! Haha, wow! You really got into the ending, huh? ^.^ Indeed, I left a lot of unfinished mysteries--but I still have the sequel to answer them all! I don't think JKR would be cruel enough to leave us hanging after we've grown up with her characters--she's a bit nicer than I am as far as cliffhangers go! (Although, I certainly think the ending of book 6 qualifies as a cliffy!...*sobs* NOT DEAD!) Annnnnyway...I'm guessing I'll see you in the sequel, then? ^.^ Hehe, it should be up soon along with all the answers to your questions! Thanks for always reviewing, Gandelf! ^.~v See you in the sequel!

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Review #28, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Wrath of Voldemort: Diagon Alley

15th July 2005:
Hey everyone! For those of you who read this chapter first i suggest you re-read the ending. I never noticed it before, but the last paragraph got chopped off because it was too long. I've fixed it now though. Thanks alot for reading

Author's Response: "Bleh!!"

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Review #29, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Stunned

13th July 2005:
SEE!! I knew it was Phillipe Fontaine! I mentioned it in my review for "The Third Attack", saying that i was suspicious of him because you were keeping him so quiet. I'm so good. I still think Gwyn's involved aswell though. It's funny how she coincidently decided to change the subject of the conversation so spontaneously. I also find it suspicious that she brought up such an emotional topic which would no doubt throw Harry off his previous thoughts. I still liked the way it was written though. Oh yeah and what was that, that Phillipe said? Something about-- "She wont 'elp you..." --- Yep that confirms it for me. She's definately involved in some way. Anyway i was very impressed with that chapter (as i feared i would be). After all the critisism I've dished out throughout this story I knew you'd come out with an explosive ending like this and make me look stupid for doubting you... *Tries to hide his face from view* Ah was i to know..? Really enjoyed this chapter, my enthusiasm is now fuly restored...keep it up...please

Author's Response: LOL! No worries. We had some rough patches, mate, but I think we're in smooth waters from here on out...

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Review #30, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Alone

10th July 2005:
I loathe you Weasley Freckles!! Grr...everytime i read one of your chapters i sit there in awe for about 5 whole minutes, and then i start to whack my head against my keyboard...Why the bloody hell can't my mind be so creativeses!!'s so frustrating! You're making me hate my own story now. *Okay Gandelf...deep breaths...deep, deep breaths* Phew now i got that out of my system. *Forces himself to smile with tremendous difficulty* That chapter was excellent! I was wondering why you kept saying that the story was almost finished when you were so far from the "Dementor's Kiss" scene and then you come up with a superb way to leap forward through time by doing something as simple as changing viewpoints...genius. The chapter title was fitting aswell. But i sense danger. Claire hasn't learnt to conjure a patronus yet!! Who'd have thought that her leaving the story for a matter of minutes could cause the story to advance so far into the future. And what's happened to Aquinas? Did he leave the story with her....? (Don't know why i'm asking exactly because it's not like your goig to tell me any time soon!) I still think he's some sort of an animagus though. Neway...onto Bethany. She's just acting too weird, I have a very strange feeling that an unknown little girl from the real word has just been given a certain gift? ...Am i right or am i right? Realy enjoyed this chapter

Author's Response: *hands ice* Please don't whack your head against your keyboard on my account, I'll feel bad! ^^;; I'm so glad that you liked the chapter, Gandelf! So the "time leap" wasn't too cheesy? I was worried people weren't going to like that but apparently it went over alright. ^.^ Ah if you sense danger, you are sensing correctly...Chapter 29 is in Limbo and it was a BLAST to write, but you're going to need those teddy bears I handed out hehehe, so you'll see about the danger. As for're right, I'm not going to tell you! :-p Hahaha! As for Bethany--you are officially the first person to guess what was going on with her, congrats! *hands Gandelf a rubber duckie* Hmm...interesting guess shall see soon enough whether you're right! Glad you liked the chapter, next one should be up in a few days! ^.~v See you then!

