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Review #1, by harry_is_da_bombBreaking the Quidditch Code: Language of Gentlemen

7th June 2011:
...have you tried getting them drunk? Best fatherly advice ever. I love james with his dad. Seriously. It was adorable.

Author's Response: Haha. Harry knows more about James than James realizes he does. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #2, by harry_is_da_bombDandelions: Me and You (Part 2)

16th August 2010:
I would love more than anything for you to finish this story. It is just so different and and you characters are so interesting that I need NEED to know what happens next.

What a place to leave us hanging as well!

Author's Response: I WILL finish it, I promise! I'm just the slowest writer on earth. Its not abandoned, I promise! And thanks for your comments, they've definitely spurred me on!

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Review #3, by harry_is_da_bombGame: Boys Will Be Boys

27th June 2010:
Ah! I am so unbelievably glad you updated! Might have lost hope there for a minute...or a few years. But Rona and Oliver are back and that's all that matters. I'm curious to see where you take this, I actually have no idea whats going to happen.

Love the new banner by the way...just thought I'd mention it.

Author's Response: Trying my best not to let it end in a cliche storm! :D And I had some fun with the banner ^_^ Thanks!

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Review #4, by harry_is_da_bombhope khol:professional nobody: starting term off splendidly

10th June 2010:
Ah! An update!! I might...possibly have lost hope there for a minute...slightly. But I am exstatic to be proven wrong!!

I love James and Hope. Really I do. Sirius-who needs him. James, James is where its at.

Looking forward to another update!

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Review #5, by harry_is_da_bombYou're Gonna Miss Me: Love, Roger

17th May 2010:
That was the funniest thing I have read...ever? Yes ever. Really, the unneccissary swearing, bluntness of the narrator, just everything! I can't even pick out a favorite quote because it would basically be the equivelant of me copy and pasting the entire thing into this review.
Fantastic...really and utterly.

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you got the humor of it since it is you know...odd at times. And the profanity is thrown out like unsold bread by evil bakeries who don't give to charities! I appreciate this review! You don't know how much it made my day XD

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Review #6, by harry_is_da_bombMy Life Without Me: And Then We End

11th May 2010:
Have you ever read 'Before I Die', by Jenny Downham. Your story reminded me a lot of it. Check it out if you haven't, I think you'll like it!

Love the story too. Really interesting and off beat for a fanfiction.

Author's Response: thank you :) I have indeed read Before I Die ;) it's my favourite book of all times and it's what inspired me to write this story :P I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you!!! :)

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Review #7, by harry_is_da_bombRose: Genunsus

13th March 2010:
I love your description of Rose. It is very unique and different. I love the freckles and the type of off beat beauty she is. I can picture her so clearly in my head. Your style of writing is so poetic and romantic. I like that you've put some faith in the reader and their intelligence and included some metaphors and such. Deeper meaning and all that fuun stuff. It's a really unique quirky whimsical style and it's great to read.

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Review #8, by harry_is_da_bombDear Lily: A Poignant Letter

7th March 2010:
Oh good lord. This is such a sweet story. "the heart of a foolish boy and uncertain man"- that was my favorite line. The letters are so poetic, and it contrasts to wonderfully to James in real time. It creates a real sense of irony and as a reader makes it basically impossible for me to stop reading.

Your characters and plot are outstanding, I could barely stop myself from reading to write this review!

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Review #9, by harry_is_da_bombI Am Man, Hear Me Roar: Dominique

5th February 2010:
Amazing. Fantastic! STUPENDOUS!!! It was very very funny. Well- it was a lot of things but funny is at the top of my list. The idea was incredible and original, and your character was apsolutly wonderful. Incredibly believable and funny- i may have mentioned this a few times...but it was really hilarious.

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Review #10, by harry_is_da_bombThe Marauders: James and Evans

28th January 2010:
That was wonderful. I don't even know where to start. The way it was written, the tense or point of view or whatever it is you call it was really good. It worked so well and made everything so interesting. Your characters were amazing too. Very honest and believable. James was wonderfuly awkward and sweet. And the plot too... i can find no faults. It was really truly amazing.

Author's Response: :) Thank you! Of all the things I've written I think this is my favourite, so to hear you liked it is so great. Thanks for a lovely review.

