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Review #1, by Gandelf The WhiteI Will Cry: Alone

24th April 2008:
Brilliant. Really good writing. Had me engrossed from the very first sentence. *Skips off to read the prequel*

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!
I'm glad you liked it, I hope you like the other ones =)

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Review #2, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Hallows of Death: Arrival

24th October 2007:
Hey girl where you been? It seems as though i've lost your email address (again) i wanted to send you what i've written so far in my new fic. Somehow it just doesn't feel "right", the last two paragraphs in particular. Just wanted your opinion. Send me an email when you can

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Review #3, by Gandelf The WhiteHalloween Day: Halloween Day - Eleven

11th October 2007:
No!!! How could you end it like that?! So Ron didn't remember any of it then and the story just went on as normal? Oh well either way all i can say is - BLOODY BRILLIANT! This was a fantastic read, the hours at work seemed to just slip's almost home time now! You are a very intelligent writer. The plot was full of mystery and creativity to rival one of the official books and the chemistry between Ron and Hermione was just too...well, cute i guess! lol well done (9/10)

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Review #4, by Gandelf The WhiteHalloween Day: Halloween Day - Two

11th October 2007:
Wow! these were two very interesting and well written chapters. They had me hooked from the word go. It's very interesting to see things from Ron's point of view for a change and you write their characters so well that it's very believable. Well to read more

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Review #5, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Hallows of Death: Explanations and Just Plain Firewhiskey

29th August 2007:
Hey purplefire. Sorry about that i never got around to replyin to your e-mail and i lost your address somehow. Hope your doing ok anyway. I'm planning a post-hogwarts fic soon, im almost at the stage where i can start writing, just trying to get the structure of it right and decide wht should go where, what details should be in what chapter...etc etc. Hopefully you coul return the favour and beta it for me!? lol well ill send you a copy of the first chapter when its written anyway just so you can tell me what you think. Keep up with the writing anyway. Are you planning on writing any other HP fic? p.s oh yeh great chapter by the way...

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Review #6, by Gandelf The WhiteOf Peanut Butter and Little Ones: Of Peanut Butter and Little Ones

29th August 2007:
Hi, i read his yesterday but didn't have time o leave a review (wish i did now...would've been the firt reviewer! humph). I just spent ages searching for it again to compliment you on this. It was great, very believeable and really romantic. It's given me a few ideas for the story i have planned, i wasn't really going to focus on Ron and Hermine much but the way you wrote this so beautifully has made me rethink. keep up the good work, will definately come back to read more of your stories

Author's Response: Thanks-you. It really means a lot that you CAME BACK and reviewed even though you didn't have time to when you first read it. I'll try and return the favour by checking out some of your stories.

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Review #7, by Gandelf The WhiteLike Having Friends: Just Another Beginning

9th June 2007:
Hey, just stumble across this, it was a good start. Can't wait until into you get into the real story

Author's Response: Cool, a review. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting one. (>.

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Review #8, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Hallows of Death: Emotionless

17th May 2007:
First reveiw - YES!!! Good chappy...keep it up. And don't worry about the reviews, they'll be flowing in once the story gets going properly. You've got some great ideas (i should know...*wink, wink*). Waiting for the next. 7/10

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Review #9, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Sickness and the Cure: Chapter 15 : Come Undone

13th May 2007:
Hmm...This chapter was ok. You have some brilliant ideas and showed your talent for description once more with those excellent fight scenes.
My one critisism however, was Voldemort and his mannerisms. There's something about your characterisation of him throughout this story that just doesn't fit. His use of vocabulary seems perfect but i think the problem is that he seems a little too...well..."human" for my liking. Perhaps you could argue that this is because we have never seen that side of him but he just seems to exhibit far too many emotions. For example at one point in this chapter you described him as clasping his hands together like an excited little girl...that just seemed very uncharacteristic of Voldemort. He doesn't come across as someone who would openly display happiness like that. Not in the presence of so many death eaters anyway. I was also quite curious about his reaction to Draco marrying Ginny. I highly doubt that he would sanction such a wedding, however i'll reserve judgement on that as it may be part of your overall plot. Don't get me wrong however, i very much enjoyed the chapter. The story seems to be entering its final stages now and i'm highly anticipating a climactic ending. 8/10