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Review #31, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

26th June 2005:
Oh my goodness, grascious, meeses!! That was bloody brilliant!! My eyes just widened with shock when Claire went back. I couldn't believe that you were going to end the story like that! The thing that i love most about this story is that every chapter has something unexpected and moves the plot along nicely. ( which is something i've been trying ridiculously hard to acheive). I don't see how on earth fixing the story is going to possible at this stage (For Claire that is). And either way, the books still won't be as popular in the real world as a result of Claire's emergence being so "abrupt" as you put it. I really don't know what to expect from this story all out of guesses. I do not for a fact though, that Claire going down to see Harry has messed up the story even further. Firstly, his first kiss was supposed to be with Cho, who he's shown no interest in so far, and secondly that kiss has made it impossible for Claire to teach him how to conjure a patronus. It's going to be way too awkward between them now.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you Gandelf! Glad that you like the unexpectedness--some people chase me with torches and pitchforks for my cliffhangers lol!...*reads all Gandelf's guesses/musings and smirks* I think you're the third or fourth reviewer to get one of these *hands Gandelf his Auror certificate* Your mind is on the right track, indeed...Well, now that you have the purty certificate, go kick some Death Eater @$$ while you're waiting for chappie 28! Please get Lestrange and make us all happy!! *grr* Hehe, I shall see you soon!

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Review #32, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Suspicion

22nd June 2005:
Much much much better chapter! The characterisation was perfect the whole way through and the pace was great. However i'm still not completely convinced...Your plot seems to lack...well...originality to tell you the truth. And the whole thing seems to be a carbon copy of JK's work. We've already read through a plot in which someone within the castle is trying to kill Harry, and despite the fact that you are a very talented writer, the level of excitement is failry limitted because of this. Another critisism is that you seem to be ignoring all the other characters in the story that make the books great. These include characters such as McGonagall, Hagrid and Dumbledore. Leaving these characters out is having a negative effect on the feel of the story. It still has a "Hogwarts-ish" atmosphere about it, but it just...i dunno...doesn't seem complete somehow. Final Conclusion: You are a very talented writer, but unfortunately you are writing a story which lacks originality - - - Sorry if this review upset you in any way. I'll probably still read it till the end nonetheless.

Author's Response: Well, I think it's pretty hard to get upset when you're told that your FANFICTION lacks originality. LOL! But no, I think I get what you're driving at. Having to deal with JKR's cast of thousands has given me a whole new respect for her craft -- it's bloody hard work!

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Review #33, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Shield of Grindelwald: Unfinished Business

19th June 2005:
One word...Wow!! That was so bloody brilliant that i was gaping at my computer screen for almost a full minute afterwards. You're original writing style is far superior to your Rowling's adaptation to be perfectly honest. This break-off form Harry's world to the going ons in the muggle one was a welcome distraction from a plot, which i have well...let's just say grown accustomed to...I really admire the way you showed everything from an entirely muggle perspective, but at the same time, integrated little hints in order to help the reader understand Regina's interpretations. I felt this chapter was made better because it showed the outside world exactly how it is, and not in the form of a dream (As it usually is with most stories on this site). I still can't quite link the colour of the Burkanese uniform to anything at the moment though; but i definitely noticed a distinct change in Bellatrix Lestrange and i'm seriously wondering how on earth Harry will be able to cope with the increasing power of both Voldemort and his supporters. Overall, it was a brilliant chapter which really showed off your talent for description and your high level of english. To be honest, i don't believe that this fanfiction business is doing your writing any justice. You should either write the rest of this story in your own original style, or stop it completely and write an original novel (That is not a critism by the way)

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Review #34, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Siriusly Screwing Up

11th June 2005:
Ooh! ooh! i know, i know! *Jumps up and down with excitement* ...But i don't want to spoil it for anyone...*Hmm*... *Thinks long and hard*... OK, ok i got it!! I'll just leave a hint! That way if people read into it, i wont have to take the blame! I'm so smart!...Anyway, has anyone noticed that Robin and Quin are NEVER in the same place at the same time......??? Dun dun dahhh! Do i sense a little Clark Kent "Dual-Identity" thing going on here? I'm sooooo right aren't i Weasley Freckles???

Author's Response: Haha, glad to see you're excited about guessing! ^.^ Ah, so you're one of those that thinks Robin and Aquinas is one in the same? *chuckles* Actually, if you flip back about 10 chapters or so, Robin and Aquinas WERE in the same place at the same time--the library. I think that chapter was "A Small Step Towards Friendship" if you want to check me on that. Haha, don't worry, the mystery will end soon enough--or at least part of it! ^^;;; Hey, I have to save SOMETHING for teh sequel!!! ^.~ I'll see you soon with the next chapter!