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Review #11, by harry_is_da_bombTrapped.: Wishful Thinking

17th August 2009:
"Do you know how much I hate you? Of all the teachers that I have, the littlest one has to be the worst. But then again I would be angry all the time too if I had a small p—"
My apsolute favorite line. I almost choked, i laughed so hard. And the many posibilities with that. Really the whole story is hilarious. I love Ivy. She's so...quirky?
P.S- i told my dad i was hormonal the other night(from chapter 1) and he almost passed out ...just thought i would add that in.

Author's Response: Haha! Now that you say that. I really can't think of any other possibilities (am bad at that sort of thing). Pony? Pickle? ...Platypus?
Quirky is good! And I commend you for even mentioning that sort of thing to your dad! I hope he's alright haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by harry_is_da_bombThe Perfect Plans of Padfoot and Prongs: The Perfect Plans of Padfoot and Prongs

30th July 2009:
That was either the funniest or most disterbing thing I have ever read. It is a fine line between the two.
Poor poor james. My favorite line was, "I meant, take me, Sirius, right here against this wall. Man you're so hot in those...uh...robes." I almost suffocated laughing.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, at least :P

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Review #13, by harry_is_da_bombFaites Vos Jeux: Victoire Weasley: L'étoile

30th July 2009:
Dominique all the way!!
I love how all the cousin's have their own personalities and relationships with eachother. Just like a real family...when theirs always that one person who you just can't stand...because their JUST. SO. WONDERFUL. ...cough. issues...sorry.
Oh and poor Teddy. Just a inicent guy with apsolutly no ide what he's gotten himself into. Sucker.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I like having family conflict - while I love the Potter-Weasley's getting along, it doesn't seem likely. Like you said, sometimes you just hate people because they are JUST. SO. WONDERFUL. :P Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by harry_is_da_bombWhite Houses: Chapter Four. A Chat With Jenny.

3rd July 2009:
Hey there, I really love this story. You have a very polished writing style and everything just seems to flow together. This chapter was probably my favorite so far, the conversation with Lily and Jenny was really interesting and made Jenny so much more real. At first I thought she was going to be another unrealistic portrayl of a blond ditsy teenage girl with nothing on her mind but boys and no consideration about her selfish actions. You've really shed some light on her.
I love your Lily. I find her very realistic and not just the usual cleiche that she normally is. She seems very uncomforbal introverted and uptight and its a very human characterization.
The mauraders also are like typical teenage boys. I personally love sirius.
Its a really interesting story. Im so glad you didn't do the oh so typical 4 mauraders and 4 girls forced into a cabin together and they all realize at the end that their soul mates yada yada yada. And like i said your a great writer.
Anyway, just incase you havn't realized, i really really like this story. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm really glad to hear that! Well, a lot of my friends are just like Jenny (in fact, I would venture that most teenage girls are--pretending to be someone to maintain an image) And so I wanted to be sure that I could portray that realistically. I'm trying, it's chapter by chapter :)
Thanks so much for reviewing! Your comments on all the characters were very nice and interesting to read, for me as an author, now I can see how everyone else is depicting them and all that jazz. Thanks so much, again!

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Review #15, by harry_is_da_bombThe Gift : Of Cats and Cults

23rd June 2009:
That was hilarious! James was so awkward and sweet and perverted all at the same time. Loved it!

Author's Response: haha as most boys are! Although leave out the sweet part I suppose -_- I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #16, by harry_is_da_bombFor the Love of Lily Evans: The Secret

19th June 2009:
I love your Lily. She's human and has faults and ticks and imperfections. It's really refreshing. My favorite character however in James. You've portrayed him differently than I ever have before and its really sweet. I know exactly the kind of person your emulating when you talk about him. Really well done. I love your writing style. It reminds me a bit of Margaret Atwood. Anyway, I really loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Margaret Atwood, what a compliment!

Its interesting you picked up on James. I didn't want him to become a flat character but I also wanted to keep the way the reader saw him kind of vague. We only know about him through Lily and Sirius's perception which are faulty, as most human perception is. But I wanted there to be an over-all sense of affection... Anyway, looks like you got it.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #17, by harry_is_da_bombHide and Seek: Story Worth a Thousand Pictures

3rd June 2009:
I loved Janes mum! Usually people make parents out to be swwet and quiet and kind blahdy blady blah...its nice to have some attitude for a change! Plus it was a really sweet and interesting story.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. I always figured her mum would be someone just like her, you know? Thanks for the review, I definitely appreciate it!