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Review #10, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Sickness and the Cure: Chapter 14 : You're the Blood in My Veins

10th March 2007:
Wow. That was pretty intense. You know, i think you'd have absolutely no problem getting your own work published if you cared to try. You're such a talented writer...everything from your grammar and spelling to overall plot and character development is simply amazing! This was a excellent chapter, though i must admit i am going to really miss Lucius' character. I really enjoyed reading about the relationship between he and Draco. I suppose it had to happen though i guess. I'm eagerly anticipating the next chapter...very eagerly. Good Job 9/10

Author's Response: Hello!! thanks so much for the great review. I will miss lucius too, he was a fun character to write. thank you so much for the wonderful compliments as well. I always enjoy reading your reviews, and i hope you like the next chapter! thanks again for the great review!! DC

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Review #11, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Hallows of Death: Journey To The Burrow

10th March 2007:
Hey, the story seems to be progressing nicely. Its almost as though you're improving with every chapter...quite impressive actually ;) all you need to do now is try to make your chaps a bit longer. They always end just as im getting into it!!! Eagerly awaiting the next. Keep it up 7/10

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Review #12, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Hallows of Death: An Untold Secret

28th January 2007:
Im going to try and be as polite as possible but here goes. Basically i think your story writing skills need alot of improvement. You need to focus much more on what you're characters are thinkin and feeling, both in general and during their conversation. For example in the section in which you wrote about petunia revealing the truth to Harry you shud stop for a moment and breifly describe Harry's emotional reaction to the news. For example PETUNIA: " turned out that i was a squib...blah blah blah". HARRY'S REACTION: Harry stared open-mouthed at his aunt, not daring to believe what she had just told him. It just didn't make sense to him, how could she have kept this information from him for all this time? Describing what is going on within your characters heads makes for a much more interesting read. Also be sure that your characters stay IN characters. you should watch what they say and more importantly HOW they say it. My final critism would be that this chapter was way too rushed. You went from harry hearing a noise to him finding out his aunt went to hogwarts, and then going back to his room all in the space of about 2 paragraphs. far too rushed. By adding more description you should be fine though. work on these things for the next chapter and you may get more reviews

Author's Response: i figured this story was too rushed, and I knew i strayed from what the characters are actually like. and your right, i do need to improve. i need to think about what i am trying to get across to readers before i write it down. you should have seen the way it was in my notebook! and i don't take any of this as critisism. i take it as advice. thanks alot. would you like to beta my story?

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Review #13, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Sickness and the Cure: Close Enough to Feel Your Heart Beat: Part 1

16th January 2007:
That was probably the best chapter in this story so far. Though saying that it couldn't have worked without the chapters leading up to it. It feels like the story is finally going somewhere now, with both Ginny and Draco's feelings becoming more profound and i really enjoyed it. Eagerly anticipating the next...

Author's Response: Hello! thanks, im glad you liked it, next to this chapter and the next one, these have been the hardest for me to write, so im super psyched that you liked it so much. Im really interested to see what you think of this next chapter too. so thanks again for the review!!! till next time... DC

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Review #14, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Sickness and the Cure: Chapter 10 : No One Stays the Same

3rd August 2006:
Very gripping chapter as usual. It doesn't seem to matter how long you make your chapters i never seem to get bored at any point. That's a rare talent I must say. Even JK doesn't always manage to do that. Great so far. It'd be good to hear a lil more about Ginny's family in future chapters though... cant wait for the next update

Author's Response: thanks! im trying to get more about ginnys family and harry in, but it just never seems to be the right place, ya know? it will be in there, promise, probably the chapter after next. thanks for the review again!!! i hope to hear what you think of the next chapter too!!!