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Review #35, by Gandelf The WhiteAll For One and One for All: Chapter 15: Born to murder

26th May 2005:
Wow. This chapter was a class above the rest in terms of description. The way you described Harry's feelings was really excellent although it did get slightly repetitve after a while. I think it was abit odd that Snape came to sort out the situation and immediately began giving Harry occlumency lesson but it was stilll a good chapter nonetheless. Post more often!!!

Author's Response: Yay! I was wondering if I would be hearing from you! I thought maybe you had abandoned me; I am such a bad updater! Yay! I am glad you liked it! yeah it probably was a little unrealistic to put the Occlumency lessons after the attack so quickly, but I wanted Snape to be the one to pull Harry out of trouble cause he seemed like the most obvious choice (he knows Occlumency for one and two he has proved himself apt to defend himself against Harry when he was being controlled by Voldemort in other chapters) plus I felt like my story was beginning to lag a little and I want to get past the kind of fill in chapters that will be coming rather quickly, so maybe I just got ahead of myself a little. Thankyou so much for the constructive criticism! This is the kind of stuff I need! I will take your words of wisdom on board and try to apply it to other chapters! Thankyou soooooooo much for reviewing! You make me smile! Haha! And yes I will try to update more often. :) Thanks again!

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Review #36, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Expecto Patronum

26th May 2005:
OMD!!! It was Robin!!! (sorry, just had another brainwave)

Author's Response: LoL, brainwaves are more than welcome! Robin...such a mysterious bean...hehehe...

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Review #37, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: The Third Attack

17th May 2005:
Much, much, much better chapter! If only some of the others could have been as good as this one. I'm really intrigued about Sirius comments about Lupin... ---"He's there," Sirius said sadly. "Right in front of you, Harry, but you don't see him." ---- Hmm....very interesting. I personally think that Gwyn and the other new boy are both behind the attacks. I've noticed that you seem to be keeping him quiet which obviously means he has a significant role to play...i think. Really good job i think i've rediscovered my thirst for this story! update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! You win some, and you lose some, so they say. Here's hoping my few remaining chaps will keep you interested. And just keep in mind that it was Harry that said Lupin, not Sirius. *taps finger on side of her nose*

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Review #38, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Expecto Patronum

16th May 2005:
Wow. This storyline has so much depth. It seems like every new chapter expands it even further and provides more possibilities as to where it might end up. Hmm...i think i've just had a brainwave!! From the last chapter i've noticed that you mentioned someone else may have interfered with the story, causing Sirius' death as a result. Could that be the same person that Claire heard? It sounded as though he or she was attempting to go after Harry..........?

Author's Response: Haha yay for the depth! I had to prove to you guys that I am NO Mary Sue writer. Someone asked me if she was going to end staying there forever and marry someone and live all happily ever after...tuh! Haha! Indeed, I did mention something about someone killing Sirius accidently by interferring--you think its the same person Claire heard? Hmm...interesting guess...well you'll have to wait and see mwhahha! And keep making guesses, it makes me happy! See you soon!

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Review #39, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Post Holiday Blues

15th May 2005:
How on earth can you say this chapter was boring? It was just as brilliant as all the other chapters. I'm really intrigued by Robin's theory about how Sirius' death. Maybe he wasn't supposed to die after all....very interesting...loved the chap, keep it up girl!

Author's Response: Because it was all dialouge, silly!! I don't care for dialouge-y chapters, they're not much fun to write. >.< Robin is a smart cookie, this is an undeniable fact. Glad you liked it, I shall do my best to keep it up! *salutes*

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Review #40, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Disappointments

28th April 2005:
"It was a Venomous Tentacula, Harry. Biggest one you ever saw..." --- Hehe, that part was funny. The story still hasn't kicked off yet though. Sorry to keep stressing it but its begining to get a lil frustrating. The story still seems too one-dimensional, with everything focused predominantly on Harry and his little circle of Gryffindors. I realy think you need to integrate more characters from outside the walls of Hogwarts into your story. I still think this is a decent story overall but it's desperately lacking something. Sorry i this review offended you

Author's Response: You didn't offend me. There isn't enough constructive criticism in the fandom, and I applaud you for always giving thoughtful feedback. There's a lot of stuff about Sect I'm not happy with, looking back on it, but in my defense, it's REALLY hard to write something this massive one chapter at a time and not be able to go back and edit as I go. The plot *is* there, though sometimes it seems to have gotten burried by the sub-plots. =) That said, I've got to defend my Harry-centric focus. JKR writes the books from Harry's POV -- we the readers only ever know what's going on in the world through Harry's eyes. Since I'm trying to emulate her style, I too write everything from Harry's POV. Stuck in school all year, he really doesn't have a good connection with the outside world. It would be SO MUCH easier to write from an omnicient or semi-omnicient or even shifting POV, but that's not how JKR does it, so that's not how I've chosen to do it here. Thanks again for the feedback! Hope you don't mind my ramblings in reply. =)