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Review #18, by harry_is_da_bombFalling: Here Is The Story, Now Please Enjoy

28th February 2009:
PLEASE KEEP GOING! I love these one shots starring kat.and besides its not fair to leave it like that! I'LL DIE! DIE I TELL YOU! really loved this one 20/10!

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Review #19, by harry_is_da_bombI am an Island: I am an Island.

30th November 2008:
It was so poetic. You portrayed the emotion so well. I really liked it. I've read some of yoiur other stories as well and I really love your style of writing. I don't know how to describe it. Very poectic and free (corny I know).
Anyway, very sad. Liked it alot!

Author's Response: Not corny at all! Thank you so much. I'm really glad you liked it. :) And thanks for the awesome review; compliments to my writing style are always well-received! :p

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Review #20, by harry_is_da_bombAn Armoured Tale: The Great Human Snow Ball Of '79

1st July 2007:
hahahahaHA! I know you know that i think this is the FUNNIEST FIC I HAVE EVER READ! ah!

i love sirius. actually scicoticly obsessed might be a better phrse to discribe what sirius is to me. he is such a moron! but i love him.

...I CANT FEEL MY FOOT! OW!. IT HURTS! well since it does hurt i guess i can feell it...but i have thoughts pinns and needles thing going on... AND IT HURTS!
weel. i cant wait to see what you come up with next.
hahaha! maybe ypou could do something on a poor little girl walking down the wrong set of stairs and accedentally ending up in the guys changing room. im sure you know all about that.

BIG NEWS! ill tell you later!

Author's Response: well first let me say thnk you for the review and you know i think maybe i should do something about that little episode in my life, but i'll make it a little more dramatic. and what's your big news!???
and in responce to all the other stuff you said. i completely agree with you that sirius is a very lovable moron. i don't care if your foot hurts, and what big news?!

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Review #21, by harry_is_da_bombHow To Save A Life: Chapter 14: Wallowing.

22nd June 2007:
WALLOWING! i want to wallow. its a good excuse to eat ice cream... and chocolate. at least i think you eat chocolate. i have never wallowed before (ive never really had a rfeason to), so im not sure what the proper foods are forsuch an event. I will have to reaserch that.

oh the drama! there is so much happening at once! how do you not get confussed? simple minded people like myself tend to get headachs whenever anything gets complicated (the fact that there are no pictured helps as well). not that i am saying your story is confusing, its not, i just must be hard to write.

i really want to like sirius, but he is making it really hard. HE IS SUCH A MORON! god, does he have a single functioning brain cell in that thick skull of his? not that it matter, he tyhinks with, anyway. you will have to excuse my extremity on the matter. i tend to get caught up in stories.

i love the parts with jamie and rory. its cute. yeah. is ory smart or what???!!! this kids gonna be the next enstien, or motzart, or DUMBLEDORE (thats right. harry potter reference right there. im cool).

wel! awsomely terific amazingly superior story. its addictive and i. love. it!

p.s- im doing exams! THEY SUCK! (just thought i'd add that in)

Author's Response: wallowing! yes it is. you may eat everything that is junky and tastey. Research!

drama mama lol i will try to tone is down. you are not the only one.

lol. sirius is the either the character you hate to love, or love to hate, and i wouldn't have it any other way. lol.

Rory is brilliant. lol, nice reference.


they do suck, good luck!

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Review #22, by harry_is_da_bombSlytherin Girl: I Solomy Swear That I Am Up To No Good

20th April 2007:
yay! you updated!1 ahahahahahahahaha!
boo! i couldnt come over today(friday) ...i would of...but i didnt get your message untill right now (also friday). BO!
but we absolutly 100% must see disturbia this weekend. uless you saw it without me, it which case i will be very mad at you. ANNIE AND ANGY CRIED! sounds good! so CALL ME! if it comes to an emergancy i will call you.and besides i dont know when you will read this so.i will probably end up telling you anyways so.
SEND ME YOUR NEXT CHAPTER! which you still havnt written.

