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Review #1, by dreamseekerYou're all i have: You're All i Have

9th January 2008:
Wow, great one shot! I really enjoyed that, so well done!

dreamseeker :)

Author's Response: Thanx!

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Review #2, by dreamseekerTo be a firework: Ron

4th November 2007:
THAT'S SO AMAZINGLY SAD!!! Uh, now I hate Ron, and I feel so sorry for Hermione. If only Ron was in his right mind...
Well, apart from the sad ending, it was a really good story!

Author's Response: thanks so much :D i'm really glad you like it despite the angst... happy endingd really arent my style, though if you want to see me attempt at one, you could take a look at my fic called "my baby"

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Review #3, by dreamseekerThe End Of The Journey??: Chapter 7

13th May 2007:
lol, Dr. Buckle.*shivers*
That was really good. I think you might have gotten your tenses mixed up in the first paragraph, but otherwise well done.
I vote happy ending btw

Author's Response: o.k then thanx for da tips

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Review #4, by dreamseekerCruelty: Only Chapter

5th May 2007:
Wow, that was really good. And I really enjoyed it. Well done!

Author's Response: Aww thanks, dreamseeker. I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^_^.

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Review #5, by dreamseekerJudas Kiss: To Feel the Breath Catch in Your Throat

29th April 2007:
WOW! I like it. Its mysterious, which made me want to read on. I think I get it. The speaker is James, right? Well, very good and well done!

Author's Response: Right, I'm so glad you like it so far. Hopefully the rest will live up to the first chapter, I worked extremely hard on it.

Thank you. =]

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Review #6, by dreamseekerPretty Girl: Assault

29th April 2007:
Awww, that's sooo sweet at the end. I just absolutely loved that last line by Regulus! Go Black brothers!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #7, by dreamseekerLily Evans and the Forgotten Tower: First Year: Pillars, Pumpkin Pasties, and Pure-Bloods, oh my!

28th April 2007:
WOW!! Really really good start. Very interesting! Loved it! My only constructive critism is that try not to repeat names so much, especially at the start and in the dream. Apart from that, well done!

Author's Response: thanks so much for ur constructive critisism- i cant spell. lol. thanks for reviewing!! keep reading please!

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Review #8, by dreamseekerProject: Break His Heart (How I, Lily Evans, set off on a mission to destroy James Potter.): Chapter One -- The Brilliant Idea.

28th April 2007:
Yeah, your story was like my one (the secret art of breaking hearts) but don't worry about crediting or anything because I deleted it anyway (writers block, and I just didn't like it). So yeah.
Good start btw

Author's Response: Oh, ok, good, now I don't feel horrid about your not knowing any more. YAYYYY. Heh.

Any way, yeah, thanks. :}] READ ON! Tee hee.

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Review #9, by dreamseekerDiscovering: Memories

28th April 2007:
Hey! Wonderful new chapter! very very interesting, along with the whole story!

I know this must be very annoying for you, but I saw that the banner once again got taken off. Very very sorry, so here is the version that should be the right size (well photobucket say it is)


Author's Response: Yay! First reviewer of the second chappie!!!!! I'm really glad you liked it =)

Yes, it is a tad bit annoying =) The new version...if it is supposed to be here, I don't see it to me at and it'll be sorted out =)

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Review #10, by dreamseekerThe Forgotten Founder: The Forgotten Founder

24th April 2007:
OMG!!! that is sooo sad!! A bit short, but I really enjoyed reading it!
Good work Kell, and keep up the good witing!

Author's Response: thanx annie....hehe,,,,,im glad you liked it. it is sad, but if you read the first part the last little bit is completly unexpected.....i like unexpected things.
thanx for the review hun, kell

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Review #11, by dreamseekerPerfect: Perfect

20th April 2007:
So sad *sniffles* We all love Sirius!

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Review #12, by dreamseekerDisgrace: Chapter Two

18th April 2007:
Its good, I do like it.
But do they have to swear so much?

Author's Response: Thanks so much! As for the swearing...I figure, when a teenage boy is fighting depression after his parents have died, he's not going to use much discretion when it comes to his language. For the rest of the me, teenage boys do talk like that, often, and I like to keep a sense of realism to my stories. I'm so sorry if it offended you!

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Review #13, by dreamseekerDiscovering: How it started...

