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Review #1, by PotterHarryMore Important Than Any Broomstick: What's In The Box?

15th December 2006:
Well I have no words to say how gr8 it is. All i can say is,"PLEASE UPDATE SOON.THE NEXT CHAP SHOULD BE BIGGER.CAN'T WAIT."

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Review #2, by PotterHarryMarriage Plan: The Arrival

28th November 2006:
thats simply gr8 update soon.make it a long chap.

Author's Response: Okay.. I'll update as fast as I can. I'm on a test now. It's giving me headache. >.

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Review #3, by PotterHarryWith Arms Wide Open: ejknfjkl

26th November 2006:
excellent story.pls update soon.

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Review #4, by PotterHarryMarriage Plan: Good News, Bad News

23rd November 2006:
write next chapter

Author's Response: Well, the next chapter is waiting..

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Review #5, by PotterHarryMore Important Than Any Broomstick: A New Life

22nd November 2006:
hey gr8 one.better update soon.this one took too long

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Review #6, by PotterHarryWhite Lilies: Chapter 21: Ron's Revelation

21st November 2006:
when do you plan to write next chapter.write fast now.don't keep us waiting.else i may find you and hex you.(hehehe)

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Review #7, by PotterHarryMagic of the Heart: Summertime Part Two

9th November 2006:
Hey its a gr8 story.

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Review #8, by PotterHarryHarry Potter and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: It Won't Be Long

17th October 2006:
hey pls update soon.its excellent.

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Review #9, by PotterHarryCrossing the Thin Line: 'Trust Me'

10th October 2006:
hey you should write a sequel.thats a very very fantatstic story

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by PotterHarryCrossing the Thin Line: Talking, at Last

26th August 2006:
hey thats brilliant story.i bet this story has got you loads of can add me amongst them.

Author's Response: Yay, thank you!!

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Review #11, by PotterHarrySomething Only We Know: The Surprise

25th August 2006:
Hey cho chanh is a year older than those three by an year. so if harry is in seventh year than cho has already passed out of hogwarts .so how come she is head girl?

Author's Response: Thank you very much for that detail. I wasn't even aware of that!

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