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Review #1, by dragonpenDetention of Granger and Malfoy: EPILOGUE

14th April 2009:
That was an amazing story and really well written. Normally I don't really like crossovers, but the way you did a crossover with X-men and Harry Potter was brilliant! 5 Sterne! (5 stars!)

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Review #2, by dragonpenForbidden: Always

7th May 2007:
aw. I like Draco and Pansy, they're great. That was a cute story, I'm glad they got together.

Author's Response: thanks :P i realised how little they actually got together in fic even though they're all over each other in the books, so i decided to write this

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Review #3, by dragonpenDetention is for Lovers: The Final Ingredients

26th April 2007:
so sad. no matter what happens I'll feel bad for either Hermione or Pansy. I love that you update so quickly- amazing and please continue to update.

Author's Response: ick don't feel bad for Pansy...personally i hate that girl! yes I updated April 25 so it'll be up soon

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Review #4, by dragonpenThe Summer Obsession: Summer's End

30th March 2007:
Nice long chapter to get people hooked on your story. Very good. I like your characterization of Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy too. But so far only a third of your summary applies. What happned during the summer and what book? Want to know more, please write chapter two, and great job!

Author's Response: hey i know about it not applying yet, sorry! it took forever just to get the first chappie validated, but i have the next two lined up and ready to go! thanks though! you'll find out what happened soon enough...hehe

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Review #5, by dragonpenA Twisted Turn of Events: I don't want to talk about it. Ok then.

26th February 2007:
Oh I like it. Hermione is finally coming to terms with the fact she is a Lestrange. It is confusing why Harry and Ron hate her so much now though, are you ever going to tell us the reason? Oh well at least she had her cousin to hang out with.

Author's Response: yes, i do plan on letting out why. i just need good timing and great conversation. i don't think my first "argument" was all that great lol

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Review #6, by dragonpenThe Riddle Of Love: Hidden Sobs

22nd February 2007:
wow long chapter. It was great. A little clique or whatever but nice. I like Hermione giving him a second chance and him covering her with a blanket was really sweet :) The biggest problem with this story for me is Lucius beating his son up, I know part of the plot, he's an evil man, Draco doesn't want to be like him..blah blah blah. I have this problem a lot, most stories have Lucius as the terrible man Draco really hates, and I'm over here waving my little banner supporting a loving in their own way relationship between father and son. Now, this was an intersting line:

'And no matter how strange the combination might seem, it was totally whole.'
lol- and what exactly does 'whole' mean? I read it, did a double take, reread it and laughed.

Poem was short and well written, i really liked the last line 'For I do not exist' When I first started reading it I thought they were lyrics and then it seemed to short to be a song, so I read your A/N (I usually skip them while reading a story) and then I was like '' and I just had to reread the poem and marvel at your poem writing abilities :) I suck at poems myself so I'm very impressed.

Overall pretty well written, a somewhat generic plot, but it was still interesting.I sort of tuned out at the dress describing part but other than that it captured my attention.

Have a great day, filled with ideas and words, and smiles, and happiness, and yeah I'll stop now. :) Bye

Author's Response: hey! tnx a million for the amazing review! this really helps. yeah i know that the horrible father-son relationship is kinda clishé and stuff, but well yeah, it's my first fanfic so it's just the easiest way... (hehe srr, small excuse but never the less) you have a point in saying that everyone loves their kids in one way or the other but can't show it... point is that sometimes people simply aren't capable of giving love... and that is what i want to show...
as for the "totally whole" thingy... yeah well. it kinda means that even though it seems like a totally absurd combination of different sorts of dances it all fits together perfectly... it makes one perfect system... it is complete... (i don't know how else i can say it hehe :-p)
about the poems, tnx a lot. probably more will follow in the story... all my own i hope

big kiss

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Review #7, by dragonpenAt Hogwarts?...Me?: Feild Trip!

26th January 2007:
ha funny! i love the line:

Hermione screamed with joy.

“But if you do that there we don’t know you.” Harry said with a laugh. Ron agreed.

If the Hogwarts students go to the mall and see the three with those jackets i wonder what they'll do. One thing i din't get is why would a feildtrip to a mall, on a bus (when hogwarts is miles and miles away from a muggle town- long bus trip) be half their charms grade?

Author's Response: Aww thankyou I tried to add some humor in this all your questions will be answered oh and thanks for reading it. I loved your story! =) thank you

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Review #8, by dragonpenThe Girl Next Door: Shoelaces

18th October 2006:
oh chris's family is ..well not 'close', interesting. I've never read a story where 4 brothers are cold towards eachother. So are Alex and Bellatrix really in love? or are they just married for some part of a plan? (why this is important i don't know i just want to know) Crystal found the friends she wanted though- yay!

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Review #9, by dragonpenHarry Potter and the Goblet of...Satire?: Scene 2: The Portkey

30th August 2006:
Hmm- a lot of what you point out is wrong in the movie I agree with but..
'Ginny and Hermione exchanged glances upon seeing Cedric, although the audience was completely confused as to why. (A/N: So am I.)'
Why are you confused? That was easy to understand. It was a silent exchange between the girls to indicate that Cedric is considered "hott" of course
how can the movie continue without Harry though? That might be disrupting the plot a little too much.

Author's Response: Yeah, on that part, I'm not confused as to why they exchanged glances, just the fact that they bothered to add that in. Cedric's supposed to be handsome, I know and I think the guy they cast was a good role for him, but I think they just put way too much emphasis throughout the movie on meticulous things. I know they're trying to make the point that everyone is growing up, but I think they missed a lot of the great themes that JKR had going in the first place. But that's just my opinion. I'm glad you liked it enough to review though! Thanks so much!


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Review #10, by dragonpenThe Girl Next Door: Oh My God . . . You're a Dork.

30th August 2006:
hmm...I wonder if the Weasley's will find out Bellatrix is living next door. Oh that would be an interesting chapter! By the way, if Fred and George are 17, meaning it's the summer before Harry's fifth year- why are they stiil at the burrow and not with the order- or while reading this should people pretend the fifth book didn't happen? And how is Voldermort alive with followers three years ago (when Harry's 12?) Or do the books not really factor into this fic at all?

Author's Response: yeah about the books . . . forget them! lol, i just didn't feel like following them, it'd be too much of a hassle, thanks though!

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Review #11, by dragonpenBreathless: Time apart

30th June 2006:
good story but one thing- you might want to change Grabbe to Crabbe. It's not really important just yeah... good luck with formatting issues!

Author's Response: Ahh sorry, silly me. Read all of the hp books and still haven't realised its crabbe lol
I'll change it, thanks

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Review #12, by dragonpenRealizing: The Final Battle

26th June 2006:
"Bill asked" do the dead talk? - i'm guessing it was a mistake right? ok well just thought you might want to know in case you want to change it.... good story though it does seem odd Hermione is planning on school next year when she'll have a baby to take care of.. oh well good job anyways -yay!

Author's Response: I meant Charlie

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