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Review #41, by Gandelf The WhiteHeart-Talk: Heart-Talk

23rd April 2005:
Aww...that was so sweet! I loved that part about the true meaning of was just excellent. But the worst thing is james isn't ever going to read it. That's just such a depressing thought... *Throat suddenly goes dry*...Get a grip Gandelf! Look at me, you've got me all emotional...that takes a talent! But i won't cry!...I won't i tell you!...I - I....I think i have to go now. *Runs away from review page with face in his hands*

Author's Response: lmao! wow, thanks for the review, lol! I'm rather proud of the 'true meaning of life' part myself, so im glad you liked it. Yes this story revolves around the irony that James will never read the letter, and i know it was sad. lol, if i've got you all emotional...i'm proud. i tried the hardest to get enough emotion in this fic. Thank you so much for reviewing, i appreciate it, and really value your opinions and thoughts.

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Review #42, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: Hiding Out Holiday

17th April 2005:
I liked this chapter actually. It was all nice and relaxing and stuffz! One question though...I thought Claire forgot to tell Harry how to wipe the map clean???? What happened when snape caught him coming back from Hogsmeade???

Author's Response: Thank you. I think you're kind of confused--the first time Harry ever went to Hogsmeade he didn't take the Invisibility Cloak with him. So Claire just left him a note on his pillow as to how you wipe the Map clean. You can check the book if you don't believe me. Thanks for pointing that out though, sometimes I miss things even though I try my best not too. ^^;; Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Rendezvous

9th April 2005:
Hmm...i'm i wrong for reading a little too much into Hermione's last words? Is she being possesed or something. This was a much better chapter. It had abit of everything really action (Quidditch), Romance (ROR), and light humour. But what was most impressive was the fact that the plot seemed to move along more (Something that had been lacking in some previous chapter i'm sorry to say) though i'm still waiting for it to properly kick off. I hope that there is more revealed about Lupin and the sect in the next chapter. All in all, i really like it. I could actually feel Harry's frustration with Dor about not even allowing him to go on a date alone! Though i do sincerely hope than Gwyn doesn't turn out to be this supposed "assaisin" because all the signs seem to be pointing toward her at the moment and i must say i'd be pretty disappointed. Though perhaps that was your plan and you meant for Gwyn to be suspicious so that we'd all be surprised...i hope

Author's Response: Hee hee. As Fred and George would say, "Evil doesn't tell..." =D But I'm glad you enjoyed it and glad I've got you thinking!!

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Review #44, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Muggle Prophecy: Just when you think you know a person . . .

3rd April 2005:
Another good chapter. You've really captured the Hogwarts feel. Reading this brings back so many memories of how Hogwarts used to be, when we were all just dscovering the magical world and all the classes were new and exciting. I miss that now, as the books have started to get really dark of late, though i still love them of course. question, why is Eve scared of Malfoy again? I think i might have missed something...sorry. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you again, Gandelf. :) She is indeed scared of him. Looking over that passage I realize it does seem like she may be smitten with him. Most certainly not! I will clear that up I think so that it is very clear she is feeling fear and nothing else. Thank you!

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Review #45, by Gandelf The WhiteSwitching with Sirius: Over-Bloody-Whelming

3rd April 2005:
I knew it! knew it! knew it! knew it! She likes snuffles! Ahh! What's going on!? We cant have a Harry Black! (Though at least that way he'd go on more dates) wonder how Lilly's gunna react when she finds out about Lupin. *Rubs hands together excitedly* Oh yeah, that brings me to my one critisism. I thought Dumbledore never knew that the marauders kept Lupin company when he transformed? They used to have to sneak out of the castle didn't they? Happy late b-day by the way! Ah sweet you can legally buy cigarettes, and do alot of other stuffz that are bad for you! well done! ;o)