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Review #15, by Gandelf The WhiteThe Sickness and the Cure: Chapter 8 : Bare Skin on Cold Floors

29th April 2006:
I've been meaning to leave reviews for your stories for a while now, i just never got around to it. Anyway, better late than never i say! I've read both stories already and i dont think i can truly express how impressive they both are. I absolutely envy your talent for description. The way you effortlessly manage to describe even the most unique surroundings in a couple of sentences is just amazing. On a number of occasions i have found myself re-reading paragraphs in awe of your ability. I also like the way that you make your characters convey so many different thoughts and emmotions in a single facial expression. As for the actual story... You seem to have alot of interesting ideas and i can tell that your plots have been fully thought through. The whole aspect thing was really intriguing and original. I do however have a few critisms. Firstly the thing that really frustrates me about this story is the lack of trepidation between the characters. I know you could argue that the majority of your characters are Gryffindors and are therefore brave. However, i do not think that simply being a gryffindor can account for the misplaced humour found throughout both stories. Fair enough, i understand that laughter is sometimes used as a defence mechanism but there just seems to be no fear factor in your characters at all. For example when Harry was discussing that he may know where Ginny was being held. I found it a little strange that the weasley's seemed to find that an appropriate time to start jesting. And also when Ginny went to rescue her brothers they seemed a little bit too comfortable with the situation than i would have liked. These are deatheaters we are dealing with here. They are supposed to be the most feared people within the wizarding world, yet if i hadn't known any better, judgung by your characters reactions i would have thought that they were simply a large gang of petty criminals. Improve on that, and this will probably be the best romance fanfic i've ever read. Sorry if any of the critisism offended you. I trust you will take it in your stride. Gandelf

Author's Response: i am truly sorry i have not responded to your review until now. truthfully, i found it hard to figure out what to say, not because i dont agree with your critisms, but because i do. your review really made me think, and i have made many many notes to change things when i finally go back to reedit things, and for future parts in this story. I wanted to thank you though for the most honest and helpful review i have ever received. I just want you to know that im not a disgrunted author or anthing, i do truly appreciate the review and the feedback, both postive and negative. I really hope that if you have contiuned reading to leave me more of your thoughts on my story. I would love to hear from you and thanks again.

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Review #16, by Gandelf The WhiteAnswer of Redemption: Answer of Redemption

24th April 2006:
Knew why? What? It's a great piece of writing. You have a great skill for discription. But what did he find out?

Author's Response: lol - Mainly it is open for people own idea's, though I guess it is the question of why Snape has done all the things he did in the past when he ended up saving Harry - another question of why lol

Thank you for the lovely review ;-)

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Review #17, by Gandelf The WhiteNothing Lasts Forever: Nothing Lasts Forever

10th April 2006:
Oh my god! It's you Tahi?? I was so excited to see that you'd started writting again i almost fell of my seat! This one-shot was really good, It's a shame we didn't get to read all the backstory you mentioned in passing. Sounds like it would have been a really good story. I'm pretty embarrased now though after all the praise you gave me for my fanfiction effort. I feel sooo average after reading're english is really good. Oh yeah i've read the what you've written of 'the story begins aswell' That too, seems pretty interesting. I'll leave a review for that story in a sec. hope the next chapter comes out soon!

Author's Response: Hi Gandelf, long time no see ! *squeals and gives him a bone-crushing hug* Thanx soooooo much for the brilliant just made my day! I absolutely love you! That's just too much praise to take and, honestly, I'm not worthy of it. Are you talking about the Jane Wilson fic? Well, to tell you the truth, it would certainly have turned out to be a good story but it's a shame I couldn't complete it. Besides, I put more of my efforts in Nothing Lasts Forever. I was so nervous when I posted it...I am glad I got such positive reviews. Hey, don't say that, I absolutely loved your fic and you are a great writer! About The Story Begins... review and tell me what you think! Thank you, again, for your review *hugs again and offers a Cadbury*

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Review #18, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Wrath of Voldemort: The Dream of Death

4th March 2006:
Woah! that was way too short. though a god start nonetheless. I was only drawn to this story because of the fact that its got the same title a mine but im glad i stumbled across it...sounds promising keep it up. Though please make the other chapters longer than this one

Author's Response: hey...thanks for reviewing! In my notebook that I keep, I have about 7 chapters, but I just haven't found the time to type them up. The other chapters ARE longer than this one, but that is my problem with time...they're long and I don't type fast. Thanks again for reviewing and I'm glad you stumbled upon this story.

