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Review #1, by miniman98Morocco: CHAPTER ONE

8th November 2010:
I love the idea behind this story as it's something i've always wondered about. Your writing style is also fantastic, especially the way you've already built a picture of the whole war within one chapter.

My only nitpick is that it simply doesn't seem realistic that the ministry would try and reintegrate the two worlds. Why? what reason do they have to even try it? A more realistic situation, in my opinion of course, would be the muggles discovering the wizarding world on their own. After all, there's the families of every muggle-born in the world as potential security breaches and the wizarding secrecy laws have been broken more times than anyone can count.

Other than than its an absolutely gripping story and you've got me hooked.

Author's Response: thank you! im pleased you liked this chapter!
your nitpick will be answered in due time ^_^ don't worry - the reasons will become clear.

im glad you are enjoying it so far and yay, hooked it good!!


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Review #2, by miniman98Family Tradition: Family Tradition

14th January 2008:
Great story here. I love all the little musing and thoughts that he has, although you seem to not have heard of chapters ;)

KUTGW, miniman98

Author's Response: *sheepish grin* Yeah, I know it's long. I thought about chapter breaks, but . . . where would I have put them? The story doesn't break up well!

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Review #3, by miniman98Harry Potter and the Fatal Fury: Oh, to reminisce!

25th June 2006:
you have an amazing way with words and this story must be one of the best on the site easily absoloutly love it

Author's Response: Thankee! I hope you're still saying the same after having read the rest of the story, though! Many people have been unhappy with some of my choices to date. ;-)

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Review #4, by miniman98A Week as A Muggle: Chapter 3

25th June 2006:
only one thing is that you seem to be rushing things a bit and there doesn't seem to be enough detail in it hope that helps :P

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Review #5, by miniman98Growing Up With Bellatrix: Growing Up With Bellatrix

20th June 2006:
if you think that this is the weirdest story that you've read then go and read harry potter and the real horcruxes (as i said before i cant spell)

Author's Response: Yes. Perhaps. :)

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Review #6, by miniman98Harry Potter and the REAL Horcruxes: Harry Potter and the Musical Munchkins

20th June 2006:
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you didn't kill voldie with a spork! FAILURE! well not realy but you are anyway! randomness shall rule the world! mainly because democracy is so crap ok i'm hyper now i'm going to eat a chip bye

Author's Response: Hecks yeah! *steals chip*

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Review #7, by miniman98Harry Potter and the REAL Horcruxes: Harry Potter and the Evil Taxidermist

20th June 2006:
your randomness shall overpower anything (including a spork) as we all eat chocolate cake and stuff dead owls (live ones dont work i tried) while dancing around on a table singing i love rock 'n' roll ( and thats when were not drunk) whilst poking thin air.

Author's Response: Sounds like fun :)

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Review #8, by miniman98Harry Potter and the REAL Horcruxes: Harry Potter and the Ugly Cake Dancer

20th June 2006:
lol OMG you own this story owns and chocolate owns and i shall beat you with a larger shinier silvereir( i cant spell) spink (which is miles better than a spork) then go and eat some more chocolate cake mmmmmm chocolate cake.

Author's Response: Noooo! Sporks pwn all!

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Review #9, by miniman98Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ham and Cheese: Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ham and Cheese

20th June 2006:
OMG this story owns :P what a great idea

Author's Response: Errrm. Thanks?

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