Author's Response: lol aren't you glad we called you after we wrote this? then we gave you your war paint! lmao that i bet you scratched off but you know if you had come over after school then you would have met sean-paul! :O but i don't like him anymore, he's a man whore! well, i havn't liked him for a long time and in all honesty i forgot about him... but that's ok! and lets see, it's about 4:40 right now so i think that i will call you right now and ask you to come and see desturbia with me! lol won't that be fun!? lmao bring your mp3 just in case we get really scared and then we can say that we made it through the whole movie but we just didn't hear what was going on! :) you see, there's the brains in this outfit!! ok well... i think that's all i have to say..
Look at me! i'm the king o newyork!

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Review #23, by harry_is_da_bombSlytherin Girl: revenge and naithon bonowheel

12th April 2007:
Hahahahahahahaha! hello hello. I havnt left a review in forever! Maybe cuz i see you so much its kinda pointless to tell you i love the story in a review when i can just tell it to your face. BUT I WILL NEVER THE LESS LEAVE A POINTLESS REVIEW FOR YOUR SAKE! that and because i was reading over some of my old reviews and i forgot how many pointless yet thouroly entertaining revews you left.BUT THEN IT JUST STOPED! i miss it!
ok.AND! HRS IS NOW THE FAVORITE OF 6 PEOPLE! we must write chapter two! yes people who may be reading this review (do people read them? i do. but im a loser so...) this worderful, magnifisint, undescribably awsome author wrote the equels as wonderful (and twisted) HRS story. with some help from me, mostly with spelling and stuff. HAHAHA! YEAH RIGHT! no really i just sat there and nodded my head whenever a briliant idea struck.
well. This was refreshing. bothering you in a review. We havnt done tat in a while.
bye bye!
three hundred forty seven trillion eight eight billion two million ajnd one out of ten. just thought id be original there and write it out.

Author's Response: wow, i havn't had one of these long pointless reviews in a,ong time andi must say i too miss them dearly, in fact, i think that i will go to one of your stories right now and leave you one too... but what to right, there's just so much to say and yet no words to decribe it! omg! well i thank you for the compliment and ego boost, noth are much apresiated... or however you spell it. well. you are quite right, we do have to finish HRS and to all those who read these reviews to other authors, i don;t know who you are but you guys are cool! it is an acranim for {Hogwarts Reform School} include those {} things and be prepaired to laught... or shake you heads at what idiot you think me and this author can be. but if you ae reading this then look that up and leave a review even if you hate it then tell us all about us bevause that is really one of the things atht we were looking forward to when we started this story and this ends the Margarett sell me other stories portion of this review response.
and author... you are so coming over after the hockey seromony thing tomorrow!!!

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Review #24, by harry_is_da_bombPotter and Prejudice: Sucker Punch

11th April 2007:
Ive always hated the idea of girls being delicate little flowers and need constant protection, because they are unfit to care for themelves./ Then again i love your story so.what i said before is completly usless and should be registered as usless babble. Alright then. Great chapter. Your right. The car crash thing has been used alot but there are just so many stories now its near imposible to come up with something never before sceane.
Completly off topic here but when the seventh book is released J.K had better explain how lilly and James did get together. I know that means a major drop in lilly/james fanfics BUT I AM DIEING TO KNOW!
great chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, I actually don't like the idea of girls being delicate little flowers, and thats why we'll see Lily trying to keep away from James, but end up unable. :-) And thats a good point that there are so many stories that it's hard to come up with a totally original idea! I hope JK explains the L/J relationship too, but yes, it will cause a drop in my absolute favorite ship! ah well...thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by harry_is_da_bombPotter and Prejudice: The Daredevil Seeker Extraordinaire

10th April 2007:
wow. Your ver good with british slang. Do you know what im talking about? Probably not. Just like me to notice something that knowone else knows or cares about. But i really like it. Makes everything sound so mch funnier. Are you british? Anyway. Great chapter. Potters a moron. As always. I love that word. Moron. hahahahaha ! great chappie! 10 0/ 10!

Author's Response: Why thank you, I'm flattered! Yes, I do know what you're talking about :-) And I'm so glad you enjoy it. I'm actually not british, but my neighbors are and my mom is from down under, so I do get to hear how they talk, which helps. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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