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Review #19, by Gandelf The WhiteFake: Chapter 1

10th September 2005:
Hey Contrarian! I thought you "hated" this site...(as you put it)? Oh well. Glad to have you back anyway. Though i suppose most of your fans will have forgotten you by now. Back to the story - It was a really good start. I'd been contemplating writing exactly the same sort of story but it looks as though you've beaten me to it. I've always been interested in Ginny's account of CoS. I'm really looking forward to seeing exactly what happened when she was taken down into the chamber and exactly what was going through her mind when she woke up and found her "hero" waiting for her. You will write that scene won't you? Anyway, really enjoyed this chapter. You've definately reclaimed one of your fans

Author's Response: *shrugs* I definitely like more than this site - the reviews I get there were always more constructive. And I'm more into Bartimaeus fanfiction now, so I didn't really have anything to offer on this site. I suppose I just got frustrated because the fic I hated (the Luna fic) was sort of popular, while the ones I spent forever writing, rewriting, editing, etc never got any attention. Hence the "I hate this site" message, but that was overreacting on my part. And if my fans have forgotten me...I think I had about two, so I can't say I'm devastated.

Anyway, now that I'm back, I have some fics to catch up on, yours included. I was pleased to see you continued - told you to keep going, didn't I? ^^ But freaking heck, your chapters are long. Don't be surprised if it takes a couple of days for me to finish. Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by Gandelf The WhiteLa Figlia Dei Morti: Programma Del Voldemort - Voldemort's Plan

18th August 2005: was an OK chapter at best if i'm to be completely honest. I dunno, this just doesn't seem my sort of fic. Please don't take offence to the following critisisms, hopefully you can use them to improve. Firstly --- Voldemort. He seems far too humane to be convincing enough. I really can't see him showing such blatant favouritism to any of his followers so i found his compliments to Lucius very OOC. Also, his dialogue just doesn't seem to fit at all. There are way too many common words in his vocabulary that i doubt you would find him using much in cannon. The way he expresses himself just doesn't seem to match the terrifying aura that everyone has grown to assosciate with him. --- Secondly --- Harry. He seems to have adopted the hot temper he had during OotP when it has clearly been shown that he has, in fact, matured greatly since then. Thus, his character seems to have taken a huge step backwards and consequently, he too seems OOC. ---- What i'm basically trying to say is that the characters all seem to be fairly out of character. Some moreso than others. But i found Harry and Voldemort just totally unconvincing in this chapter. ---- I also noticed a lot of incidences which have been obviously dragged up from the other books. Such as Harry throwing different words at the gargoyle in an attempt to get it to open. We've all seen that already, so in a way it doesn't add much to the story and in fact makes it seem boring as we are simply being forced to re-read old material. I think you really need to attempt to branch out a little in order to make this story slighlty more original (or at least as original as fanfiction can get) and not follow the format of the books from the series so so rigidly. I also think you would do well to re-read one or two novels from the series so you can acheive a more rounded, up-to-date view of the characters. I apologize if this review upset you in any way. Though one unsatisfied reviewer out of 110 isn't bad now is it? What do i know anyway? This story may prove to be a massive hit on this site. It's doing quite well already in fact.

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Review #21, by Gandelf The WhiteTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: A Foggy Road

12th August 2005:
*Giggles psychopathically* Too much's not good for ones heart! Seriously it was beating almost double as i read. I almost started hyperventilating!! Ooh ooh ooh, what's gonna happen now? Is Aquinas going to peck them to death in the dugeons as a form of punishment!!?? He is going to appear in the next chapter right? Is he still even a bird? Hmm...July 16th that's Harry's birthday right? Why'd they have to be there on that particular day? Strokes chin in wonder...PLEEEAAAASSSEEE Answer at least ONE of them...I BEG you!!