Author's Response: lol, thanks so much for the review! Alright about the dumbledore thing...if you read the previous chapter again...there was a line...hang on let me find it.........ok --> *“Am I to understand that you and Mr. Potter have found out a way to help your friend and be with him in his time of need every month?” Dumbledore asked very slowly. “Er…” Was all Sirius could say. He definitely wasn’t about to tell the headmaster of all people about the biggest secret that him and the marauders shared.* Ya, so dumbledore didn't know. lol i was laughing at the harry black part...with him having more dates...thats great stuff. anywho, thanks for reviewing and for the swanky birthday message! love velvet

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Review #46, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: The Fog Turns Clear

29th March 2005:
Heehee! *rubs hands together* this is getting interesting! But why oh why must you continue to make the chapters so short!?? Explain yourself! This story is just tooo good, please dont take long with the next chapter! (Yay! i'm the first reviewer! i deserve a prise :o) )

Author's Response: Haha! Indeed! Hey, if you want the chapters up faster, you're gonna have to compensate their legnth! *waggles finger* Beggers can't be choosers! *wink* You want a prize for being first, huh? Well...okay! *hands Gandelf a bouncy ball* There you go, have fun and don't hit people in the head with it and blame it on me!! LOL, see you in the next chappie! *waves*

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Review #47, by Gandelf The WhiteSwitching with Sirius: Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations

26th March 2005:
Another good chapter. Don't worry about the humour too much, not every chapter can be ridiculously funny. I personally found this chapter hillarious though. I actually laughed out loud every once and a while. (My dad thought i was going a bit mad) I still want to know who's going to get together! Sirius n Lily or Lily n James? I think you've made it clear that Lily doesn't like James in that way...yet. But maybe there's still hope for them?

Author's Response: hehehe well i can't tell you that...yet. dont worry, dont worry though! wow you were actually laughing out loud?! that just made my day, *smile*. Next chapter should be up soon, and i want to thank you so much for reading and reviewing, i really appreciate it!! Happy Easter!

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Review #48, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Muggle Prophecy: Hopes and Fears

24th March 2005:
Hello there! really liked this chapter. The story's moving on at a decent pace at the moment and the characters are all...well, in character! I hope my summary has at least made more people read your story. Some people read every chapter but are just too damn lazy to review! *Grrrr* I still think you should add a tiny hint about your plot in the summary though, sorry to keep going on about it but it's really important that you grip the reader and persuade them to read. (Look at me critisising my own work!) There's a link on the homepage "Writer's Resources" i should check it out, it's quite useful. Good story so far, please don't stop now! if you do that you definately won't get any more reviews. But i'm sure they'll come when your story picks up in pace a little and we get deeper into the plot. This stories in my favourites by the way

Author's Response: Thank you again, Gandelf. I've touched up the summary again after reading some tips in "Writer's Resources". Its still not great and I'll continue to work on it, but perhaps... I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. :)

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Review #49, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Wrath of Voldemort: Voldemort's Concoction

22nd March 2005:
To Contrarian. Sorry, i didn't get to reply to your review properly, i was in a rush because my brat of a lil sister wanted the net...i'm still devising a plan to get her back...*evil laugh* perhaps i'll put a spider in her bed...she hates them, Mwahaha! Anyway, nah well i don't suppose it was funny for Harry! But i must admit when i was writing it i did stop and think "hey that sounds pretty cool actually!" glad you found it funny though! i usually struggle with humour as i think you've all noticed! So at least that particular piece of dialogue made you smile! Really happy you liked it. About the McFadden's...yeah you'll hear about them in the next chapter. Think i need to brush it up a lil first...phew! know thats out of the way...Wow! that's two reviews of yours without critism! I thought you don't like sugarcoating your reviews? Hmmm....*eyes Contrarian suspiciously* 'I wonder what she's got in store for me in the next review'....

Author's Response: Yeah i know what you're all thinking..."What i sad author...reviewing himself" (Sorry to any mods reading this i jus wasn't satisfied with my review response) *slinks back into the shadows*

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Review #50, by Gandelf The WhiteReading Between the Lines: The Three Broomsticks

21st March 2005:
Haha! This is just too good! i'm enjoying every minute of it! I advertised it on my fic as i promised...i just think everyone should have the pleasure of reading something as original as this...your story makes me happy! I really wish i didn't have to wait so long though ;o(

Author's Response: Why thank you. *bows* Thanks for the advert. And if I may say so, the only reason you had to wait so long for an update is because the new chappie spent a WEEK in limbo waiting to be validated!!! The staff must be backed up with submissions or something. Anyway, thanks for reading as always! ^.~v A new chappie should be on its way shortly.

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