17th April 2007:
Wow, a really good start! He's a ghost, I think!
You're so lucky, I've been wanting to see sixth sense for ages, but I'm not old enough *pouts*
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Awwwwwww thanks! The Sixth Sense is a good movie... not to spoil it or anything, but pay VERY close attention through the whole'll know what I mean later if you watch it... *grins evilly*

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Review #14, by dreamseekerFade to Black: Storm Eyes

2nd April 2007:
That was amazing! I absolutely loved it! I would try and give you constructive critism but I don't think that's possible. No typoes, lots of emotion, IT'S PERFECT!!! I encourage you to wright a sequel, maybe about Sirius arriving at James home or something. Anyway, fantastic job and keep it up :)


Author's Response: Wow. Thanks, I am glad everyone seems to be getting the moral of the story. I was thinking about that, so it is a definite possibilty, a sequel is.

You just made my day. School is sucking so far, so, really, to get on during lunch hour (I am in the library doing my homework) and see these reviews, just, absolutely made my day so much better.

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Review #15, by dreamseekerScattered: The Sixth Step

13th March 2007:
HE DID IT! So sweet, I almost cried with happiness at the end.
Keep on going, I love this story!!

Author's Response: We did it, we did it, we did it HURRAY! ¡Lo hicimos! We did it! (That's the Dora the Explorer song, just in case you were wondering what's wrong with me!) Yeah, I got those happy feet as well. I'll be handing out the obligatory fluff in the last two chappies, tying up loose ends. Thanks for reading!!!!!!

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Review #16, by dreamseekerBarbie Girl: Barbie Girl

28th February 2007:
Hey, well if u would like me to make u a banner please email me at my email adress Just tell me stuff like your penname, charactors on the banner, title, phrases, type of story ect..
so yeah, thats about it.


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Review #17, by dreamseekerThe End Of The Journey??: Chapter 6

28th February 2007:
Aww, that was really sweet at the end. Good work and keep going, hope Hermione gets better soon.

P.S I have mushroomophobia

Author's Response: y thanx 4 da review
and u dont hav MUSHROOMOPHOBIA!!!

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Review #18, by dreamseekerFallen flowers: Fallen flowers

25th February 2007:
Awww, thats soo sweet. Great job and very interesting plot. Well done 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #19, by dreamseekerThe Truth Must Be Told: The Truth

4th February 2007:
Hey Georgie, this is GREAT!!! I mean it, you have really improved. So well done! And I would make you a banner, but it seems some one else has already accepted that task so never mind. Anyway well done and keep up the good work. My only critism is you shouldn't really use chat language such as: bof and boffin and so on. Anyway, 8/10 being completely truthful.

Author's Response: can you make me a banner plz
but thanx 4 da review

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Review #20, by dreamseekerThe Secrets You Hide: Tales of another broken home

31st January 2007:
That was sooo sweet. I almost cried, (and I'm really not a wuss) oh that was so great. Poor siri. I wish James was in it too though, but still. I know this is probably just a one shot but please continue it. I don't know, maybe you could do the next morning when James finds out what happened to Sirius or something. Anyway great writing, keep it up!! 10/10

Author's Response: aww thankyou so much for your lovely review.
you'll be pleased to know that this is not just a one fact I have the next 4-5 chapters pretty much ready to post.
Chapter 2 is posted and awaiting validation.
Please keep reading and enjoying...and of course reviewing =)

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Review #21, by dreamseekerThe End Of The Journey??: Chapter 5

14th January 2007:
Hiya Georgie, that was really good, maybe a bit rushed, but still. Yeah, keep going!


Author's Response: thanx that chapter wasn't brill i know but o well

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Review #22, by dreamseekerPretty Girl: Will You, Lily?

3rd January 2007:
Hey, once again great chapter.
Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #23, by dreamseekerWalking In The Air: Walking In The Air

21st December 2006:
Ahhh, that was so sweet. And I'm being completely serious, that is seriously one of your best one shots ever. I love the last bit, "Of course you dim bat!!" Reminds me of me. Anyway, your writing has definately improved a lot (under my guidence, only kidding) and I absolutely loved this story. So thats about it.

Merry Christmas


Author's Response: Why thankyou very much dreamseeker
merry christmas everyone!!!

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Review #24, by dreamseekerDealing with Marauders: The Introduction

4th December 2006:
I can make you a banner if you like, just go to my website on my authors page. But If you would like a better banner go to the HPFF blog at the top and go to the dark arts website.

Well hope I helped.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! That would be so cool.

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Review #25, by dreamseekerThe End Of The Journey??: Chapter 4

4th December 2006:
Great chapter once again!
Hurry and update.
And happy Christmas

Author's Response: thanx for the commento
merry crimbo everybody!!

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