Author's Response: Hahahaha! I think we might have to get you an oxygen tank, Gandelf! Are you SURE Aquinas will be in the headquarters? Hahaha, you'll see soon enough...and July 31st is Harry's birthday, I believe. July 16th is another special day to all HP fans--think about it, I'm sure you can figure it out! I did answer one, so you can't be mad! Mwhahaha! See you soon, Gandelf!

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Review #22, by Gandelf The WhiteLa Figlia Dei Morti: Regalo Del James - James's Gift

8th August 2005:
Hey, just got through the first chapter. It's a very promising start. I only read the first couple of lines and knew you were a good writer. Only one critisism though. James seemed a bit too well-informed about his own future in that letter. I find it hard to believe that he expected their lives to end in the way that it did at Godrics Hollow. Other than that it was a fairly good chapter. I'll have to read the second chapter another time though, i'm a little busy, though youll recieve another review once i do read it.

Author's Response: James wrote that letter a couple a dayd before Voldemort killed him. They all knew Voldemort was after them, that's why Sirius made Wormtail their Secret Keeper.

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Review #23, by Gandelf The WhiteTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: The Knock On the Door

8th August 2005:
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! I was sooo excited when i saw that you'd finally posted i almost fell of my chair. Excellent chapter i wonder what's going to happen. They can't get back into the books as they're too old now and theres no fifth year novel. Ahhh! this is almost like HBP being released all over agin. I'm so excited! YYEEESSS!! WOOHOOO! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! WEASLEY FRECKLES ROCKS!!! *Runs out into street to find some people to do the conga with...*

Author's Response: LOL! Gandelf, my dear friend, how are ya? Hahaha, please don't hurt yourself falling out of chairs and whatnot, I'd feel bad! *hands ice* Glad you enjoyed the chapter, though! ^^ Are you SURE they can't get back into the books??? True, there is no fifth novel, but Claire is 14 now. But, then again, there's no fourth novel either...Haha, she really screwed up, didn't she? ^_^ Wow, what a nice compliment, but I'm nowhere near as good as JK Rowling, she is the goddess of all things fantasy related! HAHAHAHA! Yay for the conga! Haha, keep dancing, Gandelf, I'll be seeing you soon with a new chapter! *chuckles*

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Review #24, by Gandelf The WhiteHarry Potter and the Sect of the Serpent: Harry's Army

7th August 2005:
Top class chapter. The characters were all absolute perfection. It was just like something taken stright of JK's desk. You had me gripped from the first line right up until the end. (That takes talent!) hehe! Really good Chapter. How long is this story going to be however?

Author's Response: Theoretically? I've only got one more chapter to go. It's about half finished...

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Review #25, by Gandelf The WhiteAs Lovers Go: As Lovers Go

1st August 2005:
That was the best Lilly and James fic i've read on this site. I just don't know what to're just such a naturally talented writer. I always thought you were good, but now it seems everything you write turns to Gold! Hey maybe you could take over from flamel! But seriously though you done a great job. If you keep it up i'm sure you'll be able to publish something in a few years. Though when you do, make sure you put (A.K.A Weasley Freckles) next to your real name. That way i can boast about how i knew about before you were famous! hehe!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! That means a lot because there's SO much Lily/James on this site! *sniff* Wow, you are way too nice with your compliments! The dream is to publish this series I've been working on for the past couple years--but with school starting up again soon *pouts* I won't be able to work on it as much as I have this summer. I love writing and all your positive feedback (and negative too ^.~) really helps! Hahaha, I'll try to remember to put the AKA if I ever get published--but let's not jinx me. *knocks on wood* I'll see you soon with "To Judge a Book By Its Cover." ^.~v Thanks again, Gandelf!

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